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Broken Pieces Jan 18
Learning to try,
Where does my identity lie?
Finding myself again is hard,
Harder when I've raised my guard.
Trying to learn it's okay to be alone,
Spending this year on my own.
Broken Pieces Aug 2023
What's it like to die but still breathe,
To walk, talk, live, while being dead underneath.

I want to die but physically I'm here,
I'm alone in this feeling, I fear.

Sure, others feel the same,
But no one close by can share my shame.

Let me go, free to die,
Let me go, stop chasing the ghost tide.
Broken Pieces Feb 2023
The farther I fall the darker it gets,
Everywhere around me I feel these threats.

I’m falling faster but I can’t slow down,
All these eyes are looking at me as I look around.
My head is shrinking, and it begins to pound,
An escape is nowhere to be found.

Can someone help me?
Can I even be seen?
Please just somebody, Please just help me get free.

Stuck in a loop, forever feeling alone,
Putting myself out there but I remain unknown.
I just want someone to see my true self,
I’m tired of putting her away on the shelf.

I fall faster into the deep abyss,
The old times I simply reminisce.
As the loop continues, the void grows,
I feel like I’m dead and I’ve begun to decompose.

Is anyone out there?
Now I’m losing my air.
Broken Pieces Feb 2023
My body, my voice.
My body, my life.
Yet I drift away farther apart,
My body, but I've lost my voice.
Broken Pieces Jan 2023
Hello past and future me,
How's life?

I'm saying goodbye to all that doesn't show,
Finally moving on.

2023, the year I leave,
Goodbye everyone I knew.

Hopefully it's a good year,
At least better than 2022
Broken Pieces Oct 2022
Roses are red,
Violets are blooming.
What's on my heart has been said,
Yet something is still looming.

You make me smile,
You make me laugh.
I haven't felt this in a while,
Haven't felt even a half.

Familiar memories come rushing through,
But my heart isn't reminded of you.
Are you my lover
Or was it a past of another.

Please I need to know,
What my heart won't show.
Am I in love with you,
Or the past feelings I had for him too.
Broken Pieces Apr 2022
I count each number,
The calories drowning me.
And I just can’t float.
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