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6d · 426
Empty Lyrics
It's so poetic
Yet so empty
With so much emotion
But no lyrics

I want to smile
I want to cry
I just want to sit
And truly listen

Can I be this poetic
Can I make lovely words
Reach many others
Or is is all just for fun
Nov 10 · 578
Broken Pieces Nov 10
Am I like Pluto?
No longer a real planet.
I'm kinda just there.
Nov 3 · 823
The Same
Read it forwards but it's all the same.
Read it backwards, give it a name,

Just go away.
They don't want to stay,

How could you believe they care?
Don't think that life is fair,

I'm tired of living in the past.
Turn the time, make life last

This isn't goodbye, I wish it was.
I want to be floating in the stars,

But life tends to be mean.
I want desperately to be seen.
~Read it backwards or forwards but it's kinda the same, not quite a palindrome, though the meaning is the same~
Nov 2 · 387
Funny, a simple change, well, it changes so much.
I feel confident by just a simple touch.
It doesn't seem like much to others,
But to me I feel brand new with these two colors.
It doesn't shine nor shimmer,
In fact it's a hell of a lot dimmer.
It doesn't stop me from feeling on top of the world,
And with this change I demand to be heard.
I won't stop, I'll keep it going,
I can't shine but I'll keep on glowing.
The world is still dark and dreary,
Thinking of the past still makes me teary.
But I feel a bit brighter,
I feel like I'm a fighter.
Thank you change for helping me out,
I'm no longer afraid to raise my voice and shout.
Oct 26 · 223
We All Fall Down
Broken Pieces Oct 26
Life has ended, we're all dead.
The words are constantly stuck in my head.
I hear the screams and cries,
I hear them under all the lies.
Everyone is going under, but where to go?
You may have emotions but don't let them show.
You might want to try and be found,

We all fall down.
Oct 21 · 620
Broken Pieces Oct 21
I really needed you
I thought you wanted me too
But you just ripped yourself away
Should've known you wouldn't stay

We were supposed to be perfect
But you went treated me like an object
Why is everything I do not right
Why do you always steal my light.

I saved up this love to save me
And I was happy but you couldn't let it be...
Oct 12 · 341
Broken Pieces Oct 12
It's kinda like a storm,
Or maybe it's just rain.
I feel it deep inside,
This never ending pain.

I want it all to end,
I don't want any more.
But it's not stopping,
Now I feel it pour.

When will the eye come,
when will the pain be done.
Will it ever be enough,
Will I ever see the sun.
Oct 5 · 295
There is violence all around,
I'm not sure what to do.
I feel so useless now,
How can I help you?

We are all falling apart now,
I'm trying to help you see.
Kicking, slapping, falling apart,
Please listen to me.

Lower your stupid pride,
The guilt is swallowing you.
You can't just run away,
Please just say you're sorry too.

Violence, violence all around,
I just want to scream and shout.
I'm trying not to fall apart,
But you think I'm trying to pout.
Sep 23 · 158
Broken Pieces Sep 23
We dance in the dark,
                                    Watching the lovely sun rise.
                                    A wonderful time to leave our mark,
                                    We love and don't deal with any lies.

Our love is pure and made to fly,
My eyes focused on you I want nothing else,
It's nice to finally not wanna cry,
I don't worry about focusing on myself.

                                                    You start to fade and I wonder why,
                                                    Please don't leave me I need your smile.
                                                   What can I do what do I need to try?
                                                   We loved too long for you to leave for awhile.

                                   I start to cry I start to shake,
                                   Because I realized it was all a dream.
                                   I don't want to but I awake,
                                  Turns out not everything it what it seems.
Sep 22 · 356
Final Tear
Broken Pieces Sep 22
It feels like it just happened yesterday you see,
I know you just wanted to set me free.

Not that long ago you were mine,
But now I don't get to cross that line.

It looks like you've moved on from me,
I always thought we were meant to be.

I know I'll miss you forever and ever,
But I think you want our bond to be severed.

I love you for eternity my dear,
Today I shed my final tear.
Sep 20 · 280
Perfect Strangers
Broken Pieces Sep 20
You were once a person I thought I could trust,
You always had my back and made sure I was okay.
That is until my friendship wasn’t a must,
So you turned your back and just walked away.

I thought you and I would be an unstoppable pair,
We would forever be the best of friends.
Soon you grew cold and made a tear,
I tried to fix it but we couldn’t make amends.

You and I are now perfect strangers with a past,
We smile all big and bright while we break inside.
Finding out even the best friendships don’t last,
Because you looked me in the eye and lied.
Sep 20 · 316
What is This Life?
Broken Pieces Sep 20
Why do I feel so lost?
My life is getting better day by day,
But my mental health seems to be the cost.
I'm trying to listen, but I'm tired of what they say.
The voices in my head are so loud,
It's drowning out everything out.
I feel like I have to act proud,
But I just want to shout.

Leave me be you stupid inner thoughts!
You cut me down harder than a knife,
You make me feel like I'm at a loss.
I don't want to die but I wanna give up on life!
Why does everything have to be a certain way?
Why do people continue to judge?
Can't people just finally stay,
I'm tired of each and every petty grudge.

This world is simple but yet so hard,
I want to give up but I don't know how.
I make a mirror break and use a shard,
I'm not okay, there is no way back now.
Like ***** I've known for awhile,
It doesn't change the fact that I still love you.
I keep trying to live in denial,
You keep changing but I wish you loved me too.
Broken Pieces Sep 13
Every time I'm doing okay,
You always gotta come back and ruin my day.
I'm just trying to breathe like what the hell!?
I haven't cut yet you hurt me and I fell.

I just want to live my life and be okay,
Make this pain and suffering go away.
How is it so easy for you to ruin me?
When all I've done is set you free.

Yay me I'm writing now,
But honestly I don't even know how.
Let's just get this over with I'm done with you,
Wish you were done with me too
Aug 25 · 850
Do I?
Broken Pieces Aug 25
Do I even have any good words to right anymore?
Jul 28 · 232
Fooled Again
Broken Pieces Jul 28
I used to think you could be my future,
But you turned that image into a nightmare.
It’s crazy to see what you are now, and what you were,
You know that one kid, you’re next to him right there.

Who knew you’d be the one to push me over the edge,
I ended up in a mental hospital broken and alone.
I sat there thinking, trembling on the ledge,
I come back and you even have a different tone.

You can’t treat me however you like,
The saddest part is how I still love you.
Making me walk over these spikes,
Because of you I only let in a few.

I don’t want to get hurt so I push everyone away,
But of course I once trusted you with my heart.
My heart is broken into pieces, I’m not okay,
I lost my sense of art.
Hey guys! I know it's been awhile since I've written anything, but I'm officially back! I'm gonna try to write at least once a week. Thanks for all of your support!💜✌️
Jul 6 · 244
For awhile now I've been free,
But I feel stuck, drowning in the sea.

I've been good at hiding my emotions and scars,
I've been searching for you among the stars.

Running into eachother broke my heart,
But you say it's better to just stay apart.

I still have my demons I need to fight,
And you took away my light.

You can leave my life that's fine,
But don't blame me when I shine.

I may not have you,
But I have someone new.
May 4 · 232
What If
What if you decided to stay?
What if you never walked away?
What if I said hello to you?
What if you said hello too?

What if we could be together?
What if we could last forever?
What if I was okay?
What if I knew what to say?

What if we never parted ways?
What if we stopped with the okays?
What if life was different and good?
What if I could've understood?

All of these things in my mind,
Are getting harder to find.
When things like these are stuck in my head,
Like the question what if I was dead.
All of us have our what if questions to live with.
Apr 30 · 879
Broken Pieces Apr 30
Day after day,
Night after night,
I am struggling more,
I can't see the light.

                                             It's a funny little thing,
                                             The thing stuck in my mind.
                                             How could I ever think,
                                             That there was a love I could find.

I wonder sometimes,
What others would say.
They would see the scars,
And they would walk away.

                                              Every single day,
                                              It gets darker.
                                              The darkness leaves a mark,
                                              Just like a marker.

Day after day,
Night after night,
I am struggling more,
I can't see the light.
Apr 30 · 233
Broken Beneath
Broken Pieces Apr 30
My mind is a dark place I can't navigate,
Last night my bad dreams took over me.
Everyday gets harder and harder,
I'm trying but no one can see.

I just want to try and heal,
But I'm struggling to find a home.
I want to be okay,
I don't want to be alone.

I know we all have our broken pieces,
Mine are getting harder to hold after long.
The pieces cut be beneath the skin,
I was a fool to think I could be strong.
Apr 29 · 100
It’s Always the Same
Broken Pieces Apr 29
So, you broke me and I though you’d be different,
Kinda wish I had just never met you.
Even though I’m different now,
I’m tired of all the pain caused by you.

You lied straight to my face,
Told me that it wasn’t true.
How could you do that,
How could you break me too.

Honestly this is just a rant,
I feel like I can’t really write anymore.
I’m still sorry for the things that happened to you,
I wish I could drown and wash up on the shore.
Apr 28 · 1.6k
Broken Pieces
Broken Pieces Apr 28
You know a lot of people in my life want to change who they are,
And I get that I used to think that, looking at others from afar.

One of the things I’ve learned from wanting to be you,
Was that you are hurt and broken too.

You always think someone else has a better life,
But most times they are just better at hiding the knife.

We are all walking around with our broken pieces,
If you actually saw the population of the broken increases.

Being someone else doesn’t mean you’ll be healed,
It just means your deep dark memories will be sealed.
Apr 22 · 427
Love? Hate?
Broken Pieces Apr 22
Every time I start to be okay,
I get worried that people will stay away.

This simple lesson I need to know,
It’s okay to let your emotions show.

Because even if people leave you,
You’ll always have yourself too.

One day there will be someone who loves you,
And those feelings will be all so new.

Love yourself and you can love others,
Hate yourself and you won’t be able to save others.
Apr 19 · 322
Nothing and Something
Broken Pieces Apr 19
How would you react if I said I missed you?
Would you miss me too?

It's highly unlikely because you seem to be okay,
But I still wonder what it would be like if you were to stay.

I don't want to, but I think of you every day,
I'm really sorry to brings this up this way.

I can just never seem to say anything right,
It's so hard for me to think about the light.

I'm ranting on and on about how I feel,
This is the only place where I can keep it real.

I cannot imagine myself without this site,
I for sure know the future wouldn't be bright.

Well this was a poem about nothing,
But it happened to lead to something.
Apr 19 · 310
Am I Ready?
Broken Pieces Apr 19
I'm finally ready to go,
But there is a fear that I won't let show.
I'm so scared I'm going to fall into the same dark,
I'm still forced to relive the past with every single mark.

What if I'm not actually ready to be okay?
What if everything goes great until people don't stay?
Why do I have so many fears about this day?
I keep saying I'm ready but is that really the way?

People tell me the fears are only in my head,
But I still have the biggest fear of being dead.
It's true I've worked hard and I seem new,
But yet there is something that still draws me to you.

I always thought if I could smile I was over you,
But I smile and the pain stays too.
If you say you're okay enough I'm sure it'll work,
But the demons will always stay around and lurk.

So yea I'm ready to leave, let's see how this will go,
Hopefully all of my emotions will begin to show.
I really do want this to be different so please help me,
I just want to be happy and be set free.
Broken Pieces Apr 13
It’s this never ending cycle.
I can’t carry this anymore,
It’s so hard to hold everyone’s problems.
You want me to be okay? Sure,
But on the inside it’s so easy to see my hurt.

I’m so tired of trying to be okay,
I feel like I’m falling or maybe just shutting down.
I’m here but my soul is drifting away,
This pain is weighing me down.

People take pieces from me,
I just want to be whole again.
Sure leave set yourself free,
It’s not like I’m used to people staying.

If you really are done thanks for letting me know,
I know it’ll **** but I’ll be fine.
I’ll feel things without letting them show,
It’s this never ending cycle that repeats.
Apr 6 · 314
Broken and a Mess
This time it's not a poem,
This time it's nothing to see.
This time I'm breaking apart,
This time I don't think I'll last.
This time I want to give up,
This time I don't know what to write.
This time I feel like ****,
This time I thought could be different.
But here I am broken and a mess.
Why can't I seem to ever be fully okay?
I'm always out to help everyone else,
I've never even thought to help myself.

Now I'm stuck in a rut with nowhere to go,
And here I am, I even have nothing to show.

As I'm here I have been forced to learn,
I can't save anyone if I can't save myself from the burn.

I'm trying I really am,
But I'm giving less and less of a ****.

Every time I'm close to being saved,
Another scar from others is engraved.

So I give up for now and I know that *****,
But I honestly don't give two *****.
Apr 2 · 111
My anxieties rising these days,
If they want to see they have their ways.

All I can see is old trees and dead grass,
Not seeing much is a pain in my ***.

Not being able to walk on my trail,
It’s starting to feel a lot like jail.

I feel trapped there’s nowhere to go,
I have so many emotions that I don’t want to show.
My friends very fist poem! And she says she can’t write🙄
Mar 31 · 608
New Change?
Broken Pieces Mar 31
I've been off on a twisted adventure,
Finding the best way to reach my center.

It feels like I've been completely alone,
I feel like there are still so many unknowns.

Do I feel any change happening?
Sometimes I wonder if I'm just imagining.

I'm working hard to try something completely new,
It's really weird to be working on myself to.
Mar 31 · 201
Broken Pieces Mar 31
You see her walking through the halls,
You don't see how she put up her walls.

If you see her at home in her room,
You can see the cuts that begin to bloom.

She's good at putting up the public smile,
You'd never understand why she goes through the trial.

She seems to always be with the stars,
But that's only because you've never seen the scars.
Mar 31 · 240
Broken Pieces Mar 31
My emotions are stable, at least they appear to be.
For some reason I feel as if it's still not me.
I keep telling myself I'm happy and I'm fine,
But am I really on that line?

Enough with the ******* rhyming nonsense,
I'm really not okay and this is my cry for help.
I want someone to save me but I don't know how,
Will someone come and take me away from this town?
Feb 23 · 441
Broken Pieces Feb 23
I haven't been able to write for awhile,
I've been more focused on just trying to smile.

I have loved and lost,
Each time with a bigger cost.

This time around my heart was broken,
Yet he wears pieces like a token.

When I needed someone the most,
They left like a ghost.

I let my cuts go deeper without a care,
Making sure that no one was aware.

Writing this is like a confession,
I have a major depression.
Feb 23 · 411
Long Silence
Broken Pieces Feb 23
It's been awhile since I found my inner song,
I've been looking at everything so wrong.
I disappeared into the great sea of darkness,
I tried my best but was always seen as heartless.

How can I make up for this time here?
I long for my friends to be oh so near.
I wish this wasn't the way things had to be,
But it'll take me awhile to find the real me.

I understand if you can't just wait around,
I won't be upset if you give up on my sound.
Just always remember how we used to be,
Look at the way we used to laugh and see.
Nov 2020 · 325
My Love
Broken Pieces Nov 2020
I hope that you can see,
My love you were everything to me.

Even though it's hard to move on with life,
I found a way to cope with the knife.

You used to take the pain away,
But honey you did not stay.

I'm sorry this is how it had to end,
But I am glad you didn't decide to pretend.

You showed me how beautiful life can be,
But baby you wanted to be free.

It's okay though I understand,
I guess this was just now the way I planned.

I loved you more then I could ever tell,
But my love we had to say farewell.
Nov 2020 · 403
You Were
Broken Pieces Nov 2020
You are the joy that fills my eyes whenever I smile,
You are the reason I can be happy for awhile.

You are the sun who shines through my life,
You are the reason I haven't taken the knife.

You are the reason I can talk about being okay,
You are the reason my life isn't black and grey.

You are the reason I can breathe well,
You are the reason I never fully fell.

You were the reason I was thrilled,
So when you left it hurt, it killed.

You are the reason I am fine
You are..... Well you used to be mine.

But you left us to be a distant part of our past,
Just all because you decided we'd never last.
Nov 2020 · 516
Green Grass Meadow
Broken Pieces Nov 2020
The green grass meadow where I go to play,
A place where I can take my fears away.
A place where the sun always shines brightly,
And the grass kisses my skin ever so slightly.

The beautiful flowers brightly in bloom,
I don’t have to worry about the coming doom.
The sky so brightly blue above,
It makes me feel so in love.

Here in the meadow I am not alone,
Because here with me are my friends I call home.
Together we lay in the grass having fun,
Pointing at clouds and admiring the sun.
Oct 2020 · 337
True Feeling
Broken Pieces Oct 2020
I break apart more bit by bit every single day,
While I wait for you to tell me you'll stay.

Those words still haven't been said,
I think you left me for the dead.

Have a great life,
At least one of us doesn't have a knife.
Oct 2020 · 216
Before I Go
Broken Pieces Oct 2020
Before I go, can I try and make you happy?
Should I rewrite that line since it's a bit sappy?

Before I go, is it okay to give one last smile?
I know I know, I've cried for quite a while.

Before I go, can I tell you how much you mean to me?
I'm sorry that I will be leaving, but you'll be free.

Before I go, can I write out my last few lines?
I'll keep it happy with my "I'm fines."

Before I go, can I try one last shout?
I want you to be happy without a doubt.
Sep 2020 · 113
Thoughts From the Broken
Broken Pieces Sep 2020
Do you ever wonder if everything you do is wrong?
Do you ever wonder if every word you write goes to the wrong song?

Do you ever feel so small and fragile as if you could just break?
Do you ever feel like you are just a giant mistake?

Do you ever get so scared that everyone will leave?
Do you ever get so mad because it's hard to believe?

Do you ever wonder how long it'll take to be okay?
Do you ever wonder about who will truly stay?
Sep 2020 · 251
Just a Poem
Broken Pieces Sep 2020
I thought our fate was intertwined,
But it turned out that I was just blind.
No matter how hard I try, we never touch.
I want to do my best to be okay and such.
You were my friend, I knew I could always trust you,
But you came back to visit and you were brand new.
The time between passed, and we’d forgotten each other,
It seemed like we were no longer there for one another.
You came back though and we had a couple laughs,
But it’s obvious we’re on separate paths.
I know I gotta say goodbye, it’s the right thing to do,
But a proper goodbye is long overdue.
Broken Pieces Sep 2020
I feel like I'm floating on the sky,
Rather than being afraid to cry.

I feel like anything to come is good,
I feel like I'm finally understood.

But at the same time I've filled with fear,
Wondering if the bad is near.

I feel like it's wrong to feel this much joy,
Because it could just destroy.

So is it wrong to be okay?
I'm not sure if I still feel that way.
Sep 2020 · 174
I Wonder
Broken Pieces Sep 2020
I wonder a lot how you feel about me,
I look at you and think about what you see.

When I see you my stomach flutters and my heart stops,
You look at me and smile, my jaw just drops.

I don't know what you could possibly see in me,
Because I am a mess just drowning in the sea.

But you see something because you stay,
And you make me smile, laugh and feel okay!
Sep 2020 · 1.1k
Broken Pieces Sep 2020
She is the sunflower in the field of grass,
She stands tall, full of all that sass.

She is the sunflower bright and tall,
She is a firm sunflower that won't fall.

She is the sunflower that will change the world,
She will scream and shout and she will be heard.

She is just a sunflower in a field of grass,
But she will take a stand and won't break like glass.
Sep 2020 · 194
The Road to Healing
Broken Pieces Sep 2020
The road to healing has been long and hard,
It's made it difficult to put down my guard.

The road to healing is full of ups and downs,
Making me questions all of the sounds.

The road to healing is still not over yet,
And I know it's not something I'll ever forget.

Yes the road has been hard, But I've had others to help me,
My friends and family helped me become free.

Even though it's not quite over,
I'm no longer scared I won't find closure.
Aug 2020 · 138
Goodnight Kiss
Broken Pieces Aug 2020
I never thought it would happen like that,
I honestly thought we would just hug and chat.

It's the first time in awhile I've felt so happy in my life,
It's the first time in awhile I didn't think of the knife.

Once you got home we continued to talk,
I'm honestly surprised I was able to walk.

You made me heart flutter so amazingly,
It's wonderful how you can love me so unfailingly.

You are the one who made me feel like this,
With the wonderful goodnight kiss.
A poem dedicated to my friend who got her first kiss from her two year long crush!
Written in her perspective!
Aug 2020 · 1.2k
"I'm Just Tired"
Broken Pieces Aug 2020
"I'm just tired."                                                          ­              Tired of trying, 
"I'm just tired."                                                          ­              Tired of crying.

"I'm just tired."                                                          ­             Tired of smiling,  
"I'm just tired."                                                          ­               Tired of dying.

"I'm fine, just tired."                                                        Tired of saying fine,
"I'm fine, just tired."                                      When I'm way beyond that line.

"I'm fine, just tired."                                              Tired of fighting my mind,
"I'm fine, just tired."                                             Tired of always being kind. 

"I'm ok."                                                             ­              Tired of the faking, 
"I'm ok."                                                             ­            Tired of the shaking.

"I'm ok."                                                             ­               Tired of forgiving,
"I'm not ok!"                                                             ­              Tired of living.
Aug 2020 · 418
Late Night Thoughts
Broken Pieces Aug 2020
I'm just sitting her questioning my entire life,
Kinda wondering why I don't use the knife.

This life makes me wonder what's worth living,
This life makes me question what's worth forgiving.

Healing is a long process, but it doesn't help when I'm still sad,
I wish I could be different and just appreciate all I had.

If I could change one thing in the past, what would it be?
Would I finally be able to come to terms with being me?

These are my late night thoughts I can't escape,
But no matter what I can't change their shape.
Aug 2020 · 326
Anxiety, Depression
Broken Pieces Aug 2020
Anxieties knocking at my door,
But Depressions already here.
These two together cause a war,
It gives me another feeling, fear.

Anxieties on my couch hanging out,
But Depression is coming from my room.
They reunite again and begin to shout,
It's calmed down but I have so much gloom.

Depression lays down in bed with me,
Anxiety is waiting on the floor.
Depressions grasp is strong I can't break free,
I'm not okay and I can't pretend anymore.
Aug 2020 · 668
Just Me.
Broken Pieces Aug 2020
Once there was a girl going through a hell of a storm,
She sat in the rain trying her best to keep warm.

She was so great at acting like she was perfectly okay,
She could smile so brightly and you'd never know someone went away.

Smiling was her best way to fake, while scratching was her only way to cope,
She tried to grab onto the ladder but it fell quickly, as it did so did her hope.

It's a funny little poem I've written, because in case you didn't see,
This girl lying through the smiles is actually just me.
Aug 2020 · 301
Teen Trauma
Broken Pieces Aug 2020
Life hasn't been easy lately, we are trying our best.
But we’re just depressed.
There is no cure for sadness, if we just try to be happy,
It leads to madness.
Trying our best everyday,
Even if it feels like there's no way.
We are the ones to carry the legacy,
But we’re filled with jealousy.
We see others walking around so happily,
They seem like the perfect family.
If only we could be okay,
But the trauma will stay.
We hear the beautiful sound,
But it can’t seem to be found.
We walk empty through life,
Trying to say away from the knife.
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