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Neelam May 27
The path of a warrior is paved with




This isn't for the faint hearted


It's a choice for men and women

      On fire !
It isn't easy for people want security, comfort and familiarity.
Let me handle, said the man;
Detailed everything, but the woman.
I did everything, said the man;
Without hesitation clapped the woman.
In front; I will be, said the man;
Praised actual, but was the woman.
Wasn’t it just another rumor by man;
All did but unknown, the woman.
May be that’s why there’s no more green but sand;
Cause motherhood only defined the woman.
Dedicated to all woman out there, mostly housewives.
PM Oct 2020
What if you could forget,
forget all the bad days.    
All those bad decisions.          
All the things you wish
you could be able to erase,
would you be able to do it?                    
Would you be willing                        
to erase what made you stronger.                            
What made you a fighter.                                
What are you willing to lose
in order to forget those moments.
Aparna Aug 2020
atop the jagged precipice
she fights;adorned with battle scars
slaying her demons
you know what I mean')
I know the world is going through a lot right now
I know that sometimes we feel like giving up
It feels like you carry the weight of the world on one shoulder
The world is sure in a mess right now
But you’re not alone, nobody has to be
We’re all in this together,
For the weight we should’ve carried is love
And every one is a fighter
I believe
So rise up
Chris May 2020
A fighter.
A hero.
A rebel.
A leader.
As good as they come.
That was Echidna.
I had a dream about the hero Echidna. I'm gonna try and write it out here in a series of poems.
Adhara Sygnus May 2020
And every time I look
into the mirror, I see a fighter,
proud of the fading scars, that grace her heart,
the one you turned into a warrior
Jueria Shaik May 2020
When I pronounce my fears
or when I shed silent tears?
When I float in my passion
or when I calaculate my every action?
When I naysay to unease
or when I offer my every piece?
When I dance like no one's there
or when I be conscious of my way?
When I'm that benevolent fighter
or when I'm the aloof spectator?
So tell me, when am I my better version?
When would you think of me as a better version?
Zoë May 2020
Tears rolling down my face
Walking through a dreadful place
Held on for far too long
But used to be so strong

At night out of everyones sight
Waiting for when the time's right
The demons would make me feel
like the wounds could never heal

Convince myself with smiling
even my insides are dying
As I keep on burning
I feel the tables turning

You might see hope
Don't see with what I cope
Told you there's no other way
Wouldn't listen to what I say

Told myself this lie all years
While confronting all my fears
Never saw a day get brighter
But made me more of a fighter
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