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xavier thomas Apr 14
Listen baby,
I can make love to you so good,
You’ll turn into powerful woman today.
If I have that ability,
I expect the universe to share that same energy.
Then I become powerful today
Jay M Mar 9
Calm and content
Not a thing to lament
Air crisp, delicate breeze a whisper
Sky faded with evening glow
No need to whine or whimper
Let it all go

Far above, distant celestial lights
Dancing, scattered across the vastness
A scene so beautiful, so serene
Soaring in lesser heights
Orbs illuminate yellow
Floating throughout the darkness
In the distance, trees of evergreen
Little insects waving hello
In the fading, evening glow

- Jay M
March 8th, 2021
I left version one at my dad's house, so I wrote another version today.
yann Mar 1
stop being sad about what you can't do yet,
work hard, be better but don't
break your own back.
getting to the top isn't worth the sorrow
you give yourself.

you don't exist alone, your pain is theirs too,
so love you like you love them
and walk as far as you can
your legs will hold your struggles
and push you to whatever it is
that you want.
yann Mar 1
used to feel so alone when you were two,
felt like i was the dust on your shoes
while you kept on walking.
i'd settle on the pavement and ask
why am i here, with you,
but barely breathing.

nowadays i'm the one pushing you
to be two again,
because you love and love them
and i love you both too.
running all three together,
that's what i reached for all along,
the rest is up to you.
Noktahkata Feb 14
On this night that full of rains,
These scary thoughts of mine came crawling on my mind,
Not the monsters that i afraid,
But the thoughts that can make me wish death.

This riddle that keep playing in my head,
Makes this unknown river falls through my eyes,
The feelings of being lonely still dancing on the stage of mind,
Till the sun rise once again.
Going through a day full of rains is so hard for me..and I hope that if anyone is having a hard time like me knows that its okay to have a bad day..cause its just a bad day..not a bad life.. love yall stay positive!
Natalia Jan 28
They say that eyes,
Are the windows to the soul.
I'll not be chained
By this everlasting cliche.
But Honey, I get lost
Every time. Gazing into yours.
Swept away in their
Mystery, darkness, wonder.
I see clearly your walls,
A house on a hill.
Every brick laid down
With care, thoughtfulness.
Made to keep out
More harm, hurt, loss.
It is worn, sturdy,
Unyielding against the world.
Yet every now and then
I catch a glimpse
Of Lightness
Where others see dark.
And it tells me
More than words
Ever could.
And in this space
I am lost.
In this space
I see you.
The night started off right, good friends, good vibes, all love.
Downtown Charm City and it was all about us.
Got a couple rounds of shots, pretty soon it was all hugs.
I was fading, for real.
Here’s a good pic of a girl all in my ear.
Telling me everything that I probably wanna hear.
I think I said “Girl I’m from the Old Bay.”
And then she said “Mmm bring it my way.”
Put in a request for the DJ, he said
Alright, okay.

We kept drinking drink after drink, we’re tipsy.
Now we’re on the floor cutting loose, acting like a fool.
She gave me a kiss? Did I kiss back?
Oh ****, don’t remember that!
How much did I have to drink last night?

I woke up with a total stranger.
She had her grips on me.
Here’s me in the car with her.
Made me feel like a king.
I made a slideshow with her?
Everything’s such a blur.

I woke up in her bed while she's downstairs making eggs.
Am I alright?
I’m okay.
Drunk nights get remembered more than sober ones....kinda
Out of blue
All I hear
When less is more
With that glimpse of
Consoling smile
Hypnotic affection
Soul reviving optimism

When you gaze at me
The truth in your eyes
With tender silence
Honestly tells me
I want to know

"Finding a way"
"Let me stay in your thought"
"Close enough"
"Then tell me all"
"You want to say"
"That sets me free"

For that, I called
You are the One
Worth waiting for
You are my home
To wake into another
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme: Until You
Author's Note: I wrote this for you
One day
Ink will refuse
To write about
As it doesn't

And that day is
Genre: Dark Abstract
Theme: Echoes
Author's Note: How to restrict a thought?
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