Haiku Donna Apr 12
Is a hug enough
to say your sorry , let's just
say it's a good start
Rollar coaster day x it can be very difficult when you live with someone i.e.: my youngest daughter who has mood swings as her moods are always unpredictable so after a long day of anger and tears a cuddle helped a little :)
I feel as though I have to swim  but I  it's hard to keep myself afloat
The waves are sucking me under ..
I feel  as though
It hard to  stay alive
Caught between
Definitely needs a shake .
On a patch of sinking sand .
As i struggle with daily life.
I feel  all  alone
Stuck in a big black clouds of  darkness.
My life has hit rock bottom
I wonder how it came to be .
lins Mar 27
my mood shifting like the wind
feels something like whiplash
pleading for it to end
knowing that when it does,
I might crash

I’ve never felt so chill
then thrown into a rage
while my body remains still
my heart beats harder,
behind my ribcage

I long to return
to my joyous smile
for happiness to burn
behind my eyes,
once in a while

I’m ready to go back to
the person I know I can be
I’m looking for a breakthrough
something that could finally
set me free
btw this one sounds better when read aloud
I'm a manic depressant
Don't mind my mood swings 'cause by next week you're gonna be wondering where my good mood went
Sometimes I talk really fast
It's like the words are coming out of my ass
'Cause the thoughts are racing
And around the room I'm pacing
Heart feeling like it wants to come out of my chest
Haven't gotten any rest
For some days
Because of my bipolar ways
Don't mind me
It's just the bipolar side of me, the bipolar side of me
My mood just can't be
Don't runaway, don't runaway
It's just the bipolar side of me
I didn't mean to scream
But sometimes I just feel mean
If you knew what it was like inside me head
You wouldn't be judging me, but instead
You would be trying to help me
But sometimes I know you don't agree
With the way I act
But for a fact
It's the bipolar side of me
Don't mind me
It's just the bipolar side of me, the bipolar side of me
My mood just can't be
It's just the bipolar side of me
olive Mar 7
when i am away
the butterflies go too
the best parts disappear
and i steal them back from you

when i am away
my mind goes back to bed
but my body is still moving
just walking without a head

when i am away
i go through neon doors
mindless and wandering about
and nothing i'm looking for

when i am away
is when you like me least
but trying to fight is pointless
when you lack a sword to kill a Beast
Lu Feb 28
Every day is a different story,
But cycles tend to form.
Cycles, cycles, cycles, cycles, cycles.
Compulsive, depressive, manic, crazy.

It’s like a CD skip- skip- skip- skipping,
But it’s not like she can remember why she was mad in the first place.
Doesn’t recall the fight you yelled at her for,
Can’t seem to forget her love for you though.

Roller coasters are her favorite.
Did you hear me? IRONY AT ITS FINEST.
Up and down and around and around,
Riding and being thrown by the waves over and over.

Thank you for putting up with her swinging,
Back and forth, like two-face.
She can’t control it, she didn’t want to be this way,
But God said she was strong enough...isn’t she?

At least she has good music tastes,
Riding around, the stations changing with her beautiful moods.
Smoke blowing out the windows,
She’s the one the music talks about: Here and Gone without a trace.

Do you think she ever gets tired?
Tired trying to keep up with her day to day phases?
Pha- Pha- Phases like the moon.
Beauty ever changing, but silent. Stuck in her head.

You love her though right?
I mean, think about it.
When it’s a good day, she’s so understanding and chill and all-around perfect.
Those days make every other worth it.


God bless the cycles, cycles, cy- cy- cycles.
For one whole day she’s uncontrollable.
Asking you a million questions and wanting to hug you for as long and as tight as she can.
Kisses, “I love yous,” excitement, annoyance.

“Can we get a pet octopus?
Oh pretty pretty please?
Can I cut my hair or dye it bright pink?”
“You hate pink” you say, but there she goes again.

Down down down the rabbit hole.
Off again she goes.
Hair flying in the breeze, that perfume you bought her still on your shirt.
Irri- irri- irritate- irritation.

The day very next, not even 24 hours yet,
Tears falling down her face, rivers of black eyeliner.
She doesn’t get out of bed.
“Baby what’s wrong?”

Nothing is ever truly wrong.
It’s like a weight on her chest, suppressing her every move.
A deep, black hole in the pit of her stomach, isn’t that what she said?
Misery at its finest. Almost like she’s already dead.

Why put up with her then?
Why ride this roller coaster?
Why hold her tight when she laughs?
Why hold her tight when she cries?

You see, why would anyone in the first place?

In fact, there’s no perks to dating a bipolar girl.
Not one.
Not at all.
Louisa Coller Feb 15
They tell me to stop being so
yet when I think about being
it makes me even more
so how come I can be
but I can't be
why is it acceptable to
but not to
why do we have to stay
when there are moments we're
and it's not realistically
to feel
to feel

They tell me to stop being so
while they themselves are
but little do they know that I find
in my
Lady Grey Feb 7
Some people make me think of colors

A hue for everyone
Some just ooze it
In the way they talk
And laugh
And walk

When they’re happy,
They turn brighter
And glow

When they’re sad,
They dim
And fade

But no matter their mood
Or state of mind,
Everyone paints whatever room they’re in
With their beautiful colors
Martin Narrod Jan 13

I don’t believe in size and fit
Or the split head’s of animals that
Cross the aching mind of the girl I’m with.
If its disease is blood then we’ve all got this
Same type of familiar sickness, just don’t Think that you won’t have to bother with it.

There’s a symptom, it shapes the skull
And wraps it with wire and twine. It’s just a Plaything or a playboy eating the fruit from The beasts and scarlet joys in the stashes
Of instant reliefs. Smooth arches off the

Feigning mood lines in the rough shadow
In your tourmaline corpse. Jostling in a glass bed of horror sex and crying as you wake up in a garden where nothing lives.
Shakes, too. Betting starvation and whet with the shivers in this strafe.
A M Dec 2017
the moon and I both
go through phases

my light wanes and waxes
just like hers does

when my light is full,
I'm giddy with how much I love you

but when my light is small,
I'm so cold,
enveloped by the shadows

I'm sorry for my cold spells
I hope you know
those phases have nothing to do with you

but just like the moon has the sun
I have you

your light illuminates the world
which illuminates me

you light me up
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