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Bruce Demos Aug 28
((view horizontally on the phone))

I                        graph,                        s­ighs
    was      cosine          up         down,        and
             a                              and                            lau­ghs.

Intervals                              and
              s­lowing        peaks       troughs
                             fast,                              past
                         ­                                                  the
                                                             ­                     floor,
                                     ­                                               couldn't
         ­                                                                 ­               take
                                                            ­                             any
                                                             ­                            more
                                                            ­                                 !

falling                                up
       through                swings
             infinity,     curve
Michael Hole Aug 23
I 'm a pendulum.
Swinging in and out of the light,
Wanting to come out of this mood, to smile.

In the dark now,
Heading in and getting darker,
Helpless but to stroke another depressing second.

About to strike now,
I know I'll turn back soon,
I can feel the soft light on my back assuring me.

I have turned,
Finally light is on my face,
Those frightening thoughts seem to wash away.

I burst into the light,
I know it won't last forever,
The darkness behind relentlessly tugging at my mind.
Todays swelling black storm cloud,
Was a wispy tiny glimpse of fluff,
Only yesterday.....

(C) [email protected] 16/05/2019
How quickly a not so great mood can accelerate..
Sparrow May 8
My soul hunts cheap justice
Over the plains of carpeted floors
Beyond the savannah of desk chairs
Away from the huts of curious minds
and the shine of polished nameplates

My eyes seek cheap justice
Looking to the sea of masked faces
A mountain of guilt stands in between
An avalanche of shame crashes down
Forcing me back to my silent retreat

My heart finds cheap justice
in a kind word, or maybe four?
Or in an arm around the shoulder -
Maybe a smile as wide as the Amazon.
Priceless for me, an expense of your gesture.
Funny how one small gesture from one person can lift you up amidst all the other horrible things and people around.
Infinity Apr 5
I had the sunshine
The calm, the serenity
Of loose waves caressing the ocean shore
Of sweet sunshine bathing the world in golden joy
Of perfect winds, keeping the temperatures just right
I had it all
But now i find myself morphing back into what I used to be
The sunshine gives way to dark starry nights
The stars shine and glisten, always just out of reach
The waves are turbulent on the shore, crashing, thrashing, threatening those that come near
The winds are both silent and deadly in their hostile unpredictability
Oh sweet serenity, where have you gone?
I was glad when I found you
Now I’m all alone
The turbulence is back, it creeps in at the dead of night
When darkness takes more than just the morning light
Dear calm collected control
I’m holding onto you with the tips of my fingernails
Holding onto you with careful lies I tell myself, to keep going
I tell myself you’ll come back soon
That its just the effects of the day or the moon
But I feel it stirring now
The baseless anxiety
The unquestionable sadness that lingers in the back of my mind, at no thoughts in particular
The lack of thoughts and the sheer volume of them stuns me into paralysis
I am motionless as I attempt to move
I am confused
As I think ten steps ahead, while moving 3 steps back, I wonder, what have I done wrong?
I wonder, why has the sunshine gone
Ilonka Mar 26
I want to live just 2 inches above the clouds
Where you don’t need an umbrella
Not a raincoat, nor a scarf
You can leave all moods behind,
I might carry 20 pounds of memories packed in a box
But clouds can’t hold any old rocks,
Maybe I'll take only your kiss
Because is light as a bliss,
Or maybe a piece of your heart
I think that would be pretty smart!
It would be nice to live 2 inches above the clouds:)
UA Mar 16
The dark smiles back
Because I am its friend,
Though silent I breathe
I am a deadly hand,
And just like the sea
That sits next to the land,
The weight I can make
Can crush your soul like sand,
But I'm no demon
So don't fear me as such,
Just heed my warnings
Don't get bold with your touch,
Cause you will just know
When I start to smile,
What you'd call normal
Will soon become wild.
The light smiles back
Because I know what's planned,
Yes, soundly I sing
I am just doing grand,
And just like a wing
The might want to expand,
I may have the flight
To fly to the dreamland,
But I'm no angel
So don't think me as such,
Hear what I'm saying
And it won't be too much,
Cause you will just know
When I start my singing,
The present you know
Will meet awakening
M-E Mar 7
I digged out
my buried words
my forgotten thoughts
and I was overwhelmed
by the sensations
and the vibes
it brought back out
so I wrote it back
on papers, in notes
and I
let it rot there in the dark
let it bloom there in the sun
let it where it belongs
somewhere out of my heart
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Tee Morris Mar 1
That feeling you get when you're let down,
The face you pull,
That depressing frown.

That feeling you get that holds you hostage in bed,
The tears that fall,
That thoughts in your head.

That feeling when you're body aches,
The person who died,
That part of you that suddenly breaks.

That sadness that hurts your wrists,
The anxiety that they lied,
That feeling your head is full of mist.

You're stuck...
Grace Jordan Feb 22
Six years ago, the normal, brainy girl named Grace died. At least, that's when her body was found. It's likely she'd been dead a couple years longer than that. She was survived by bubbly friends and a doting family, who all were wracked by the loss.

Why is this eulogy so late, though, if she was so beloved? Because no one noticed she was dead, really dead, until today. Not even Grace.

When she noticed her brain wasn't quite right, she knew things would never be the same. That's how having a bad brain worked. She'd always be taking medicine, she'd always be watching every little move she made. It was a constant production, keeping all the parts together. Grace was strong and brave and quick to jump onto that.

However, somehow it slipped right by her how permanent everything was.

She knew to stay healthy she'd always have to be working on herself. She knew she'd constantly be changing. She knew she'd be a hard person to love.

But she didn't realize that her brain would stay broken, really broken, no matter how much of a good girl she was.

Six years ago, the girl named Grace was reserved but passionate. Extroverted but in love with her books. A straight A student. A great friend. The perfect daughter. She was messy, but she was focused. And maybe she didn't sleep a lot, but boy did she have so many dreams.

The broken brain took away invigorating, sleepless nights.

The broken brain chased off all her friends.

The broken brain tanked her grades.

The broken brain made her feel safer alone.

The broken brain made her organize everything, because it was the only thing she could control.

But what made it easier was seeing all her progress, watching the graph of her illness rise, even if it was still a jagged line. Grace felt that even if she was broken and moody and difficult that she was getting better.

But today, everything changed.

Looking at all her meds and all her schedules and all her coping strategies and all her perfect practices in place, and still feeling hollow inside, she realized it wasn't just that other people couldn't fix her and make her whole again.

She couldn't either.

No matter how hard she worked, or how much she believed, or how many times she corrected for every little warning sign, she would always be sick. Grace could do everything in her power to make things easier, do everything right, but nothing was going to fix her brain. It's almost like Bipolar Disorder is a chronic illness or something.

After all this hopeful time, she had to accept it wasn't just that past Grace was gone, it was that the ease and sanity that came with her was dead, too.

Being the perfect good girl Grace just never will be enough. Not to make her healthy again. If she spends what's left of her life trying to find that, she'll always be disappointed.

While old Grace, sane Grace, is survived by a neater, hardened Grace, she will be missed. The late night homework and laughing sleepovers and baked goods for classmates and indomitable confidence in the things she loves most are gone.

All we have left is to stand tall and move forward.

It's all we've ever had.
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