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Mar 2015
I pick out a picture
A captured moment of us
There ain't a picture showing that smile
Displaying the ****** wickedness
I loved the other side of you
The other 'rotten' side of you
For it disclosed you
Far more than lust
Far away from good u were
My deep conscience spoke
Yet not at first
But slowly
You hid a split
Cracking my wit
The jeopardy increased
Your subtleness unleashed
Into more lies
White lies placed in our lives
Blank goes my face
When first saw you
Not on beauty,nor on those eyes
But on a mystery that binds
Rather I came to end you
You being a demon
A heart like gold
People say you have
Are they blind
I seldom sneered
Now,the broken breeze fears me
No one questioned those ***** eyes
Coz it hid under a mask
U masked man,I screeched
Open up you monster
Show your truth,you traitor
And now the storm showcased terror
I look at him,straight in his eye
A glint of venom reflected by
Mercy didn't exist in his heart
Which held a murderous view.
Written by
Ishita  India
   joel hansen
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