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shaun 6d
i tie my laces every day
i couldn’t if not for you
i’ve not rode a bike since 2006
i swore i’d never believe
after God didn’t answer my prayers
but before
we’d religiously ride every sunday
i guess my belief lied in you
no fable in your love
i felt it
i feel it
Grief is Relentless year 12 v283.0
Little yellow daffodils,
Swaying in the wind.
Pretty yellow daffodils,
By the roots they're pinned.

Little Singing mourning doves,
Sweetly fluttering in.
I plucked up a daffodil,
Whispering of sin.

I love my little daffodil,
To it's unhappy disdain.
The life of my daffodil is short,
Barely any more remains.

It's my fault, my pretty daffodil,
That you will die young.
But remember my soft lullaby,
I always gently sung.

You are love, my little daffodil,
A pleasure mixed with lust.
My peachy little metaphor,
Dying so quickly it's unjust.
I honestly don't even know anymore. I'm sitting at home with a migraine, so I wrote a poem. No inspiration, no real meaning to me, but I still wrote it.
Amaris 7d
there's a raging flame
contained to a wick in glass
the wax keeps it company
but it's melting too fast

i extinguish the fire
my hands start to burn
i don't mind this time
it's my turn
Nyx Oct 6
Take my heart
Break it in two
Crumble it to pieces
Its okay I want you too

Tell me pretty lies
Syrup dipped candy
You're words have such sweetness
Keep on drinking that brandy

Beat around the bush
Play you're little games
Run wild and free
Be sure to fasten my chains

Kiss that other girl
Play me like an upright base
Feed me those excuses
Let the tears pour down my face

Allow me to feel the love
Thats as plastic that grin
False sense of security
Call it my original sin

Take another trophy
Place it upon your shelf
Right next to the rest of them
I'm sure your proud of yourself

Throw me away once at the end
Once you've had your fill
Just like the rest of them
I'll tumble downhill

I'll cry out my heart
Desperately want you back
But just like the rest of them
I was just another past time snack

I'm stupid I know
But hit play
I'm stuck on repeat

Help me.....

Sssssssssss Oct 4
Drenched by the tears of the sky
I'm no longer overcome by my own sadness
Instead I lose myself in the pitter patter
of catastrophic rain mercilessly
pounding on the earths soft ground
Angela Rose Sep 26
Science is hard
Chemistry is harder

Chemistry is defined as the complex, emotional or psychological interaction between two people
Our chemistry is tangible
Our chemistry moves entire cities
Chemistry is so hard because you mix all these things together and they either blend and make something fantastic or they blow up in your face
They leave you with burn marks and scars to remind you just how badly you fucked it all up
And I think what we have here is a disaster ready to burn my face to blackness
I think what we have here is a scar ready to form and last forever

What we have here is a chemistry left to remind me I still wasn’t good enough
What we have here is a chemical reaction that the whole class can laugh at

So science is hard
Chemistry is so hard
But having good chemistry and bad timing, that’s just heartbreaking
Nyx Sep 16

Don't be fooled

By the smile that seems graced by the sun
The aurora around her glow with radiance and flare
Behind it she hides lies that will send you on the run
She's cunning, malevolent and bitter
She will not be outdone

Don't be fooled

She's warm and kind
Loving and affectionate
She walks on broken glass
Till her feet begin to bleed
She'll hold back the tears as the pain kicks in
But look within her eyes and they are as deadly as sin

Don't be fooled

She plays games with your mind
What's the truth? What's the lie?
Nobody knows the reality
As she is especially sly
Is she putting on an act
Await those to fall in
Or she simple alone
Faking that diabolical grin

Don't be fooled

Her reality is different from you and I
Mind a scatter, broke pieces they lay
Destroyed by self or others
We'll never know
As this place is secured away
Like the land underneath the snow

Don't be fooled

Warm hands and cold hearts
Wreak havoc together
Destined to heal others while tearing them apart
love her, hate her and everything inbetween
She will find your stitching and undo each and every seam

Don't be fooled

Each line holds some truths and fair few lies
But the talent of distinguish which is which
I've seen many people who have tried
The truth is that not even she knows herself
So how is it possible for anybody else to know her true self

Don't be fooled

I can hear her voice quietly
whispers falling to deaf ears
You are a fool
but there is nobody here
Kit Scott Sep 14
Give me a storm

I want it

Give me a storm, I want it for myself
I want to hide it in my heart and let it push through my veins
I want a storm to rage through me, tear away all my doubt

Give me a storm, and help me keep it in my chest
catch it in my ribs and crush it against my lungs
until i cough blood and breathe lightning

give me a storm

give it to me

i want it to wash through me with its whirling tumbling rain
and fry all my nervendings
so i can feel again

give me a storm
help me hold it inside myself
until it bursts free free free

and i can run away with it

give me a storm

and ill love you

give me a storm

and ill never bother you again

(i want to choke on the taste of ozone in my mouth,
it feels, by far, the best way to go out)
i know im greedy, but it doesnt hurt you much (you just have to help me catch it in my hands)
Skarlett Sep 14
It’s 1:43am and I can’t sleep
Thinking about you makes me overthink
Everything seems better when I’m with you
I’m keeping track of the time
Every minute is worth it when I’m with you

It’s 1:44am
Nothing makes me more happy then when I’m with you
I don’t think you understand how much I love you
I made a promise to myself that I will live my best life

It’s 1:45am
Happy life for myself
You make me happy
I don’t want to hurt myself again by keeping everything inside
I don’t want to be hurt again
I don’t want to me sad again

It’s 1:46am
Everything was just so bad for me at the time
Life had me in the palms of its hands

It’s 1:47am
It felt like everything was over at such a young age
Nothing made me happy
Nothing made me wake up and want to smile
Nothing made me want to wake up and have a purpose in this world
Nothing and I mean

It’s 1:48am
You came into my life when I was done
I didn’t care at all about anything
You gave me a purpose

It’s 1:49am
You made me think of my future
Of my family and friends
A family with you
I took me in and helped me
With love, honesty

It’s 1:50am
You gave me everything I needed to came back from that dark place
Yeah we fight
Yeah we have our differences
But still at the end of the day we say I love you

It’s 1:51am
No matter how bad the arguments were
We are still there for each other
And that’s all I need
I’m there for you and your here for me

It’s 1:52am
That’s all we need... is each other
I love

It’s 1:52am and I’m madly in love with you.

It’s 1:54am
Amber Sep 7
living in this lie
even when i know the truth
i don’t want to wake up
to... this reality
keep me in this dream
no... nightmare
i don’t care
even if it was to live in this nightmare i am already living in
i don’t want to wake up
to more...
erm i don’t know what to write after that so to be continued?
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