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The absence of your smile made me cry for the first time
More of a sign you and i are no more
The walls have been shattered
You're up there & I'm down on the floor
Always thought I would take it all in but seeing you happy makes me sad
Not that i envy your happiness but because I'm not the one with jokes anymore
Nice things do come to an end  though i wish that wasn't our door
Yeah it hurts to say bye but at least i had become a chord to your guitar and soul.
I never let them know their mistakes...
I never let them know how I feel..
I never let them feel bizarre 'bout themselves..

I try hard not to make them fall apart..
I try hard to make each of them happy in every way I can..
I try hard to hide my wounds and scars given by them..


when i find all of this too tough..
when i'm fed up with this stuff..
when i'm discompose..
when their absence makes me feel calm & compose..

I let people go..
I move ahead, all lone and never let them know.
I think it's not really important to have a huge crowd around you.. let  yourself free and intoxicated.
Rachiel Mar 11
The face you remember, not that.
The voice you heard, not that.
The laugh you longed, not that.
The scent you recall, not that.
The memory you miss, not that.
This is new, fresh and different.
Let it sink.
Let it sit.
Let it grow.
Let that go.
FinkZ Feb 12
Silent sound, as the voice muffled
But for what reason? What’s with the troubles?
I asked the stars, again, that never answered
About the dangers, about the hazard

What made you hold it?
What made you want it?
The red flag reveals, now it’s my favorite color
I left the world, and the dust still lingers

Subconscious, subconscious
Where are you going?
Subconscious, subconscious
When are we leaving?

This land was already taken
So don’t even bother about the gold and diamonds
Even the gravity pushed us away
Command us to go back to space
ce-walalang Jan 4 could have been the last train, or
...the song on the radio i tuned in on too late

...a flower in spring that i saw in fall
...or every single thing i wait for

...but like all the well-written prose,
...good things move on
i need to move on. 3 of 4.
Sydney Dec 2020
I held on so tightly, white knuckled , until it felt like it was impossible to let go.

And everyday I thought it was getting better but in the back of my mind my fingers were starting to cramp.

Eight months is too long to hold on to what could have been, what should have been, what isn’t.

The phone will not ring anymore, my screen will not light up reading your name.

The empty promise of you always being there can finally be laid to rest.

Because I don’t need it.

It’s time to relax my tired hands because it’s been too long since I have reached out. for something new
JL Dec 2020
Ang bilis lumipas ng oras at panahon
Parang kahapon lang kung iisipin
Nakaraang buwan iyong kinalimutan
Kasalukuyang buwan, muli'y nakalimutan.

Nakatutok pa rin ako sa aking telepono
Nagbabakasakaling sana maalala mo
Espesyal na araw sa ating dalawa
Na patuloy **** hindi inaalala.
It's okay not to be okay.
jcl Dec 2020
It takes fourteen days
to build a habit, they say.
Old conversations still feel so warm,
they recall thirteen stories I long to hear,
the twelve laughters we used to share.
At 11:11, "i would like to be with you
every single moment,"
ten words in repeat, nine times in a minute.
You broke it on the 8th,
and tried to not meet my eye.
Seven steps have never seemed so far
until we had the sixth goobye.
Five sleepless nights,
they're too much
for these four lullabies to fight.
There's nowhere else to go but off.
In three,
it only takes one brave move
to break a habit, I would say.
It would be hard to move on from what you used to
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