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your happiness over mine...
back then and until now.
but tomorrow...
when the sun rises
in the east.
i'll try to find happiness
in its heat. and forget that
i risked almost everything.
so i can burn in yours.
"I hope you someday
Find happiness
In the arms of another,"
I whispered to him

"One day,
I surely will,"
He replied

And so I smiled
And turned around,
"I hope you someday
Find happiness
In the arms of another,"
I whispered again—
But now to myself
Let go of it
For the future is calling you
The past is over and done
And life must go on
Live for today
Nina May 21
if i were to be honest
I still do miss you
And i think about you
Almost everyday
And I don't think it will ever end
But i am proud to say
That im finally over you
Don't get me wrong
I still have feelings for you
I will always love you
Deep down in my heart
But the waiting game is over
I finally let you go

And if we ever meet again in the future
Hope you realise that
I will always
And forever
Keep on missing you
And loving you
Despite moving on
Ankita Dash May 17
I saw a dream at sunrise
I won something
Something I didn’t know I wanted
Something I didn’t know I needed
But it felt like Uncharted Territory
As if I was trying to make a home for myself at a place where I didn’t belong.

It felt a bit like loving you.

Did you know I changed cities? I heard you did too
Will you sing Hey There Delilah for me, now?

Opposite continents and timezones
I would stand at the Tropic of Cancer, just to melt a little more
Because you were the summer of my solistice.

I saw a dream yesterday at sunrise.
It was about winning you- because that’s what it was; a contest.
To your shattered heart.
But it felt a lot like Uncharted Territory.
Ankita Dash May 17
I’m all out of midnight phone calls and wilted rose petals.

I’m all out of throwing out letters out of windows and building cathedrals of sand.

I’m all out of the avalanche of goosebumps your touch caused.

I yearn stillness now.
I yearn indifference.
I yearn to keep my head above the water now.

And so, your eyes are graveyards and I bury all words unsaid.
Ainsley May 15
i'm tired of waiting for you
and i've lately found ......
it's of no use to wait for someone
who is long past gone

all i know is that
i failed to look around myself
all i've been doing is dragging behind you
who wasn't meant to be in my life anymore
thought you were my everything

all i did again was to fail looking around
i now came to know
i never meant you anything
because for you i was nothing

all i have to do now is
move on
there is love every where
and you are not it's only source.....
i don't want to become yours

people say love is not somehing to be found out
it's something that finds you....

i still have my hopes high...
you don't find love;love finds you....
I spent so much time
Looking for affection
In shallow places
For the wrong kind of attention

Every mistake
I regrettably made
Haunts my thoughts
My demon of guilt

Honesty was the only way
To happily move on
Even if it meant
Seeing the pain in your eyes

A look I can’t unsee
A pain I can’t unfeel
To even think for a second
What it would feel like damages me

What it would feel like
To be used again and again
Because you are perfect
You were always perfect to me

Now I sit and wait
Quietly attacking my own mind
While my body craves to feel
What it’s like to hold your hand

Feelings I took for granted
Now drive me insane
To just have that love again
And let you know I’m sorry
Ainsley May 9
Seasons changed
Leaders changed
Places changed
Culture changed
People you love the most changed

But why are you still the same?
Look around
You have people to love and care!!
Move on..
Chin up
Or definitely the crown will slip
I am just motivating myself to stay strong and move on...hope it helps someone in need of postive vibes to move on...
Life has better plans don't worry
saw the sky after a long time
it changed you know
every moment i looked away
it changed.

it changed.
everything changed.
the sun disappeared.
the cloud drove fast.
rain poured.
moon shined.
stars hid.
and everyday
everything changed.
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