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Mihika Rohatgi Mar 2021
Let us paint our canvasses on WOMEN!!

Curious I stand to unravel your perception of a woman

Would you weigh her as a piece of wonder or a gruffly aggressive thunder?

She is extraordinary, gorgeously efficient, solely independent!

The love she embraces is wider than the infinite heaven and deeper than the fathomless sea.

The shallow world with its profound hypocrisy,

Banters with a judgemental frown.

The world has changed, and so has she.

It has known the beautiful rose, tarnished by its prickly thorns,

Only the delicate rose, the world, with its abysmal critics, abides by to adorn.

She knows her paths, truly determined to achieve her goals,

Her patience deserves a salute, her tremendous sacrifice only to satisfy our souls.

Dare never to shred the lovely red petals, not knowing her darings!

For also the thorns in her are perilous, to blemish a wound till your last.

With her chin up and a gaze so ferocious, ocean of wisdom she is vast.

She rises, she grows, taking a free flight, venturing to claim new heights,

She is benevolent, a ray of sanguine sunshine to your forlorn nights.

Walking proud, believing in who she is, glimmering like a star!

Born strong she is, refuses to be judged by her scars.

She is the teller of her tale, over fears and worries she will prevail.

A miracle of God, with a sweet lingering fragrance she leaves a trail,

Of patience, commitment, empathy, and unfaltering fortitude !!

by ~Mihika Rohatgi
Celebrating Womanhood !!
Happy Woman's day
Elsa Rose Jul 2020
She's intense, but has a fragile heart.
Her mind is set, but emotions are all apart.
You use her soul by manipulating her with your words.
And she let you do it thinking, "oh,that's what we do in love".
But don't you take her innocence as a way to mislead.
You are not any oxygen that she'll always need.
Because she had the power to swing you in the open sky and let you fall to the ground.
But she chose to take in all your flaws and give you another chance.
So boy, treat her right and be a man for your women.
For she has the courage to walk away and never return.
Cara Nov 2018
with eyes spotted with stars
and lips painted with blood
the perfect mix
of your best dreams
and your worst nightmares

she loves like Aphrodite
fights like a fatale
bleeding light
spitting blood

people touch her and warm
people abuse her and blister
with hair as soft as silk
but hands as rough as granite

she smells of honey and jasmine in spring
but tastes of rusty iron and lemons
her body is a wonderland
but her heart is hell in an ***** form

a voice as soft as fleece
but a scream as sharp as a blade
many fight for her
many fight against her

she is a shooting star
and a fallen angel
satan loves her
gods envy her

you won't learn her name
or her heart
but you’ll learn her history
and the list of names she broke before you
EmB Mar 2018
My experience doesn’t matter,
it’s cookie cutter, the typical growing-up story.
Fending off boys and snapping bra straps,
Pushing off voices pressing in,
a pair of earmuffs I can’t peel away.
My eyes know to dart around,
To look behind that bush, find the most direct, most lit path
The casual-not-so-accidental grab at parties,
too strong arms reaching for a hug that I can’t break out of,
crushing me in, sweat and too much cologne muffling my breaths
and then, thankfully they come, my friends swoop in,
fierce warriors, my sworn protectors.
I find safety in their arms.
We are bonded by shared experience,
multiplying daily in number.
Stand up, brush off your jeans, and put your hands to work,
find your voice.
I am not unique in my experience.
Those strong arms dripping sweat and cologne will reach for someone else,
a lesson must be learned and we will teach them
Put our voices proud, project them to the sky,
let them fall as comets, spreading fire,
and bringing us warmth and light
I re-visited this before performing it at a ****** assault survivor discussion; I ended up changing the ending because the most important part of the healing process (I believe) is finding the hope that is left and gathering strength from others. Sooooo yeah :)
Amanda Feb 2018
My femininity is not found in submissive glances to the handsome gentleman standing next to the apples. And as I’m gingerly picking up bananas, hoping he notices how I slowly caress the yellow skin.
My femininity isn’t found in hours spent in front of my mirror every morning putting on a face full of makeup, enhancing my natural beauty amongst the lipstick and perfectly applied winged eyeliner.
My femininity isn’t found in clothes that hug my curves and accenting my child bear hips; inviting you to take a second glance.
It isn’t found in a well placed compliment and a giggle and a smile that’s strokes your ego and make your testosterone burn in your veins.
It’s found in my laugh, my tears, my passionate screams when the rest of the world lay quiet. It’s found in bubble baths and empowering women and teaching little girls that their power isn’t held in the palm of a man.
It’s found in my presence as I walk in a room, unapologetically powerful as I need no compliments from you.
It’s found in my words, nurturing ways and my refusal to let you not be accountable for your *******.
My femininity smells of tears, whiskey and cigarette smoke; if it makes your eyes water I implore you to leave the room.
It’s laughs that are too loud, words that are too offensive and a mind that will make you question your ideas of the world.
I smell weakness and I revolt out the back door, I have no use for the likes of small minded individuals. I know my worth and I refuse to lower my standards so your ego can swell.
It’s found in leggings and sweats and braless brigades. It’s found in wild untameable hair that is full of secrets that I guard with a seething vengeance.
It’s found in arms outstretched to my children who I will raise to be good men, who if they so much as make another woman feel uncomfortable will deal with the wrath of their mother and they will be sliced into hero’s. My boys will know how to find a woman, and if found she must be treasured and held to the highest of respect.

My femininity’s foundation is found in power and preservation. It is found in a smart forked tongue with a wild and brilliant mind; you will feel it as I walk through the door and I do not need to prove it to you.
Sanjna Manoj Apr 2017
I am told what to do, based on who I am.

They keep me caged,
With my wings cut,
It isn't safe out there, they say,
There are hunters,
And its not their fault,
I am just a bird after all.

They touch me, everywhere,
They tell me it's because I am too pretty,
They couldn't resist,
It's not their fault,
I am just a peacock after all.

They touch me, everywhere,
They tell me I should be glad,
I am too ugly, at least I am getting attention,
It's not their fault,
I am just a crow after all.

They tell me it's because I am seen at the night,
I should have stayed in the tree,
It's because they see me,
It's not their fault,
I am just a bat after all.

They tell me it's because I can be seen,
Stay hidden,
They couldn't resist, but that's because they saw me,
It's not their fault,
I am an ostrich after all.

I am small, I am young,
I don't know what is right,
I shouldn't complain,
I am just a myna after all.

I am old, I am outdated,
Let the youngsters lead,
This is what happens when you open your beak,
It's not their fault,
I am just an owl after all.

They showed me their magic wand,
Is magic supposed to cause pain?
I am too innocent, what do I know?
I am just a dove after all.

I flew too close to the sun,
I dreamt too much,
I shouldn't have,
Brighter you are, the higher you are,
The harder is the fall,
I should have known,
I am just Icarus after all.

I am weak, I am nothing,
I should know,
I am just a woman after all.
VD Lee Feb 2017
She is brighter than the sun
Hotter 'cause she knows what she wants
Don't need men to get things done
'Cause fiery ladies are savants.

Try to harass her
She'll spit back flame
Call her a slur
She'll leave you with shame

No one can invade her
Without being scorched
She will never deter
'Cause she's a

Fiery Lady (woo hoo)
Queen of the world
Gonna show it a thing or two
Fiery Lady (woo hoo)
With hair straight or curled
She knows there's nothin' she can't do

Fiery Lady (Fiery)
Fiery Lady (Lady)
Fiery Lady (Fiery)
Fiery lady (Lady)

Magazines tryin' to fool girls (fool girls),
Tellin' 'em to change who they are.
Songs tryin' to exploit girls (exploit girls)
Pitying them cause they think scars mar.

But wounds are tales
Of fiery ladies;
Their trials, their trails,
Tests from Hades
But ladies don't care,
They always dare,
And each one's a

Fiery Lady (woo hoo)
Queen of the World
Gonna show it a thing or two
Fiery Lady (woo hoo)
With hair straight or curled
She knows there's nothin' she can't do

Fiery Lady (Fiery)
Fiery Lady (Lady)
Fiery Lady (Fiery)
Fiery lady (Lady)


Fiery Lady (woo hoo)
Queen of the World
Gonna show it a thing or two
Fiery Lady (woo hoo)
With hair straight or curled
She knows there's nothin' she can't do

Fiery Lady (woo hoo)
Queen of the World
Gonna show it a thing or two
Fiery Lady (woo hoo)
With hair straight or curled
She knows there's nothin' she can't do

Chloe M Teng Dec 2016
She's the girl with the matte lipstick,
Deep, bold red that flows in her veins
She throws them fierce on her fragile lips
Warning every man she's more than a kiss.

She's the girl with the matte lipstick
A deeper red than the roses she was given,
One look at the mirror and she's all set
To rule out the world with her head set high.

And she will be stronger than you and I,
For her soul is clinquant with
glittery gold
Of fading scars and past mistakes
That she will one day conquer all on her own.
All she was left with
was a bunch of memories
All she was left with
Shadows and the storms within

So there she was
Sobbing, weeping
and secretly waiting
for a shoulder to lean

Time doesn't seemed to care
nor did the people
Days were taken granted for
and all the voices went feeble

Looking through the window one day
she realized that the panes had turned to dust
Looking at her body lay
with mind and heart turned to rust

Clouds had gathered that night
and rain fell with all its might
Cleansing the ground - and
cleansing her mind

The smell of the earth
reminded of the fragrance of hers
sand she started searching for the old her within

Just with the silver lightning struck
a lighting in her mind
and she stood to realize

Standing up walking is real happiness
searching within gives answers
helping self is more useful!!

So, there she stood
A woman who can reach heights!!
And for her history awaits!!
Belle turned a beast into a man,
Ariel learned to walk on land,
Rapunzel was freed from her tower,
Elsa learned to use her powers.

Jasmine married who she pleased,
Snow White's stepmother became deceased,
Mulan saved her father's life,
Pocahontas found love through strife.

Aurora married the prince of her dreams,
With destiny tearing at the seams,
Cinderella found her other shoe,
And that is why dreams can come true.
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