BW 1d
I paid my therapist £600 for a piece of paper
to tell me what's wrong with me.
I don't care about money, it's just a figure
like the numb large sum
Sitting in my bank account.

How you fucked me up
I dream of you,
I dream a river of red, dyed by your blood
How much I wish I hit you
with that glass, again and again, on the
back of your head, until you fall down
When you locked me in that room
And stopped me in my road.

If I had a trigger, I would have pulled it
a thousand times over. No blink.
they are all wrong. "You were too slutty"
"It's because you were frivolous"
How is jeans and a hoodie frivolous?
Tell me, how is it my fault
for a man three times my age to try
ripping my clothes off
at 16 year old?
It's a personal story, that's all I can say
When Luisa Gomez reached Heaven,
God whistled and jeered.
"Nice Ass!"
"Nice Tits!" he exclaimed.
"You've got legs to die for, baby!"
Jesus tapped God on the shoulder and whispered in his ear.
"Luisa wouldn't be up here unless she was gunned down in a School Shooting, God."
"It was a real tragedy."
"I don't think you should be engaging in this sort of sexual harassment in Heaven," Jesus scolded  God.
God exploded at Jesus.
"Why the hell must you be such a damn prude, Jesus?!"
"Can't you see I'm just trying to have a little fun up here?!"
"I let you establish your own stupid religion....Christianity,"
"And, ever since then,"
"You've been trying to shame people about their sexuality."
"Why don't you go talk to President Donald Trump"
"And leave me to hell alone!"
Jesus felt denigrated and hated by God
He  went down to  Earth,
Entered the White House
And tried to support President Donald Trump
In his phony victimization complex.
Ah bliss! I, the subliminal linguist, can't distinguish this thing that you imply with such meaning. I relinquish my hold and go down screaming.

So, I melt into oblivion because life
is a trivial pursuit I've yet to latch onto, dripping between my fingers
like water through wood cracks.

Is it my own selfishness that burns
bridges between us?

No, it's yours. You stapled a label on me that can't be ripped, stripped, or torn, but I am not your fixer-upper whore.

Does my insubordination bore you?
Tell it to my "commitment issues."
The only issue is I grew faster than you, more masterful than you.

I am not your tamed shrew.

I refuse to be used by you, friendship abused by you and your confusion with your own emotions. I am not an island in your ocean of incompetence.

Frankly, my dear, fuck this.
i am 13 years old and in a brand new
yellow two piece swim suit when
your gaze flickers up then down

you are 21 and it is okay because
i “look old enough to be 18”
but my mother doesn’t think so

she snaps at you to “keep your
eyes in your head boy before you
lose ‘em i promise you that”

i am embarrassed for all the wrong
reasons but it doesn’t click
until years later when i realize it

i wanted my mother to keep it down
let him look but don’t let him touch
it’s okay mom it’s flattering to me

but it is not okay
i was not embarrassed because my
mother had every right

i was ashamed from the way his
male gaze swept across my body
as if he were searching for a meal

i was ashamed because i thought
that’s how women got complimented
how girls were suppose to behave

i was ashamed because “am i
not sexy enough for him mom
should no man look at me?”

i was ashamed because i
was 13 and it was the first time
i was introduced to sexuality

but now i am not ashamed
i am angry because
i am not the only one
Snizzlefish Feb 27
A football game picture with an "I hope we win!"
And all of the sudden you ask where I've been.

I decide to be polite, ask if anything's new?
You respond, not much-how are you?"

Fast forward five minutes.
"Can I ask you a question?"

"Why are you such a tease?"
Excuse me but my sole purpose isn't simply to please.

Better question, why do you assume I am?
My worth has nothing to do with pleasing you, you sham of a man.

You backtrack, saying "You're beautiful and you know it" Which really translates to "You do this to me on purpose, now show it."

Well I have news for you son.

A woman is beautiful, whether you comment on it or not.
We do not change based on attention from men who are worth less than a thot.

So the next time you tell a girl to smile,
Just remember that we keep our lips closed because we don't waste an expression on men who aren't worthwhile.

And you my friend aren't a man, but an ass.
One who doesn't know the first thing about class.
Polite attention does not mean an open invitation.
Sincerely, women everywhere
tonight, i am not
walking fast enough,
in this hungry darkness  —
my legs too short, or too long
for my clothes to hide.

i am not one to
be afraid; oblivious,
secure, leaving my mother
to watch the news
by herself.

but tonight, something
feels different. my heart
stumbles, racing, knowing
there’s no escape  —

that out of the
dozens on this street, i am
the one the bullet will
find, or the car
will slam into

from behind.
in the morning,
pull my body from the
river, say a prayer.

i knew. tonight,
there was going to be
bloodshed. tonight, i would be
the one not
wrote this in my head, when i was walking home from a nearby mall one night, and it was so, so dark, and i just had this really weird feeling in my chest.
Caroline Roche Dec 2017
Oh this twinkling city.
“Come on over --
We have the night life.”

My car is two blocks away, just past,
just past these neon lights now.
Just past these long-legged, bustiered signs.
Come here missy, come in.
Come on, hon - you want to dance?
We need girls to dance.

Walk on, purse-clutching city woman.

Oh this dancing city
Oh this shattered city.
Arthur Vaso Dec 2017
Bullying is not confidence
Deceiving is not intelligence
Lying is not outwitting
Disparaging is not bravery
Shouting is not a better way to be heard
Preaching is not the equivalent to love and harmony

Kindness and compassion
Are not words they are actions

Those of deceit
Often delete and retreat
It is sad to see people disparage other peoples work, and not have the maturity to ignore poems and poets they may not like. Its also sad to see assumptions and false accusations by people who preach peace. I am touched by the poets here who have helped me and encouraged me, and I wish you all a very very Merry Christmas!!
avery Dec 2017
And the worst thing about it
Was that despite what I told myself
I still considered it my fault
I fell so easily for those disgusting excuses
Men use to justify harm done to women

I thought of how I answered the call
Forever worried about how the voice
I use on the phone just to sound pleasant
Could be misconstrued to be
"a phone sex operator's voice"

The truth is
It didn't matter what I said
Or how I said it
Nothing I did would deflect the abuse
Because that decision was made
Outside of my control

(but nothing I tell myself will stop the pain)
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