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My body, my voice.
My body, my life.
Yet I drift away farther apart,
My body, but I've lost my voice.
Hello past and future me,
How's life?

I'm saying goodbye to all that doesn't show,
Finally moving on.

2023, the year I leave,
Goodbye everyone I knew.

Hopefully it's a good year,
At least better than 2022
Broken Pieces Oct 2022
Roses are red,
Violets are blooming.
What's on my heart has been said,
Yet something is still looming.

You make me smile,
You make me laugh.
I haven't felt this in a while,
Haven't felt even a half.

Familiar memories come rushing through,
But my heart isn't reminded of you.
Are you my lover
Or was it a past of another.

Please I need to know,
What my heart won't show.
Am I in love with you,
Or the past feelings I had for him too.
Broken Pieces Apr 2022
I count each number,
The calories drowning me.
And I just can’t float.
Broken Pieces Apr 2022
Is that what I am
A simple mistake
Taking up space

Is that what you see
But little old me

Can I be something
Or am I stuck
Forced to be nothing
Broken Pieces Mar 2022
This is my personal poem to you,
One that I will keep private and new.
You have helped set me free,
In a way I never thought could be.

You showed me simple things that mean a lot,
I won't let the darkness have a hold, I cannot.
You've helped show me I can fight this life,
You've helped show me I can go without the knife.

You've let me see the person I can be,
You've let me grow so I won't drown in the sea.
I thank you for the simple things you've done,
You've shown me this battle can be won.
Broken Pieces Mar 2022
The illness that took away is all I have left,
It took away everything and left me depressed.
It clawed at my bones, my skin and the beating of my heart,
I was happy and free but now we're apart.
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