Once you came disguised as a playground friend
She innoceently accepted your requests
Sadly She even lend you a helping hand
Unbeknownst to her , you fed off her breasts .

You once came quietly like a stealthy beast
Bringing all your elusive demons along
But be warned this time , to say the least
This time You got your target all wrong ,

One night she roared with a new battle song
Armed , sassy,fully grown,and ready for madness
Like a true fighter,she was now battle strong
The girl was no more a cub ,she was now a Lioness !

Be ready for war, be ready to lose vital arteries
Awaiting you now is a mighty force beyond you
A force that'll neutralize and dry your batteries
Take note and stay in your very own lane boo boo .

She has an audience and a stage and this here podium
On which to stand and let out some of the steams
Brewing for ages via spoken word and this medium
Listen carefully , do you hear her audience and the screams ?

She has taken back her space , her power and her life
She found her own calling , evident in her poetic prowess
That little girl is now a mom and someday going to be wife.
The girl is no more a victim ,she is now a full grown lioness .

#IvanBrookspoetry@✍️ #vanguardofLiberianpoetry©️

Depression was exposed,deposed and eventually roasted using spoken word.
Marcus Acheson Dec 2017

Get in the ring
Wait for the ding
Cause when that bell rings
It ain’t time to sing
It’s time to fight
It don’t matter if he’s double your height
And his jab bites
You ain’t a knight you the king
throws a right hook
But you ain't a rook
This is textbook
Return with the cross
Cause you're the boss
you took round one
but you ain't done
you won't run
this is your moment
you ain't broken
you're just not well spoken

there's that bell ring
you better bring
the best that you can
cause you ain't the rest
this is the test
and if you're the best
then you bring home the belt
cause you won't melt

he's on the ropes
and he hopes
that you make a mistake
but this is a piece of cake

then he throws a combination
that would shock a nation

so know to take a loss
cause you ain't rocky
you were just too cocky

please let me know what you think
Aishah Dec 2017

I am both

I am a lover
because I am capable
of loving
almost anything

I am a fighter
because I fight
for what
I believe in

I am both
tough and soft
it depends on
how you see me

Celeste Briefs Nov 2017

a princess and a heathen
an angel and a demon
a savior and a killer
a fighter and a healer
a hero and a villain
a human and a monster
a light that shines in darkness
two hearts in perfect balance

yet another one inspired by my fave Star Wars ship (REYLO), please enjoy my children, and remember that the light and the darkness within each of you are both important and must be acknowledged equally in order for you to have a healthy emotional balance.
Isaac Ward Nov 2017

I dismiss the attention nobody pays,
To the way I stay in games for days,
They say "You're wasting your time away",
But I'll play till I hit the grave,


One more level, another point, another match,
Double kill, triple kill, don't crash,
Every day, getting better, no sweat,
Zero deaths, forty kills, no regret,

Top tier, s rank, winning streak,
Don't lose, don't die, not weak,
Can't miss, gotta win, don't quit,
Flanking, execution, legit,

We've got Contacts, reload,
Spawn traps, implode,
Bringing heavy artillery,
This is the Gamer's Creed.

One man Oct 2017

Live true
Be you

© One man

Short and sweet
madalynn rose Oct 2017

I wish he would see me for who I am.

I am a hurricane.
I am a tornado.
I am a thunderstorm.
I am a wildfire.
I am an earthquake.
I am a blizzard.
I am a hailstorm.
I am a tsunami.
I am a cyclone.
I am an avalanche.

I am a natural disaster.

I am working on myself. I need more confidence and to realize that I make flowers blush when I smile and the sky beams when I laugh. All girls need to realize that we have to see ourselves for who we truly are.
Layal Charara Sep 2017

On the Outside my smile seems to brighten up the room,
However , on the inside I hide a frown so deep.
On the outside I may seem tough and strong,
however, on the inside I’m sad and weak.
On the Outside nobody, not a single person knows what I’m going through,
However, on the inside I hide my personality.
On the outside I’m the girl with the laughter and a kind heart,
however, on the inside I’m battling my insecurities and envy.
On the Outside I’m the one crying desperately over a movie or injustice;
however, on the inside I’m shedding tears of sadness.
On the Outside I’m giving everyone love and hugs,
however, on the inside I’m the one desperate to be loved, to feel loved.
On the Outside I may not look broken,
However, on the inside  it’s hard for me to control this.
On the Outside I’m full of life, goals and aspirations
However, on the inside sadness, anger, & unbearable pain make it undesirable to live.
Through all that you see …On the Outside you see the disguise I have mastered,
however, on the inside lies all that I’m fighting.
And I am fighting …

Written by Layal Charara
Nights Spark

It's just an expression about what i'm feeling right now
Jide Badmus Sep 2017

Beyond his aggressive roar,
His fury is lame...he can't bite!
His voice might soar
But his temper is tame, his punch, light.
In his dream, he is a tiger
Yet in reality he is no fighter!

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