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To My Kingdom Spouse:

I want your love
healthy and black
I promise to reflect it

give me your heart
and I'll keep it safe
I promise never to neglect it

I want to love you
in a way that makes doubting God

you can come to me
I promise to be responsible

with your secrets
I'm not playing games
baby, I am for real

I am yours today and forever more
with an oath to God
I'll seal the deal

under one condition
that you'll be only mine
and I'll be only yours

well stand under an open heaven
open windows
and open doors

For generations
our children will recall
the love we shared

they will know the truth
that the same type of love
can also be theirs

To my Kingdom Spouse. Here is a letter. I hope you love it. Lets build a love that last throughout generations. You and Me. Imperfect yet choosing to love one another over and over again.
Limem Ali Mar 25

I'm the sun,
I'm the light
that lives in and within
and stretch every corner
I step in
and let it shine

I'm the wind
I'm the sound of the whistle,
that crosses the universe space
and brings on the beautiful melodies
anyone would ever listen or hear

I'm the rain
I'm the rainbow with all its chords
that drops to color everybody's life
with joy and gladness

I'm the clear blue sky
I'm the calm deep ocean
that sends everyone over
with only and just only
high positive vibes
She looked at me
Like I was familiar
She smiled at me
Like I was familiar
She waved goodbye
Like I was a stranger

Silence then followed
Genre: Dark
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2021
To those
Who needs to hear this

Accept, what is
Let go of, what was

For you are both
The traveler and the journey
For you are both
The sufferer and the healer

RIP, the things that drain your spirit
RIP, the thoughts that make you sick
RIP, the time that stops for great things
RIP, the circle that holds freedom you crave
RIP, anyone who excuses for the truth
RIP, the question you don’t want to answer
And RIP, the doors that are close.

RIP everything
That resists
That *****
That blurs
And insults your spirit
If it makes sense, just RIP.
No more, no less.
And the rest will be the history.

Trust and let go.
And breathe.

Are you ready?
Genre: Clinical Inspirational
Theme: Questioning
Author's Note: In becoming, this is just the way, it is.
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2021
Of all the things
I noticed
Her lips
May lie to me
Her eyes
Speaks the holy truth

And her scent
In my memory
Genre: Romantic
Theme: You Matter
Hannah Sep 2021
I stop and think,
why is it always these
empty holes inside me
that scream
and it never stops.
it feels like
a baby has been born
inside me
and that baby never seem
to stop screaming and yelling
I always question myself
and the universe
why my soul does not
scream for anything
and it is always
these holes
sicken me
it is harsh and sad
I am going mad
it drives me insane
I lost hope and
if it ever comes back
my way,
it will break and
shatter on the waves.
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2021
When the Moon is shy
And the Sun peeps through the hills
Find yourself
In between my lines

I write you
I write everything about you
That you
What's in my mind

Not the you
That you were pretending to be
That You, enchanting my imagination
Translated into a gracious soul

I write you
I write everything about you
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Too good to be true.
Hannah Aug 2021
talk about love,
think about it and observe
It freaks people out, sometimes
but when the feeling is right
when you are so sure of it
when it is vivid and pure
that is when you truly believe
that love is the answer
It is superb, how both of you
instantly click,
having the same exact vibes
you are both so contagious
when you get naked and
feel their skin
and your body temperature
is all the same
when you decide to touch them
they touch you
in the same second
you get to make out and they do too
feeling their skin on yours
getting lost in their beautiful eyes
getting lost in their lips
it is so ecstatic
it is insane, when you find
that one person, your person
you were dreaming of and looking for
all your life.
And you get to find them in
a blink of an eye
i am speechless, at times
i feel words are never enough of
describing what I truly feel
deep down, from the bottom of
my soul. my heart beats,
like the sonic waves of the ocean
in the middle of winter,
when it is empty and cold
and all you have inside your chest
is the same **** holes,
the void that eats your insides
and slowly kills you.
but they show up in your life
and from time to time you know
you start to have a leap of faith
some hope, some gratitude
Onu Abah Aug 2021
A smile is such a lovely thing especially upon your face;
Behind it a glimpse of grimace
none can trace
hiding all the sorrows or simply taking their place.

A kindly spoken word means so much when it's from you,
Sending comfort when the heart is blue

Your touch can make a heart dance in pretty fast-paced clips
when I hear the melody in your voice I'm wowed by it's unconquerable grips.

A smile, a word, a song, a touch – seem small little things
Your ecstatic vibe I'm grateful to always find;
Lock your hands in mine
and peace will fill my mind...

John McCafferty Jul 2021
We could wait but the sun may never come
so now is the time to focus your mind, sweet butterfly vibes will flow from inside.
Buzzed about by merriment, towards the frolics of future fun.

Chained together through strengths of friendship, inclined to speak with peace of mind, no bribes.
These smiles and grins fuel ambitions within that create the modes of self control.

We play, to learn and communicate as those bright days will pass soon so set your tone.
Yearn to motivate each one which comes, sustain the road to growth as its for them, to make sense of their future roles.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
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