Randy Johnson Mar 17
She was 79 years old when she passed away.
She was my aunt and her name was Ina Mae.
When a relative passes away, it's always sad.
Ina Mae was the only blood aunt that I had.

She was special and she was Mom's only sister.
Many people loved her and many will miss her.
She was a wonderful lady and a loving mother.
She had a bond with her five kids who loved her.

She was a human being who can never be replaced.
She and mom are in Heaven which is a better place.
When she died in 2017, it was bleak.
Ina Mae was both special and unique.
Dedicated to Ina Mae Dooley (1937-2017) who died on February 24, 2017.
You were my mother and I have something very important to say.
I love you and I lost an important person when you passed away.
You had an aneurysm which was what caused your untimely death.
I was in the hospital room with you when you took your final breath.

I was devastated when the doctor told us you were going to die.
Life would never be the same again after I had to say goodbye.
On the day of your death, I cried and I felt mighty low.
But I'm feeling better now than I did half a decade ago.

Even though time has healed my wounds, I still miss you.
Dying is terrible but sadly, it's what we all eventually must do.
It makes me happy to know how much we loved each other.
Rest in Peace Mom, you were always one hell of a mother.
Dedicated to Agnes Johnson who died five years ago today on March 6, 2013.
Randy Johnson Feb 28
You starred in a British sitcom called Father Ted.
It is extremely sad because now you are dead.
You were successful and things were going great.
But then a tragedy occurred when you died in 1998.
You were taken far too soon, you were only forty-five.
The world would be a better place if you had survived.
You excelled at acting and you were a teacher too.
You were an awesome Irishman and people loved you.
You died twenty years ago today.
On February 7, 1998, you passed away.
You were born in 1910 and died at the age of eighty-seven.
Twenty years ago, you left this Earth and went to Heaven.

You became a widower in 1957 and had your kids to finish raising.
You finished raising your kids by yourself and that was amazing.
When you died, it was something that I hated.
You were my Papaw and you were appreciated.
Dedicated to Burkette Greene who died on February 7, 1998.
I'd marry you tomorrow.
I'm not even kidding.
Like if you said,
"Let's go. Let's do this,"
I would be 100% down.

We haven't known each other
very long, six months-ish.

We haven't explored each other
like a ship sailing every
nook and cranny
of every ocean and sea,
but I've seen enough.

You are the best thing that isn't even mine.
And in time, I hope to make that statement a lie.

I want you to be the best thing that is mine.
And I, want to be the best thing that is yours.
I think we're on our way, even without
a perfect, smooth sailing.

So, you could say I'm shipping us,
a one-true-pair.
We'd go up the ark together,
and I think Noah would agree,
two-by-two, you and I would be
the two that he'd expect to see
pairing up.

I'd marry you tomorrow.
I'm not even kidding.
Like if you said,
"Let's go. Let's do this,"
I would be 100% down.
Randy Johnson Jan 25
We should thank God for each day we have to live.
We should thank him for every day that he gives.
He could take us twenty years from now or today.
Nobody knows when the good Lord will take us away.
But we should thank him for each day he gives to us.
We should thank him every day until we die when our bodies will return to dust.
Randy Johnson Jan 12
Let me tell you about a neighbor of mine.
He had been my neighbor since 1979.
He had a loving wife and two children.
He has died but we will see him again.
His death is hard for his friends and family to face.
He's in Heaven now which is a far better place.
It's tragic because his life came to an end.
He was a great neighbor and a friend.
When I learned that he died, it was very sad.
But now he's in Heaven with my mom and dad.
Dedicated to Charles Strange who died of cancer at the age of 62 on January 9, 2018.
S P Lowe Jan 8
                                                       ­                         my
                                     ­ brain
                                                       ­     work

                                                ­                               and



     ­                                         scatter

               ­                                                    like

                                                              ­                 tile

Randy Johnson Dec 2017
It hasn't been the worst or best year that I've seen.
Tonight at 12 A.M., It will be the end of 2017.
The year 2018 will soon be here.
It will be the beginning of a new year.
I hope people will do better, I hope there will be less sin.
I hope that humanity will improve as the year 2018 begins.
The end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018.
Randy Johnson Dec 2017
This medication is called Trilafon or Perphenazine.
When I took it, I had the worst nightmare I've ever seen.
Life is something to be cherished.
But in December of 1996, I almost perished.
After my doctor wrote the prescription, I took the Trilafon.
If I hadn't been taken to the emergency room, I'd be gone.
Trilafon helps some people but it makes other people sick.
After taking this medication, I learned that I'm allergic.
I'd like to say it was all just a dream but it was real.
The doctors in the ICU saved me with Benadryl.
I foamed at the mouth and it felt like the Trilafon was burning out my brain.
I hope nobody else experiences this pain.
My doctor ticked me off when he wanted me to continue taking Trilafon with a side effect pill.
There was no way in Hell I'd keep taking it after being so ill.
Now I take a different medication and all is well.
It's much better to take Risperadol or Seroquel.
I was only twenty-five in 1996 and that would've been far too young to go.
If a doctor wants to prescribe you Trilafon, please say no.
This is a true story about what happened to me twenty-one years ago on December 7, 1996.
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