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चर्चे हों कुरबानी के दुश्मन ललकारे घर में घुसकर
तो प्रेम दिवस की बातें करना कहानी सा लगता है

जब तिरंगे में लिपटकर वापिस आते वीर चवालिस
तब चॉकलेट और तोहफ़े लेना मनमानी सा लगता है

जब शहीदों की चिंताओं पे सौ सौ फूल बरसते हैं
तब ग़ुलाब की आस लगाना बेमानी सा लगता है

बारूदों की आग लगी जब झुलसे देश धमाकों से
मोमबत्तियों में दावत खाना क्या रूमानी सा लगता है

जब माँओं की गोद उजड़ती लावारिस हों नन्हे मुन्ने
मेहबूब की बाहों में छुप जाना नाफ़रमानी सा लगता है

जब हो जाये सीमाओं पे कितने निर्दोषों की कुर्बानी
तब बेमतलब के जलसों में भी वीरानी सा लगता है

चीत्कार हो वीरों का जब करना हो कुछ काम तूफ़ानी
तब चैन से सोना भी वतन से बेईमानी सा लगता है
Love my india
Daisy 7d
I am here now
Amidst the ashes;
Away from the world's mystification.

Do not weep for me now
Remember my sacrifices;
My love, my life for the nation.

They reckon they've won now
They laugh, they celebrate-
Sad! they do not grasp the ramification.

Mother have lost her child now
Holding a grave ache in her heart.
And me- a fallen father for my girl and son!

Will I be avenged now!
Or end up like a long lost memory
Of honor and love for my country?

Will I be avenged!
Or end up as a tool in the game of politics
Between vultures clutching on the opportunity?
Ziyad Ali Jan 26
You have been gifted with vision
but you still cannot see
They're caging you in
when they should be setting you free

They're building walls
When they should be breaking them
They're breaking  laws
When they should be making them

They promised you a difference
but chose to differentiate
They promised you a change 
but chose to procrastinate

The rich gets richer
The poor are kept alive
You don't see how much they need you
No , need your vote to survive
Shofi Ahmed Jan 17
Meet here the open future shows up
at the earth's hub-moon's anew rallying
to the untouching-sea the Indian subcontinent's
corner to the ancient wind!
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2018
There is a six seasonal turf on earth.
it isn't an acre of Moon truly an earthly Skookum.
A land so unique is written in stone
as if the enduring heavenly dew
streamed down on this patch of land!

Meet here the open future shows up at the earth's
hub-moon's anew rallying to the untouching-sea
the Indian subcontinent's corner to the ancient wind!

Naturally a hidden gem its in her element.
Her very soil the complete colour wheel matches
The birthplace of the great prophet Muhammad (PBUH)!
Destined to be the golden cut above the rest.
Amusing the heaps of the mindful minds
Sylhet stands on cloud nine eye to eye with
the pivotal soil of Makkah the centre of the earth!

Ah, the deep footed earth how mystique black
beneath it every morning the sun off the heaven’s hill
spreads a new diaphanous gold-light-rug, yet to paint
a footprint, a colourless magic, let alone the centrepiece!
Listen to the morning birds sing here deep in the midst
mellifluous-shrills fill the air unveiling the dream scenes!

The times anew numerating the bounties of our land.
Craving to sip in a dew-potion on our blossoming rose
cirrus clouds dancing over the seven seas here they drop!
Banish the midday blues singing the deep sea’s song.

Nestled amidst the Rivers Surma, Kushiara and Monu
Perched on the shades of the trees each one is a canvas.
Glows with changing Bangladesh's unique six seasons
as they swing and leap in the branches of the trees
and murmur with the upstream and the autumnal breeze.

Stunned angels on their way heaven taking one more
sunset potted in the starry bowl look back at the wee hours.
They can hear pianissimo on this shrouded perennial land.
It never falls asleep is awake with a numerically perfect
circle of 360 spiritual dynamos from the centre they hailed
with a handful of earth and lived here as it matched.    

A deep seeded truth, rock solid Shilahatta in Sanskrit.
Clothed in an enduring vesture minted Sylhet loops in
with the Hebrew Bible’s Shalet, a ruler, a shield!  

The ****** earth sways moulds into a mole.
Ah, the little drops make the mighty ocean.
And with a single word on the lips
the maestros’ great epics begin to be told.
Just with a mundane handful of earth
Primed Sylhet masterpiece begins to unfold.
Keeping you on board with the whole ball of wax
lo, it unveils the mirror of the face of the earth!

Plopped still in the inside track amidst the full show
with the whole nine yards on her least hold!
Believe it or not Sylhet is cherry-picked chosen by God!
The subject matter is about a land possessing a deeply seeded truth. The prime significance of which is its scattered afar but matches the pivotal soil of the centre of the earth!
I hear
In the hallway—
My American
Can taste
The masala
In your kiss;
I smile
And let the memory
Across the sea
Where it belongs
aviisevil Dec 2018
little people
small people
people full of scars

riddle me people
why the feeble mind ?

why bother time
with your reaper's heart ?

cry with me,
when I read you your tar,

filthy hands, guilty stars
many men, any man-
but yet i see no flowers

nobody's awake at this hour

and i've slowly spent all my
will to live,
i repent the kind man who
sought this thrill to give,

frozen smile, stuck by the clock;
locked in place and stiff,
opened files, an omen dies,
and he spoke with a slight lisp

munching on something
light and crisp,
searching for nothing,
nothing's as vile and sick;

reaching for that one thing-
that gun thing, them rocks and sticks,

how about that sun thing ?
what would a son think,
when he's burdened by the mist,
pretending to be human enough
to pretend that he's amiss,

amidst the chaos and the risks,
forgotten names and letters,
from faces that he don't miss-

and they think it gets better
the more you drink and fish,
so ink yourself a moon, and
buy yourself a letter-
so, you can sin, sing and wish

for some time alone.
Manjot Singh Dec 2018
i used to think that driving
in developing countries
was just a series of close calls
but it is this unstructured discipline
and a firm commitment to disorder
that enchanted those
to come
read: conquer
and build institutions
**** bent on
extracting the soul
with a scalpel
and replacing customs
with consumption
Aditya Nov 2018
Receding clouds of Rain,
’Tis time to Reap what is Sown,
Rejoicing every struggle and Pain,
A journey from Darkness unto Light, Why Moan?

A competition of Caliber,
Announcing a union of sacred Souls,
Wealth and prosperity chose the Seeker,
the One igniting a fire Within,
A journey from Darkness unto Light, His only Goal.

Commemorating a political Exile,
A victory of Good over Evil,
Flaunting earthen lamps in Style,
Coloring the night sky with Dazzle,
A journey from Darkness unto Light, Love is a Marvel.

A celebration to turn a new Leaf,
to Forget and Forgive,
Unite and Unify,
Prosper and Progress,
Rise and Shine,
A journey from Darkness unto Light, for the Inner Self.
Diwali began as an important harvest festival, a celebration of the hard work of farmers eagerly awaiting the fruit of struggle.
Your life may seem like a pile of burden, but don’t moan, for your pain too shall pass for there is always light beyond darkness.

Some legends also point to the marriage of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi(goddess of wealth and prosperity) as the origin of Diwali, where Laxmi chooses the man possessing all transcendental qualities, approaching Godliness.
Let Diwali remind you to go beyond your inhibitions to seek the greater purpose and aspire for Godliness not God.

The return of Lord Rama and Sita with brother Laxman after a 14 year exile and defeating the demon king Ravana also plays an important role in this festival. It demonstrates a journey of love and obedience transcending all worldly struggles.
Ignite the power of Love within you and watch the marvels unravel before your eyes.

No matter what legend or story you believe, whether you are a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian or even an Atheist — let Diwali be your victory over your inner demons. Let it empower you to be the best version of yourself, to commit to rise & unite towards a greater cause :

To Transcend From Darkness to Light

Wishing you all a very HAPPY DIWALI and whether you light a lamp today or not, be sure to
Adya Jha Oct 2018
My body is a temple
My bleeding is divine
My womanhood is spiritual
In ways that an intolerant devotee like you cannot understand
So when you barr me from entering Sabarimala
Remember that you can't stop a goddess
Saraswati is wise but her rage is wild and merciless
Lakshmi will create earthquakes that will devastate
Durga will pierce your heart with her spear
Parvathi will leave her abode and run into the streets
Kali will destroy you in unimaginable ways
They reside within us
We will cut our feet on your shattered glass
We will shout till our voices become hoarse
An army of neglected women will create a tsunami
Till you're on your back, crying
Till you give up your apparent 'religion-saving'
Helpless, wailing
And bleeding
The Supreme Court of India ruled that not allowing women in their “menstruating years” into the Sabarimala temple is against the constitution, and all women should be allowed to enter the temple. This was met with a lot of opposition from the conservatives and the entry of women into the temple was blocked by protestors.
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