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Gothic dandelions
White perfect
Of seeds
Contrast the black
Background of the night
How I wish I can take a picture.
Lore tells of a cold, brumous island,
thoroughly clad in a dead fog, and silence.
Patrolled by only a few, lonely sirens,
their purrs and songs have long since subsided.
Times of enticing pirates and beguiling pilots
have been traded for times of shyness.
Some opt for quiet nights of gentle crying,
others for anxious hiding.
******* creatures, once desirous,
now left forlorn, nearly lifeless.
Obscured, hidden from the horizon,
this island is their asylum.
Rolling green highlands adorn black, craggy bluffs.
Waves crash, vamps weep, fog rolls, and time slows to a stop.
He was there for me
He always got up
Until he didn't
Broken and dead
He lay there
In the cold night
Someone had killed him
I needed comforting
Even though he lay there, dead,
No one came to help

Now read backwards, line by line.
I tried to write a reversible poem. Please tell me if it works.
jee Dec 2018
the air is cold.

an endless slate-grey—
chilling frost-ridged trees.

wind tunnels, whisking away
bird song,
running cars,
and leaves scraping down bare streets;

the kind of bare you only see in winter,
all picked away by the frozen weather.

old film rests on drained snow globes,
so still you forget to breathe.

all you can hear
is the static in your ears
and the workings of your own
if noises could be made in these mornings, not a soul would hear them.
Megan Parson Nov 2018
Do eerie screeches startle you at night?
Or screaming banshees, your worst fear highlight?
Sudden rumbling on a rusted line,
Flashing lights that freeze your spine!

A full Moon on a motionless sky,
Tis when steam engines haunt nigh.
Departed, are its crew & passengers,
A grandma, wearing her dentures.

Chubby children waving goodbyes,
Fixed with icy cold eyes.
Stuck in speeding time,
Urging me to write this rhyme.

Waiting for that day,
When the bogies no longer sway.
...Written during a train journey...
Blade Maiden Oct 2018

This ripe darkness
this mourning dream
a wrenching weakness
fit for the guillotine

An arrangement made
sheer comfort prepared
the end of fate
and, oh, how I dared

This dry paper
this cold pit
an agonising vapor
that smells of blood and spit

'Tis my mind
my wicked flesh
a soul pined
peeled off and fresh

Dressed soft tongued
I raised Cain
being shunned
silenced I remain

This dawning fright
this nightly echo
here comes the blight
light, don't let go
Sharon Talbot Sep 2018

Mourning is an eerie thing,
Not always tied to death.
It may celebrate or sing,
May widen eyes or lighten breath,
May bring unexpected things.

Sometimes it is a wayward thief,
That steals among the tombs;
It can alter feelings, and twist beliefs,
Searching for less bitter rooms,
Yet it brings a strange relief.

The heart may not know it,
Nor the mind accept it,
But it may be for the best.
As it guides the sorrowful away from grief,
To a long and healing rest.
Re-reading this, I was reminded of some of the riddles in JRR Tolkien'ts "The Hobbit". I'm fairly sure these were based on the word-play of either Anglo-Saxon speech or Middle English, that Tolkien knew so well. Perhaps I worked some of this in unknowingly?
Eleanor Sinclair Sep 2018
I miss the smell of you in bed
I miss the way you kiss my head
I miss your hand on mine
I miss the way you‘d say I look fine
I miss your hugs and their encapsulating safety
I miss the way you made my mind act crazy
I miss our laughs and emotional talks
I miss the days we would go for short walks
I miss sitting with you in close proximity
I miss the way you looked at me in a certain vicinity
I miss your smile most of all
I miss your voice echoing down the hall
I miss your eyes and their gorgeous luster
I miss my inability to find words to muster
But I think about it now and I miss none of that
Instead I just think how I want you back
Because I don’t miss your worldly qualities
Instead I miss your quirky little oddities
Everything about you is beyond this existent
I’ve hit the point of full on admittance
I’m in love with your soul and your being
Of course I’m also in love, sweetheart, with what I’m seeing
But I want you for you and not what’s outside
The day you left me part of me died
I hope to see you again in my dreams
That’s all I have left now, so it seems
Amber Sep 2018
walking down the dark corridors
turning behind every few seconds
scared of what was going to be behind
fear that i go through while waiting
sitting alone in the classroom
dull dimly lit
seemed so eerie
the four walls of the classroom
that seemed to cave in
u have no idea
blasting music in my ears
hoping i won’t hear anything
any whispers
closing my eyes
hoping i won’t see anything
any shadows
hoping that u would come quickly
and keep me company
laying my head on the table
eyes closes
earpiece on
but every single small noise i hear
i awake
feeling scared
or hoping it was u at least...
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
In an eerie silence
As the clock strikes 3
And the roaring black clouds
Pile atop each other
The coffin lids
of unmarked graves
Slowly open with a
Lamenting refrain
From its shadowy
soggy depths
Rises skeletal hands and legs
With ***** cobwebs
Tangled between their
Piercing bony fingers
And as the wind begins
To wail and howl
And the drooping willows
Begin to weep and sob
These restless
tormented spirits
Commence their march
To find those who
Sliced their life in half
Before they could ever hear
Their roll call from above


If ever you find yourself
Awake at this witching hour
And hear the distressing
disembodied cries
Of these wounded souls
From somewhere outside
Your doors
While everyone else
In your house
is warm under the blanket
of a sound repose
And your eyes become
Red with terror and dread
While your heart
Races at a perilous pace
Leaving trails of a fetid sweat
All over the skin of
your strained muscles
Then you should be
Thoroughly aware of the
Spine-tingling truth
That those bellowing revenants
Are hunting for
Someone just like you
Would you now
like to finally confess
That you committed
An unforgiving offence
Cause they will come again
Every night
they wont rest
Until they find you
How long can you
Hope to hide inside
Its time for you
To say goodbye to life
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