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MerlieJ 2d
I return to a bed not slept in
As I has five nights or more
The streets
I wander
After dark
Gliding through the lights of street lamps
Ever so near and far
The ghost of slumber taunt me
out to the dangerous, evening world
But safer I am here, in the darkness
than locked up tight
with nothing more to fear
than my own reflection and mind
Elena Mustafa Sep 30
As i swing
On my swing set
In the night
Before bed
I see a white fog
Come from our forest
The fog then rolls in to
A shape of a lab dog
The dog that was long
Dead for years
Anastasia Aug 31
Rising to the heavens

The sacred stones, holding

the people of feathers,

hovering on the gen-

-tle wind, a streak of bright

color against the sky

Hear their lamenting song,

hear the whistle up on high

Quiet in their city

of golden lights, a dance

atop the midnight clouds,

watching the smoke rise un-

-to the stars, a shroud of

grey upon the airspace

Feel the chill of the night,

Feel the pain of death's embrace
hope y'all like this
Äŧül Jun 26
People are dropping dead.

People are dropping dead,
Not many in my town
But in big cities,
They are dying en masse
And the silence is scaring me.

Yet again.

Yet again,
I can hear my own blood
Gushing through my ears,
Silly me, I am scared,
More for my loved ones,
And less for myself.

Will we?

Will we all die soon?
Or shall I survive this?
I hope that if my loved ones die,
I do too.
Because I'm afraid of loneliness,
I have a serious kind of autophobia.


Humanity can't go extinct!
Humanity won't go extinct.
It will soon be alright.
Just wait and watch,
How Vishnu takes care of us,
How Shiva takes out the evil,
How the world will turn for good.
My HP Poem #1861
©Atul Kaushal
Isabella Apr 27
"Call me Mother" I told her, the first time I took her home.
She was quiet and I could tell she didn't want to be alone.
Then we approached the front door, where I led her inside.
She waited for a moment, then ran off to hide.
"Hide and seek, oh alright.
But after this, it's nighty-night."
I looked around the house for her,
Until I heard a little stir.
I found the child behind a curtain.
"I knew I'd find you. I was certain."
I grabbed her wrist and down the hall
We walked to her room, I stood tall.
She stayed silent, I think afraid.
But we got to her room: Tidy, bed made.
Others sat upon their beds.
"Go to sleep." they would nod their heads.
Then they slipped under the covers,
And all at once said "Goodnight Mother."
The girl still stood next to me, the youngest one.
I loosened my grip and to her bed she did run.
She slipped into the blanket, closing her eyes.
But I waited there. The others weren't surprised.
"You need to say it." I pulled off her covers.
She opened her eyes, the others shuddered.
"Come on now." I smiled, though it took her a while.
"Fine. Goodnight. But you're not my Mother."
Kvothe Apr 12
An eldritch aura permeates
a palace, long forgotten.
I fell. Which may illuminate
my place amongst the rotten.

How long these ruins slept, I fear's
a desert measured aeon,
for sand has creep'd and crept in here,
a structure so protean.

This place it whispers death and dust,
a sister to the barrow.
I must escape this depth. I must!
These halls are much too narrow.

The stench of age, it fills the air,
with hints of green and purple.
Appendages, they slither there,
My thoughts they doth encircle.

A mutter on the wind calls me,
it sends my digits lame.
Fluttered eyes, where two should be,
five globules cry my name.

That fickle murmor, foe at first,
but now I know my error.
He tickles thoughts and quenches thirst.
Come, how could it sow terror?

All is well, I've found a friend,
His hug is warm and tight.
His many arms they do not end,
but wriggle, kiss, and bite.
Lovecraft inspired. I'm not sure how clear the story is. Guy gets lost in ruins. Meets some ancient creature. Creature takes over his mind, setting him at ease, only to eat him.
Nova Mar 9
I hear the main road from a distance
A quiet, steady roar.
This part of town is full of people
Who walk the streets no more.

It’s quiet here, and would be peaceful
If I didn’t know why.
For every hour there’s one less person
But one more mournful cry.
ok okay Jan 12
I find it strange
This eerie feeling
It is too quiet to move
The demons might wake up
And then I would too

It find it strange
I dyed my hair blue
But when I turned the lights out
Nothing has changed
I still feel blue

I find it strange
This morepork no longer calls
It used to call for hours
Maybe it died
Or left for other views

I find it strange
Did you see the moon and the stars?
This night feels off
This bed does not feel right
The covers feel too close

I find it strange
Nothing has changed
But everything feels wrong
I think I will just write
Till the sweet dreams come
morepork is a type of owl in New Zealand and some other places idk??
Also yea sleep been hard af recently, anyone got any ideas??
The sky a low ceiling.
Below a tapestry of blues, greens and greys –
Woven in shrub, stream, stone and lichen.
Mount Brandon.

Mountain spirits, dressed in wool.
Suspicious beady eyes.
Hoven feet that read silently the land.
Mount Brandon.

Fog boils over the mountain –
A breath that makes night of day
And ghosts and spectres of those who dare.
Mount Brandon.
Mary E Zollars Nov 2019
Fellow feelings
flake the air
Frosted flowers
falling down
Funny faces
frowning fairs
Follow fearless-
ly front of them
Fondly faking
faking friends
Foreign feelings
Fellow feelings
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