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Jules 5h
The surface here is rough
Feels like a break up
Almost given up
What's up
With us
I’m giving you just the tools you need to break me

Do it

I Dare You
ren Jan 1
ah there she is!
she stands alone in a silk white dress,
always looking her best
but it is noticeable how miserable she is,
the people she called friends
were busy with their own.
as beautiful as she is
or as beautiful as she was told she was,
she certainly didn’t feel beautiful,
regret fogged her ongoing thoughts,
wishing she had not came–
until she had saw him,
her stomach turned
and her eyes began to water.
he had not yet seen her,
he possibly had no intention to in the first place
and she couldn’t help but watch him,
watch him speaking with his friends so contently.
she had this small hope that maybe–
just maybe,
he would attempt to speak with her
but twenty minutes had passed
and her hopes were deteriorating.
that was when she decided to give up
as she knew he didn’t want to associate himself
with someone like her
so she quietly left the ball
with tear filled eyes.
beautiful, she is
but her emotions course through her veins,
she is quite ****.
Kyra Nov 2018
I’ve stopped running.

I don’t know if that means I’ve found a reason to stay,

           or that I’ve just given up.

Dj Oct 2018
although the years have now come and gone,
one thing i have never ceased to stumble apon,
was the extent to your personality; a touch of savage with
a heavenly grace,
while most boys would stop at the simple beauty of your face.

i may have choose wrong to attempt to stay away,
but ive always admired you beyond great dismay,
although my last hope of love with you may have far past expired,
with these drugs my broken heart and soul may be rewired,

but as long you may remain happy,
i must avoid all chance of getting sappy,
and every day that my mind may pass my own self regret,
for the lack of my actions in being a clueless boy; my mind shall
be forced to accept the unspeakable debt,

time after time it appeared to be only you reaching out your hand,
to your power i could not make words i found it hard too so much as stand,

and perhaps one day, i will once again, find the willpower to live,
thats so far lost; i may as well be a inmate ;in for life and bleeding out stuck with a shiv,

but then and only then my fire may reignite
finally past this existence, maybe even a delight

but until then ill keep up my smile,
cause i know apon a moments gaze; we both know its been awhile,

but can you really blame me; for years straight
after i only wanted our unhealthy love to wait

you treated me like i was nothing not even real, every time i tried ; or at least thats how you made it feel,
up until you decided to date my best friend now your both over there...

until i regain my emotional strength i may disassociate n pretend to not so much as care.
and i refuse to even acknowledge your attempt to openly declare,
about my lack of presence unaware,
that my dreams of you have  just been those mistaken but of nightmares,

from the image of forever chasing you down the halls,
as all im left with is a false fading sense of hope ;awhile i move on to success and building up my protective walls,

even though i knew my chase would never come to a fair end,
but given all my assets; im still mainly heartbroken that once apon a time i lost such an amazing best freind....
Quin Rosenheart Aug 2018
Drink until I give up
Drink until I die
I've done my share
I've tried to save
But now I say goodbye
BaileyMarie Jul 2018
It’s been a long and painful few years
and I just can’t keep wasting all these tears
I’ve learned that nothing in life is forever
and everything will tear you down
you can only trust yourself & you can only give yourself the love you deserve
but that was something I was never strong enough to do
I never was strong enough to put my faith in God and just love myself
I always looked for love in the eyes of one night stand lovers
I never gave myself the love I truly deserved
now I’m stilling here writing this and all the people that has every touched my life in any way
and it hurts to say goodbye
but maybe this is the goodbye I need to set myself free
free from all the pain
free from all the stress
free from being hurt and abandoned
so good or not
this is the last one I’ll ever write
Aa Harvey May 2018
Happy feet walk away.

Instinct tells you that you are right.
Doubts cast aside.
Do, or do not try.

If you can, then why not love?
If you have already given up,
Or never believed anyway,
Then that is okay.
Good luck.

You and I are not the same;
We read a similar script, but we are on a different page.
With age comes meaning, enlightenment.
Money is there to be spent.

If you are saving for a rainy day;
Welcome to England…save away.
Young people; go enjoy your life.
Old people do not listen to change.

People my age, congratulations!
You think you have it so great!
You think you know so much.
I know that I know nothing about love.  You trust,
People to never be trustworthy.
I trust enough for love to hurt me.
Happy feet are only ever seen,
Walking away from me.

I am at a point in my existence,
Where I do not have the time for your idle pretense.
Just say it clearly, what do you want?
Time is short, so fall in love and need to be loved!...

Or simply get to being gone.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Josh May 2018
I’m just, tired.

That’s what you tell people,
I need some sleep that’s all,
Well I’ve been just tired for
about 6 months or so now,
And the feeling is just foul,

It’s just not easy,
Leaves me needy,
No matter how long I sleep,
I’m still just tired,
Still need some more sleep,

The world has opened to me,
The sick twisted horrors
this world is now revealing,
To be honest, Suicide has
never been more appealing,

I’m a depressed mess.

But still all they hear is,
I’m just tired,
I just need some more sleep,
Because I’m just tired,
I just need some more sleep,

Or someone to take that leap,
Have a conversation with me so deep,
Find out I use the dark nights to weep,
Cos all I want to do is sleep, forever.

Because I’m just tired, of everything.
Any tips and improvements or things you think i could add? Please let me know!
Aa Harvey May 2018
Today could have been a better day.

There is nothing wrong with singing a song,
As long as the words are right.
When all is said and nothing’s done,
Just start again and set alight,
The wishes that you used to have.
Ain’t got no bag so full of beans.
No way to learn everything.

I’ve got to fly through the night air or be unseen.
If all you say is meaningless, then just get out.
I’m out of breath to waste on dreams.
All you think, you only ever said out loud,
I never wanted you to speak;
So drop the act and leave,
Because all these pretty things you say,
Are only said in jest, with hate.
No malice left to fight for peace.
I’m all used up inside.
No masterpiece will ever be produced.
All the pointless things I do,
Are only to annoy you and all you do is take my time.

You waste my time, with only lies, on Valentines.
You talk of love and I’m left in stitches;
Side splitting jokes about your kisses.
Nothing ever makes me smile,
So pack a bag and leave here, I’ll,
Find myself a way to misbehave.
A way to get away from all you say
And I will find a better way to say,
Today could have been a better day.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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