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Maelynn Jun 7
Sunlight streams like trickling gold
Flowing languidly with stories untold
It has neither eyes nor ears
No hopes no fears
Yet is a companion to all-

It picks us up when we are down
A bubbling smile replaces a frown
It soothes the crying child’s tears
As sunrise chases away nights’ fears
No order is too tall-

For even in the blackest pitch of night,
The darkest of the dark-
All you need to find some hope
Is the tiniest of sparks.
Val Vik Mar 16
The clouds
sweep at my feet
I step into the consistency
of a whispering
wet slushie

I am in
I cannot swim
There is no buoyancy
In the heat of the rising Summer,
The foam will not melt
into Ocean.

It's Cold.

I screamed for help!
but - You are far too distant
On the white stones,
nihility, suffocating crystalline,
how nostalgic. . .

the Sun has reached the zenith.
psychic dreaming
My soul feels alive
Wrapped in rays
From sunniest skies
Hanging there in
Your bright blue eyes

Zee Feb 11
I will surely feel lonely again
I might die inside too
But if it makes you happy,
I'll celebrate my death with you.

Don't look over your shoulder
And wonder how I've been
You already did enough for me,
You've given me your best.

But if we ever meet again
Ask me how Im doing,
I'll give you a sudden smile
And say "I'm fine" again
You did it again. You left me , broke all your promises. But I'll be fine.
Aisha Jan 4
Isn't it beautiful
I breathe in all those gasses but
my body chooses you
Inhales you
Absorbs you
Allows you to caress my lungs
Fill my blood
Give me energy
give me life
I open my arms on a sunny day and
you swath me in your gentle breeze
I gasp for you
Yearn for you
I need you
Even when I'm not aware, you're
always there

So why is it when I'm drowning
When I need you most
I gasp
I yearn
I scream
I beg
I cry
you never come
I suddenly lose my breath
and suffocate in your absence
I wrote this in my sleep
Evie Helen Sep 2020
The changes in me between now and then,
The who, the what,
The where and when,
What a bittersweet way to begin,
Take me back to sunny hours again.
Sorry I’ve been gone so long poetry world. I’ve had a very rough couple of months. But here I am back with the creative juices flowing!
Nylee Sep 2020
You were fresh out of September
Dewdrops touching my face

a bright day
A sunny smile
the star lighting me up

A patch of pink and blue

but with rainy nights
and windy breezy evenings

The sweaters of November
will suit you too
Amanda Kay Burke Aug 2020
Upon this shore my unsure feet stand
Slowly sinking into soft sand
Seashells shine as they catch sunlight
And drifted wood is washed all but white

Seagulls swoop from skies and soar
Birds and prey at a natural war
The sunrise glow fades
Air grows hot
In warm display beach is caught

Illuminates the sea below
From surface to undertow
A gentle ocean breeze waltzes by
As if the water breathes with a sigh

Enhancing sunbeams that darken my skin
Tranquility I am soaking in
This morning view so peaceful and bright
Where all is well within my sight

How many summer days remaining to waste?
When snow arrives I'll miss the taste
Of saltwater bitter on my tongue
The cool sensation filling my lungs

Upon this shore I memorize
The horizon distant from my eyes
The light outside fights the darkness within
And my cares float out as the tide rolls in
And I'm just trying to surf the waves
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