Carly 15h
I know what I’m about...
I just don’t know who I am.
Nyx 1d
I would like to write a poem
Just to scare you so
Cause you said you were weary
Of the poems that we sow

You're afraid of being immortalized
Within the scriptures that we write
You're afraid of the things we'll say
Scared it will leave a nasty bite

The words that we pour out
Are the retellings of our soul
The life that we have created
Our personal bible that makes us whole

You're slightly disturbed that we write
But also partially flattered
Though you would prefer to be left out
In case we leave you in tatters

You told me as you read through
A poem about yourself
"I have to be weary of what I say"
Relax, dont get too full of yourself

We write from the heart
unleashing monsters of all Kinds
Through we gain a sense of control
Control of the insanity of ones mind

Through poems of endless words
Letters strung together by string
A silver tongue out to express
A mind field of eternal sins

Beautiful phases of our love
Cut out from our still beating hearts
Each poem carefully crafted
As the world begins tearing us apart

Dont fault us for our creations
For this is our escape
eternalized within this site
Filling our voids
Its the Perfect shape
Its kinda hypocritical considering I did write a poem about a Convo we had
Bubbles in a bath,
loud moaning blaring in the back
as I look down at the
bruising on my

I try to imagine
myself with your
glowing frame
submerged underneath
the water.

Without you, I've
been a bit dramatic.

A bit manic.

Wandering and wonderin';
yeah, I've let my mind
slip at night.

In the hours of now until
then, I try to

I indulge myself
into routine.

I watch lovers on the

Envisioning myself with
women in the late
hours but mimicking
your strokes in the

Without you,
without you.

I'm free to be me.

With you, I'm

Molten coffee scorches my
untouched tongue,
reminding me that
I can still feel

Damp moss grazes my
untasted body,
reminding me that
I can still
Nyx Aug 13
I'm scared to see
What lies beyond these doors
The gate to my future
Whats in store?

I'm scared to let go
Of my high school freedom
Graduation is near
Times passing like the seasons

I'm scared to know
What reality has to offer
I'm not at all prepared
I'm like a lamb to the slaughter

I'm scared to find out
Which of my friends will stay
Who are the real ones
And which ones will fade

I'm scared to hold
All the power of my life
Making such a crucial choice
Cutting through me like a knife

I dont want to be scared
Of what I have now
I want to enjoy life
I'm not exactly sure how

I'll think about my future
And all that is to come
When reality comes knocking
By then I'll be done

Change will happen
Slowly throughout time
I'll take it as it comes
Dont stress in the meantime

I won't be scared.
sage Aug 11
I don’t believe in god but I wish he would kill me

I know you were just lonely for a night.

I’ll find a girl who will love me right

who won’t use me for weed and a fuck

getting me hopes up, you knew you would leave

we would never be

I guess it’s bad luck
sage Aug 11
she put the sin in sincere

I exhale smoke and my feelings for her into the atmosphere

did you even love me? that part’s unclear

the damage she left was severe,

I revel in knowing I’ll forget more of her each year
Larri Aug 10
You can't take a life.
Only a body.
The soul is left to tilt between a final choice.
You just cut down the timer.
Jasmin A Aug 8
I stare at you

                      and there's something

but                      nothing
Amber Aug 7
only the first few pages
scribbled with thoughts
it was five years ago
yet u only wrote that much
but through those
i already saw
what went on
im sorry i didn’t see that earlier
im sorry for not noticing
i thought u didn’t know me
yet i was wrong
i didn’t know u
u were suffering so much
yet keeping quiet the whole time
why didn’t u tell me anything
not even one thing u told me
u should have let me know earlier
u should have told me something
now its too late
i can’t do anything
i teared up after seeing what u wrote
im sorry for not noticing what was going on
writerReader Feb 2015
i cried when you died
i died when you wept and wailed
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