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Benjamin Fox Oct 4
I could write you here
If I persevere
And I'm opening another box of pencils
Nina Sep 23
you gave me bite marks
Bites on my body
That no one else sees
That consists of pain
And also pleasure
You're the same like those marks
Both gives off
A temporary feelings
And eventually
It fades
Lilly F Aug 6
the ones who stain your satin exterior,
with their salty tears
the ones who leave scuff marks, driving into your pastel mind,
with the words on their fake letters
the ones who resurface upon your eyes of a setting sun,
with their convenient after break-up rebound texts
the ones who **** the healing flowers growing on your earthly arms,
with their problems being unloaded onto you recklessly.
I'd rather be alone forever,
than put up with dumb boys.

most can relate.
The Vault May 25
The marks you left behind after the bruises faded
A flinch at a hesitant touch
Afraid to be alone with someone
Afraid to be touched in a hug
It isn't on purpose
I swear
I just panic at touches even by family
From what you left when the bruises had healed over
Don't be afraid to walk out.  Don't be afraid to put yourself first.  The marks left behind might never heal but it is better then staying in a relationship that only harms you.
GraciexJones May 17
A reflection of my human flesh,
I trace a mixture of scars and wrinkles,
I see crinkles around my eyes as I smile,
Each mark follows a story,
Of spontaneous ****** piercings and tattoo’s
Garnishing my body,
Covering the blues of desperation and release
From times of birth control,
Inserting pills and implants,
Hormones spilling from my insides,
Shaking my hairy legs and ****,
Dancing in the bathroom,
As I noticed the shape of my hips,
Thighs are squelched together,
My hairy toes wiggling underneath the furry rug
I tug at my skin as it itches again
My hair is dangling all wired and dry,
My perspective of my body -changes all over again,
Like the weight of my belly hanging over the sink,
As I brush my teeth between the crooked gaps,
When I pluck the hair flaring from my brow,
Each zit popped with enthusiasm,
Each mark has a reason
Ickabobroe May 9
The paper picks up the marks
And only after it is tainted
Is it beautiful
Cat Lynn Jan 11
I have tally marks slice all up my wrist
My arm, and my legs, a lined up list

Each ****** carving is a count
For every heart stabbing doubt

Short cuts arent always the answer
But neither are banaged broke bridges

I have counted how many times I've be slaughtered
I've kept track, the scars should prove it

Hiding the ****** count is as difficult as hiding a murdered body

We cover it with long sleeves and jeans...
And even when people see them, 99% of them dont give a dang

....Very few have said anything
...and those who have...
I know truly love .e til the very day I die....

It's time to stop counting...
And time to start looking up a d walking forward

And let the scars show
Yes they are a reminder of the pain
But also a reminder of
.....the words will always hurt more the  the blade...
Anastasia Jan 7
jagged lines
as though a child created
then in crayon.
bold, beaming
thunder strikes.
their fingertips trace
dips and peaks,
until they engulf
pale skin.
until the pink
matches her cheeks.
until they match those of the
slr Jan 2
Are you're doing it in a healthy way?
Are you watching what you eat?

Yeah.. That's why I didn't have a bun with dinner.

What I didn't tell her is that watching what I eat means
watching what i would normally eat sit on the shelf
watching what i would normally eat go to others
watching what i would normally eat shrink off my body

She says I've gotten smaller
My coworkers say I've gotten smaller

I don't see it

When someone asks if I've eaten I just avoid the topic or say I've had enough

If someone is concerned I laugh and say "I'm back on my anorexic *******"
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