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We dance in the dark,
                                    Watching the lovely sun rise.
                                    A wonderful time to leave our mark,
                                    We love and don't deal with any lies.

Our love is pure and made to fly,
My eyes focused on you I want nothing else,
It's nice to finally not wanna cry,
I don't worry about focusing on myself.

                                                    You start to fade and I wonder why,
                                                    Please don't leave me I need your smile.
                                                   What can I do what do I need to try?
                                                   We loved too long for you to leave for awhile.

                                   I start to cry I start to shake,
                                   Because I realized it was all a dream.
                                   I don't want to but I awake,
                                  Turns out not everything it what it seems.
It feels like it just happened yesterday you see,
I know you just wanted to set me free.

Not that long ago you were mine,
But now I don't get to cross that line.

It looks like you've moved on from me,
I always thought we were meant to be.

I know I'll miss you forever and ever,
But I think you want our bond to be severed.

I love you for eternity my dear,
Today I shed my final tear.
You were once a person I thought I could trust,
You always had my back and made sure I was okay.
That is until my friendship wasn’t a must,
So you turned your back and just walked away.

I thought you and I would be an unstoppable pair,
We would forever be the best of friends.
Soon you grew cold and made a tear,
I tried to fix it but we couldn’t make amends.

You and I are now perfect strangers with a past,
We smile all big and bright while we break inside.
Finding out even the best friendships don’t last,
Because you looked me in the eye and lied.
Why do I feel so lost?
My life is getting better day by day,
But my mental health seems to be the cost.
I'm trying to listen, but I'm tired of what they say.
The voices in my head are so loud,
It's drowning out everything out.
I feel like I have to act proud,
But I just want to shout.

Leave me be you stupid inner thoughts!
You cut me down harder than a knife,
You make me feel like I'm at a loss.
I don't want to die but I wanna give up on life!
Why does everything have to be a certain way?
Why do people continue to judge?
Can't people just finally stay,
I'm tired of each and every petty grudge.

This world is simple but yet so hard,
I want to give up but I don't know how.
I make a mirror break and use a shard,
I'm not okay, there is no way back now.
Like ***** I've known for awhile,
It doesn't change the fact that I still love you.
I keep trying to live in denial,
You keep changing but I wish you loved me too.
Broken Pieces Sep 13
Every time I'm doing okay,
You always gotta come back and ruin my day.
I'm just trying to breathe like what the hell!?
I haven't cut yet you hurt me and I fell.

I just want to live my life and be okay,
Make this pain and suffering go away.
How is it so easy for you to ruin me?
When all I've done is set you free.

Yay me I'm writing now,
But honestly I don't even know how.
Let's just get this over with I'm done with you,
Wish you were done with me too
Broken Pieces Aug 25
Do I even have any good words to right anymore?
Broken Pieces Jul 28
I used to think you could be my future,
But you turned that image into a nightmare.
It’s crazy to see what you are now, and what you were,
You know that one kid, you’re next to him right there.

Who knew you’d be the one to push me over the edge,
I ended up in a mental hospital broken and alone.
I sat there thinking, trembling on the ledge,
I come back and you even have a different tone.

You can’t treat me however you like,
The saddest part is how I still love you.
Making me walk over these spikes,
Because of you I only let in a few.

I don’t want to get hurt so I push everyone away,
But of course I once trusted you with my heart.
My heart is broken into pieces, I’m not okay,
I lost my sense of art.
Hey guys! I know it's been awhile since I've written anything, but I'm officially back! I'm gonna try to write at least once a week. Thanks for all of your support!💜✌️
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