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A closed casket
often proposes
A High price
or something
That's why I opt to favor my
So therefore
I don't wanna switch to
And that's on sight
In light of or inspite of
how the might of my
will be
( wrapped ) with
the Lord's
for when they
Test me
So don't test
Cause I'm not looking
to turn a Right
or a
And that's even
if it's
the way that
Me and
For I know that
the Lord
will truly
Prep me
before my breath


Fight the good fight of faith
Ritz Writes Jun 7
Forgive me Father for we were too blind to lead our hearts, misled by our fragile thoughts and irreconcilable differences.
Forgive me Father for the misinterpretation created in in my head by dilemma and submerged in trauma;
I was blind to trust and numb to disregard  our own fresh wounds rubbed in salts in guise of words.
W o r d s
Cuts like a knife, straight to the heart and insidious
Like an uninvited guest, it stays till you're completely exhausted.
Drowned myself in vulnerability to trust the stranger
Unsure of the grave repercussion and danger.
Forgive us Father for losing ourselves in pain and game
For we were too naive to comprehend
Until we embarked on suffering till the end.
Nat Lipstadt May 30
Have writ of the return to our sheltering place so oft,
sanity suggests move on to a topic lesser revered, yet,
the throb of compulsion is irresistible, immovable, irrefutable!
so the fingertips tango step over a white screen dance floor,
looking, for old steps, new combinations, awaiting reincarnation!

as if self-denial was even possible, sanity and need are irrecusable.

Every exodus requires a commencement miracle, ours annualized,
the small SUV engorged, supplies-swollen, a Chanukah oil miracle,
time & space expand - always enough, calm stating, ¡más! accepting
all offerings and longings, rolling merrily along the worn paths and hamlets of Indian origin, voyagers, port to port, till we are destined,

free forced to isle~ferry, to-exhale relief; Here! an embraceable peace.

Water~bounded, isolated isola, surround~sounded tween two spits of land, two forks, two tines, define/defend its in~between persona,
welcoming but skeptical, welcoming but take note, we all become an islander, even by osmosis, distinctive, in~possession of a collective history of heroes memory, inscribed names, on our ferries, highways, & eyes

we all become sheltered islanders, serving by remembering….

Memorial Day 2022
Shelter Island
( ....? )
As I look around.. all I can see
Is a bunch of.. screwéd up
It's got to be reality that gets to challenge
each.. of us
And that's daily on the basis of
For they say that opposites attract?
But I say it's just a
But never mind me
For I'm just.. passively aggressively
Speaking like I've seen it within a
But no longer coping with the
Too many.. trees for me
Oh well,
Just typically being a male
Who's mostly thinking with his
" Penís "
As I'm still loosing focus?
For life is so hope-less when you're falsely
( Smh )
It just shows.. that a part of me is still
One of these two.. Divisions
                               now namely..
                        The Alpha  
The Beta
The better half of me.. is really a
And that's genetically.. where the
seed.. is
But man.. I am now
Now thinking?
Like who am I supposed to be
If the best of me is left in a
That is not so..
For I invision a circumcision
with incisions like a
I call it  I ( Eye ) surgery
One day rising like
a Phoenix
While still emerging from the
For the circumstance is just a
Test for me
But yet it seems to be in retrospect
The reasons why I'm torn in my
While voicing my opinions
( Smh )
Just shows
That I'm wrong in my decisions
Which leads to no production
A Reproduction
Null in  Dependence
Now on a Mission.. but no
Maybe I'm too in-dependent of
the Vision
which dulls the senses
But only means / Division
Or simply..
A man who has never listened to any
Being quoted within a   sentence
The quota..             Distant
Or so it seems
I'm being cynical in   a dream
And my mind is..
                            # THE PRISON #

With subtle  Eyes
Depicted   Evicted
Unassisted in..
                              ⟨⟨ A PRISM ⟩⟩

Thinking that I might need
Medical Attention
In a clinic
But it seems I'm just a heartless soul
within a torso  like
an  Am-pu-tee
Which means I have no sympathy
May be a manic depressant who's
Or worse yet
Emotionally syn-thetic
( Like right now )
I'm hoping y'all really  Get it!!
And that's well enough to incline the
You can now roll the credits
beyond my
Status   just to
Test it
So yeah,
I just thought I'd  confess it
Really a force of habit  but no need to
For I already know
And goes to show
That I fear it all the more
But yo..
That is just so
Been on my own in this struggle for a long long time. So as of now, I'm putting it in the hands of the Almighty God. Yeah, the struggle is real but I'm not giving up hope that easily
Jekyll &
Yes, I agree
that my mind can be both beautiful
Yet, grotesque at.. the same time
not on
the same side
flash-back  and  re-wind
as I  R.I.P  the flesh
Because I'm really not feel'n fine
Because I'm really not feel'n fine
as I  R.I.P  the flesh
flash-back  and  re-wind
not on
the same side
Yes, I agree
that my mind can be both beautiful
Yet, grotesque at.. the same time
& Hyde
Not on the same side but two sides of the same coin
Brendan Roher May 11
man man, ma'am, have you taken a
longer look at the ring on your hand?
all around you like a circle, tied and true
it sits to define a promise, kept or not, but
as much as a promise is kept in half a body,
what a joke to crave the jam the other sticks
straight into the glass jar; it fits so you shove it in further till your fingers are soaked and
slaved to oblige cleaning to appease it.
it ticks and ticks, it urges and urges you to move, so, can you do it?
wash the hand with promise
or, maybe, lick it clean and touch your cheek-
glue, slump and sticky, the mud and dreary walking of another day; your mind takes your hand and puts it on your comfort places. but it's not enough to soothe the
worst of your thoughts, so you try to erase it
it fights back, it jumps and retaliates, and you enveloped in ring, seek solemn tunes
that play infinitely: company like bedroom.
home following you, with no door, no real presence and yet, we do not all have such a place to rest our face
but those few make them, when they must
be feeling the burden of living
Ritz Writes May 11
It still haunts and keeps me anxious when silence comes in the form of uninvited guests at night, invoking the sense of melancholy deeply; like a salt rubbed on a fresh wound.
Part of me still wishes to turn back the time and rewrite the story, part of me aches for TABULA RASA~ a state of blank mind.
And part of me is still reeling on the nightmares which was my reality; while I was still trying to hold a grip over my sanity.
Monster exist in humans and sometime they're insidious like cancer. They eat you slowly while you're still unaware of the symptoms that you had to compromise with. The more you compromised and adjusted, the more it gave them the chance to deteriorate your worth.
I wore a smile and wore my mask of resilience so well that silently I bore the pain, while I was dying inside, yet nobody could see it with naked eyes.
And yet, I was blamed for all the repercussions I had to deal with.
And while the monster lurks around freely, I still walk on the path courageously, with fear but I'll keep walking on, even if it means to be alone.
Freedom is a lonely road.
" You are so brave and quiet I forgot you are suffering. " ~ Ernest Hemingway
I've been fighting with temptation in everyday that I'm
faced with
Resetting my mind
all of my hopes and my dreams
onto the re-placement
Of every loss
And the suicidal thoughts of me
Losing  Control
Still engaged in my mind I'm inclined
Maintaining the goal
of walking down that straight and
narrow road  of Life
Because I have a date with Destiny in spite of what is ailing me in
While all the while?
Through the dark of night
I'm forced to fight with many
different things,
With no self-esteem trying to figure out
who to believe
And who to trust and on whom
can I call?
Soul is uncontent to balance the fence
Slowly committed to fall
All while seeing the steady fall
Of my many brethrens called
For the same purpose and the work that was meant for us all
But still my soul fell slowly down
De-pression's Well
Totally left to figure out how to
make it out
Wondering how I slipped and fell?
Fallen waist deep
within the clutches grief
With seemingly no way of me finding
an answer,
And no way of me holding my Peace
So as a means of release?
I'm now speaking my Peace
Releasing for this reason having the
means of picking up the
Spiritual  Pieces
And putting it all back together using it for what it's worth
Visualizing the Holy theme giving birth to revive my Hopes and
But these dreams are not seen through the eyes of surprise
But only seen through the joyfulness of watching our spirits
Riiising out of the ashes where the
fearfulness is cruel and savage,
Out of the madness where the hopelessness is the rule of sadness
Escaping the Pain
No longer bond under heavy
Locks and Chains
No more wounds to be healed
No wounds to seal
No bandages with
Been stuck trying to write something new, So I've decided to repost this for motivational purposes.. I'm taking it back to the roots of why I started writing in the first place. I would love to get some feedback on this one because it is still a very personal and emotional rollercoaster of a write for me. I would honestly love to hear from some new people on how this was relatable to you. This is me at my best at my worst, I am in my element when I write like this and I have a lot more like this as well, You just have to look for it.
Sad to say.,
There's a portion of me
that's still feeling like I'm -trapped-
Am I totally lacking the con-fi-dence?
And its not by any typical blow to my
" Ego " or by any
Taken in and out of context
sorta like the excess of many accents
Feel'n I'm from another
( Yeah ) So I guess you can say.. that my
current  per-so-na-li-ty is quite the
Op-po-site  of
" Freedom's  Plight "               ( books )
That is based on a quote from a ( note* ) that's deceivingly not
" Gift " wrapped
Thinking that I'm not.. wrapped to tight
Out of sight like a  cold - - - swipe
Though my insight in hindsight  seemingly be
Cold- as- Ice
As I'm steady  catching these fades off of  -two- blades
the fall is displayed
/ Artistically /
Perpendicular to the perfect picture
An illustration that I must of-- slipped
All clinched up with both my fist  Up
And now my up side is.. Down
With both my feet above my - head -
Can't seem to place my feet  back on the
- ground -
And when I really think about it?
It has always been ( Me ) against the world
Cause when I turned my back on it?
I was caught lacking while slip'n
Falling back into my old
But the fault is neither a Black or White
" Thing "
I'm currently talkin bout a mixed.. blend
Just as these thoughts un-hinge to these new
And that's  regrettably.. the time I would hate to lend
while peeling back the fore-
( Smh )
Now tracing back to the quote.,
Lost in time  like a faded note.. endorsement
Bottled up with.. distortion
Forced to make a choice.. Truth or Dare?
Not- a- Fair
While currently  not liking how the " Truth "
And that's when.. you are
in-discriminate-ly are shedding light at.. both
ends.. to possibly ( no end  ) to see an
And it's
Pain--staking-ly because
I'm so sick and tired  of tying up these..  loose.. ends
For Justice?
For Justice?
Has not been served
Cause everyday
I feel I'm being black balled systematically
like a.. bow-ling
But the only difference is between -Me- and
" Them "
is the color of my  Black
And that's  even when
I choose to go.. qui-et--ly
as I switch.. lanes
Cause at the end of the day?
I would still be.. just another  Black
Who's humbly living this life the best way that only ( He )
Or should I say?
As only I.. can
Not focusing on the next.. Man
For my only focus now.. is ( Yah ) the God of Heaven
And my bread of choice is  un-leavened
And his eye is  truly on the
Spar--row   ➡  ( spare "/" row )
Peep*   the Arrow
And now..
The only pathway I'll take for the means of e-scape
For me?
Is Narrow
The plight of every black man is to take the " Narrow" path
Can apply to any man as well
( note* ) Notes or thoughts recorded in a note or notebook or books in general. Also, relating to the things we've been taught that may have influenced us in one way or another + or - ( note* ) Could also mean a suicide note or letter that was purposely left behind to be discovered
( Peep* ) referring back to the bow-ling Pin reference
blackbiird Mar 11
it’s been a while so take it easy on me
while I introduce myself to 2022.
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