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The anger grows larger than the hurt.
The tide changes, disappointment floats away.
Resentment seeps in deep, to the marrow, and takes it's place.
There was a time that I was so hurt and disappointed in my lover but as time wore on, anger developed. It was such an anger as I had never felt before. I no longer carry that with me, though.
Non 4d
I really love you.
And I know that your happy.
But was it wrong?
Wishing you two broke up
And be with me again.
Was it wrong?
Loving you too much until now
Just random thoughts
Non 6d
We’re both right for each other,
But we met in the wrong time,
At the wrong place.
Maybe one day we’ll meet again,
And everything will be perfect.
But for now,
I want you to know,
Your my favorite regret.
Why second chance baby when you seems so happy without me by your side
Non Oct 11
Its been months
Since the day i saw you,
Those smile combined with your eyes
A perfectly created like a painting
That amazed me every time

But today the painting start to moved away
Until my eyes cant see it anymore

It was wrong hoping that you would stay forever
It was wrong wishing that you would not leave
It was wrong wishing that you would love me too
Non Oct 11
Tell me you love me baby
Tell me all you need is me
Tell me everything i wanna hear
Even if it was all a lie

Cause right now, all I need is you
I need you baby
Can you hear me
Im calling your name so loudly

Telling you to comeback
Just even for a month
Just until im ready to let you go
Ivan Lee Oct 10
I read our past conversation to remind myself
How your every words is like a home we built in a desert
How the every part of you is like an oasis,
The only thing that make a desert comforting.
But as the days pass by,
I start to wonder.
What am I doing in a desert in the first place?
Sometimes reminiscing the past could be comforting but there are also times when we are just wasting time fo
r things we can't change.r
this feeling I have, I can't explain.
it's the exhilaration of moving on,
yet loving you for the memories of last night.
I need the space, but I need the intimacy.
I hate you for not trying to fix what we had,
but I love you for letting me go.
thank you for the opportunity to live without you,
you taught me so well how to do it on my own.
it's not that I don't need you: it's that you don't need me.
I love you: just not in the same way.
have fun and keep yourself safe.
and, wish me luck.
I'm over it.
I'm done.
i'm officially moving on.
i still have feelings.
i admit that.
but, i got a life ahead of me and new people to meet.
goodbye, and thank you for the memories.
take care <|3
To the luckiest man on earth
Since you catched her first
I'm willing to let my heart shattered
Crumbled into dust and carried away by the winds
Following the moving air until it can't be seen

To the luckiest man
Her protector
Take care of her
And never let her to get hurt
Or else I will press your skull against a fast moving propeller

To that luckiest man
Or more likely her favourite man
I can guarantee your bondings will be forever
Because I sent your relationship with my prayers
So the both of you will always be together
And I trust you I swear
Our love was meant to be eternal,
But our love
Was wishéd upon the sun
Bound together as the sun shines
Unbound forever as the sun sets
Our love was meant to be eternal,
But our love
Was not wishéd upon the moon
Bound together as the moon shines
Bound forever, for the moon sets not
Why this girl haunts my mind, I do not know. They say it takes at most 8 months to move past a breakup. It's been 6 months, and the only thing that changed is I stopped reminiscing and sulking.
V Apr 2017
There you are again,
Standing under the rain.
Your mind filled with thoughts
That cannot be explained.

A wave of emotions flow through you,
Sadness, happiness, anger, regret.
In pain because you confessed
The things that should've remained unsaid.

Unsure how much time has passed,
As you stare blankly at the gloomy sky.
Recalling the memories you've had together,
Knowing they're precious and unlike any other.

You start to take a single step,
As you plan your next move.
Because now you have to accept the truth,
That things won't go back to the way they used to.
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