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Mar 2015
I am a soul,not a product
I am a dream,not a vision
I am a start,not an abort
Whether you understand it or not

She stepped out to change consequences
But instead,they changed and ripped her apart
How optimistic was she,
Being the one with a new hope
Struggling hard to find the unnamed answers
Still she bore a smile
But each day she died a while,
Far more than a horrible death

Questioning destiny she still had faith
A faith;that questioned the darkened sight of the human heart
Now the question arises,
Was it her mistake or the hunger of the rapists ?
Thousand similar stories are lying there
Unmentioned and no one to bother
Was it not a social issue?
Was it not a rotten side of a disheartened person?

Sometimes it feels being a girl is a challenge
Fighting,facing tortures,balancing and finally protecting
Yet gaining confidence at each step of life
You can't predict whats' life up to
And no one will step forward to help you
Many people will come,and many people will go
Leaving behind a scar in your heart
But the power,the strength lies with you
Cause you have the utmost power to live your life
Cause you have the power to be fearless.
A burning social issue,harassment or molesting is increasing in today's world.Why are people so narrow-minded and selfish?
Why can't women step out freely without giving a second thought about "what if,that happens" Where does the security thing go?
Written by
Ishita  India
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