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Radhika Krishna Apr 2022
You see,
I seem to have caught
the deathly hug of hubris
I know everything
But what does it all mean?
The pleasures of life go right above my head
And time drips from my fingertips
Plip, plop, plip
I am a blip
And this hug,
Why does it make everything so sad?
JKirin Jan 2021
There is no escape...
A creature of evil—the dark!
You roam through the night well hidden—
Your strike –
a deathly finesse! Crushed, smitten,
he falls down – your victim, your mark.
There is no escape!
about deathly creatures of the night
Riz Mack Jan 2020
My heart lies with the ones
who play with fire
blackened fingers
complement my eyes

Keep the shadow near
by our desire
we don't need to sleep
if we don't rise

I can tell you want to
get much higher
I've got what you need
you know the price

Angel, tell me
how do you trust a liar?
Tears and prayers
caught between the skies

My heart lies ablaze
in Heaven's pyre
lonely ashes
they complement my eyes
Prince eduard Apr 2019
Why don't you use less

Our Father,
Papa in Heaven

He told us to love
Not to discourage or anger neighbors

He told us to encourage
For we are encouraged,

Deadly, the word:

So two words:
Use, less
Or not at all
Elizabeth Zenk Jul 2018
A pessimistic outlook on this blue planet
is the only way I can trudge through my shallow, pitiful existence.
Pear pressure digging a hole in my peace
and tossing the dirt to the side like it means nothing.
The brooding pitter patter of earth against earth turning me into an empty shell.
The quiet sobbing of the girl I used to be echoing loudly from within this now vacant space.
Each and every word that spills from between my lips wilting with my cancerous mind.
Tumors swelling in my hippocampus causing me to both never forget, and always forget all at once.
The diseases within my corpse-like body sinking my eye sockets
and leaving my heart for dead.
I might as well be a zombie
everybody would rather have me dead
then deal with my ugly face and diseased flesh.
his eyes do profoundly
they're pitch black
and of soul so terribly

a chill runs down the
on seeing grounds black
one can't bear their deathly

I feel he's not
the black displays
no essence of a living

Bailey King Apr 2017
The dusty colours,

Lure my eyes to the deep void,

Where deathly eyes lurk.
Joy Oct 2016
I'm still miserable.

don't get me wrong -
there are pauses, and there are breaks.
there are beams of light, there are glimmers of hope
and there are days where happiness is so golden,
I can practically feel it salting on my tounge,
dancing in my brain
and some small part of me almost begins to believe that
things have changed -
it's going to be better now.

but of course, night is still well and alive,
in it's deathly gloom.
and of course, the petals always plunge through
in a sickening cold snap
and I am brutally reminded that
is just season, not a way of life.

and although the why is given a different name -
boys, alcohol, displacement, bad job -
i find myself surrending to the currents
that is winter days, where sunlight
burns to cold, midnight ash within a few hours.
every few weeks or so, the darkness returns
pinching out the flame that i had spent so much time trying to reignite and
oh, not again.

but again and again, the night falls,
the stars spiraling out of place until
the cold and the heaviness have anchored in my chest
like a yawning need for eternal day -
I'm suddenly left wondering if i should even fight it.
October, 2016
Ishita Jan 2016
Salty air,sultry weather
A lone ship sails in blue waters.
Steadily,inch by inch in the suicidal sea
Making its way through the giant sea.
As the sky turns grey,
And the waters turn prey,
It balances n composes itself.
Against all odds,with all lords.
The voyage has begun.
And so has the competition.
Competition-against the mighty blue sea.
Bon Voyage!
a Feb 2015
it's strange. Stranger than stranger,
a feeling of the coldest of ice shrouding your
body and the most intense warmth enveloping
it and you don't really know how
to react

*this is it
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