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Casey 2d
You don’t know what’s next, and that’s alright
You never really understood the idea of success
It is, in its nature, a self-defined word

You always thought you had to prove your worth
You felt the need to change something, and become noticed.
You wanted to be known.

I can only offer what I know so far.
You have to learn to validate yourself
Otherwise you will live your whole life trying to please other people.

I know that twisted wrist behind your back, I know that fake plastered smile,
I know the gritted teeth and the tired eyes.

Walk away.
I’ve always been a people pleaser and now in therapy I’m learning to finally put myself first. It’s weird and I’m defo not used to it but yeah.
Bethany 7d
i watch the wild grasses bloom,
centered on the highway;
an inconvenient space for my shame.

i can’t reach your exit,
construction goes on for miles.
i must get off here.

tender as those wild grasses
your name lies,
surrounded by the hauntings
of a self i once knew.
do i wanna die? yes. do i know what i’m doing? no. will i ever figure this out? maybe
chlorine Jun 12
I ran out to the car
I left my glasses on the front seat
oh, there I found a receipt
from the last time that we went out to eat

now I am thrashing
underneath my sheets
yeah, I thought it was kinda neat
how you'd want to hang out every day of the week
Estelline Jun 2
It finally occurred to me...
Maybe the reason my heart goes out
And can never stay in one place
is because I don't love myself...
Zack Ripley May 30
I can't tell you why.
I can't tell you how to say goodbye.
But what I can tell you
Is I'll be here to hold you
if you need to cry.
And if you need to be alone,
I won't be far.
Just on the other side of the door.
And when you need it, I'll remind you
They're still with you
Even if they're not here anymore.
Faidyn Taylor May 21
"Why on earth would he do this?"
Said his mother
She looked at his hands, and his shirt
Washed in red blood
Soaked in lies and ties
To the Devil

"I cant take it anymore."
Said her son
April 12, 1998 was the last
Time he felt
Felt himself
The date was May 9, 2002

"It will be okay son, just tell me what happened"
Whispered his mother
He struggled
The victim also struggled
****** corrupted his mind and tattooed itself to his brain

He wasn't innocent
Not safe from cops
Sirens blare and they have a suspect
No safehouse, just assylum or a fate leading to lethal injection or firing squad

What road will he ride?
"Mom, I did it."
He said
This is about ****** and the mothers son going insane, him not sure whether the ****** was accidental or a product of his loss of sanity.
i want to be loved
and held
and helped
i want to be
something small
to carry around in a lovers pocket
like a rock
a nice smooth
nearly round rock
like a squished oval in shape
i want someone to look at me
for hours
discovering and observing
but never judging
i want someone
who sees the cracks in my stone skin
and runs their thumb over them
cherishing the contrast
from light to dark
i want the tiny dimples and spots on my face
to be seen like glittering minerals
embedded in stone
trapped from years of movement and change
i want someone to look at me
and see my journey
appreciate the things hidden within

i want to be loved
the way i loved
when i was still young
and fun
as a kid, i loved rocks. each one was somehow new and special to me, even the so called normal ones. i never want to lose that appreciatin for the ordinary, if i did, i dont think i would be me anymore.
jade May 7
cant i hate you?
do i still care?
do i smile when you text me?
why? why? why!?

you're making me
into a fool
with no common sense.

it's only natural
to dislike something that hurt you,
why am i still in love?

love is only a feeling,
so why have i gotten so ****** up over it?
thank you for reading
aasiyah May 3
Does anyone even know what loves means?

Does anyone want to take a risk?

Nobody wants to be hurt in the end,

alone and defenseless,

but I expense.

My time, my feelings, my body, my youth
My beauty, my efforts, my honesty, my truth
My love, my pain, my words, my views
My tears, my smile, my heart, for you

Just for you.

You're like a yellow daisy
in a field of flowers...
that aren't daisies.

People must think you're amazing,
with how many love songs I sing, and write,
about you.

But really you're an awful, disgusting being,
but you're the one I loved seeing,
you're one of the best liars on earth.

And you really know how to tear me with words.
And actions

Sweet little blue bird told me,
told me,
Sweet little blue bird wished me death.

I had trouble breathing,
trouble seeing,
because of tears and cardiac arrest.

I miss you

You're the only one who's different
I feel so alone
just like how I was before

Oh, I won't forget,
it might be a regret

One day, he stood out to me.

Out to me,
out to me.

Sweet little blue bird told me,
told me,
Sweet little blue bird wished me death.
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