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Gabe Feb 26
All I see is fog right in front of me
I can't see anything clearly enough
to distinct one thing from another

Maybe it is suppose to be like that
We've learned from a very young age
to call things by their name

But sometimes it's something
they don't have
What are we suppose to do then?

I guess just let them be
Simple as that
Isaac Jan 16
I water myself daily, play my heartstrings like a ukulele
the music makes me smile, my art child
I can no longer blame me, for the times you were shady
cannot stay hostile, the negativity is vile
I move on and I move in, to my new skin
I got into my groove and I let myself in
to the world of violins that play for my smirk
I was ******, hurt, and overworked
but now as I rest in my throne of pillows
I realize true peace as I watch the wind bend the willows
Nix Brook Jan 9
The path went blurry
I loose my track
Distracted by you
When will I get back to life?

Keeping my eyes close
I don't want to see
The world you introduced
Created by you and me
life tasted sweet
under your eyelashes,
******* strawberry-flavored flowers,
and spitting out the seeds
which would eventually grow into
humble spite.

when the ground was bare,
and the atmosphere was intact,
my eyes never left your fingers
and my sharp friend never forgot
the taste of my strawberry wrists.

bittersweet in the sense
that you tend to forget
that my fate is my gold
it is time to work.
it is time to get old.

we are never going back under this tree again.
(aren't we?)

for it is the calling.
it is time to speak with the tongue of love -
for myself.
no longer pink
from the strawberries.

i want to look loud,
i want the flavor of the world beyond.
i want to **** the clouds until they
gravitate back to earth.
i want to be satisfied,
not full.
full circle. life has changed drastically for the past years. i'm excited to get back to writing. i hope you're all doing well **
Broken Pieces Sep 2021
It feels like it just happened yesterday you see,
I know you just wanted to set me free.

Not that long ago you were mine,
But now I don't get to cross that line.

It looks like you've moved on from me,
I always thought we were meant to be.

I know I'll miss you forever and ever,
But I think you want our bond to be severed.

I love you for eternity my dear,
Today I shed my final tear.
Inori Kimimoto Sep 2021
the meaning of an apology:
echoes of a thousand I’m Sorry’s;
the silence of deceit, its awful slink;
the humbled hope to atone,
to pay amends where due,
to mend the maimed,
and trust renew.

forgiveness is a sad word:
it bears the scar of a wound;
to forgive is to hope with hurt.
it is to trust in tide to wash ashore;
for in lack of trust and hope,
it is noble to sink with the ship.
it is bolder yet to hop asea,
and let tide be guide.

the parable of the builders:
the wiser built his house on  rock,
the rain came down,
the floods came,
the winds blew,
and beat on that house;
and it did not fall,
for it was founded on a rock

the foolish built his on sand,
the rain came down,
the floods came,
the winds blew,
and beat on that house;
and it fell — and great was its fall.

determination's downfall;
for, is a house still not a house
despite its foundation?
fortune's fortress looms;
our sandcastle holdfasts hampered in comparison,
but home is neither keep nor battlement,
neither moat nor bailey,
neither portcullis nor drawbridge;

home is where you touch the ground,
where you choose to grow...

the rain will retain its hiss;
but the rain is still the rain,
the floods remain the floods,
and the wind is just the wind.

~ Inori
After a long hiatus from writing to focus on my academic life, which currently is in shambles, I present my apology: an I'm sorry for allowing negativity, doubt and youthful ignorance to get me down to the point of barely functional soon-to-be drug addict ; an apology long overdue.

~ Inori
Nala Alfira Aug 2021
even when i know the answer
it's still hurt the most
even when i'm an adult now
it never really healed

maybe it's just how life is
what comes will go
maybe it's just better for me
to stop asking why
Lee Jul 2021
sorry can’t fix this.
First birthday we’ve spent apart in three years
Happy birthday josh
You deserve the world
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