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Mark Toney Oct 2019
don’t get caught standing
you’ll fall backwards or forwards-
Ambien’s effect
5/8/2019 - Poetry form: Senryu - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Amanda Sep 2019
Welcomed by Mother's well-meaning embrace
Touch tender as a trap could be
How could my poor mother know?
The path laid for her precious baby?

Naivety must have rendered her blind
To awful truths of this life
Pain is inevitable for everyone
No one escapes sorrow and strife

A happy bubble flourished years I was small
Raised a sweet girl who made her proud
Four members of a perfect family
Tucked in each night warm, safe, and sound.

Had riches beyond measure when I was young
I treated it like dirt
Ungrateful for blessings owned
I'd never experienced hurt

Time unwillungly thrusted me forwards
Stole innocent hours one by one
After that problems rushed swiftly in
Unappreciated happiness forever done

Heartbroken heaviness settled in my bones
Weight growing larger still as days go by
If mom had paused to really think her decision through
Would she have chosen to birth a daughter who would rather die?
Day three of the 30 day poetry challenge im trying to keep up with

Pick up the newrest book and flip to page 8. Use the first full ten words in a poem in any order and anywhere you like.

My words were: small sweet innocent tender young still unwillingly taken mother's baby
Anne J May 2019
You know
It’s like a feat
It never stops or misses a beat
It’s like a feat
It’s like a dream
It takes you down an imaginative stream
It’s like a change
It surprises on what’ll be an exchange
It’s like a nightmare
It gives out a sickly red herring glare
It’s like a fall
It rushes out to a crying yet crackling call
It’s like a feat
It  stops or throws out a defeat
It’s like a feat
You know
Another poem for my art project, a reverse poem. Read it forwards or backwards, though I prefer backwards.
Sketcher Nov 2018
I hate life,
The major lie that I'm dealing with now is,
That everything is fine,
Soon I began to realize,
Everything is falling apart,
And the following is not the truth:
I love life.
Read from top to bottom, then from bottom to top. These are hard to create. Sometimes I have those days where I think forwards and sometimes I have those days where I think backwards. Just depends...
Daniel eason Nov 2018
Homeless people everywhere
People walk past, shake their heads and stare
Lonely souls roam the streets
They havnt got no food to eat

Shoes with holes
No aspirations or goals
Lying in a doorway
Trying to find a better day

Outcasts from the norm
Not willing to conform
To the drilled in way of thinking
Live theirs lives like a gamble
Like riding a boat sinking
Lifes a shamble
A poem about homelessness
Daniel eason Oct 2018
Our path is a decision we  make ourselves
A blessing from above, no it's not a story about some elves
There's things we don't know and our minds are deceived
Maybe one day you will have the chance to believe
Have i been wrong all these years
Or was it you
Maybe I could teach you a thing or two
Instead of this bloodshed and tears
We all make our own path who is anyone to judge
Robert May 2018
Recently I've thought about
The moments in my past,
My thoughts enflamed in guilt and doubt,
I wasn't built to last.

If only I could fix a day,
If I could change a second,
I promise that I wouldn't stay,
I'd fix my past I reckon.

I'm done with all the bends and corners
I feel like time's exile,
I really don't like walking forwards,
I'll walk backwards for a while.
People often forget that you can change the future without going back in time
Brandon Brazel Feb 2018
These days are always chilly,
My temple is shivering frivolously,
These days are going so fast,
But maybe it’s because I’m stuck in the past.
Those days were filled with a smile,
But my brain puts those memories in a file,
Because nowadays,
I’m stuck in denial.
Stuff gets hard, look forward not backward, anatomy shows that Which way you face, you will walk that direction. Stay happy stay healthy, love you guys.
adira Feb 2018
world is demanding a never ending place were onward we must go

take no second thought onwards we must go

you are sweating ageing your back breaking but..onwards we must go

and for those who stop to think in this constant spinning circle

shall be flung aside forgotten.. onwards we must go

to the world you are just one of seven billion other men onward they will go

you are already a slave to this earth because onwards you must go

the world will always move onwards

with or without you
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