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dk 1d
to the love, you had for me,
to the love, I broke in a single action,
to the love, we believed will be evermore,

to that love, I now say sorry,
to that love, I wave my goodbye,

for love, I move on.
your smile with him said so many words,
yet telling me
i wasn't enough for you.
we stayed as friends, but its okay i moved on pretty quick haha ! (:
Meruem Dec 3
A girl slowly dancing on the pole;
I was not in the right position,
It was not the ideal place,
Something's wrong however we put it.

I still have the letter and postcards,
The PO receipt i keep it with me.
As I about to post this poem,
Am still hungover post-downtime.
There's so much time ahead of me. After it all, I need to focus on the present, as this will build my future. Padayon~
I need to write it down
to solidify the facts
him and I have never been
and will never be
each others future

we were each others present
for a while
and oh how your smile
could light up my day
we were good at the now
but never knew what tomorrow
might bring

As his presence fades
our present ceases to exist
but I have to let that go
because we have no tomorrow
all we had was each other
no goals, no plans
eventually the present must become the past
and I must move on
yellow soul Nov 25
It's cold.
Oh, so cold.
Not outside, not in my room.
In me.
“who are you?”
I only see
red, purple, blue and yellow
in the mirror
the seduction dripping from my lips
the sin between my thighs
safety is an illusion
you tore me in half
but not end me
I am your broken doll
Non Pescador Nov 25
There’s no word for my pain,
There’s no word for my broken heart,
Is this heartbreak feels like?
Lonely, Alone, Cold and too much Pain.

Laying down at my bed, Crying.
Please let me go to sleep,
And wake me up if the pain is gone.

All I can see is all black,
The love is gone,
The happiness is gone
Just all black and pain.

Is this life or is this the ****?
How do I stop loving you?! My life is a living **** thanks to you
Let those walls break
Don't try to build new ones right away
You will not find those pure bricks
Those solid foundations
Those strong standings

What you will get
is something temporary
Something Weak
Something which is
meant to fall in no time

So just let those walls break.
Walk in the field
Feel free
Feel alone
Remember your suffering
And one day
You will move on
If I wasn't too black to wear in the sun when the skies are blue. Maybe a different colour would fit.
If I wasn't so thin to keep you from winter morning cold & chill. Maybe a jacket is all you need.
If I wasn't fragile made for wind to ******* when you hang me on the line. Maybe a peg will hold me up.
If I wasn't  made of cotton to get wet when it pours on you skin. Maybe an umbrella will do that.
Maybe then you will wash, bleach, iron and put cologne on me.
Until then I am your T-shirt.
 Just a T-shirt.
©Sacred Johnson
There is point where we all need to come to peace with what we can't change about ourselve (esp. our physical appearance), for we are just human and we say "enough". Don't let people who can't recognise you value becomes predicaments of your life. Learn to move on, separate.
Non Pescador Nov 5
He smile at me
So I smile back
I need him so much
But he seems so happy now
So I walk away and smile
He doesn't need me
Like I need him
He already moved on
So It’s time for me to let him go and move on.
Happiness is a choice and I choose your happiness first before mine.
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