Kaylee H Sep 12

My hands are so dry
So dry that granite can stain them
Dry like the grand canyons
Crevices that run deep
Dry from all the salty droplets that once fell upon them
For hours that lonely night
So dry that no life can stand within or upon them
Dead and lifeless
Emotions no longer flow
Left empty
Not even crying any longer

But you came to repair them
With every touch you replenished them
Filled them with life
Lathered them with the lotion
Nourished them with your love
Healed them with your care
You held my hand even after they no longer felt
Even after I had given up
All hope gone
Left dead
You brought me back up on my feet
Filled my canyons with your love
Your support
Your care
I couldn’t thank you more
Be anymore thankful to have you then
And now…
I live in your hands

Your hands are the only thing to me
Your hands are what brought meaning back in my life
And I am still here because
You still hold my hand

I randomly wrote stuff that came to mind... because my hands are dry...

i need lotion..

I want to make this thought into a true poem one day.
Mars Sep 9

Nothing love, nevermind.
Why should I ever complain?
What we have going
is overflowingly ample.
What more could I stand to gain?

I promise not to ramble.
Like you could owe me something.
I love you...and you love to stay.
What a miraculous coincidence. 

I am so willfully under your influence.
You listen when my heart spills
and you don't miss a beat.
Why dont we have some wine?
                  And I'll rub your feet.

One More Wrinkle On The Upper Lip

One more wrinkle on the upper lip!
I quip you not.
It came this morning
Like a ship on the horizon, showing up
A shapeless form from out the blue.
What shall I do?
I’m much too old and used to lines
To be the type that whines;
Too old and worldly wise
To be one who modifies a truth.
“You have no longer youth - the truth.
You can’t expect a skin youth-smooth.
Be glad that you can see reflections
Looking back at you
                                 at all.”
I left the mirror on the wall
And went to yoga.

Be thankful that you can see it, said my friend".

One More Wrinkle On The Upper Lip 9.1.2017
Circling Round Wrinkles; Circling Round Aging; Circling Round Woman II;
Arlene Corwin

"Be thankful that you can see it," said my friend.
shyguypoetry Aug 29

Paying it forward
Heroes don't always wear capes
Thank you, uncle John

Spread love not hate
Spread peace and share faith
For giving is the only form of recieving
Believing is the only way of achieving
We are humans, different in race but one in spirit, let's learn to inherit this love and share it

chipped tooth Aug 13

The mouth of a flower opens-
two lips part, shouting to the sun
to swallow the fields

So light pours over, and
floods out the shadows
and the wind blows
waves of green

the tree is rooted, unmoved
by the tornado of day, which
swirls into the leaves

and folds the twigs of branches
together, clasping like fingers
as if to thank the sky for
all the movement it brings.

Julie C Smith Aug 11

I'm not scared of you
I'm scared that someday you'll be gone
And I won't be able to live on

Maybe I was sleeping beauty
And you  finally made me see
Nothing but you, but that's enough

I know you never loved them
Hey and I just realized
You never ever lied to me

I'm thankful for all your faults
You showed me we're not perfect
But you're just perfect for me

I always talked to you in my thoughts
In situations enclosed
Trying to hear your answer beyond the distance

I was jealous of people who had what I wanted
But I know that no one will have you more than me
And I'm happy for people winning the lottery

Because having You is much better

Even if I'm not with you.
MU Aug 7

What is the best present for a star
She has everything there is
She has the vastness of the sky
The gazes of humans on earth

What is the best present for a star
When she is the one who gifts light
And sublime wishes and enduring hope
To all those watching her at night

What is the best present for a star
When all want what she has
Her place so close to the moon
The fact that she is a sun

The best present for a star
Are words wrapped in grace
A gesture of feeling thankful
A poem recited by looking up
To that big thing that dazzles so bright

To SBG. Thank you!

Sweet voice
Sleepy eyes
kind hearted

Your hand
Export words
That could touch
My heart

You are the only one
Who can grow the flowers
Inside my infertile soul

And i thanked God,
For having you in my life.

Nashoba Aug 1

I walked with you in the rain. The only one who was able to understand that game.
Game you said. Others were sad. But you were the one that gathered it all in your head.
Life is short each second counts you see. Finding happiness in the simplest of things this is what life was met to be.
We both traveled many lonesome roads. Darkness inside us that we couldn't leave alone. It chased us both. Made us run faster than we should.
But only you truly understood.
Now the blessings of the rain to walk hand in hand cleanse all those fears.
Thankful for finding you. May our love continue to last through and through to the end of our years.
Remember the rain the laughter we share. Many more blessings are coming for us to share.

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