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Luna Sep 4
Icecream you are a sick disease
But here I am
With a spoon in my mouth,
Eating you up like a champ,
Licking every last drop in the bowl,
Believing I am the sickness
And you are the cure
You are the future
You stop time
Dead in its tracks
You reroute the train
Long after its detailed
So I stop and I think
Dr icecream
You are  hired !
I'm a pouty brat wanting her brand new icecream right meow
Steve Page Sep 1
The long steps down
to the green sea
sweeping black-green seaweed
high on the sand seen
from the empty band stand
on the cliff top gardens
chased by screaming
ice-cream hunters
are each
with salty memory
and I drink it in
reliving childhood memories on the south coast
Carlo C Gomez Aug 11
Dear Mrs. Timetable,

I'm writing you
From the bargain bin
Of a local bookstore,
Eating a peanut butter then jelly
I must admit
It tastes pretty good.
How about we go out
For ice cream this evening?
We'll put on clothes,
And our best designer mask,
And head over to 31 flavors.
So long as it's chocolate, of course...
C Jul 20
Today I had ice-cream for breakfast.
Ben hugged me, Jerry kissed my face.
Cherry Garcia added love to my waist.
Lying in bed, just sugar and time.
I didn't hate me. It tasted divine.
Dreamer Jun 6
Here comes the season where I miss you the most,
I still remember your taste whenever I close my eyes while my nose missing your smell ,
that coldness of yours still lingers in my fingers.
Ahh!! That midnigts where my heart used to go trump trump when I used to go on tiptoes as silent as no to have a glance at you with the fear of being seen,
But as always after seeing you I used to forget everything  while only remembering your taste and meltingness in my mouth.
Little late
You may seem a little more
frozen than the rest,
but all you really need is
a little more time to
warm up.
Jace Joseph May 21
As you go to sleep
Counting every sheep
Till you're falling in deep
As you've fallen fast asleep
Dreaming a world with gleam
And with hills made of ice cream
Oh take me with you as you start to dream
the ice cream truck
passing through my street
as the thunder, booming behind it,
covers up the ringing of its bell
walking outside for a reminder
of better times
and a smile
that only cost me
a couple dollars
more than what I have to give
Zack Ripley Mar 2019
Today, the sky was sunny and bright.
Like ice cream, cold but light.
Then, the sky turned gray
as the wind and snow welcomed the night.
I look up, down and around
and wish I didn't feel so helpless here on the ground.
I can't control the weather. This is true.
But there are things I can control and so can you.
We can control what we learn.
We control what we type.
We control whether we run or stand up and fight.
We control all these things and so much more.
But you never know what life has in store.
One more thing to think about.
If we could control everything,
life would be so much duller.
Maybe that's why my favorite thing I control
is how much of the world I see in color.
Toast Ghost Mar 23
I'm crying in my room at 2 AM.
Don't take frizzy hair and midnight cuddles for granted, they leave when you least expect.
When I'm not thinking I get lost in your sweet cottin candy eyes.
And I know it's not for me, those cottin candy eyes and midnight curls.
Still I'll wish for starry kisses and porkipine nights.
Still I'll miss the Cold soda filled drinking from the hose and laughing till Sunday.
Im not the religion filled lightshow, that you said I was one day. I can't help but wish I could be me how you see me.
You have a strawberry swirl sundae and I'm happy you can keep it.
My mint chocolate chip still breaks my teeth every night I try to lick it off the floor
I'm happy for you and him
For him and you.
So don't look back at my flickering lights just walk away with your strawberry banana sundae, I'll be okay.
This poem is about my best friend with midnight curls and Cotten candy Eyes. I might not see her again for awhile, but it's okay, I'm okay I'm happy for her. I just wish I didn't feel this hurt about it. I really ******* hope it doesn't show, but I'm happy for her and i will be okay without her. Sorry I'm rambling, lol this is dumb. Anyway hope y'all are having an amazing incubation period! Feel free to give me some feedback in comments or pm me if you want I always try to make a point to respond.
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