It's a risky idea
you should give it some thought.
The wheels are in motion
and all stock is bought.

I'm thinking so fast
and I know what comes next.
No longer enthused
'cause my hyper can't last.

Did you take all your tablets?
The one's that restrain you.
Taking off in your spaceship
that's called hyper mania.

Super-thusiastic poetry
by Kaydee.
Bi-Polar Disorder Factsheet link;
SelinaSharday Dec 2018
Has me feeling low and down.

Like I can't put my finger on..
what's behind this mood.
its funky and its crude.
This sleepwalking downer mood..
Dang it dude..
I think I may know whats behind this
don't want ta do nothing
slow burning attitude.
Thanks a lot dude..
You've successfully. uckedUp my mood.
Stolen good mood..
wyle tan Dec 2018
Pensive moments
Aglow with mellow candlelight
Counting rain drops
In the night

By Wyle Tan
@ Puchong, Malaysia, December 2018
Listening to rain drops deep in thoughts
Bullet Dec 2018
Moons watch me
Phases shift me
A wave bring me into existence
Show me the ways to the shore
Let me finally listen to the peace of the storm
Dominic Wright Oct 2018
Over the last few weeks,
I prayed to the blood orange sun,
That was setting beneath the pastel backdrop,
And tinted clouds.

I asked for the peace that I've been searching for,
Only to find gusts of wind,
And lack of warmth,
Be the response.
SeeBee Sep 2018
black moods bind me
raw nerve endings
which light exposes
with a flash of recognition
caught by your gaze
exposed like a photo
in a darkroom
pitch black deepens
in this echo chamber
pulsing with heart beats
a place where fear resides
waiting for light to return
Riley Sep 2018
My list of regrets
A pile so high I can barely see
My pit of sorrow
A hole so deep I can barely breath
Will I ever do right?
DATE: September 4th, 2018
Salmabanu Hatim Jun 2018
My love,
I am totally dependent  on you,
Do not force me,
Do not hurry me,
Expect less from me,
I am sick,
Let me rest.
Be there for me,
Kiss my cheek,
Love me,
Hold my hand.
I am muddled and lost,
I need you to manage my everyday tasks,
Tell me how, simply and clearly,
Give me a sense of dignity,
Help me to focus.
I may become aggressive  dear,
Distract me,
Lessen noise around me.
If I insist on wearing same clothes,
Buy some more pairs of the same.
I need you my love, more than ever,
I need your love and care.
Please don't be angry,
I know you have a lot on your plate,
It is difficult for you,
Please put up with my terrible
With you around I feel safe,
I feel happy and comfortable,
Be there for me till I am gone.
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