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Gracie Dec 6
watch me fall into your arms
even though they're made of thorns
all i can smell are the flowers.

watch me break down my walls
even though they're made of titanium
all i can see is hope.

watch me drown in your eyes
even though they're made of fire
all i can feel is the warmth.
guess what? i wrote in french class again! but i was listening to Smithereens by Twenty One Pilots this time. It's a good song, I suggest listening to it.
Nyx Nov 26
I've lost my sense of happiness
I've lost my point in life
As I stare upon my phone screen
Not a single message lights
And I cry and I cry
Dont stop me
From attempting to fill this void
I smile and I smile
Dont fault me
For letting myself be destroyed
I'm alone right now
Watching it all pass me by
As people change and move on
I stand idoly to the side
Its tearing me apart
Demon clawing at my soul
Dragging me down into the abyss
Buried deep below
These chains tightening
Its harder to breath
Don't try and save me
Its pointless as I have the key
Its comforting these shackles
As at least I have a place I belong
When the world around give me no purpose
Its me that has to somehow live on
Even when all the friends I have leave
And I've been beaten and deceived
I've always been alone
There is no one I can trust
A mere passing fancy blinded by ****
And it appears to me I've grown too reliant
On the birds that perch upon my window
Keeping me company but only for awhile
Before flying away back into the sky
Where they belong
Unlike the caged bird with her wings clipped off
Singing softly to those who listen
while the owner merely sits back and watch
In the cage she is happy
As she knows no other life
Unlike the free birds
Who know how to fly
goodtea Nov 26
taught. you.
how to be a monster

were shocked
when you
grew teeth

you. apologized
but they were
bleeding already

on weaponized smiles
and you. learned. to. rip. happiness.
out of sliced necks

fear and anger
sever your feet
run monster run

they teach you
new. cruelties.
bite. the.hands.
that.  fed.
jaylen Nov 26
your skin is a prison, your body a jail
your love, your touch will always prevail

whispers of "i love you"s and
the soft kisses on my hands

reminds me that when you're here i'm at home
but when you leave i am again, alone
rohayani Dec 3
not a poetry ****
J G Nov 22
The warmth of your breath
Touches my skin in more ways than one
The scent of your sweat and the morning mildew
Seeps into the depths of the disheveled and stained white sheets

Everything that tries to make me let go
The fear that I might lose you
In my own claustrophobic mind
Yet, this moment occupies my mind

But we lay together, laughing away the fear
A breath of innocence for the both of us
Though the world will try to break our bond
You stayed

The steady pace of beating hearts and slowed breathing
One half of one another, our minds together
polka Nov 16
It's strange how everyone knows how to imitate a ghost
Strange how you never knew you could disappear, start anew
Away from someone you hated or someone you found in...

Disappear like that, skin faded, teeth clattered to the ground,
Feeling anything, everything but flattered by the sound.
Please, watch how your friends abandon you
because you're too loud

Is what you're called, silence by choice- you don't deserve a voice
It's what you learned. You're my friend, now. It's your turn, try me out-
I'm the only friend you'll ever need. Your first defense, yes

Don't protest.
Because it's really, really strange, my best friend, strange how you
Never learned how to imitate a ghost.
polka Nov 16
He walked along my path.
He wasn't expected.
A variable I had never calculated.
His heavy, confident footsteps shifted the sands of my mind
And I find that not everything makes sense anymore.
I'm always covered in blood.
Sometimes it's mine. Sometimes it's not.
But he makes me feel alright about it.
All the time.

He stood in my way.
I had seen him around before.
I had never thought to speak to him, until then.
His precise, light footsteps left a mark in the mud of my mind
And I'm left surprised, shocked, uncomprehending.
He's always covered in blood.
He concerns me, scares me,
But he has a twinkle about him that leaves me wanting more.
And so I took it.
this b about a short story i wrote with a friend ****
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