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Ayesha Jun 2023
Vibin on the same wavelength
Sparkling stars light the way
Midnight is our time to wake
For owls our hearts stay
For a dear friend as a bday gift ;)
morrigan Aug 2022
White Lily takes her white knuckles to bed
After sweet Lily spends the day locked inside her own head
Little Lily just likes to feel a little silly --
Intoxicated by the weight of words she never even said

Past, present and future
Shoot through the floor
Tying knots around her wrists and
White Lily takes her white knuckles to bed.
Mystic Ink Plus Jul 2022
Writing for me isn't easy
Unwriting, much harder
So I do
Until I get enough

With all blissful vibes
Symphony of grace
Overwhelm spirit
Grounding reality
And a magic of its own

Out of sight
Let me take you on a journey
Reconnecting all the senses
Returning back to sanity
And spontaneity
Apprehending the whole
And meet you in the another realm
Healing doesn't always start with pills, syrup, sachets. Sometimes it starts by deep conversation with someone. Sometimes it starts with interaction with earthy matters, get going in the direction of wind. Travelling, music and being close to nature. To heal faster, the sufferer needs to behave like the fluid, free to flow and form.
Abir Lover Mar 2022

I'm the sun,
I'm the light
that lives in and within
and stretch every corner
I step in
and let it shine

I'm the wind
I'm the sound of the whistle,
that crosses the universe space
and brings on the beautiful melodies
anyone would ever listen or hear

I'm the rain
I'm the rainbow with all its chords
that drops to color everybody's life
with joy and gladness

I'm the clear blue sky
I'm the calm deep ocean
that sends everyone over
with only and just only
high positive vibes
Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2022
She looked at me
Like I was familiar
She smiled at me
Like I was familiar
She waved goodbye
Like I was a stranger

Silence then followed
Genre: Dark
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2021
To those
Who needs to hear this

Accept, what is
Let go of, what was

For you are both
The traveler and the journey
For you are both
The sufferer and the healer

RIP, the things that drain your spirit
RIP, the thoughts that make you sick
RIP, the time that stops for great things
RIP, the circle that holds freedom you crave
RIP, anyone who excuses for the truth
RIP, the question you don’t want to answer
And RIP, the doors that are close.

RIP everything
That resists
That *****
That blurs
And insults your spirit
If it makes sense, just RIP.
No more, no less.
And the rest will be the history.

Trust and let go.
And breathe.

Are you ready?
Genre: Clinical Inspirational
Theme: Questioning
Author's Note: In becoming, this is just the way, it is.
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2021
Of all the things
I noticed
Her lips
May lie to me
Her eyes
Speaks the holy truth

And her scent
In my memory
Genre: Romantic
Theme: You Matter
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