Para sa mga taong hindi pinili. Para sa mga taong binigay ang lahat ngunit di naman binalik. Para sa mga taong umasa. Para sa akin.



Pag nakita mo siyang kasama niya, masasaktan ka na parang bang tinutusok nang maraming karayom ang puso mo. Tapos titignan mo ang iyong sarili at sasabihin "Anong kulang sa akin?"

Makikita mo lahat nang mali sayo. Makikita mo lahat nang pangit sayo. At dahil dito mawawala ang pagmamahal at respeto mo sa iyong sarili



Magagalit ka sa mundo. Magagalit ka sa tadhana dahil hindi kayong dalawa ang pinag sama. Sisihin mo siya dahil hindi ka niya pinili at iba. Pero higit sa lahat, magagalit ka sa iyong sarili. Magagalit ka dahil hindi ka naging sapat para sa kaniya. Magaglit ka dahil hindi ikaw ang naging kaniya.



Wala na. Wala ka nang magagwa dahil gusto na nila ang isa't isa. Wala ka nang magagawa, silang dalawa na ang pinagsama nang tadhana at hindi kayong dalawa. Tanggapin mo na. Hindi kayong dalawa. Hindi ikaw.

Dadating ang panahon na hindi mo na siya titignan. Dadating nag panahon na hindi ka na masasaktan. Dadating ang panahon na hindi ka na magagalit.

Pero sa ngayon, dito ka muna. Dito sa isang lugar na ika'y manhid na. Manhid sa kaniya. Manhid sa sakit. Manhid sa galit. Manhid sa iyong mga damdamin para sa kaniya. Kay rami mo nang napagdaan, magpahinga ka na.

Grade 9 and Grade 10. Wag assuming

She's a girl
Living her life
Day by day
One, two or more of it hard enough for her to live
It let her down, but she survived
When it comes
Tears falling down the soft skin of hers
People's voices echoing inside her head
Telling her to move on and face the truth
Well, move on is not as easy as breathing
But at least she try to face the truth Then, she come home
Back inside the warmth of her blanket
Biting the very last chocolate bar of hers
And a cup of bitter coffee that she hate, it might cause her more problem
Once again hard day comes
It's hard enough for her to live
And once again, she survived

- R(05/17)
MU Apr 23

You smelled the white flower
You enjoyed her beauty
You took care of her in winter
To watch her bloom in spring

The flower stung you hard
When you tried to pick her
And put her in your little vase
Flowers in vases fade

The flower stopped to bloom
When you tried to move her
To your garden behind the hill
Who told you she can grow there?

If you care about her
Water her, and with love
Admire for a while, but don’t
Linger there forever…
Its time to let go now…

I loved, but I have to move one for her sake…
Razan Qaisi Mar 2

I can't function, I can't focus, I can't become what I want to be.
It's painful, it's tiring, agonizing if you must say.
Confused on where I went wrong, but I can't keep replaying it all night long.
So,  I'll have to keep on moving even if I can't stop this confusion.

Even when everything is going upside down and you have no clew on where it all went wrong, just keep on moving. Keep going even when things only seem to get worse.
Vincii Mar 19

Love has a due,
It fades without a clue,
Everything's new,
Everything's true.

On our way to endless love,
We stopped cause you feel numb,
You feel under and I'm Above,
I'm so insensitive I'm so dumb.

We had such a beautiful road together,
But we ended up in the last day of forever.
It's the purest pain I wonder,
To dis-remember all the things we gather.

Now I'm on the road back alone,
Thinking and seeing things that gone,
Why this things suddenly happen,
Why does it hurts again and again.

I stitched all the damage that I gained,
But the wound still get open,
Catching the rain of pain that hurts,
But still my heart is dry from thirst.

And now I'll be stopping this poem,
I should find my way back home,
I will forget all the pain on my own,
And come back here with a happy tone :D

This is a year ago (Late post)
Pax Mar 18

To why I did these kind of things
and to why I need to let go
to stop and just live.
Never minding what they say
about me or who I am
or dictate my life should be
I just want to be me
without Hesitation,
or wall that blocks me from falling
into the river.
To stop fearing in drowning
and learn to swim
like everybody else has done.

I wrote this awhile back: April-11-2016. I can't believe that this is benefiting to what i felt the other day. I should learn to to swim and learn how to ignore the nonsense people say...
Jemma Feb 19

Get up and move the hell on
He doesn't mean you any good
He was just sucking up all of your energy and making you feel bad about yourself
He was just there to pass the time away
He was just there so that you didn't feel lonely
You knew the love left a long time ago
So what are you holding on to?
Regrets? Pain?
What's the point of moping around when he already moved on?
You better pull your head up and remain strong
You're better than this
You're stronger than this
You deserve so much better
You will find your better
Stop holding on to the past
Let it go at last...

{Set I: Brandon}
Have you ever fell apart?
She told me that I wasn't enough
Then she left me with a broken heart
She fooled me twice and it was all my fault
She cut too deep and she left me scarred
There's too many thoughts skating across my brain
I used every kind of Bleach to get rid of your stain
Your actions drained my body and soul
Life is a drink that keeps pouring, so I'm not null
In my story, one person kill-joyed the streak
Crystalia breathed life into me
She opened my crusted eyes so I could see
She deserves the universe, but I am just a star
She's that Northern Star that can be way too far
I have never been so caught off guard
I have never caught feelings this hard
The collision is harder than a Fireball that I drunk
With its flames burning my sails as I sunk
She used Nature's heart to piece together my puzzle
We've swam through Hell and I need to hustle

This is a dedication poem to a certain somebody who was there for me when I really needed comfort and support. Those two things will take you a long way. Never forget the genuine.
Alana Jan 24

When you spoke those words and made the world feel like a home to her, did you feel any form of guilt?
When she returned the favour and entertained your days, did you feel any shame?

With a heart so young she believed even the smallest of gestures

Why so dumb?
Did you think you wouldn't find fire when following the smoke?

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