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Wilkes Arnold Mar 30
It's the still nights, the stormy nights
When I want a cigarette
To spark life in my breath,
When sleep seems dead set
On avoiding me.
It leaves me asking why?
I don't even smoke.
Zadkiel Oct 2020
From the usual desires within a store
From the potato chips that don't call for you but still eat
From the shredded cheese that only seems delectable at
2:00 am

There is nothing in this world we wouldn't crave
For we are the ones who have slept through sleepless nights
For we that have been addicted to the nectar that is known as
And For we that has been blessed with
Lusus Naturae

But remember, That even if we were blessed.
The ill will wish for us
And we shall respond
as it is not our duty to do so

Instead, it is just the cravings that bond our blessings
and that we are one in the twilight
Veritia Venandi Aug 2020
Life is a blend of carvings and cravings...

Memories carved in eternal rocks under the witness of a forever sky...

Playing in puddles,dancing in the rain, running after dragonflies, eating berries, stealing cookies, believing in the moon chasing you, reading fairytales and waiting for Santa Claus!

While wishes remained in wandering search of fulfilling lands...

To fly like a bird, view the world atop a tree, build a rooftop library, become king or queen for a day, watch meteor showers, laugh and cry without anybody looking, sleep under the stars and escape into the woods!

To measure life as cravings and carvings thus...
Is to understand it's true essence which is
"Endless...! "
Thank you for reading this! ❣:)
Fifehanmi Jul 2020
I Just want to be

When it comes to you, I can't really dream big.
When the matter involves you, I can't even stand out
Whenever you are involved, I am not allowed to aim high

I'm not begging to be part of the names in your "acknowledgement"
I'm not on my knees so you can dedicate your book to me
All I am asking for is just to be;

A chapter in your book,
A page in your prose work,
A line in your verse,
A scene in your act,
A rhyme scheme to your poem,
A cast with a modest character in your drama.

I don't care whether you include my name in the prologue or epilogue,
I don't give a **** whether it is comedy or tragedy
I just want to be a page in your book.
I wrote this when I felt my love was one sided and the man I was dying for doesn't even care. It's so sad to be in one sided love, it hurts and it's very painful.
Johnson Oyeniran Jun 2020
chocolate of delight.
Oh how you melt my tongue with your tenderness,
Oh how you fill my mouth with your pleasure.
Creamy skin,
Smooth body.
You were crafted for my joy,
For you drown my despair and
cleanse me with your elixir.
Bee May 2020
cravings as follows:
whiskey, cigarettes, and you.
how long will it take?
natalie Apr 2020
i’m hungry
but the numbers on the scale from this morning tell me otherwise
and i’m hungry
but the way my stomach doesn’t lay flat
against my body says diversely
i’m hungry
but i want to feel the bones sticking out of me
i want to feel how sick i am

now i’ve given in
it holds control over everything i do
the way i drag my feet
the things that slowly come out of my mouth
the thoughts that encourage the purple tone in my skin
and the bags under my eyes

i’m hungry
but the hunger to starve, is much stronger
and the hunger to binge, is heavier than the rest
Mitch Prax Mar 2020
What we desire
after midnight is seldom
good for the spirit

9:13 PM
Elsie Greek Mar 2020
My autumn leaves a trace
of cravings.
How nice
      to watch them plonk
                their bubbly blues.
There bitter
            meets the nagging,
Grey collides
            with crimson spleen
                      of sour overdues.
I treat them all
As seasonal and timely.
It's cool to feel
      what is corrupt
        in their shallow kinds.
There nastiest are marked
between the lines of mildly
            put regrets
                  as looming shades
Of glasses oozing wine.

It all has been at least concerning
But never even eaten me
a while.
To me
     there's no such thing
                              as tables turning.
To you
    it may as well seem only
             a breath of wind.
Cassie Nov 2019
You leaving was a blessing in disguise
Made me realize who I truly am and how I should be treated
Knowing that I wasn’t being treated like a queen
But I have now found my castle and my own queen
She puts me on top and lays me down when it’s time
Making me feel safe as if I'm surrounded by a moat
But in all actuality you make me flood
Grabbing your voluptuous curves while they take me on a ride
You drive me absolutely wild
Stealing the literal soul out of my body while you satisfy my cravings
Knowing how to pierce me in all the right ways
Sending shocks through my body
Baby you will forever be my goddess
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