I feel the bags under my eyes
I feel that I've been taken over by my demise
Sleep isn't enough to feel the void I hold inside
All the places in the world yet I have nowhere to hide
I want to run until I can't anymore
but I still have yet to see what's in store
I want to hide and I can't face my fears
but I suppose that's why I need you here.
s 3d
I am in love
Love is the craziest thing I have ever experienced
It is beautiful and ugly and happy and sad
It includes almost every emotion
I have never felt anything like it
until I met him
until I let him in
until he never gave up on me
until he never left
it's a dang miracle
I would have left if I were him
I don't know why he never did
he loved me
wait, he still loves me
I am so happy that I found someone who will deal with my head and me every single day
I also feel extremely bad.
That is selfish of me to want him to stay
But I don't know
He will always stay and so will I
Sometimes my life feels like a dream
I remember cuddling up with him for the first time and for five seconds everything was okay and the world wasn't falling apart
He still makes me feel like that
for five seconds I feel complete
I feel like I am worth something
When I'm not
I have a sad undertone right now
it makes my head hurt
and I wish I could get rid of the sad
But it doesn't like to leave me alone
and I think it hurts more than it used to hurt
Because I am hurting him too
I don't want him to be sad
anyways this isn't a poem just a vent.
I just wish I didn't used to be in love with hurting myself.
It would make this a lot easier
I love him so much
What is your mileage?
What distances have you carried yourself?

Tell me of the roads.
Of summer evenings spent gliding on smooth, black asphalt. Tell me about the sounds, harmonizing with the warm thrum of your heart.

Tell me of the beaten paths.
Of midday walks on cracked, uneven sidewalks teeming with life, giving way to budding blades of green, and dandelion dreams.
Tell me how the sun stung your skin, how soft breezes whispered at the nape of your neck.

Share with me the memory of winter mornings past.
Of the biting chill kissing your cheeks as your feet trudged through soft white expanses.
Of the cold that set in your bones as you waited for the bus, and the fat wet flakes that fell in flurries.

Tell me all of it.
About the freedom that spring brings, the buzz of bees and possibilities. The gorgeous lull at 10am and the swell of your soul.

Tell me the way the falling leaves of autumn trees speak to you. How their crunch tickles your mind.
Tell me how October skies dazzle you, while the stars shine, reflected in your eyes.

Spend with me a moment of intimacy. Show me the things beyond the windows to the soul.
Share with me what your odometer reads.
Let me read the map of you.
Started off as a thought in the car, kind of ran away from me as I wrote.
delilah Jun 13
every bit of hate

is pooling in her eyes

every bit of regret

is rolling down her cheeks

every bit of fear

is found between her fists

every bit of doubt

is hidden in her manic smile

every dark feeling that riddles your mind

is amplified in the sound of her laugh
probably one of my favorite pieces i've written
delilah Jun 13
i rather feel everything

every smile that creeps up

every giggle that slips out

every goose-bump and shiver

every bit of static

every tear as it slides slowly but surely down my face

one for every bit of static

one for every smile

one for every troubled thought

because i have a sea filled with them

and sometimes the tides pull me in

and i never learned to swim


i still rather feel everything

than nothing at all
bit cliche with the swimming bit
gotta find a better analogy
Amber Jun 11
unanswered questions
i’m sorry
i really want to tell u everything
but i just can’t bring myself to
i want to tell u
my misery
my pain
all my sadness
but i can't
trust me i really want to
and i’m always sad knowing that
u don’t get those answers u want
but i’m scared
scared that i might break down
in front of u
scared that u will change the way u look at me
more in a pitiful state
i don’t want that
i like how it is now
Tony Cortez Jun 9
Love has a funny way of showing itself to you
The way it fills you and makes you feel is intoxicating and incredible but wake up on the wrong side of it and you feel hurt and alone

I'm hurting now I guess, idk its more of an annoyance feeling rather then hurt, I'm just being ignorant even though recently it feels like I'm the only one giving love

I'm probably imagining things but I'm here for her, even if I feel a little pain in part

I guess that's one of the many prices of feeling like this and I would gladly pay it all
Just to see her smile
Amaris Jun 8
hazy dreamy thoughts feathering
spreading like frost in an endless motion
spiderweb wreathes soft like cotton
colors fade to grayscale blurring
gravity heavy consistent pressure
spiraling down, down, down

vision halving sudden clarity
ice forming frozen wasteland
darkness bleeds out in waves
endless a black hole drains
spiraling down, down, down

crackling energy spreads golden
sudden flare hope illuminating
white red sharp edges surface
thundering clouds light extinguished
vain effort surrender spilling tears
spiraling down, down, down

dragging shard crimson blossoms
storm crashing impact anguish there
words focusing to crystalline reality
flashes guilt despair breaking down
cycle again no answer senseless
spiraling down, down, down
Joshua Nai Jun 8
even though i just met you this February,
even though i just met you this spring,
you are so unique.
different, really, i have never met someone like you.
We are opposites.
yet so close.

you get mad. Really mad sometimes.
i hope i can get you know you better.
let's hang out more.
let's go to another country sometime,
and get some smores.
to mah friend
Deemz Jun 8
Tonight I dont feel like sleeping. I dont feel like eating. I dont feel like dreaming. I dont feel like being. I’m done believing, I’m done feeling.
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