avery Dec 4

And the worst thing about it
Was that despite what I told myself
I still considered it my fault
I fell so easily for those disgusting excuses
Men use to justify harm done to women

I thought of how I answered the call
Forever worried about how the voice
I use on the phone just to sound pleasant
Could be misconstrued to be
"a phone sex operator's voice"

The truth is
It didn't matter what I said
Or how I said it
Nothing I did would deflect the abuse
Because that decision was made
Outside of my control

(but nothing I tell myself will stop the pain)

L Seagull Dec 2

You go snake
Spit your horny venom
All over the room
Staged performance
With puppets
You aren’t yet tired
So much effort to destroy
The ground I send on
Seeking my exposed vulnerabilities
With your cold eyes
Sore for misery
Forgive me snake
I have a yawn and a laugh
To give but not to share
My face perfectly relaxed
As I imagine
Your anihilation.

The United States was running out of Enemies.
We finally decided
To make Women the Enemy.
A man should have the  right  to rape a Woman
According to President Donald Trump.
Sexual Harassment
Is not a crime.
I don't know what the response
Of the Female Gender will be in 2018
Will be to being declared
Enemies of the United States of America
In 2017,
But the Year of the Earth Dog
Is sure to be interesting.
That's for sure!

Emily Rosario Oct 17

When I walk to work I keep my earphones in
Music doesn’t even have to play
Maybe that way I can ignore the whistles
Just 4 more blocks and I’ll be there

Okay things are looking good
Those group of men aren’t outside today
I can relax now
Just 3 more blocks and I’ll be there

Wait no that car is slowing down
Please don’t say anything to me
“Hey baby”
Just pretend you don’t hear it
Don’t look his way
He will just keep on driving
Just 2 more blocks and I’ll be there

Okay now there’s another group of men
I see children outside that home all the time
They wouldn’t dare catcall me when they have daughters of their own
Just incase put in the other earphone so they think you can’t hear them
They keep staring
Oh no they’re going to say something
That dreadful whistling begins
“Hey girl”
It goes on until I pass and have shown no sign of response
Just 1 more blocks and I’ll be there

Okay now the earphones go out
I have to put my phone away before I get into work so I can be prepared to answer phones
Just don’t make eye contact with any men
“Hi beautiful”
“How you doin today”
“What you shy”
Yup now I’m done
“Nah I’m actually 15 and my day was going great”
He’s not walking away
Please leave me alone
Don’t worry just 3 more doors

“I love your hair”
Oh are you sure isn’t wasn’t my ass
But I don’t dare say that
Don’t worry just 2 more doors

“You got a phone”
“Can I get your number”
Was the age not enough, is this man stupid
Maybe I’ll just say I’m gay and he’ll leave me alone
Don’t worry just 1 more door

“Okay I see”
“See you again”
No thank you
Please don’t try to speak to me again
I can’t wait till I can just drive to work

I’ve made it inside
In here there are other people around
I will smile to keep from being rude
While declining any source of unwanted attention
Can they not see I’m a child
I tell them I’m only 15 years old
Sometimes that doesn’t matter
Now I just want to go home

Women do not owe you their time or conversation. Women are not outside for your entertainment.
Drew Vincent Oct 16

he didn't hear me begging him to stop.
me too- he didn't feel me push him away.
me too- his words stung with guilt,
me too- he made me think everything was my fault.
me too- he choked me as I dug my nails in his skin,
me too- he didn't stop,
me too- he choked me until I passed out.
me too- he manipulated me into saying yes.
me too- he forced me to say yes for his own reasons,
me too- he didn't want to hear no
me too- he didn't want another girl to tell him no.
me too- he always told me I wasn't good enough.
me too- he would tell me all the things wrong with my body,
me too- he thought I would want to try harder to be better.
me too- he expected telling me I had "DSL" was romantic.
me too- he thought touching me without consent was ok.
me too- he thought he could get away with rape,
me too- he thought correctly.
me too-
he believes he has done nothing wrong.

Don't let him get away with rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment. It is not okay in any sense. Don't make the same mistakes I have. Say something before it eats you alive.

Use canned spaghetti as thread to stitch together the frayed edge of your t-shirt. Use your t-shirt to show how you’re the coolest most-hippest, most up with the kids kid there is. Where’d you get that shirt? Online.

Bop your head to the music so they know you know this song. Harder or they won’t see you. That’s not hard enough. Neck snap! Yeah, right there. Hold still while I take a photo. Do you mind if I make this my cover photo?

Take a selfie of you crying in the bathroom and hashtag it. Snapchat it to your local MP so they know how you feel - be sure to use an emoji. #studentdebt Tears streaming down your face. (If it’s a hashtag it’s easier to emotionally process.) #policebrutality #throwbackthursday #massincaceration It’s a good thing there’s emojis for black people now. Look at how far we’ve come!

#nomakeup #vegan #crueltyfree #childslavelabour #iwokeuplikethis #campusrape #notallmen #yesallwomen #freethenipple #2k16 #mentalhealthcuts #stopkillingtranswomen #waterislife #standwithstandingrock

Have you followed Human Rights on Facebook? It’s the only way to get them. Have you seen the Ted Talk about it? In just 20 minutes you’ll know everything there is know about it.

Sorry. You don’t seem like you’re focused. You’re thirsty? Let me make you a smoothie.
I’ll put the chocolate bar in the blender whole, leave the wrapper on. Taste the tinfoil and the plastic. Eat the barcode, become the product. That’s modern life.

Don’t take out the hair or the fingernail or the Band-Aid. Don’t hide from the human components of the production line that made this Kit-Kat possible for you, kid. That’s modern life.

Go to the voting booth, refuse to choose between the diversity of 50 versions of the same smiling white man. Scrawl: Fuck these pricks! (have no faith in none of them) That’s modern life.

With jittering teeth and goosebumps, put your toaster in the sink. Overflow it with water. You will only need a fork to get warm. Electrocution is the most economical form of heating. Be Energywise. That’s modern life.

Puff marijuana smoke through the bars into the brown faces of those who were incarcerated for doing what you freely do now. That’s modern life.

Burn your eyes on the screen. But before you do, memorise the 0800 number for the optometrist.

Post your suicide note on YikYak to save paper. No-one likes reading hard copies these days anyways. #papercuts #selfharm

Search for motivation on EBay. If you’re lucky it’ll have free shipping and arrive in 1-5 business days.

Snapchat your friend’s words of encouragement, God knows they’ve seen enough dickpics.

Take a chicken to KFC and tell them you’re sorry.

Get in the cars of the men who yell “Hey baby!”. They’ll be so surprised they wont know what to do next.

Swap your woman-chest with a man-chest and see if your nipples are still illegal.

Drive through town throwing dirt with one hand and seeds in the other. Maybe, if you do it long enough this claustrophobic concrete will be gone.

Bleed on every seat until the government pays for menstrual products.

Train seagulls to throw YOU chips.

Fuck a woman and a man simultaneously, so that you can be sure everyone knows you’re bisexual.

Blockade inaccessible buildings with piles of wheelchairs.

Grab time by the fabric and rip it, cuz we all know rips look really punk, and all you really are is just some young punk.

i wrote this last year and i hated that poetry class too

You say I'm out of touch with Reality?
I say that you're touching Reality way too much!
The way you Touch Reality
Should be considered to be
A form of Sexual Harassment!
You should be sent to Jail
For Touching Reality
In places where your mind
Just doesn't belong!

I know you're a fine gentleman.
I know you're also a mensch.
You grabbed me by the pussy that one time
Without asking my permission,
But  our families  are close friends.
We help each other
Maintain domination and control......
Wealth and power
I'll overlook that one little indiscretion
Though I felt really disgusted at the time.
It's better to have one's pussy grabbed
By Billionaire Real Estate Mogul
Than a poor schlep,
Isn't it?

Samantha C Jul 8

When I was young I promised myself that when I grew up and got hot,
If I ever got cat-called, I would react.
I would scream,
Kick the bumper of their car,
Throw my overpriced drink in their face,
Be angry be pissed,
Take no shit from anyone who dared to look at me.

I grew up.
I'm not hot,
I'm okay enough to look at,
Okay enough to earn the attention of two middle aged children in a shitty silver four door car.
I promised myself
I would react.

I froze.
Took another faulty step
Felt my ankle struggle under the weight
The ends of my pants brushing my toes
Blood rising to my face.
Not a blush.
I was not flattered.
An inferno.
My mind in flames.
The heat trapped by my mouth
Glued shut by $20 lipstick from a brand owned by someone who hates what I am.

Didn't I promise myself?
I didn't react.
Hardly moved a muscle.
Too slow to even furrow my manicured eyebrows in rage.

I know now
That the world will always be cruel.
And the world will always think I'm

So what good is having my own pretty face
When everyone else thinks that it's theirs?
Nobody will ever own me
Not even myself.

Nimh Jul 8

Some people sure do an awful job at staying out of other people's business.

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