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Betty May 11
I will wear blue
a subtle gentle hue
but only on the outside
my what I show without side
the blue inside
on my underneath my skin side
is a much darker shade
that will not entirely fade
it's the indigo of empty
call it pain
for the things I have lost
that I thought would remain
Raven Feels Apr 19
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, what if I am a runaway not willing to remember???:]

possibility on a flying swing

maybe the moods maybe the winds

on my mind scarred on miles so pure so delicate

crumbling with the soon to forget forever drowned

don't know how far that red prison would grant me a benefit

lions scratching the waves of my pride

miss thirteen on lights of glory

fading on forest thorns and wilds before me

not even sure if you and me whispered in that stupid dark seen

                                                          ­                               ------ravenfeels
Jana Pelzom Dec 2020
‘I don’t feel too good’
Saying that out,
Does it make me any better?
I’m not saying it so that it would

But I don’t feel too good
And I don’t know what else to do;
I can not afford to be blue!—
Maybe there just isn’t enough food
That’s going in my stomach,
Or hopefully it’s just the flu.

I don’t feel too good
And I’m not empty of the belly
And I don’t have any fever,
But lord, what else is this hollow,
While sitting idly
What is this rapid unwanted temper?

Oh I don’t feel too good
And when I say it out
All I get back is a random “mood”
No I don’t feel good,
And I have not understood
That I may not recover
Anytime soon,
Or maybe I shan’t ever.
I don’t feel too good ©️2020 Jana Pelzom
when the mind’s
storm finds rest
in a rocking wave
and the fires
of the soul commit
to a sheltered candle
Revolutionary fervor
in an instant
of muted desire
like a broadsheet
in Rain
The morning throws us one way
Coffee sends us another
A message flies us off the earth
While glances chain us to the sea

A thought, like a drop of ink
In water, spreads and covers
Our quiet demeanor
With its demands

I missed the bus today
And after an hour I feel
The riptide
Pull me from the shore
Kristin Nov 2020
Little beads on a necklace
blue, high energy, anxious

Little beads on a necklace
a rainbow of moods

Six or so beads a day
down, angry, elated

Little beads on a necklace
such are my moods

If only I could have
the good without the bad

If only I could have
the sweet without the sad

But then all the pearls
would be one color

Little beads on a necklace
are who I am
Saïda Boūzazy Sep 2020
Psyche has moods
Sometime happy, others  gloomy
Psyche  has moods
Sometimes wise,  other times  fool

psyche has moods
Sometimes, I wander
Others, I surrender

Psyche has moods
Sometime melancholic,
Others sanguine
Psyche has moods
sometimes  choleric,
Others phlegmatic
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