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Lyn-Purcell Jun 30

Papers on my desk
Pondering on past mistakes
White dreams turn into dust

Based on a lucid dream I had of being in a cottage somewhere.
I'm alone and in my writing room just lost in thought.
I have a few more heavy poems coming out today!
I hope y'all will enjoy them!
Be back soon with more
Much love,
luciana Jun 28
every time I try to escape you
I start to feel empty to my very core
I'd rather hold on then say adieu
because either way I was a wreck before
Claudia Tapia May 24
I started working again-
Suddenly I have to remember how to talk to people again.
Do I say "hello" first or do I introduce myself without a greeting?
I need to learn to smile with my eyes instead of my mouth because the mask covers it all night.
So many people are out and I can't help but wonder if those three months were for nothing.
Day 80 and everyone seems to act like they've forgotten what we were all fighting for.
I started a new job and it's the first time I've had to interact with people other than my roommate.
Why do I always love
More people than I should
I am a tangled mess of wired emotions,
That flow on out from, haywire.

Ill-conceived, hapless use of my tentacles,
Connecting and disconnecting all the while.

Incorrigible, orchestrated rythm I follow,
Guilty as charged of culpable suicide.

Limited edition amongst an otherwise limitless species,
Slowly marching towards a spiritual demise.

Austere with my principles, I am
An embodiment of selfless grace.

Happy to readily disagree, I am
Also the pleasant sunshine in your face.

Punity dissolved upon your manners,
You won't find me dictating terms,

Yet the tangled mess of wires afront me,
Is untangled at a surly pace _

Unravelling lines to withdraw my mind,
Impromptu creation awaits.

The mess inside has been aligned,
I arrive at clarity's gates.

Today !
How far would you today go
To find that you had been looking for
It stares at you expectant
Yet you pass by not knowing where

What shall illuminate, bright lights there
Lost, clueless wanderers in the dark
A tunnel deep excavated in their beings
A depth in seclusion and bereft of share

A song not sung in unison
A  few yards to the vanity fair
What is it then that propels you
What grips you to this nonchalant sphere

Wish we knew
Wish we knew
I tried to move on
But I couldn't change the fact
I wasn't over him yet
My heart wasn't in it
And I think you could feel it
That the entire time
I wished you were him
Adrian Feb 16
Spreading feet out to the side,
Digging into both worlds’ tides.
A fork in my path lies ahead,
And now the woods
Is full if razored briars.

One or the other,
A fundamental problem
Consisting of binary.

Zero is well known
And a trusted option.

One is new
And fills me with confliction.

So much controversy,
In this second wave,
But as long as I keep my wits
She won’t notice,
And I’ll be safe.
I **** at splits. I may be somewhat flexible, but I’m not that flexible. Kudos to any dudes who can do that.
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