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At night I sleep but .
When I sleep at night , it doesn't mean that I give up my fight .
I dreamed up of the day , when child's were in the play .
When everything was good , everything thing was fine .
The faces with smiles , no head with the lines.
Everyone's enjoying , nothing was annoying .
The sky was blue as much as it could .
No lies between us only brotherhood
.But , one day .A storm came and washed all away .

And throw up us in the dark days .
The faith dies inside and hope seeked the hide .
The hate eat it all , the day turns night .
My dream just broke , everything was white.
An another quite day , and I'm back on the way .
Now I can see the heaven , no more oath with grave'n.
I know I will get my answers . I don't have more chances .
I will ask the god , but don't think I'm so bold
Can I free the world
, from this hate

So that I can end up these dark days
Prachi Sep 2020
Life is all about change;
We grow by the process
Of problem exchange.

Overcoming a phase,
Brings us to the next;
Excellence is what we chase.
elisabeth Jul 2019
I just want you
All of you
But not too much of you
Because I'm bad at giving

I'd hate to **** the life out of you
But I love having your energy present
My energy is dim
But brightens when you're around

I can't help but think I'm stealing your light
I can't offer much in return
I'm enjoying you
And you feel yourself emptying

We work well together
While we never scrape too far below the surface
We understand each other
Supportive and spacious

Perfect for someone like me
Who is afraid to get to close
Perfect for someone like you
Who knows he won't be able to stay

I wish I trusted you
We could be something
But I know you whisper lies to satisfy
You value feeling over truth

Everything is scattered
I pick up the pieces and leave you behind
'Keep your space'
A voice tells me

I miss you
I want you
Where are you
But stay the **** away
I like this pub.
Not too loud so you can't think.
Not too quiet so that you can't
help but think.

An old Cambridge pub called
the Portland Arms.
I've recently taken to drinking
whiskey straight, enjoying the burn.

The music is mediocre but
the people seem genuine enough.
Not that that matters anyway
when you're drinking alone.
Marquis Green Jun 2016
It’s funny. I used to see the water in your eyes.
Like little raindrops, they were either lake or an ocean,
But you always let me feel grounded, because you’d only rain,
In my part of the forest.
And you fell all over me, the same way I fell all for you.
And people feel this, all the time.
This dream of some magical presence.
And we make each other these promises, to always,
To never let go.
And it just stops, everything for a second. Where we feel like time,
Doesn’t even exist.
What place could I drown in, that would be more substantial,
Then the storm where we, were whisked away.
And I hate emotional poems, but no one would read the little signals.
No one could drive in the right place.
It’s funny. I used to see water in your eyes.
And I just want you to know.
That I’ve never ever wanted things to be like they were.
They were just….wrong promises, at wrong times.
I know, and I know you can’t hear me anymore.
Because it’s this dream, of some magical paradise.
I saw over every mountain when I climbed into that bed for one last night.

I was told to be less metaphorical, but hope is just…..
Such a metaphor.
I didn’t realize that you can drown, in a lake, or an ocean,
Or anywhere where you can’t feel your breath.

And you always made me breathless.

Now I’m left with a sunset. And a body.
A body of water.
Fluid, and lost without love to contain me.
This is a 5 part poem explaining the system of grief when heartbreak occurs.
I greatly enjoy being single.
I dare you to change my mind with your actions and character
It's a declaration with a small signature
Except i'm not rebelling from a king
I'm letting you know it's me
Shake my world up, babe.
deeplyhollowed Aug 2015
The moon lit through the glass window
As she reminisced her past sorrow
The feelings that were long gone
Creeped back to her mind
And once again she was reminded that everything was done

As she was about to cry
The moon started to die
Thick clouds surrounded the beautiful moonlight
Darkness overtook the light
And she wasn't able to see the perfect sight
Stop grieving about the past and start seeing the beautiful picture you have NOW. Don't  miss any good opportunity just because you are too busy thinking of what  happened. Think about what is happening. Enjoy your life every day.
Ishita Mar 2015
How beautiful is the life
With all its vibrant colours
The colours which define its creativity
Life is colour,colour is life
Shades of translucent rainbow
Casting his grace on embellished life
The allured tints of the moring sun
Captivating the vivacity in people's life
How abhorent the nature be
Enchained,restricted without the colours
Blemishing the ornamentation garnished from heaven
But suddenly the grandness breathed for its life
As colours started to play an illusive vibe
Awakening the sluggishness in one's life
Unfolding the colours honesty with ecstasy.
My 2nd poem which was published in a magazine.

— The End —