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Darryl M May 8
Before we begin this road;
If you’re my strongest weakness,
And love is the strongest drug.
How addicted would I be to you?
For how long would I yearn for your body?
The sweet sensation.
Flesh to flesh.

I want the neighbours to know my name,
by the tone of your voice.
Words got her wetter, so I took a dive for it.

Caught up in the motions, let your mind drift.
Forget your fears and what you’re giving up.
Sing a lullaby to virginity.
Focus on the sensation,
the feeling of being deeply felt by me.

Organs so powerful.
Now instruments of love making.
Feel me, as I slowly go deeper.
I want you to feel it till you vibrate like you’re having a glitch.
A glitch away from time into our happy hour.

This ain’t a fantasy.
It’s a dream come true.
You and me.
Our Reality.

Slow motion.
The sweet torture of sensation.
Completed: 28th June 2018 [17:24 PM]
Darryl M May 8
On your **** and pudenda,
Written upcoming main event.
Coz I’ll thoroughly be attending those areas.

Let me handle you,
You know you want me to.
Can I take off all your clothes, slowly, layer by layer?
You’ve already lost them,
Donated to the floor.

Part your legs like the red sea,
Let me see the ocean,
Can I taste the saltiness?
Too late, I enjoy bittersweet.

If your ***** be a tight zoo,
I’ll be the zookeeper.

Grab the back of my head,
We’re flying now,
I’ll take you as high as you’ll ever be.

Arch your back,
Lose yourself in the sensation,
Feel it go deeper, and deeper,
I’m in.

You’ve been clean for years,
You’ll be a *** addict.

Wet dreams wrote the script,
So, we played it out.
Darryl M May 8
A gentleman with words, she knows.
But a beast in bed, she never realized.
A beast trapped in her curves,
To be set loose by her gentle screams.

Innocent in her eyes, I was,
Until I grabbed her by the waist.
Corrupted, we both are,
We want this.

In and out of love she has been,
I don’t even know the scent of love,
But her body odour does it for me.

Of all cravings,
Your body I look at.
Can I get hold of your *****?
Gently slide down my thumb in between the lining.
Are the temperatures rising?

I won’t **** up to you,
Nevertheless, I’m still licking it,
I’m so caught up in the taste.
Bend over,
Spread your legs,
Arch your back,
Lemme see it one more time.

She’s more than enough,
If only I could have two of her.
Take charge lil’ soldier,
We’re home now.

Show me the poet in the skies,
Coz shaped in the clouds is your divine beauty.
Darryl M May 8
To tha moons of the nights.
To tha suns of the days.
I see, but a flame upon my heart.
You, my perfect light.

Let it go, my hand,
But I can’t.
For what my heart holds for you, is effervescent.
Today imma search for my heart, you’ve stolen.
I’m an outsider,
Inside you is where I wanna be.

Love is taking us places, I know not where to.
But I’ll take a ******* ride with you.
A tool, you’re not.
But can’t I use you tonight?
Naughty Sonnet.
Darryl M May 8
Should I beg for forgiveness?
But why beg?
Is it cheating if what we have has its flip flops on?
We both know it’s casual.

Does loving the other, love you any less?
If you’ve found a soulmate in me,
Does that mean I have to do my time too?
If you got yourself a cell,
Should I be caged in?

Clothed in Red and White.
February 14th, I could get the rose.
But you aren’t worth the thorns.

Down on my knee with a small box.
Would you do me the honours?
Bring back the ring you’ve imagined yourself having.
Ava Courtney May 7
I was your sugar rush,
You craved me for a short amount of time.
Begging me
Asking me
To give you more
You devoured my love.
You tasted my lips,
The lips you said tasted like brown sugar.
I was always on your mind
My warm honey colored body
And my brown sugar lips
You craved my curls.
My dark brown eyes

But eventually your craving ended
You no longer begged me
And asked me
You became too full
The hunger you had for me went away
You told me you desire something “Healthier”
Something “better”
Our love was sweet
Maybe too sweet
And sometimes too much sweetness
Can make you sick.
you remind me of mac and cheese
creamy, salty, and cheesy
just the way i like it
i always want to see you.
Amanda Feb 23
Cravings for a hit
Hints of sin begin within
Winning bit by bit
Cravings are the worst
دema Feb 21
I don’t crave revenge and grudges,
my soul doesn’t feed on anger,
it feeds on confrontations as
it only craves the truth.
SMS Feb 4
She’s living on those water bottles
And that pack of Extra gum
She’s long forgotten how to use
The tastebuds dotting her tongue
How can you blame her broken soul
For craving her old favorites taste
For those few seconds she’s not in control
Before the food goes to complete waste.
To the idiot that thinks anorexics are sick for spitting out food and questions why they taste it in the first place.
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