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Andy Chunn Jul 26
Her gaze took my breath
With beauty that melts the heart
And kindness within

Thankfulness washed over me
And I was lost in her eyes
My Dear Poet Jul 16
When you’re hurting
look intently at the wound
and ask
“Am I bleeding…
or am I bruised?”
and whether it’s red
or whether it is blue
thank God
you can still
and feel
Nathan Wells Feb 23
Oh lucky me
I have my friends
I have beginnings
I have my ends
I have control
I have my head
I have my roof
My door and bed
Oh lucky me
I have been blessed
With time to work
And time to rest
Food to eat
And wine to drink
And time to just
Sit down and think
Oh lucky me
I have the love
Of my mother & father
And those above
I have their knowledge
When I fret
Because I ask
And so I get
Oh lucky me
I have so much
That I can just
Reach out and touch
And even though
This is all mine
There is more to come
How divine
Good to recognise every now and then, extremely easy to forget
Dave Robertson Dec 2021
No pressure to be up today,
blessed or cursed, hold on

the hands in yours may be tiny,
of passion, steady, familiar,
frail or memorial

they touch the same
and need you here x
xavier thomas Dec 2021
Dear Jesus,

Happy birthday once again king! I am so proud & thrilled to celebrate your day + happy to be alive to enjoy it with my own family. It’s not a day that goes by when I think about what you have done for us.
So this year, we will be thankful as our attention is on you.
Today we will sing your name
Today we will glorify your presence
Today we will honor your love

Since today’s your day,
I just have to ask…
What would you like this year for your birthday?

December 25, 2021
Dave Robertson Dec 2021
Christmas past
is always framed
with melancholic gilt
though its broad strokes show
no love held is ever truly lost

Christmas present
as the Polaroid is shook
takes time to reveal itself
best when pressed in the pages
of the whole story

Christmas future’s binary
seems pixel cold, clinical,
bed-ridden fears looming
but, my dears, don’t fret:
we’ll get what we deserve
Dave Robertson Dec 2021
Just resting my eyes
as the lights in the tree dance
and some well trodden narrative
of Christmas redemption plays
in gloss on TV

the grey pull of January
is at bay for now
held off by cellophane wrappers
and the smells of a decadent kitchen

though not a Christian
I’ll be thankful anyway,
aware of the drop either side

I’ll let my usual pissy niggles rest
til next year
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