For the first sparks
Of sweet  
That he created
in me

For the first figment
Of complete
That he kept
in me

For the lasting love
Of warm
We keep
burning together

Thank you x
TJR May 14

For every time I've talked about saving this world with song
For every time I've left my soul on a stage
For every time I've gotten up after being cut and bruised
For every time I've quarrelled with my demons and won
For every time I've taken the hard road and made it to the end
For every time I've been praised by my peers for having a good heart
For every time I've been told "I look up to you" by someone close
For every time I've looked at myself in the mirror and told myself "You look amazing. You're going to have a great day",

I think of you.

So though we may differ in opinions
Or don't see eye to eye at times,

Some things are just better together,
and I'm only better because of you.

Happy mothers day!

I lay here in tears
thinking about how I've changed.
When we found each other
I was a little deranged
in a sad kind of way.
I was going through things
but you found a way to open me up.
Today, looking back
I never would've thought
I'd be as happy as I am.

I've been laying here thinking, only good things. I wanted to write about it before I let myself sleep.

Dear Teacher,
What have I learned from you?

The world is not really as it seems
And now I know what 'motherfucker' really means.

I know that the world won't stop for me,
Not matter how bad I wish it to.

That no matter what,
Trying won't get you anywhere, but doing will.

That no matter where,
What I learned is really useful.

That no matter when,
There is always time to read, think, and analyse.

Thank you for teaching me this year.

TJR May 9

To know that someone
Listens to my open heart
Breathes life in my day

Thank you!

This one's dedicated to my 5 followers. Just the fact that people enjoy my poetry and listen to me as I open up my heart really gave me another reason to keep writing and exposing my inner thoughts with whoever would listen. Thank you so much!!
mjad May 8

sometimes it is hard
to be convinced of the truths
that you feel are lies
and when you are proven right
it becomes even harder
to accept that people
cannot ever be trusted

sometimes it is hard
to be convinced that life is not so bad
that you have it good
and when you are proven wrong
it becomes even harder
to accept that you
should be thankful for the pain

sometimes it is hard
to be convinced that you are good enough
that you are not lacking
and when you finally see it
it becomes harder
to accept that you should love
the people that took you for granted

From the highest point
I look down at the city
A pity so many innocent
Lives have fallen trying
To find a stronger purpose
In this never steady world
Sentimental feelings creep
Down my spine plenty
Reeling on my conscience but
We will all reach our true potential..

Ben Jr Apr 7

Hello there,
This one is for you,
Something I'd like to share,
And let you know how much am thankful,

Thank you for how you care,
And how you always there,
As my best friend and someone I can count on,
Someone I can tell anything I know,

Thank you for being that person,
That picks me up when am broken,
Thank you for being all that you can be,
And for seeing even underneath my skin,

Thank you for giving me someone I look up to,
Yes. You are that to me too,
Thank you for being you,
And for sticking around even when my days are blue,

You're one of those people,
That are rare to find,
A gift for the soul,
A blessing to this man,

Thank you for listening when I talk,
You have no idea how hard that is,
Thank you for being a friend and more,
Besides all the trouble I cause,

Thank you for your words,
Thank you for the time,
To me, you are indeed gold,
And wouldn't trade you for the whole world,

Regan Collins Mar 29

My soul yearns for what I do not have,
And I am most inspired by nightfall.
Father asks why my light remains on until 2am;
He says I’d feel better if I got more sleep.
But I like to speed on the freeway
Until the flashing headlights become blurs,
And I prefer to dance alone in my room in the dark
Than allow my dreams to be made on autopilot
Behind my closed and negligent eyelids.
There are endless things I’d like to do:
Like sing in front of people, and write songs
And novels to be made into Hollywood films,
And a dark-haired boy I don’t know,
But with whom I think I’m in love.
If I learned to be content with what I have,
I’d never feel resentful towards myself
For not being as perfect, polished, and spotless
As I desire every day to become.
But gratefulness is something to be learned,
And I’d rather learn to write stories so profound
That one hundred years from now,
Students in whitewashed classrooms
Will complain about reading them for homework.

Wildflowers grow free,
Bluebells, rich in abundance,
Busy Buzzing Bees.

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