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Nicole Sep 29
One thing I know is that I was loved
In this world,
And that in fact is the greatest riches
Anyone could ever find.
Siyana Sep 6
You wake up, and it's cold outside. You think that your eyes are  closed.. But when you try to open them, you realise that colour doesn't exist in your world anymore.. You feel so afraid, you kick and scream.. but screaming won't bring back your eyesight..
You pray and pray... But you feel unheard... You don't know how to move through the room to call someone to tell them what's happening.. You hurt yourself, thinking this could be a dream..
And then you realise, this is permanent..  You're blind...
You won't ever see the extravagant Christmas lights again..  You won't see the look on your mother's face when she's unwrapping her presents.. You won't see the people who surround you...
Mikel Sep 4
A thought of you snuck up and grabbed me today.
But it didn’t leave me gasping for air this time.
This time, the memories squeezed me like one of your hugs when you buried your face in my chest.

Thinking about you is starting to keep me warm.
I never thought I would love someone the way I loved you.
You weren’t even the right one for me.
Carmen Jane Sep 1
Let me tell you a story
As we are gathered here
It's about a princess
And her name is Josephine
I know you're busy
To praise my older sister
I know she just did
This amazing thing at swimming
Yet my story is great
Cause that princess is me
And you all smiled
When I told you her name.

I wish I knew how to continue my story
But for now I'm pleased
Cause you were all looking at me
I could continue
But I had a hard day
You took my sister and me
To this amazing place
They had ballerina dresses
And leotards and tutus
Yet we were there
To find the right tap shoes
I took my shoes off
So I can try them on
Yet you put my shoes right back
And explained I'll have to wait
As we were there
To find the right tap shoes
Just for my big sister
I am not upset at all
I know I can grow
And one day I might tap
In the same shoes you bought.

Trust me, I am thankful
That you asked about my room
Which is my favorite color
As you'll get to paint it soon
I am only two
And as we are all gathered
I would like to tell you
A little story
About a princess
Her name is Josephine
My 2 year old daughter , who might or not have a different name, announced she had a little story to tell us...:)
Tea Aug 21
The weight of guilt has gone...
I'm sure that I'm not alone...
I've found my heart again...
The wind blew away the rain...
Joyfulness has overpowered confusion...
I'm like a winged unicorn, not a lion...
The sky is my new home...
No more darkness that I roam...
I have a best friend which I don't deserve...
He is never on my nerve...
He is sweeter as honey...
His presence makes me happy...
I'm so grateful...
He doesn't make me feel dull...
Without him, I won't survive...
Without him, I can't dive...
I can't dive in the deep dark...
Where there is no spark...
But he is there...
And I shoot colors everywhere...
The long days of sadness are over...
I have become a lover...
Vads Aug 20
Today is the day
I never thought I would be here
Thank God all I can say
I wish I could hear
Tara Jul 13
I’ll grab the stars,
one by one,
tie them to your wrists,
each and every one of you,
so you never forget the light in your eyes,
and the sparkle when you smile;
reminding the world how beautiful it is to be alive.

I’ll grab the highest mountain peaks,
one by one,
tie them to your feet,
each and every one of you,
so you never forget how far you can reach,
and how far you’ve climbed;
reminding the world you have survived.

I’ll grab the strongest winds,
one by one,
tie them to your backs,
each and every one of you,
so you can soar above the sky,
and start a new life;
reminding the world you’re just an angel,
whose wings were cut before you could learn to fly.
g Jul 9
i started writing when i was 15 years old. every word that came from me stemmed from a dark place that i was trying my best to come out from. every poem i wrote was a desperate plea for help. it's been 5 years since then and i'm in a completely different place now, mentally and physically. i'm far from home, doing my degree in psychology, hoping that one day i'll get to help people who felt the same way i did years ago. it took me a while but i found myself, and i found love. i found love for myself, and i found love for others. and most importantly, i found love for a specific him, and i know that even if we don't ever make it to the end together, he will always be someone very precious to me. as such, this is "the end". but this is also "the beginning". the beginning of my 20s, the beginning of my university life, and the beginning of my life.

thank you for walking with me through the toughest moments/days of my life. when things were bad all i had were my words and hellopoetry to release them to. you kept me afloat when i couldn't do so myself. so thank you, so so so much.
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