Louisa Coller Feb 15
They tell me to stop being so
yet when I think about being
it makes me even more
so how come I can be
but I can't be
why is it acceptable to
but not to
why do we have to stay
when there are moments we're
and it's not realistically
to feel
to feel

They tell me to stop being so
while they themselves are
but little do they know that I find
in my
Lady Grey Feb 7
Some people make me think of colors

A hue for everyone
Some just ooze it
In the way they talk
And laugh
And walk

When they’re happy,
They turn brighter
And glow

When they’re sad,
They dim
And fade

But no matter their mood
Or state of mind,
Everyone paints whatever room they’re in
With their beautiful colors
Martin Narrod Jan 13

I don’t believe in size and fit
Or the split head’s of animals that
Cross the aching mind of the girl I’m with.
If its disease is blood then we’ve all got this
Same type of familiar sickness, just don’t Think that you won’t have to bother with it.

There’s a symptom, it shapes the skull
And wraps it with wire and twine. It’s just a Plaything or a playboy eating the fruit from The beasts and scarlet joys in the stashes
Of instant reliefs. Smooth arches off the

Feigning mood lines in the rough shadow
In your tourmaline corpse. Jostling in a glass bed of horror sex and crying as you wake up in a garden where nothing lives.
Shakes, too. Betting starvation and whet with the shivers in this strafe.
A M Dec 2017
the moon and I both
go through phases

my light wanes and waxes
just like hers does

when my light is full,
I'm giddy with how much I love you

but when my light is small,
I'm so cold,
enveloped by the shadows

I'm sorry for my cold spells
I hope you know
those phases have nothing to do with you

but just like the moon has the sun
I have you

your light illuminates the world
which illuminates me

you light me up
Marc Hawkins Oct 2017
Your softest nature elicits returns
With silver charms and gold tooth smiles,
And your love for fellow mankind burns,
Your existence free of turmoil and trials.
When people defend your ranks and reputes
And are willingly kind when speaking your name,
Your character fine in practice recruits
Alliances forged, animosities tamed.
No fist that is hidden within a velvet glove
Nor sleight or disdain so worthless and shotten,
And all is good and fair in love
And war is ever to be forgotten.

But see how soon your prized elation
Is made to fail and crash to Earth,
From super gliding elevation
To ditch go falling in scathing mirth.
And how you turn like the change of season,
You come, incognito, dark wings furled.
Tempestuous and wild without rhyme or reason,
Caught and lost between two worlds.
What difference in words of you now spoken
When you, your reputation embrown,
Your wings unfurled will soon be broken
And your saintly crown falls
Terry Collett Sep 2017
Bring me back into the light.
The day seems dull, leaked away
bit by bit into night.

This Black Dog day sneaks up
like a hound to bark and bite.  

Open wide the windows
of my eyes to give my soul
fresh air and sight.

There are dead fellows
who share the Dog
and fear tomorrow
knowing it won't be right.

Are we the light deniers?
Or are we the battlers
against the dark and Black Dog
who fight with all their might?

The battlefields are scattered
and scarred by those who lost
their battle with their dark
and Black Dog's bite
and welcomed by death
with open arms and delight
Moods of depression
Brian Hoffman Aug 2017
I don't know where time has gone.
My mind blank growing old.
This summer is deceivingly cold.
Would it be bold to take the risk to have and to hold?
I'm drowning deeper keep me under until I'm numb and stone.
Shallowed out drawing ghosts.
Pale white heavenly sung.
Drag me out to the bone.
Take me to my grave stone.
Skeleton hearts are long gone.
Tired of waiting and not being enough.
Tired of the drugs and early mornings hoping I don't wake up.
This safe haven isn't even worth it to me.
The pills will break and destroy shit in and outside of me.
Take me over just give me what I deserve.
Leave me speechless, breath taken without any words.
Fuck me so well you do it gladly.
It's no wonder I'm going madly.
So here I lay sadly.
Feelings fade and people bash me.
A cigarette burns like ashes to magic.
Whys life gotta be so tragic?
An empty wine glass a broken mirror.
I hear the screams growing closer.  
Shutter shutter stone faced cold cuts going deeper.
In life they say try and get better, well with this life I'm living it's been such a disaster.
No words left pains sinks faster.
Hold me deep keep me underwater.
Drowning underneath the heavy blue lagoon.
Killing me it's no wonder I'm doomed.
When I leave this earth it won't even matter.
Not to you or me.
No one will see.
So why not I'll finally let myself free?
Everyday has been a constant struggle. I can't make it out much longer. Days feel so long and stretched its no wonder I'm stressed. Anxiety, mood swings and depression will be the death of me. The pills will take me and finally I shall be free.
Jaycee Jul 2017
Up until my eyes are bloodshot.
I think about my life until my stomach is in knots,
I feel sad, happy, mad, sometimes it gets confusing.
In the end I do fall asleep but tomorrow I know what's awaiting me.
Josh Jun 2017
I'm a pendulum
Slowly swinging one way and another.
Always destined to be opposite,
Always almost touching one extreme or the another.
I long for the dull thud of metal on wood.
I remember as a child playing with the brass pendulum of my parents' clock. Interfering.

I'm a cuckoo cuckoo.
In my cuckoo clock.
Popping in and out.
Hidden inside or on full, crude display,
Chirping away,
But never will I not be the other,
In time.

I am the weather,
My own seasons,
A planet orbiting its sun,
Ever-changing, always running,
Spinning, dizzying, ever busying Myself but never getting to the sun.
Never knowing true dark or true light,
Only the insistent tick tock of day and night.
Regimented, regular dawns and dusks.
Waiting for the next change of scene
Wondering what it would mean to reach the sun,
Wanting to let the cuckoo break loose of its small, wooden case.
How I felt this weekend
Damian Murphy Jun 2017
Should you be having a bad day
For one reason or another,
Do not make those around you pay...
Do not take it out on others!
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