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Ju Temo 1d
After the rain the fills the ***
And leaks out the side
At the last drop down the roof
Even when the wood is wet,
I’ll leave.

The freshness of the day,
Can’t match the lightness in my heart,
It’s biking past the bridges,
Pushing past the grass in the stream,

Soaring down the hills,
That pour out from the purple sunset,
Hanging down cherry blossoms’
Open hands reaching out to every path.

The train has yet to come,
But the heat already settled,
Cooled by the sun far back,
Windows mirrored in its light,
Peppered a village under me,

Going through all its tall corners,
The rails build themselves above me,
As I run past every shop,
My reflection follows along on the ride
Ju Temo' is a freelance poet that is inspired by songwriting.
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Carmen Jane Sep 23
No one can hear, your symphony escaped through the gaps of your teeth
No one taught you, how to pray or in what you should believe
Your weary bones, don't know which road to choose and take,
As you stumbled on this crossroad and want to avoid mistakes

I should say, spin around as fast as you can,
Let yourself fall and reach out your hands
See which road you touched and before you step,
Squinch your eyes and try to see as much ahead

If you see some sunny patches, that is good, my friend,
And if you see some cloudy corners, that is not the end
You'll be sure to find your way, trust me when I say
I see how strong you are and how you can lighten up a day!
Johnny walker Aug 25
Sunny day and I'm drifting away to thoughts of yesterday and smiling
to myself of such
happy memories
of our time
Driven my car to a nice shaded place surrounded
by lovely trees of green
wind my window
down to catch the
cooling summer
Then I fall to peaceful sleep
to the sound of summer In my ears and beautiful dreams Helen and of
summer days
we shared
Simon Soane Aug 15
We said a big farewell to you
on a sunny day,

it was sad but perfect
in nearly every single way,

inevitably the only thing  missing under the clear sky of blue

was the world you held

in all of amazing you.
Jo Barber Jul 23
I feel light and fluffy,
like a pearl-colored cloud,
or like scrambled eggs
whipped to perfection
with butter and cream.

I feel joy everywhere,
even in the tiny crevices
**** feelings try
so hard to hide in.

There's a sun inside of me,
but some days it's overcast
and rains for too long. Today
is different, though.

Light and life are one, and
the sky and the earth
divine and bewitching once more.
Feedback is always appreciated. :)
Johnny walker Jul 16
Sunny day sat In my parked car wife passed on retired now not much to do but sit and watch the pretty girls go by
all dressed In summer such a lovely site to
But not once with my wife  did my eye ever stray stayed faith to her thoughtout the twenty years
together we did have
since I've been on my own many times my eyes have gone a wondering but I see harm just old
Back when I was younger then so full of life but getting older now by the day but a pretty can still cause my head turn to appreciate what I
Kieran Messer Jun 21
Pray we for the sun:
Vivid, shining warmly.
We'll chase the everlasting day,
As the sun entraps us in its rays.

No clocks and no watches.
No nocturne shall be feared.
Forever doesn't matter now;
Time doesn't matter anyhow.
Happy summer solstice, everyone!

(Apologies to everyone in the Southern Hemisphere, as chances are you're reading this in the dark right now.)
Ugh it's so hot
I'm literally suffocating
A poem every day.
Johnny walker May 26
I woke to sounds of
birds singing outside
my window
On such gloriously
warm summers day
with a feeling It's
great to be
But still a sadness deep
In Inside of me for I'm
still missing my
Pretty birds that sing there love songs outside my window early In the morning such a pleasure to hear them sing
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