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Starry Aug 30
As all for of the sisters died
Under their parents control
Strict by religion
They one by one **** them selves
To free themselves
But now remain earth bound
In their house
That once was a prison.
Starry Aug 29
As the fullmoon
Rises beyond the forest
And swamp
Out come
A flurry
Of bats
I am in awe but
At the same time
Freaked out.
Starry Aug 29
The sliver
Of a moon
On a winter
Is both beautiful
And yet creep
Like a Halloween art
But this is Christmas time.
Starry Aug 26
As the sun sets
The pillars of salt
Really do come to life
With a vengeance
As the women come back
From seeing the destruction of
***** and gamoro
Starry Aug 26
I take a cup of coffee
With sugar and cream
When I look
At my cup I realize there is night scenery
In it instead of coffee
Should I drink this art.
Starry Aug 21
One day
There was
This angry and
Heartless girl
Who died years ago
And haunted the waters
Where every
Twight she swims
Hoping to clean off her
James Study Jul 29
I saw the shadow on the wall
nobody here at all
I heard the music in the air
nobody anywhere
I heard my name spoke out so clear
nobody around here
I heard the steps upon the floor
nobody here no more
Somebody trying to get ahold of me
I truly do
I do believe
somebody trying to get ahold of me
Millie Jul 23
His smile was plastered
And I had an eerie feeling as he waved at me
Dinner on the 13th floor.
Traded a life with a kiss on the cheek.
A tree held the rope for me,
As I traded the life back.

I was number 13,
Of the 12.
sometimes i fear,
the time that is near,
in which i hear,
a mysterious seer,
become sincere,
and i see nadir.

im so sorry dear,
i have to shift gear,
for i saw a deer,
i saw it disappear.

i tried to peer,
but my eyes sear,
it caused a stir,
i shed a tear.

the chaos is clear…
a short poem i wrote on twitter about hesitation and inaction, being held back by your past; your regrets and fears
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