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Ishita Jan 2017
She was a full bloomed flower
Poised,grateful and gentle
Brimming with love,selfless and secure
But you plucked her petals,one by one
Slipping by the hands of trust.
And now she's engulfed in a web of lies
Broken,bruised and burnt
She was your admirer,once and forever.
For you were the sun.
And she was the earth.
Just stop questioning her,
Over her self discovery.
For you've made a narcissist recovery.
Don't take anyone for granted.
Ishita May 2016
My brain knew we weren't meant to be together,
but my heart couldn't stop making promises either.
Just a little try on lost love.
Ishita Apr 2016
I have a quest,a suppress urge,
To dance under the moonlit night.
To a song being played in our hearts.
Hand in hand,embracing and dancing.
I have my hair loose,swaying on your face.
As I dance to the tunes of emancipation.
I find myself in your arms,safe n secure.
For I've found the man who has set me free.
Ishita Mar 2016
I'm being selfish.
Nasty enough,
To choose black over others
I've ignored the VIBGYOR,
Disqualified the barbie pink,
Resisted the purples n greys
Painted my dreams full of black.
Its sickening enough,
And charming too.
I've splashed this evil,
All over myself,
Engulfed into its secret.
Drowned in its depth-ness.
I dream black.
I think black.
I dread black.
I've discovered its power.
Unleashed its vigour,
Felt its character.
Surprisingly enough;
I've connected myself with the color black.
Favourite Color!
Ishita Mar 2016
As you move in your higher stage of life,you realize that there's no other teacher better than  time .
Ishita|Rediscover Yourself|Teacher|Time Heals
Ishita Feb 2016
I've let myself uncover from the bitter truth and false promises.
I've let sarcasm drip.
Like a river full of diamonds,
Shiny,cut and pointed.
I've liberated from your nasty attitude.
Cigarette butts scattered everywhere.
I've rise like a phoenix,
Like a tall skyscraper.
As a tear tricks down my barren face,
My fingers struggle to coordinate.
Maybe because this heart has bore too much.
Too much of pointless high emotions,
Of love,life and jealousy.
I was a simpleton indeed.
And you were the  destructor
But no toxic people,
There ain't any room for you this time.
Coz am rising now.
Rising-above all your ****** crap.
I'm your worst dream this time.
I'm your  NIGHTMARE .
I wonder what I'd do without poetry.
Ishita Jan 2016
Wrote endless poems for someone who didn't even know I existed.
10w poem
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