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of different ages
learning and experiencing
growing and evolving
through different stages
E Mar 6
Each night you wear a different face
Slightly changing day by day

The ocean tides; The river banks
Pulling and pushing me away

Eventually you will soon fade
Watching above from a faraway place

What do I do to make you stay?

But then again you are just a moon phase
J Feb 23
It’s simply not a sprint; it’s a lifelong race;
choices seldom clear in any case.
It’s often tough to maintain a semblance of grace
While questioning one’s place and space.

Oh wicked time she owns her inconsistent  pace -
If not careful - your dreams she can erase.
When her tentacles pull you down you must embrace
A clearer vision before you find yourself off base.

To avoid disgrace
What must we displace?
What trepidation must we face?
Which dragons must we chase?
Paras Bajaj Jan 30
Fall in love with the souls,
not just pretty faces.
Fall in love with the whole,
not just good phases.

Fall in love with the scars,
not just what you can see.
Fall in love with the battles,
not just greatest victories.

-Paras Bajaj #PoetrybyParas
Instagram : @mr.parasbajaj
Careful concealment,
For the need for Atonement
As the Moon claims the best of she-
Drawing her closer to the song of the Sea
Then exalted to clouds, far past the sky
Skimming the tips of the Milky Way
In his warm arms, forever lie
She only dreams those to see that day
@LadyRavenhill 2019
Star BG Dec 2018
Inside poem
lies great wisdom
from the poet elders of past.
The ones who utter in Shakespearian tongues.
They become waves of verse
dancing in readers moon shaped eyes.
Insights rain upon minds to enlarge cells.
Landscaped with grass green tickles reader steps in breath.

Phases rustle as if self is tree and each word is leaf.
Fireworks of stanzas caresses eyes in beauteous splendor,
to launch a dream
And as their bodies of text echo
through doorway of past where time matters little
own voice whispers with gratitude and awe.

Reverence to applaud grand poem
scribed by master at candlelight
For their creative gifts do wrap my visions
into reality.
Just thinking about the old poets thus poem was born
Bullet Dec 2018
Moons watch me
Phases shift me
A wave bring me into existence
Show me the ways to the shore
Let me finally listen to the peace of the storm
Penguin Poems Oct 2018
Even when the moon is new
And absent from our vision
Fear not; it is merely hidden
Please don’t be misconstrued

We have phases, too—
Maybe good, maybe bad— who
Eventually will end when the universe decides to do so.
Whether happy or sad,
Your cycle will renew
and you will be ****** into a better place,
At the hands of fate,
Towards your ultimate destiny.
You’re right where you’re supposed to be.

Wherever you are, everything happens for a reason
Even if right now you’re feeling defeated
The phases will come and go as they please
But ultimate happiness is the guarantee.
Just thought it needed an update
Penguin Poems Oct 2018
The moon has phases
In and out of the same cycle
Always orchestrating a reprisal
Over a number of days

I have phases, too
Yet they seem more like mazes, who
Don’t know where they lead to.
Unlike the moon,
Who is settled in his ways,
I bounce back and forth in this pinball machine,
Forwards, backwards, sideways,
Through different replays with the same ending: heartbreak.

I never know when or where they’ll start,
But I’m always the one with the broken heart.
The phases come and go as they please,
And always end up blaming me.
nosipho khanyile Jul 2018
award goes to you for
making me believe
for a second that
my sexuality is a phase.

a stage that's passing
a page about to be turned.

award goes to me
for being in tune
with my desires & feelings.

for not letting you get into my head
for appreciating that love has no

gender,colour,culture or phase.
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