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gecko girl Jun 9
Grat i tude

is the color of
green living things

of green giving things

with reaching vines
and stable roots

and shaded leaves
but just enough light

saying thank you
thank you
thank you

for giving me
what i need
Johnnyqu33r May 26
May your silver beams illuminate
My crown rusted and weathered
Damaged by salt and course Earth
Gusting air howling and stealing
Leaves aged and clinging heavily
To what was their childhood home

Might you offer to calm my sea
Being roughly pushed and pulled
By your beautiful but ruthless phases
Crashing into my manicured shores
And undertaking my ships and
Seemingly innocent ******

You sit up there so far above me
Unapologetic for what you wreck
But such is this timeless ebb and flow
And your light does guide me home
I am humbled and thankful
Grateful for your pale embrace
Jason May 22

Forgiving doesn't always take away the pain
As if washed away by some mythical rain
Generously applied truth is the only salve
Duel-edged and sharp enough to cut us in half
Pain-reaction, recoil, trauma response
Defensive action, budding trust is lost
This is normal human behavior
PTSD drains, Hope is savior
Catalyst for anxious dread
Water in the desert when nearly dead
Grateful hands lift life to lip
Thankful for the sandiest sip
Kindness inspires compassion and understanding starts
Enlightening dark corners in sun and healing the heart

© 05/22/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Purple Haze Apr 27
I hope one day, when you find this,
You'll laugh and shed some ugly tears
I want to tell you how wonderful life is,
With you in it.

You're one heck of a human being,
Your thoughts and words don't often end up well together,
Yet in between those moments,
I see your beautiful mind.

Each day with you feels the same,
The familiar warmth of a summer day
Or the nostalgic smell of coffee and cigarettes,
All those things remind me of home.

Like a Honne song would say, If only you knew.
I hope you would love yourself as much as  I love you
I'm always grateful for having your around
And I'd like to stick around with you as long as I can.
xavier thomas Apr 13
I can’t wait
For all the love to come

I can’t wait
I’m thankful for your mercy & that your “Will”, will be done

I can’t wait
To glorify Jesus for my sins, paving the way as your son

I can’t wait
To meet you in person in heaven, as we chat one-on-one
They say you’ve already given us the answer to our questions.
So how come it takes a long time to see that?
walk with me through the valley
show me that it's possible to love me
i might not know the best part of me
but with you, i see more than i ever dreamed of seeing
walk with me through the good and the bad
through the worst and the best
i pray to one day see you walk down the aisle
coming to publicly give your heart to me
walk with me through it all
and i will make sure to fall a million times for your soul
walk with me because i know you are all of me
this love we have is fueled by serendipity
protected by God almighty
promise to never leave me
and i will promise to always love you
Haueru Mar 21
I'm sorry I don't say this much.
I would like to thank God, Couldn't imagine having another Mom.

You see I been watching and thankful

Your sacrifices and your unconditional love

Today I would like to say
I don't know where I be if not for you

Today I couldn't stand if not for you
Showing me I was strong

Today and the rest of my tomorrows
I know that I have a loving mother
None the less doting to call my mum

For today let me just say thanks for loving me and having me as your son

                                               To Mom
                                               Your #1 fan
Sara Nabeel Mar 9
I am thankful

For all the difficult times,
that revealed to me,
how strong I could be.

For all the toxic people in life,
Who taught what exactly,
I would never turn to be.

For all the hurdles in my ways,
that showed there is always
an alternate route to chase.

For all the flopped plans of mine,
that unveiled the new beginnings
awaiting the perfect time.

For all the failures that showed,
Temporary has been all dismay
& life has to move on, anyway.

For all the successes just for a while
Exposing the naked jealousies,
camouflaged as smiles.

For all the disappointing moments
Revealing truly sincere people besides.
who’ll shield me from harsh tides.

For that ultimate peaceful smile
That has struggled through tears
And survived through several fears.

I am thankful for all that learning
Despite all pain while  yearning.
Sitting on a bench
On this lovely spring day
Everything awakening
Winter seems far away
Green trees surrounding me
Flowers in the bloom
Happy vibes are in the air
Fresh landscapes to see
While a pale sun Caresses me
even the birds are cheerful
they have no care
A gratefulness is overwhelming me
and I
close my eyes and pray
Thanking the higher hand
for this lovely spring day!

Shell ✨🐚
Thankfulness for just another beautiful day!!
ris Feb 22
Before there was you, this day made me blue
It was a constant reminder of a love that wasn’t true
But things suddenly changed on that one day I asked
“What day should we celebrate, and raise you a glass?”

I let out a laugh from utter disbelief
“I was born on the day that you look forward to the least”
I smiled at the fact that it was easy to remember
Suddenly that day became a little bit better

I found myself giddy, happy, and ecstatic
For you made this day no longer that tragic
Of course I am grateful; you replaced a bad memory
But I am most grateful for your sincerity

Along with sincerity, you brought comfort and care
Things I never thought one could just possibly bear
I was afraid to trust you, but you never faltered
No matter my wrongs, you were always still there

I am most grateful for you, yes that is true
You made this day bright, and no longer blue
If one day I am able to just show you what I see
I’d make you see how wonderful and precious you are to me

I wish words were enough to express every thought
But no matter how I try, they just simply can not
So let me just say this one final thing
Thank you for being you and all the joy that you bring
For an unexpected friend I will always be grateful for
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