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Led between worlds
from where we once came
Lines of separation in our DNA
Multiple choice from limited modes
Strings are attached as you interact
with who we will match
Theoretical simulation code
Life becomes death and onto the next
All we leave is this game
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Ishita Mar 2015
Life is a special gift
To live it happily
To struggle it strongly
To manage it boldly

Each and every moment a  miracle
Was explained as easily as possible
To see its beauty,Its purity
To suffer,fail,gain at the same stage

A phase to cherish,a path to realize
A way to cry,a wish to dream
A surprise to reveal

A silent tear,a beautiful smile
A long way to go
Tasting failures,success with equal zeal
Its surely a big deal!
Wrote on-9/1/13
Old poem.

— The End —