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Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
Alluring was her beauty;
sweet as the roses that intoxicated the air
and soft as the petals that caressed their skin.
But look deeper
to the roots
you’ll see the thistle she hides;
For if you get to close
you’ll see a different side.
stopdoopy Jul 2019
if only you knew how dangerous I was,
a poisonous cloud infecting everything;
would you still weep for me then?
tears soft
and hands rough
but these touches gentle

they warn you
how I cut-
thorns on a rose,
the tighter you grasp
the more it hurts;
so drop me

you always return.
am I that alluring?
worth all this pain?
if you think so
then stay....
I must confess
she was alluring
I was curious and excited
like a child
on Christmas morning
kiran goswami Dec 2018
Her eyes, were
As dark as the shades of night ,
As the universe,
Hiding deep secrets inside them.
They were dark but crystal clear,
I could see my reflection inside them.
Neeloo Neelpari Oct 2018
In your saddest times
Your gaze wanders
To the farthest point of the room
You gain confidence
From the girl beautifying
The heart of the blue wall
Who has freed all the butterflies
With a open cage in one hand
Happy-sad colors of freedom
Caressing her other lone palm
What could be alluring than
This silky smooth art-work of
Brushed silver-gold-pink-yellow
Electrifying than Karwachauth Henna

© Neeloo Neelpari
Henna - Paste of green leaves of henna plant when applied on palms leaves beautiful colour, applied by Indian women on wedding and festivals

Karwachauth - A day of fasting by Indian women showing love and dedication for their spouse
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2018
Peace or bliss or be it the happiness
without the human can these be found?
Be it the alluring nectar of the bliss could it
compensate for the loss of a loved one?

Blooming roses can delight the eyes
but what better could one have than
other than getting closer to the one
open heart company of a human being?
Inked Quill Jul 2018
Cold walls
At my fingertips
Down empty halls
Voices calling out
To quench my cravings
Lucifer lurks
Behind the dark nun
Beckons to me
Allures, enthralls me
His touch
On my skin
Of dark embers
Hot & red
Eager for thrill
I trade my soul
Desirous of
A sinful kiss
Indigo May 2018
You are blue
Very, very blue
Wouldn't you like to be a shade of indigo?
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