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III Apr 15
I've seen the sun,
It's shimmery glow,
And felt it's warmth too,
And yet,
I still swim deeper,
Without knowing why this
Is what I do.
sarah Jan 30
my emotions pile up and overlap until
i have no idea what i’m feeling or
what i want
a flood of doubt is rushing through my mind
and i can’t let it out
so i’m left drowning, questioning everything
all the decisions i’ve ever made, that i will make
who i am
who am i?
where is my heart
i think it must be split in two in two different places
what else could explain these opposite alienated emotions
being unsure of where your heart lies doesn’t work when
everyone and everything asks for your all
how can i give it all
i   d o n ‘ t   e v e n   h a v e   i t   a l l
Late night stars Sep 2016
The Faster I run
The Slower and slower you walk

The Faster I fall into you
The Slower and slower you drop me

The Faster I call
The Slower and slower you pick up

The Faster I drown
The Slower and slower you jump in

The Faster I sink to the bottom
The Slower and slower you gather me up

I slow down and i'm ready to lay
but you pick up the pace ready to stay

The faster you move on to me
The slower and slower I move on from you
1 am
Delaney Jun 2015
I am drowning
in a pool of my own sorrow,
and it is the worst pain--
the worst death--
that I could have ever imagined.

kp Aug 2014
I knew that loving you was like willingly jumping into a lake with cement blocks tied to my feet,

but I had always wondered what it felt like to drown.
Bitter Heartache Jun 2014
Feeling fail.
A shallow discontentment
only brought about
by the success of others.
Challenges conspire.
Everywhere I look
beauty and joy
My poor body,
weak and restless,
struggling to breathe
under the pressure.
Water surrounds me,
pounding in my ears,
and it is done.

— The End —