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Alxe Feb 3
I’m fine
There’s just a choir in my head
Screaming not singing
At a girl, a child
Screaming help
Someone help
I said I’m fine
angsty_teen sad depressed suppressed feelings
Gracie Nov 2018
i like silence.
i like silence because.
i like silence because it.
i like silence because it helps.
i like silence because it helps my.
i like silence because it helps my creativity.
i like silence because it helps my.
i like silence because it helps.
i like silence because it.
i like silence because.
i like silence.
i can hear my thought in silence, than the lords.
Marco Amora Apr 2018
I would paint the way I see you
In my eyes
And watch the colors
Dance, love, and come alive on canvas

I would word the way you sing straight
To my soul
And listen to the notes
That belong next to the moon late at night

I would love you the way I could
With all my heart
And with the same truth
As what I feel when our hands interlock
I stuck the poem into her phone case, told her to open it as soon as she landed.
eli Apr 2018

When you call me these things I melt and I don’t know how to take it because I’m used to

Téa Rhyno Feb 2018
staring at the stars,
I've never felt so small.
I realize that the universe is so incredibly huge,
that nothing in it matters at all.

anything that I will ever do
will eventually be forgotten,
so it doesn't really matter
what sort of trouble I get caught in.

I know it matters to my parents
that I graduate this year,
but I'm starting what I want to do
by posting my amature poems here.

I'm sharing my thoughts with strangers,
and trying to make them rhyme,
but like I mentioned earlier,
my words will all be forgotten with time.

but that's not going to stop me
from trying to become a "writer",
I can do this from my bedroom,
it makes my heart feel a little lighter.

I'm just trying to find my place,
I'm trying to be happy.
I'm feeling a bit of grace
even if these poems are ****** :P
Erin Knight Feb 2018
seaweed tangled around my legs and neck,
i spilled a goldfish bowl
the goldfish suffocated
i woke up with a start - breathing tubes entangled me
i looked at my paper cut fingers

i am the goldfish
i am the goldfish.
have you guys ever heard the song "The Secret of the Goldfish"?
nabi 나비 Jan 2018
beautiful girl, why are you dating that ******* of a boy?
he's nothing but terrible to you
with his emotions toward you changing constantly
and the overwhelming jealousy for anybody around you
beautiful girl i say this out of kindness and because we're friends
i care about you and that is why i tell you that you deserve better
beautiful girl, everybody knows your not into him anymore
he's threatened to leave you multiple times so why don't you just leave him
and go after the girl you've been eyeing for weeks
nobody is going to judge you
beautiful girl, you deserve the world
and he isn't giving you the world
go after what the world is to you and don't look back
beautiful girl, leave the ******* holding you back
Maddy Nov 2017
Readers Should be advised, swearing used in this very short poem.

Go ahead and **** my Life;
Up the ***, with a Knife.
Don't you worry, I'll be Okay;
The Memories Hurt More anyway.
What can I say?
You didn't read the warning label.

Dangling from the ceiling, fluorescence like drunken accents dripping from the tongue, the fallacies we fashion into stars and let hang in our eyes, etc etc.

You know the story. You were there,

how in that light,
we almost looked human,

the city screaming around us, the dusty night engulfing everything.

I mean, even zippers have teeth,

so slam the window shut. Slam the door. Slam and slam and slam until my name doesn't matter anymore,

your eyes like the barrel of a gun, your eyes like headlights.

I'll be doing the same,

taking pictures out of their frames. It feels different that way, a ***** memory.

doing the laundry, cutting up the furniture, spotlights for the spotlights. I know

you liked to think yourself a martyr for our love. I wish someone would've shut you up,

the skin in my teeth from chasing my own tail. You never forget the taste of blood.

*******, darling.
I have more important things to feel guilty about.
Anivel Aidan Jun 2017
With the amount of lies
that spew out of your mouth

I wonder
if you still recognize
your own reflection
when you look in the mirror
you are so ******* manipulative
that i can't even be mad at you
when you are around
and we all know how i am
when i get angry
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