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Descovia Oct 2022
I'm cold and dehydrated from vomiting.
I wrap myself up like a taco with
these blankets for warmth and security.
Speaking of which, I only eaten half of one for a meal....

If you are what you eat.
Then trust me, I'm never feeling super sweet.

All the animosity of every living member
increasing weight of gravity on earth
My insides feels as if they are frying on a foremen grill
My stomach gurgling and swishing in my ears
Intensifying pain crushing me
Dragging me by my soul.

Going to spar rounds with Mike Tyson
sounds more appealing. Laying here is beyond eternal suffering.
I rather go through the process
of having all the hairs on my head and body plucked

Before I go through 48 hours of being confined to a bed.
Death **** near gave me the last run for my funds.
I hate this ******* place!

I feel like I'm going to die if remain here!

My appendix was stressed from the amount of anxiety and it decided to depart with an exciting and rather booming fashion per se.

I have went through a lot. I cried until my tears ran dry. My heart feels heavier than the thoughts that loom my mind. Questions float around, my heartbeat and ****** functions doesn't align. The nurses and doctors cannot read mine. I just want to go home. I just want to go home. It's the only place where I belong.

"I'll bring myself to stop complaining
I know for sure, what I'm doing living is enough.
Praying to the stars above
I return back home to the ones I love

Thinking, knowing and being
are three different things
The only thing between death and me is the...


I'm strong. I'll keep fighting until I cannot anymore.
Toby you are stronger than you believe.
Keep pushing yourself.
Cancer will not defeat you.
We believe in you!
K E Cummins Mar 2022
History carves my sinews and hews my spine.
My menhir-body, my storybook of rock,
Speaks of the long fight. See my shoulders
And their scars, their battered stone edges;
They are sturdy footing on which to stand.
A fire-heart warms my earthen hands:
Saplings grow in the loam, seedlings sprout.
Magma-veined, spitting lava, I still rise
And will not fall. Heed my fury,
For I am one small mountain in a range
Stretching from the present to eras past.
Battles come and go; we remain.
Forests on our flanks, bears in our palms,
We will always be wild.
nick armbrister Mar 2022
Modified Bombs
Her eye was acting up but that was fine
For she had a second one to use
This was just fine like her warplane
It had two engines but number one engine
This was like her eye acting up too
No need to worry for Eagle 2 jets are good
Made with system redundancy like her
An ability to function with degraded systems
Right now she was on the way to Moscow
To drop some iron bombs on Putin
A personal gift from a gal who was bad
Real bad *** half Yank half what?
That last bit was unknown but what was
Known was that she would soon be dead
Along with the Neo Soviet leader
Those iron bombs were special
She'd personally modified the warheads
A new historical dawn was coming...
Zack Ripley Feb 2022
Not everyone has a mother or father.
Some don't have a sister or brother.
Some feel they don't have anyone.
Some worry they'll always be alone.
Like no one will ever love them.
Fight for them.
But what they don't realize is they have had all of that all along.
Because everyone has a heart.
A heart that beats for you.
Breaks with you.
Heals with you.
A heart that dies with you.
You always wondered
how you keep going.
It's because the heart is a fighter.
And you have a heart.
Which means you have
The heart of a fighter.
But it's up to you
to do something with it.
mariella Dec 2021
hours, hours, another hour
had passed by
she still hasn't
finished doing her
backlogs backlogs backlogs
continue to pile up
tick tock tick tock
says the clock
she doesn't know
what to do anymore
but one thing's for sure
it will be hard,
but she'll do it anyway
Broken Pieces Nov 2021
Funny, a simple change, well, it changes so much.
I feel confident by just a simple touch.
It doesn't seem like much to others,
But to me I feel brand new with these two colors.
It doesn't shine nor shimmer,
In fact it's a hell of a lot dimmer.
It doesn't stop me from feeling on top of the world,
And with this change I demand to be heard.
I won't stop, I'll keep it going,
I can't shine but I'll keep on glowing.
The world is still dark and dreary,
Thinking of the past still makes me teary.
But I feel a bit brighter,
I feel like I'm a fighter.
Thank you change for helping me out,
I'm no longer afraid to raise my voice and shout.
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