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Psyche has moods
Sometime happy, others  gloomy
Psyche  has moods
Sometimes wise,  other times  fool

psyche has moods
Sometimes, I wander
Others, I surrender

Psyche has moods
Sometime melancholic,
Others sanguine
Psyche has moods
sometimes  choleric,
Others phlegmatic
Betty Aug 27
Oceans roar like lions
They spend their restless anger
And purr as kittens
chris Jul 25
let me understand the clouds
their moods and patterns that

they display in the sky

a single cloud crosses the sky,
from the ground, we can watch it go by

holding my world up there high
in the sky, we look as time passes by

happy clouds, quiet clouds
calm, still clouds
inspired by RM's tweet about catching clouds
Steve Page Apr 27
I knew a formidable, tempestuous man
and whilst he did much to his credit,
his dark grey moods
and the air that turned blue
clouded his very real merits.
Dez Apr 24
It is the dark moods I like
Ones of depression that spike
My inspiration
For it is desperation
That I actually strive for betterment
For who cares if all is as sweet as peppermint

When all is good who cares about the bad
But when all are mad
They see that they are not well
And there is a need to better where they dwell
So the saying is true
Necessity is the mother of invention due
To the fact that dark times came
Now things can’t be the same

I hope you understand what I say
I don’t necessarily like it this way
But it is where I thrive
And pain reminds us we are alive
Lacey Clark Apr 2
I can curl up in a ball and shake and quiver. For days.
I can breathe in and breathe out toxic shame.
Paralyzed and skittish - like a stricken mutt.
My lungs feel sticky from interlaced, bright, and anxious evocations.
I am so familiar with this part of myself. I am not uncomfortable with this part of myself. This part who feels out of control and desperate for answers. Answers to a million questions - all interconnected.
Desperate for raw meaning and purpose. RIGHT NOW.
Digging for a release.

I can then,
over time,
and after a process I am very familiar with,
find that tense knot and that trapped air below the surface,
and tend to everything inside.  
It takes a lot of metacognition, warmth, logic, and compassion.
There's something really beautiful about enduring these uncomfortable moments I find myself in.
I feel the shift,
my cognitive distortions working their way to clarity,
and then the beauty that emerges penetrates my life momentarily.
Like rays of sun.

(This metamorphosis is something we do over and over and over. The awareness lies in the reflection we partake in when the 'storm has passed'.)
Therapy. My biggest tool.
Mel Mar 16

Sitting in the bedroom
Avoiding the news
Teenage girl
Curls up
On top of chocolate wrappers
And phone leads

With cat lying next to her
She texts on her phone
And curses her mothers
Embarrasing comments

She talks
To her mother
On the squeaky phone
Her mother visualises her as a toddler by her voice
Child groans
At being told this

Ten years later
She sits on a beach
With her toddler daughter
Making sandcastles in front of her
And smiles proudly
And laughs about her simple tasks and life
In the teenage years.
Daughter Love
Don't you think it's strange
How easily my moods can change?

From temperamental, sad and all that
To laughing and happy in a second flat.

Sometimes I wonder
If it's a different person coming up from under.

Because that's the only thing that can explain
How I go from smiling to a world of pain.
Today I thought about suicide
And what my life means

Am I depressed?
Or is this just me?

I fantasized
About how much better
Everyone's lives
Would be

Without me here
To disrupt the flow

Without my unpredictable mood swings
And negative energy.

If I'm not here
They won't witness my decline
Or subconsciously follow suit.

But they wouldn't miss much

I'm always tired
Or in a bad mood.

Their good memories
Will outweigh the bad
If I just leave quietly.


Would the pain of losing me
Pale in comparison
To the pain of watching me
Fail so miserably?

Would death relieve my pain?
Or would I have to relive it

Maybe I am depressed.

Or maybe I just need a friend.
Xella Jan 8
Often dazed-
Incumbent to take and rip minds from heads
Shaken dust rains down onto many-
Swirling untold crowns into a cloudy trance.
Incumbent to step to slow-
These necessary acts of the solemn man
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