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eva-mae 1d
you sit and eat cereal off my floor.
talk about the way it was before

I know your soul like I know no man's land
You know little about me.
you sit and eat cereal off my floor.
I talk about the things i want to be

ode to the peach tree,
sage leaves and chai tea,
to learning how to play guitar,
to undressed, endless summers
wherever you are.
I say thank you to the rain for watering my plants
this morning and I hear more people talking
to their gods than the day before,
a sign we’re afraid.

the tree keeps me dry as some insects drown
beside my feet (the small are seldom lucky)
everyone wants to come out a winner,
but there are only so many special seats.
sometimes a mother,
other times a border
how fair can water ever be?
Seeing it again
That innocent view
Undisturbed eyes
Bright, clear and new

Feeling it again
Pastures of grass and light
Butterflies as fairies
Magic is true sight
It feels so good

To be open
To feel alive
Excited to be alive

I am human
Imperfect naive little human
But it's so hard to Be
I have to give us some sympathy
This is a frightening journey
But I am doing it


This experience is art
My Life is a symphony
The human experience an exhibition
It's all so tragic and beautiful
I love it

Alicia Moore Sep 29
I’m grateful for the
calm winds of stoicism
exhaling from you.
Alessandra Sep 28
I woke up feeling you next to me
I grabbed your hand as you reached for my face and stood there
Looking straight at me, I just couldn't understand
What took you so long? What happened over there?

But you're here now, we are here now
And there is nothing more I could ask for
I have everything I need and everything I've ever wanted is staring right back at me
The sunlight is welcoming us to a brand new day

There are no more sorrows, nothing to regret anymore
What happened in the past is already gone
And I welcome this new stage with open arms
I no longer seem to care about time

What took you so long, I wonder
I almost lost it for a second there
My heart couldn't take any more hurt
I was turning to stone

But then you came
And showed me it was never going to happen
Sweet things remain sweet, no matter how long it's been
No matter how many times the world tried to break them apart

Remain sweet, my darling
There is nothing that can be compared
To the way I feel looking straight into your eyes
And see you looking back

I'm all you've ever wanted
And I can see it there
What took you so long, I ask
Forget it, I no longer care
Con Aug 28
at least it’s still the same sun
that touches the both of us,
something to be thankful for
glad to be back here after almost a year of quarantining
laura Aug 17
Never take anyone
for granted,
you don't realize
how much you need them
until they're gone
For all the things you took
I think you gave much more
This I will always have
That I have known love before

I thank both you and myself
For letting you in
Not a day goes by
I wish that I didn’t

The only thing worse
Than feeling love’s loss
Would be to have left this life
Not knowing love at all
Grey Jul 20
You are the wind in my sails,
the only thing that keeps me moving
in this vast ocean of nothingness.

You are my heaviest blanket,
something to hide beneath
when the shadows create monsters on the wall.

You are the rising sun,
reminding me that dawn will come again
even after the darkest of nights.

You are my old, worn teddy bear,
always there when I'm in need of comfort
in a dark and empty house.

You are the dandelion growing in a crack in the sidewalk,
showing me that life can flourish
even in the most desolate times.

You are not my world,
but everything worth living for.

So no, darling. "I love you" doesn't cut it.
How can I say "I love you" when that describes only a fraction of what I feel when I hear your name?
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