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Sunshine, Sunshine
Ladybugs awake
Move your hands and give a little shake
Bill MacEachern Mar 2023
Summer Daze

Summer days
Playful playful playful
Days ablaze
Joyful joyful joyful
Days of rays
Summer days

Summer days
Peaceful peaceful peaceful
Days of play
Gleeful gleeful gleeful
Good ole days
Summer days

Summer days
Brightly brightly brightly
Break of day
Sunny sunny sunny
Bright all day
Summer days

Summer days
Burning burning burning
Heatwave days
Blinding blinding blinding
Solar haze
Sunny Daze

Bill MacEachern 3/21/23
Unpolished Ink May 2022
it's a place to dream
a warm afternoon
with a thought ice cream
and idea sprinkles
birdy Apr 2022
The pleasant chatter of the birds,
the mellifluous cries of the herds.
It's a cold winter night,
Everything seems to be foggy white.
In this frosting moonlight,
The dark horizon's fading out of sight.

Like a caterpillar in its cocoon,
We're chilling at our hot room.
To some, this night is a boon
But for some it's a night of doom.

Looking through my window-pane,
I'm enjoying the dew-drops as the drops of rain.
Some men are sitting down the lane,
I can see them shivering with cold and pain.

Shivering under that cold and open sky,
They're yearning for some fiery eye'.
Their lips are getting pale and dry,
This cold night is torturing them to die.

They're slowly dying in this freezing night, yet pretending to be okay...
Facing this terrible situation, don't know, how to get away?
Neither questioning the situation nor knowing, how long like this they've to stay?
They're just hoping for a sunny tomorrow where they can enjoy the warmth of the day...
Fiery eye' here refers to help.
Truth of every winter night where we enjoy the nature while the homeless ones suffer...

Obviously another flow of rhymes 😅
Thomas Steyer Aug 2021
Whenever I feel miserable
No matter where or how or why
I look for my happy place
And wave the world goodbye

I plan before I'm losing it
To find this place and rest instead
It's always there and quite a blessing
This happy space is in my head

But letting go of suffering
Is mostly easier said than done
Then thinking about my happy place
Seems the hardest thing under the sun

Changing my mood from dark to sunny
I would learn it perhaps if I could
Though I'd prefer not to do the work
And stay in my happy place for good
spacewalker Aug 2021
I see a man smiling wide in the lobby,
But I know there's a storm deep inside his body

End stage cancer has filled his lungs,
Today he way playing at the park with his daughter in the sun

Today was probably his last day of fun

Just a brief check up is what I said,
Now I have to tell him he's alive,
but he's dead

He's a dead man walking,
but he doesn't know it yet

How will I tell him death now owns his breath?
Maelynn Jun 2021
Sunlight streams like trickling gold
Flowing languidly with stories untold
It has neither eyes nor ears
No hopes no fears
Yet is a companion to all-

It picks us up when we are down
A bubbling smile replaces a frown
It soothes the crying child’s tears
As sunrise chases away nights’ fears
No order is too tall-

For even in the blackest pitch of night,
The darkest of the dark-
All you need to find some hope
Is the tiniest of sparks.
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