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Osiria Melody May 26
I soar above the ones who say
I'm not enough with my simple life
of solitude to fly sunrise horizon.

Gliding through these clouds of tribulations
I invite you to navigate my precarious paths.

That I've swayed and swerved
time and time again.

These skies of wondrous oblivion
hold the glory of what it means to be free.

A bird in ecstasy that aims for the highest altitudes of bravery.

I overcame an ordeal that has plagued me since March. Today, something changed. I've had the courage to be strong and stand up for myself.
aurelia May 6
Their defenseless body and faces
passed onto trusted men
and after broken promises
consumed by wicked fiend

is this what you call harmless fun?
I was a little girl of three
When you started seeing me
As not your precious daughter
But your long-lost lover
Buried deep in the ground.  

I was too young
Too young to hear such tongue
Too innocent to know such craft
The things you did made me laugh
But my heart was sobbing.

You said it was love
And that it was all fun
I played your game
But all I got was shame
Whenever I obeyed.

I escaped your Monopoly
I walked out bruised and ******
But I was alive, and now I am here
Talking to you, my father so dear

I want you to know
That I have a home
That loves me for me
Not because of my body

With that being said, I forgive you
Because that's what I do
Forgive until I can let go
Of the past's wretched shadow.
Thoughts? I dedicate this poem to ****** abuse survivors.
Sweet Anne,
Run while you can
For the moon is rising
And I hear you crying
In the near future.

Sweet Anne,
Did you bring a man?
I fear you're being stalked
By the creep who gawked
At you at the bar.

Sweet Anne,
Do you have a plan?
The creep has caught you
And there is nothing you can do
But kick and scream

Until your voice is heard.
Mrs Timetable Feb 26
Now for those

who can’t read

I was gonna say “please” stop but I shouldn’t hafto. For anyone who’s been or is being harassed for any reason.
Carlo C Gomez Feb 23
Never hit a girl. Plain and simple.

It's rude to call her names.
So don't.

No looking up her dress
or down her shirt like some pervert.

Quit staring. She's not a piece of candy.

Definitely, no touching,
unless you ask first AND she says "yes."

Finally, NO means "100% stop! Get away from me! And don't try it again!!!"

Any questions?
Carlo C Gomez Feb 11
for a woman
all too often
it's not about
the reputation
that precedes her
but rather unfairly
like a stalker
it's what follows
closely behind her
Dina Feb 10
Clap, clap, clap
‘Round n ‘round n ‘round
Musical chairs
Do you hear that sound?
Turn around
Sing and dance
Dress pretty
Smile more
What do girls have in common?
No, not their bodies
I am keeping score
When will her turn come?
Stop and sit
An unwanted game
Touched again
Whistles so loud
Stares like daggers
Piercing her skin
Awful words
***** glares
At her body
Ring, ring, ring
In her ears, eyes, and heart
Forever in her mind
Look, look, look
It never stops
Make it stop
I will never forget
Never forgive
What were you wearing?
What were you doing?
What were you thinking?
Don’t dare blame her
Survivor of countless crimes
Horrible atrocious acts
It is not her
It is them
Osiria Melody Nov 2019
Midnight footsteps of trepidation
Seizes the attention of a salacious man

Heart screams in adrenaline
I quicken my pace in convulsion

He wrenches me by my clothes,
Making me plummet to the ground

Asphyxiation overcomes me
I do not remember anything

I wake to bright lights of hospital's death
I could not believe that I am still breathing

You do not believe me?
Sure, I get it

Was it my fault that I was walking alone?
Sure, I get it

Was it my fault that I got violated?
Sure, I get it

I believe that the world deserves to know the truth

I am human
He was not

Personally, I have experienced ****** harassment in my lifetime. I put myself through the perspective of ****** assault victims who feel like they are ignored for telling the truth–that they were harmed, that they were ridiculed, that they were blamed for their ordeals. I'm aware that the perpetrators aren't only men and that victims aren't only women.
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