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In you
I could see
Something divine
Something close to magic
 Something beyond words

Whole life
I could be thankful for
Keeping alive
The writer in me

Genre: Inspirational
Theme: To all who emit inspiring vibes
Dark and gloomy
Time for a change
Get out the chemicals
Get out the spray

**** all the cells
And then let them heal
Now the vibrations
Are clean and clear
I was going through a rough time in my life with too many bad vibrations so i decided to change them and bleached my hair and now i feel a lot lighter and positive vibes
Bullet 5d
The foist emptying out remedies
Sweet bath in our cooked sins
Mixing our pours of ***** works
While the red runs thin when hit with warm water
I'm out as it drains I'm hoping so will my pain

Feet are made for healing though
A trip doesn't only just mean falling
Steam, those clouds are relaxing
Anxious, bruised feet come with long legs
Picking them up wondering if I can be me
Working has me stressing for some reason
But showers beat baths by going first
Music can break you free to help tune out the noise
Light beams drying clean remedies
Walking to the next day is hard at times
Defeat belongs on backs of achieving
Blood bath soaked the soul to drain out negative vibes

Water pollute the ear to the noise
I can see the depth it takes me

Blood Bath
Don't judge a book by its cover
Give it a hunch of happiness
See how gracefully
It blooms

Give it vibes of pain
See how carefully
It hides
Genre: Observational
Theme: Examined Life
You are
My kind
That is enough
To defend
Genre: Romantic
Theme: The same wavelength
Mercury Mar 27
Looks are special.
Words are special.
But can words be twisted to feel like a devil?
Are looks and words even on the same level?
Avoiding tears that flow like a river
The truth is that love, could make a man shiver
A kiss, a lie, making the lips quiver
He was never a taker, only a giver.
Why does the body crave attention?
But shuts down and empties when your name is never mentioned.
I too have been there, I too have cried
I too have felt like my soul just...Died.
Gave up on him.
Gave up on her.
Just pick your poison which wine do you prefer?
After your drink it your vision starts to blurr, you start hearing voices and your words start to slurr.
The looks .
The words.
Your mind it stirs.
Hatred and love, opposites occur.
Hold up with that block chain
conflicted economy
keep up the complaints gain
Fall in line with wannabes
Situate yourself into a failing position
Cross the line of chance and miracles without decision
Are you listening to the rhythm or are you trying to glisten on
Shining blindin yourself and everyone you’re walk-in on
Hold a second crazy cuz I’m busy for your hazy mess
Crowded in my head but world is filled with emptiness

Glamour baby
Watch out
Tear at the game
Hear them shout
Test my circuits
Freak out
Sparkin in your eyes
Get down

I’m searching for equality, but let me play don’t bother me
Addicted to the gifted that you try to clone in quantity
Sober up while gettin lit
Fill our cup don’t ever quit
Seeking self control inside of every little hit
Spare the change
Stay the same
It’s a **** shame
We’re all insane
Can’t contain
Past remains
Thinking that we like the pain
Universal consciousness
Never kiss
Heavens bliss
Shake the earth with every moment captivated by a wish
Cold and calculated marketed discrimination
Switch the station work do wages go through phases different stages
Visitation rights to our ancestors blight
Fuel fire engaged engines blast and burn it bright
Out of sight
Out of energy
Not quite, close so let it be
Do you feel me
Come fair to be free
work the weight til they bury me
Commemorate the warriors, fighting behind enemy lines, with idols and worshippers for a war designed to ruin all sides
Guinea pigs
Flipping tricks
Scary that we handle bricks
Galactic motivation cuz they know there’s something more than this
Space it out
Dimension strong
Definitive in guessing the irony of being wrong
Template made
Run the track
Tie shoes or you may never come back
Lock and load
Here we go
Now end this show
**Wake The **** Up**
Elizz Mar 7
Lately it's been tasting like a starfish
Dipped in starfruit

Coating my tongue like fresh strawberries
Chocolate follows after

Because things have been so busy
The main avenue of fifth street in new york
Caramel for slow days


Bits of sunshine when you're nearby
But I've managed to do without
The strong flavor of black tea

With a pinch of chai
And a favored glimmer of lemon
I haven't been around much

I'm sorry for that things have been
Hectic to say the least
An enjoyable

Fast paced briskness
I think I'm back now for a while at least

Lift that smile
Brighten those eyes

Cheery notes play throughout the skies
Hey its been a while. How ya doing?
When it is, Us
We always embrace
Complimentary vibes
In a new dimention
For a new destiny
Where to travel on

You will begin to
Feel proud
This is a story of mine
One side of that coin

This is what
I heard
Between Yang N' Yin
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Story of yin and yang
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