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Von Sep 22
Remembering is almost frightening
You are someone inside me that I can not forget
Someone I gave everything to
Even though I can't go back again
Now is only you, only about you
Nothing but you
The Vault Sep 17
No more tears for me.
Rap and punching
Pain is my new relief.
Nina Aug 24
I couldn't help it
But to smile
Every time i look at you
Or think of you
It *****
Because it's pretty obvious
That i like you
You could see it  in my eyes
And especially my smile
But you don't care
You don't care about my feelings
So I'll promise you
Sooner or later
I won't be smiling
When i see your face
I will look at you with a straight face
And show you
That you're no longer
The reason why i smile
Once you become my poem
you will stay as my poem.
no returning back, goodbye.
Fowsia Omar Aug 18
"you're aiming to high" he said
"you're being unrealistic"
those were the cries of his insecurities as it ate him away
never let his self doubt discourage you queen
Nina Aug 15
when you love someone
You will give it all to that person
You will want to be with that person
You will be scared to lose that person

But when you truly love someone
You'll learn that someday,
You have no choice but to let go.
You'll understand that it's the only best thing you could do
To overcome the fear of letting go
And move on to a better life
To love someone
You have to prepare yourself
When it's time to let go
Nina Aug 15
‪5 months ago today,‬
‪Was the first time i fell for you‬
‪But things didn't go as planned and we had to say goodbye‬
‪And i can safely say now,‬
‪That I'm finally over you‬
‪That I'm no longer holding onto you‬
Lilly F Aug 13
the lines on my notebook pages scoff
as they see me writing your name once again

Lilly F Aug 13
one day I'll be able to watch the ocean
wipe your name away from the sand
without writing it ever again

© L.F.
Nina Aug 5
you've moved on
but i have not
i know i will let go
but for now,
i will still love you
and i will keep loving you
til the end of time
i will love you
even if i've moved on
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