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Philip Lawrence Oct 2020
The grains fall through corseted glass,
time squandered, regretted,
opportunities irretrievable,
a life whispered, then silent.

Listen – do you hear the music?
It plays on.
Strut, leap, beam wide-eyed,
ignite a soul ablaze to

inhale the aroma of the lush
severed blades of late summer,
grin at the smiling sunflowers,
sway to the music of love,

broad-hearted, full-throated,
spear the brass circle, then cast it into the sea.
“Oh, that. That was nothing.”
A life to see.
K Balachandran Jan 2019
Winter spreads white lies,
Thick and fast, so unabashed;
Her lovers shiver!
Inked Quill Dec 2018
The woods ring out

For the songs
Echoing around

Of #unabashed song birds
That throat their love
Brooding of vast uncertainty
Fake Knees Dec 2016
to these songs in my head
a symphony of harmonicas
dissipating throughout each hemisphere of my brain
i am now dancing around my success
and no longer my addictions or my demons
the melody that crescendos from my frontal lobe sticks with me and resonates
with every note that i hum
i am happy now
and *no

my cerebrum is not malfunctioning
even living with mistakes is more simple
i am having less trouble admitting that i was never right back then
but today i am right here
right now
wildly fortunate with this glistening euphoric sense of entitlement
singing along with the songs pulsing through my veins
it's been awhile, folks.
JM Ang Aug 2016
When people look at you
They see a happy man
As you unabashedly smile
And tell your stories:
People you’ve met
Places you’ve been
Things you’ve seen
Flavors you’ve tasted

You’ve always looked happy
No matter what you’re going through
Your unabashed smile remains

But I see your unabashed smile
And I know that it’s a little shy

I know that—
No matter how big or small—
New experiences still shake you

Though it’s not unabashed
Your eyes light up
When you smile your shy smile

Though not unabashed,
Though not perfect,
You still manage to smile
Your smile that’s still a little shy

And I know that—
No matter what—
You are a happy man, anyway
I wrote this for my dad. Happy Father’s Day
Ishita Feb 2016
I've let myself uncover from the bitter truth and false promises.
I've let sarcasm drip.
Like a river full of diamonds,
Shiny,cut and pointed.
I've liberated from your nasty attitude.
Cigarette butts scattered everywhere.
I've rise like a phoenix,
Like a tall skyscraper.
As a tear tricks down my barren face,
My fingers struggle to coordinate.
Maybe because this heart has bore too much.
Too much of pointless high emotions,
Of love,life and jealousy.
I was a simpleton indeed.
And you were the  destructor
But no toxic people,
There ain't any room for you this time.
Coz am rising now.
Rising-above all your ****** crap.
I'm your worst dream this time.
I'm your  NIGHTMARE .
I wonder what I'd do without poetry.

— The End —