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Syll Oct 3
You have to keep fighting.
But it gets so hard to keep fighting.
There have been loses on both sides of the war.
You feel defeated.
You want to give up.
You want to surrender and end it all.
Please don’t.
There are people who want you to stick around.
So keep trying.
mlebrdn Sep 25
“Do you really think we’ll make it to the end without giving up?”
asked the mind.
“I’m really exhausted but she sure is a fighter!”
said the body.
“We will not give up and we will keep on fighting no matter what!”
exclaimed the heart.
We will fight this. No matter what.
Zane Smith Sep 4
The prettiest girl
with her ****** curls
a genuine muse,
but to her she sees dark blues.
I wish she could love herself
as much as I do.
Six years and counting
we're so strong and secure,
I want to provide everything for her.
My soulmate, my bestfriend
I promise we will never be put to an end.
We've been through it all together,
honestly I believe it's been for the better.
Our bruises have taught us how to love
how to fight, how to cry, how to fly.
For you I'd do anything
because to me your worth absolutely everything,
There's so much more to come
so bubs just keep holding on.
Don't ever think I'm not by your side,
my love for you will never die.
You are my world,
the moon,
and the sky.
Thank you for lifting me up,
even when life gets really rough.

Love you forever
A lil something I wrote up about one of my favorite people on this planet. She is my rock and so much more. The amount of respect and trust I have for her is endless.
Amanda Brown Aug 7
Weeks, days wondering if I can live without him.
Can it be, will I ever get over him?
Thinking back to how it felt when he was ripped from my arms.
The feeling on the back of my head that made my head cold, numb.
The lack of movement in my arms, numb.
The lack of sleep, waking up at 4 a.m. every night.
The fact that I couldn't eat, losing 10 pounds.
I thought this is what happens when you can't live without someone, but in fact, this is all the signs of withdrawal.
You see when you really love someone and they leave.
The world ends.
When you think you love someone and they leave.
You get cut off that high euphoric feeling causing you to fall into withdrawal.
But once you recover, you start to see yourself.
A fighter.
A champ.
A woman.
That deserves better and won't settle for anything less.
My thoughts now that I am clean.
Maria Nieves Jul 31
I am a Rose
I might be small
Might look fragile
But I have some thorns
Definitely not afraid to hurt you back
But I am always fighting
Might not look strong
I am beautiful
I am a Rose
You are just as beautiful and strong as a Rose
Destiny Jul 14

Ever since I was a little girl, I never called anyone old.
I referred to older people as elderly.
One day, out of nowhere I decided that a person is "old" when they reach the age of 70.
My grandmother, who I call nana turned 70 last year.
Now I am morally allowed to call her old in my mind.
She thinks it's hilarious and she loved her mockery of a cake!

All jokes aside though, being "old" scares me. As I'm sure it scares many. To me "old" means; out lived desire. The desire to live becomes almost invisible; non existent. My mother is fighting two battles. Mental and physical. The mental aspect of her brain is fueled by her children's emotions and her physical pain. She is constantly worrying about her children and if they are okay mentally and physically. She has had her share of mistakes but she will always be my momma. Her physical battle consumes her whole body. Pain 24/7 with little to no relief. She is a strong women but because of her mental battle all her life, her body is that of an older woman. Medicine only goes so far and sometimes it feels like my prayers hit the ceiling and fall. My mom is not "old" but sometimes I feel like she "out lived desire." She continues to fight these two battles with a smile on her face [most days.]

Today you are 18,036 days old, but today, you are stronger, braver, and wiser than when you were 18,035 days old!!!
Cherish your family!
Zia Jun 30
you'll never go any higher
if after every time
your knees fold under
you don't get up as a fighter
Luna Jun 11
My thoughts are trembling, my sight is blurred.
Tears are running down my face unstoppable.
I try to escape from you, but there's no place to go.
No matter where – one day you'll find me.
You'll never let me go.
As long as I breathe,
You'll try to destroy me.
And one day.
Maybe tomorrow, maybe in ten years.
You'll find and try to catch me.
You'll stand there in front of me.
Your dark eyes cold as ice, burning like fire.
With the knife in your hand,
Ready to end one of our lives.
I know I'll never be free,
As long as we're both alive.
But while you fight for my death,
I'll fight for my life.
Dedicated to the person i hate the most.
CC May 29
Actions over words
What are words without fire
Fire that moves and burns the world
Licking the flames of your tragedies
And taking you towards a new forest
Where the pasts have burned
Touch the fertile ground of your new mind
Promote yourself from writer to soldier
Don't you dare take your time
Your next words would be your last
Your next move could be the first of firsts
The builder
The fighter
The mightier
The worthier
Everyone knows that glory is in being alive
The only thing more alive that words
Is your body moving to fulfill the words
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