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natalie Apr 8
i’m hungry
but the numbers on the scale from this morning tell me otherwise
and i’m hungry
but the way my stomach doesn’t lay flat
against my body says diversely
i’m hungry
but i want to feel the bones sticking out of me
i want to feel how sick i am

now i’ve given in
it holds control over everything i do
the way i drag my feet
the things that slowly come out of my mouth
the thoughts that encourage the purple tone in my skin
and the bags under my eyes

i’m hungry
but the hunger to starve, is much stronger
and the hunger to binge, is heavier than the rest
Mitch Prax Mar 7
What we desire
after midnight is seldom
good for the spirit

9:13 PM
Elsie Greek Mar 3
My autumn leaves a trace
of cravings.
How nice
      to watch them plonk
                their bubbly blues.
There bitter
            meets the nagging,
Grey collides
            with crimson spleen
                      of sour overdues.
I treat them all
As seasonal and timely.
It's cool to feel
      what is corrupt
        in their shallow kinds.
There nastiest are marked
between the lines of mildly
            put regrets
                  as looming shades
Of glasses oozing wine.

It all has been at least concerning
But never even eaten me
a while.
To me
     there's no such thing
                              as tables turning.
To you
    it may as well seem only
             a breath of wind.
Cassie Nov 2019
You leaving was a blessing in disguise
Made me realize who I truly am and how I should be treated
Knowing that I wasn’t being treated like a queen
But I have now found my castle and my own queen
She puts me on top and lays me down when it’s time
Making me feel safe as if I'm surrounded by a moat
But in all actuality you make me flood
Grabbing your voluptuous curves while they take me on a ride
You drive me absolutely wild
Stealing the literal soul out of my body while you satisfy my cravings
Knowing how to pierce me in all the right ways
Sending shocks through my body
Baby you will forever be my goddess
Jasmine Oct 2019
I long for
Wait give me a chance to settle in….
A night in with the four walls staring at us not making a squeak,  
Maybe good music playing in the background to set the mood
How about a high mood to set the company just right
How about the exchange of thoughts to get conversation just going right
Haha, is that really what you thinking?
How about I tell you what I’ve been thinking…
Well, let me enlighten you, I think of
Every single second of every minute
You are running a marathon of memories in my mind
Oh, where do I start?
No let me begin from the beginning when the walls were staring at the both of us
You settle me in just right, under your arms, in your bed, while the music is just doing the most in the back
Oh no we had more than enough to talk about cause our thoughts kept popping like pop ups on an internet site
Can I be granted the permission to share the moment when you kissed me and how it felt like the first but instead it was our fourth
The kiss may have been our fourth but what came after that mmh
Our first….
You handled me like a woman you’ve known for months (sigh), more like you studied every curve on my body
Every turn, every pleasurable moment felt like moments I was never going to feel again
My breath felt like it was my last
Your breath against my neck felt breathtakingly
When you reached your utmost pleasurable moment, with my nails engraved in your back, that kiss you planted on my forehead, just had to have a skip a beat in my heart
Oh no I think I’ve shared enough to describe my desirable craving
Which is YOU!
i wrote this poem missing my ex
Kai Aug 2019
hunger from long days
working to many hours
to make life possible

making some chimkin
for those late night
cravings we all feel

feeling like garbage
and ready to cry
late at night 11:45

bringing gifts to friends
yummy crunchy chimkin
they cheer me up again
The story behind "chimkin" is that one late night at like 2AM my brother made fried chicken and brought it to a friend as comfort food. The had the heady sleep deprived mind so they kept calling the chicken "chimkin". The name stuck and now late night meals are "chimkin".
Lace Aug 2019
Eyes wide at 5 AM
I can’t tame them
My thoughts are miles away
Might as well call it mind decay

I drive in circles for hours
My fear hovers over it me, it towers
Just pick up the phone
No one will know, you’re alone

The cravings won’t stop
My thoughts are the robbers
And my common sense is the cop

Not very well trained
My brain is strained

Jump out of bed
Jolts through my feet like a knife
I’m on the run again
I have to choose
Darryl M May 2019
Before we begin this road;
If you’re my strongest weakness,
And love is the strongest drug.
How addicted would I be to you?
For how long would I yearn for your body?
The sweet sensation.
Flesh to flesh.

I want the neighbours to know my name,
by the tone of your voice.
Words got her wetter, so I took a dive for it.

Caught up in the motions, let your mind drift.
Forget your fears and what you’re giving up.
Sing a lullaby to virginity.
Focus on the sensation,
the feeling of being deeply felt by me.

Organs so powerful.
Now instruments of love making.
Feel me, as I slowly go deeper.
I want you to feel it till you vibrate like you’re having a glitch.
A glitch away from time into our happy hour.

This ain’t a fantasy.
It’s a dream come true.
You and me.
Our Reality.

Slow motion.
The sweet torture of sensation.
Completed: 28th June 2018 [17:24 PM]
Darryl M May 2019
On your **** and pudenda,
Written upcoming main event.
Coz I’ll thoroughly be attending those areas.

Let me handle you,
You know you want me to.
Can I take off all your clothes, slowly, layer by layer?
You’ve already lost them,
Donated to the floor.

Part your legs like the red sea,
Let me see the ocean,
Can I taste the saltiness?
Too late, I enjoy bittersweet.

If your ***** be a tight zoo,
I’ll be the zookeeper.

Grab the back of my head,
We’re flying now,
I’ll take you as high as you’ll ever be.

Arch your back,
Lose yourself in the sensation,
Feel it go deeper, and deeper,
I’m in.

You’ve been clean for years,
You’ll be a *** addict.

Wet dreams wrote the script,
So, we played it out.
Darryl M May 2019
A gentleman with words, she knows.
But a beast in bed, she never realized.
A beast trapped in her curves,
To be set loose by her gentle screams.

Innocent in her eyes, I was,
Until I grabbed her by the waist.
Corrupted, we both are,
We want this.

In and out of love she has been,
I don’t even know the scent of love,
But her body odour does it for me.

Of all cravings,
Your body I look at.
Can I get hold of your *****?
Gently slide down my thumb in between the lining.
Are the temperatures rising?

I won’t **** up to you,
Nevertheless, I’m still licking it,
I’m so caught up in the taste.
Bend over,
Spread your legs,
Arch your back,
Lemme see it one more time.

She’s more than enough,
If only I could have two of her.
Take charge lil’ soldier,
We’re home now.

Show me the poet in the skies,
Coz shaped in the clouds is your divine beauty.
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