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She looked around the table
at every smiling face.
She also was smiling
to be happy in the place.

Turkey and mashed potatoes
piled on every flowered plate.
Everything tasted so good
and the company was great.

As she opened her eyes
her dream was not so.
She looked around the table,
everyone eating slowly in silent woe.

Her heart sagged a little
for this is what family has become.
They should be happy to be together
united as one.
A thanksgiving poem.
Lost Jan 21
You have always been there
Right at my side
My only constant
My only rock
Was that you were there
You never stopped

You hurt me
But you’re familiar
I come back to you

You bind my chest
You ignite the air
In my heaving lungs
Each evening I fall to rest
Sleep saps my being sweetly
And I meet you in my dreams

You hurt me
But I love you
You teach me
And I seek you

Without you
I am not a poet
Without you I cannot learn
My pain is suffocating
But it is worth the hurt
At the end
Of the day
Let one be thankful for
How many times
They smiled

And, how many times
They created a reason
To make smile

Nothing more
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Value added to life
Offer patience to the shadows
that dissolve with veil of night
Strong outlines of your being
Dark reflections from the light
my anxiety had consumed me
i was looking for an out
my friends said you were the key
that, i didn't doubt

i was worried it could be risky
but my friends said it was time
said you worked better than whiskey
and you're taste was sublime

my friends all tried to claim
my troubles would be gone
soon like a moth to a flame
to you i was drawn

my confidence was frail
but my willingness had shifted
and with one deep inhale
my troubles were lifted

i was laughing and happy
and it all felt so great
my life had been really ******
you took away the pain, fear, and hate

why are you illegal
when you bless us so
you give us a feeling so regal
and let our smiles show

you remove all of our pain and hurt
to let us be happy for an hour
you pick our self esteems up out of the dirt
and let us appreciate the beauty in a flower

you allow us to appreciate
sight, smell, sound, touch and taste
as our lives depreciate
and more troubles are faced

our meeting was fateful
you let me be a happier me
i am forever grateful
for how you set me free
This is entirely up for your interpretation, however, I did write it about me going green.
Is that what is called failed?
my heart screamed loudly and shook the contents of my body.
already ... everything is useless.
my lips chattered softly.
I want to run away.
Where? but don't know the direction.
if gratitude is not enthroned in this self
already ... be patient! ... my other side is sticking out ...
just pretend I'm tough ...
in front of them ... my dear ones.
hope and prayer are clear. weeding my fear.
yeah i'm scared ..
make them sad.
but again ... already.
they just told me to be grateful ...
make it elegy
but tomorrow must be radiant
To the inspired.
To the believers.
To the soul searchers.

To those who never gave up.
To those struggling but puts a smile to brighten up others day.
To those who still believes in love despite the bitterness in this world.

To everyone who sees beauty in the chaos.
To everyone who fought for the rights of others.
To everyone who sheltered the homeless and the poor.
To everyone who accepts everyone despite the color, differences and faith.

To you,

Thank you. Cheers.
TheStartOfMyEnds Dec 2018
Like a wall of China in layers
Held together by the bricks of broken dreams
And never ending prayers
Surrounds "I"
The mind mothered the heart of I
As I sought for love
And found home in Writing
Dedicating this piece to all. Thank you for all your support and love in Writing. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. I'm ever so grateful to have found HP and able to be part of this writing community.
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