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14.8k · Sep 2018
Do you think a girl could love a boy who writes for her a million poems?  That's what I plan to do.
4.9k · Aug 2018
Drunken Pirate Adventure
Drunken pirates sloshing along
a martini sea, looking for papers to roll some angelfish ****.

Then on to Giza to gaze in amazement before we tackle
the Gates of Hell and raze it.

Swashbuckling demons we branded our feet. A duel with
the devil we had to concede
before sailing back up to our Martini sea.
Another poem written to complement a torch painting.
3.4k · Aug 2018
Shadow Play
Twilight shadows gather
in an empty park,
to celebrate the close of day usher in the dark.

They run around and
chase each other
whispers on the ground
one last game of hide and seek
before they can't be found

They relish dusk until
our star finally bows its head.
Then in a rush
the park's hush-hush
til dawn gets out of bed
I've always believed in shadow monsters.  Inspired by the immortal Michaelangelo's Dusk and Dawn sculpture in the Medici mausoleum.
2.8k · Aug 2018
Yo lo coloco y ella lo quita
Loco porque yo lo coloco
y ella lo quita y lo coloca
con cola loca en
otro loquito lugar

Loco lo quito y otra vez
loquito vuelvo y lo coloco
como un bobo loco
bien dónde debe estar
Y la loquita loca
lo quita de su local
Y lo coloca en otro lugar

El colmo del caso
es que si seguimos acaso  
dando este paso
nunca lo cazo en
casa local al loco
loco loquito locazo.

Así que deme otro vaso
Qué si la loca
lo quiere al loco de paso
lo buzco al triple locazo
y lo juro que
yo me lo cazco.
Trabalenguas inspirado por unos dos dichos de mi mamá. Se me prendió el foco.  ¡Hágale pues a ver!
2.5k · Aug 2018
I've got a lollipop in space,
she's my saving grace,
with a gentle wrinkled
grandma's face

She has the Stars on a string,
makes the constellations sing,
and wears the sun on her hand
like a pinky ring.

She's light,
a delight,
always right
with a smile that fights
the blackest of nights
and hands that cure
anyone's plight.

She sugar on berries
when the path gets scary
and filled with the void
of wicked fairies.  

A dollop on top,
the cream of the crop,
the rain in the desert
where it doesn't drop....

An Illuminating Force
nothing can stop
My grandma in the heavens.... my Lollipop.
La quiero mucho abuelita
2.3k · Aug 2018
Spirit and matter
The light and the dark
left and right brained
the Ying and the Yang
an outspoken mute
a chaotic plan
mortal and eternal
a pacifist Warrior
ambidextrous hands
A foot on the ground
A head in the clouds
Silence and sound
A teacher a pupil
Reserved with no Scruples
A genius a fool
slave and the master
man I am God
feline and dog
reason and Insanity
A well planned Calamity
2.2k · Sep 2018
Santa Ana's Dawn Patrol
..      ..   .. . . Me..~~.
             the               )
4:00 am
peel on the
suit...just the
******* are out
and the sharks to boot.
Paddle out in between sets's a bit chilly, ain't ready yet............

gotta warm up, so I **** in the suit...

Here we go ready for flight..
Let the first roller cruise
right on by,.....the next one's breaking perfectly..10 feet high.

Tip the board on 180 and cup my two three strokes.... all the way to the sand....
cuz that's how we roll,
the dawn patrol band.
Surfs up Stu!....My nephew Gage threw the first line...I'm trying to inspire him to write... he's no Barney and Jeff Spicoli is a God.
Swimming in Shadows
swarming in from my soul

Talking to thieves that
taunt us to trust.

Drinking down danger
denying death's desire

Forgetting full-well I'm
floating in fire

Ignoring iconoclastic images inked in my eyes

Hoping hypnosis helps
heal humankind

Dangerous dance
done dozens of days

Easiest entry, eternal enslavement; extracorporeal existence engaged.
Love me some alliteration
2.0k · Aug 2018
A real goodnight prayer
Thank you God for my little dog
Thank Lord for not being bored
Thank you Mary for fighting off the wicked fairies.
Thank you me from the sneezes
Thank you me for peeing on a tree.
1.9k · Aug 2018
Sorcerer of Words
Conjurer of spells,
I stir phrases
in a witch's cauldron.....
wizard's breath to
tint the potion
Let it boil over
Reduce the excess
add emotion
and a four leaf clover

Temperature at serving time defines the tone and
type of incantation
Cold spells work
as heartless breaths
Warm ones jubilation
Hotter brew brings swift results
Careful even death

My sorcery is well disguised
as poetry and song.  
I'll have you laugh,
yank a tear or
make a day
feel twice as long.

I'll look you in the eye
as I feed you all
my truths and lies
None can break the grip
of words I wield,
won't know to even try voice enchants
let me whisper in your ear
You'll result bewitched....
but if I hold you high .....
there's never need to fear
Inspired by Jamahdi Verse's Spells collection
1.7k · Aug 2018
Reminder from my Pencil
I was just reminded why
my pencil is so dear.  
Commented on a post ...
...replying in poetry to the host, the battery died
and one if my best pieces
just disappeared.

I struggled in vain
to write it again but
gave up ....
had a fit in a hurry.  

Had I subscribed to the prescription I apply,
I wouldn't be sitting here worried.  

I still have poems I wrote
when I was 13
because I write old school pencil on paper.  
Sure they maybe faded,
torn, have some folds
but at least they
didn't just become vapor.

So if it hasn't happened to you, learn from this fool
cuz losing prized verses
is not ever cool.

And if it already has,
technology again
Is not your friend,
It won't pay dividends

So don't be crass
Cuz you'll be
near the end
then **** ...
its gone  ....
having bitten you
right on the ***.
All I could do to not lose my noodle was write this pencil and paper first.
1.7k · Aug 2018
Small Pebble
I'm a small pebble
making a giant ripple
A speck of black sand
on a coral white beach
The left foot
kicking up a storm

A hermit, a drifter
a paradigm shifter
I am a disruptive
not a destructive force
I think outside of the box because inside I'm lost

I've been Nero, DaVinci
Neruda, Dali
burned as a witch
and now I'm just me....
a small pebble
making a giant ripple
Poem written for a blow-torch painting I did earlier this year.
1.6k · Aug 2018
Demise of the Maya
The demons dance,
ominously disguised
as Monsoon clouds,
hovering above the
slick, crimsoned altar.

One more heart,
one more soul,
one more sacrifice
might make the toll.

Life-blood River
deposits iron
on the pyramid's
sculpted stone
cascading, absorbing deep, flooding the gates of hell.  

On a canoe of bone
the King embarked
to negotiate peace
with the underworld rule.

"No more blood,
no more skulls
no more souls",
said the Lord . ...
"your time has come.
No more bargaining fool"
Poem to complement a recently completed blow-torch, pencil and watercolor painting on raw edge wood.  See profile background pic.
1.6k · Aug 2018
I think in poems,
drink deep sounds,
smell bright colors,
untie the bound.

I touch the notes...
they ripple in the air.
Taste the pain .....
no qualms no care.

I orchestrate a silent fugue,
two voices never heard.
Pen it all inside my book
then read it to my bird.
1.6k · Aug 2018
The Co(cons)pirators
None of these verses are authored by me...
My brain's being
held hostage by
a couple of thieves.

They drain me of images
and words every night...
They're so thuggish
I won't even dare
to put up a fight.

They tell me if I'm good
they'll expedite my release...
but now I'm on my knees
begging them please.

I have some deadlines
coming up soon
I need to touch-up some paintings so they
don't look like cartoons.

But the conspiracy plays out,
the plot thickens....
they won't let me refuse.  
These wanna be poets,
my demanding hand and
a partner...the pencil, its Muse.
1.6k · Aug 2018
Sleight of Hand
Sleight of hand
creates illusion
politicians the rich
in collusion.
Good slaves we
buy their Solutions
titrated diluted pollution.

They've got you wrangled
with the carrots they dangle.
I see black holes
You See Stars Spangled.

"Disseminate fear keep them numb and Confused
they'll reward our
egregious abuse"
but fools won't believe
when it's dark
they see day
so now I tell you
what's the use anyway?

They've got you wrangled
with the carrots they dangle...
You see white stripes.....
I see liberty.....***** and strangled

Keep it obscure,
then hand you a cure,  
their best phishing lure
To make you believe
that this country's great
they use a little bitty hook
and a tiny bit of bait

They've got you dangling with the carrots they're wrangling.
I see black holes
you see stars spangling

They've got you wrangled with the bait they dangle...
you  see white stripes,
I see liberty ***** and strangled

They got you dangling
with the **** they're wrangling....
Open your eyes
you'll see there angling.
I was blind but now I see
1.5k · Aug 2018
ANu de girl
ANu de girl
dat made me twirl
ANd made
my moustache curl

She winked at me
I got knock-kneed
and had to
smoke some ****

It worked indeed
she puffed with me
then we both
watched this tale unfurl
More fun with words and my name
1.5k · Aug 2018
Spackled bowl
Don't spackle the bowl you nasty troll.  Did you think your mommy would clean it up?  Ah ah ah...don't say a word just grab the brush before I make you drink from your cup.
1.4k · Aug 2018
PourANu Picasso 2018 Artshow
Introducing Picasso and Nunez aka ANu Picasso a pair of L.A. poets and painters coming to a gallery near you.  

Our first big gig will be at the Nuetra Gallery and Museum on Glendale Blvd. in Silver Lake coming up in September.

Come check out East and West Balanced, it will surely be an art show you'll always remember.  

Curated and coordinated by the one and only, Dulce Stein, Dulcepalloza 2018 guarantees a good time.

Just another ditty on who we are, this is a poem my partner Picasso put out:


He is the torch
I am the white
He is the dark
I am the light
We don't impress
   to be blessed.
We're blessed
   to impress
Hate us or love us
But don't love to hate us
We're the Ying and
the Yang of this Earth
Both with the
same day of birth
He is the east
and I am the west
But together we're
simply the best.
You are all cordially invited to the Neutra Museum and Gallery in Silver Lake, CA for our first big show at Dulcepalloza 2018.
Exact dates will be posted in subsequent poem.  Follow or stay tuned for details
1.4k · Aug 2018
Diet of Worms
So there's this new fad diet
The Diet of Worms.....
Can you tell me bout it doc?
Is it good for your health?

And I don't quite understand.
Is it the worms we eat
or do we eat dirt and sand?  

In any case it sounds expensive.  
10+% of everything I earn?
And you have to commit
your entire life or
according to this pamphlet
"your soul will surely burn"?  Wow...must really work!  

But tell me has the FDA approved, found the claims
to be true?  Any side effects, complications? Could I
possibly turn blue?  

And why were no American researchers and experts on the team that concocted this diet?
OK OK doc I'll let you talk,
I'll be quiet......

"I've taken it on faith that my patients who've tried it swear that its a miracle....I have no personal experience with it ...give it a shot who knows it might work.".

Hmmmm OK.

"But I heard they have a litany of products so beware that your investment doesn't soon quadruple in size."

Thanks for the visit doc, Ill take it under advice.  I think I might....... especially if there's a refund if I don't like it after trying it and don't think it worth the price.
Poking fun at blind faith and especially Catholicism...I'm allowed to ..17 years of nuns, Salesians and Jesuits
1.3k · Aug 2018
Poet Time Traveler
Mahalo fellow poets....
I've come from
centuries away
to thank you all and
let you know
there's no Bible
in our day.

Our most sacred text
is based on these....
the poetry of yesterday.

The more you write
the better we become
by reading truth, not lies
that leave us
numb and dumb.

So I'm begging all of you
don't ever stop....
pour it out til the last drop.
It will become nutrition
in years to come as
poetry becomes our
biggest crop.
1.1k · Aug 2018
My Room
My room does not
evolve or become;
it morphs instantly and before your eyes.
Things move and fly they burn and cry.  

I watch as a dust devil conquers invades
Two minutes later,
waltzing brooms on parade.

I stuff my room full of
glass metal wood.
Some would say hoarding
I reply misunderstood.

Most of the glass is pretty much broken,
the wood is all scorched, the metal contorted.
All of its stays because my hand has spoken.

My room is a magical place replete with spirits and souls and little doors to inner-space.

It likes to listen to music, the scent of a dog... It begs to get ****** off a good Sensi fog.

My room inspires my hands to create...
Whether with torches or pencil, hammers or lathes.

I often ponder
what will become
of my room when I die?
Perhaps as I come back
to bid farewell....
I'll leave a piece of my soul to guard it at night
Good ol' Colombian magical realism
Subconscious vapors of lucidity whisper into the depths of my soul.  Pleading Pleiades, daughters of Atlas, exhale mythical wisps that wander in the constellations of my mind anointing me and by their
decree I am Divine.
More illusions of grandeur
1.1k · Aug 2018
Slave and Master
My hand just won't stop today, it's making me pay... for every time I've ignored it when it was  begging to play.

Just when I think that it's had enough, that it's tired... Down goes the pen, grab the torch spark the fire.

A small book of poems, a wall full of art all a day's work to my hand when it starts.

I get hungry grow weary my back starts to sir not done yet... you're staying up late.

I let my hand be the master, me it's slave for the day, at least once a week, so it's happy and I'm sane.
Like I tell everyone.... it's not me but my hand.
1.1k · Aug 2018
donald chump
Mere mention of his name
makes me want to dump...
donald chump
Flush him down and flush again to keep him in the ground.

Ashamed to claim my citizenship be a
laughingstock like him
the tyranny keeps growing
the future's looking grim
won't even wear my Yankee cap and hide under the brim

the problem is it's
not just him but also
those that grant him power  
they smell like shiza
and don't speak for me
so I decree they all need
a NiceAssZIppy shower
Like Manolo says in Scarface..... it's political mang

Bring your words and your feather let's have a duel my pencil will bring you to your knees you fool
1.0k · Aug 2018
Modus Operandi
I have no MO....
No particular methodology
I just dream things up
Add a sprinkle of psychology

Season with similis
Macerate with metaphors
Emulsify with emotion
Then get baked... Real high

Let the words cool
while my soul
starts to drool
then I present it
to the night.
Bona Sera, boa noite, bonne nuit
996 · Aug 2018
I orbit myself a
cyclical pattern
No Beginning No End
an elliptical motion
Enigma at Center
reflections of three....
me at the helm...
Space... time, gravity.  

A singular pluralism of exponential eternity as infinitesimal minutiae
govern the ******.
Not by lancing their eyes,
but insidiously
locking them in darkness,
like masses are meant to be.

But no... not me... as
my gift of perspective
has illuminated space ...
to spectate the rats
scrambling scrambling
to win the race.
931 · Aug 2018
Alone in a room
white wall patch on the floor a lonely broom in a corner, two
ft. from a crooked door. 

the foundation's cracked and slowly sinking. 110, hot, yet the sun has set & here I sit, alone,
just thinking.

the saying goes there's reason for all... missed my flight perhaps to answer some cosmic call.

these moments of solitude are golden hand beckons me to procure pen and paper. the walls are all prepped no more need for a scraper.

so out pour the words, like a can of paint, flowing onto the
paper smoothly, with no restraint.
Stuck in Fort Worth 2018
913 · Aug 2018
The Orchestra Today
The orchestra in my head has been playing dissonance all day Started off on one bad note
and since then I've had to pay.

The universe is reminding me that karma goes both ways
I let the "other guy" peek out
My plans end up astray

Discordant notes, climactic screams,
ohh...if it we're just another dream

But then the light
begins to wax and
I remember to relax
and breathe

Now the orchestra gets
tuned and warm
Finally see a sun
instead storm

A mellifluous chorus pours in from the rain
Sometimes we just have
to take the pain
when the light again
begins to wane.
I had big plans for today but had to refocus after it started out on a sour nite
885 · Aug 2018
ANu dei dawns..  
                         .      '      .
                  .                           .
                .                               .
His name is Antoine
Careful don't read out loud more than once....its a spell.  Delusions of grandeur!!!!
866 · Aug 2018
With a Heavy Heart
Soot on the bottom of
a torn Coca-Cola can...
remnants of cut laden
Q-tip heads stuck on the outside... man what's he thinking
he wants to get caught
these aren't the errors
of a person trying to hide.

The rig most certainly taken from a Consolidated EMS kit made from several others that belonged to his grandpa when he was still alive.....
and sure enough
there it is right in plain sight.

The kitchen faucet been running for a good 10 minutes... nope...
I haven't heard the
distinctive sound of dishes hitting the edge
as you rinse off the soap.
Walk back into the kitchen, curiosity peaked...
"What are you whacked out on dude, must be some good dope!"

His conscience won't let him lift his head and look me in the eye, he struggles to mumble some ******* some lie. " Sure okay," I mutter and then walk away.

We all have our demons and I'm no saint but we've had this discussion before and it's no pretty picture you decided to paint. You've shown your true colors and it's no secret where loyalties lie. Your souls turning black and is ready to die.

"I don't care what habits or needs you might have as long as you handle your business" was what I had said just 8 months before.... In one ear out the other, you walked out the door.

So you're probably fuming right now saying... "****** hypocrite, what gives him the right?"
Well it's like this....
I don't need to Snoop
to know what goes on at night.

Your eyes are devoid of the nephew I once met.... there was warmth love and joy ....It seemed genuine back then but I looked for the light first...there was no need to figure you out yet.

But now all I see are secretive eyes and all I hear in your air are con artist lies.  But true... These suspicions don't give me the right and I wasn't snooping I tell you no lies.

Grandma wanted the old couch back in the living room. God knows what you find with a dustpan and broom. Amongst all the trash that you could have thrown away.... the tools of the trade.

Easy enough to check the EMS kit I'd shown you to realize it's missing most of the insulin needles and syringes... At this point I had as much right to look through your **** as you did to look through and take from mine.

So calm yourself son I'm worried for you... GagieWagies gone missing.  I  would much rather say, "Ah he's just gone fishing" but I fear it's much worse... Just don't hook the reaper is all that I'm wishing.

I love you brother
and hopefully you find
your true gift
so you can be released
from the black chains
that won't let your soul lift.
But until you do
I can't have you killing us
slowly with worry.

So if this is the life you've chosen and your family, the street, please pack up your things
and release us from your flurry.
Down the wrong path
865 · Aug 2018
M.A.N. in the Stratosphere
got a sign from the old man;
he lives above here
lit the bulb in my head;
it said have no fear

take a walk on the path
of just be you
never too late
to yourself be true

believe son believe and
the world will conspire
to make all of YOUR
dreams come true

got a sign from my M.A.N.
in the stratosphere;
"do what you're meant to do...
cuz I'll be right here,
with open arms
and a case of stardust beer"

take a stroll on the path
they've paved for you
the souls of the stars will shine and see things through

believe son believe and
the universe conspires
to make YOUR wildest,
wildest dreams come true
RIP: M. A. Nuñez (AKA Dad) In the grand scheme of things, I'll see you soon. I love you and thanks for the guidance from above
Que viva Colombia!
Que viva el vueltiao
Que viva el tamal tolimense
Que viva mi machete
Que viva la ruana
Que viva la cumbia
Que viva el guarapo
Que viva Peñaranda
Que viva la sabana, el monte, el llano y el mar
Que viva mi abuelita ******
Que viva el M.A.N., mi papá
Pa que no quepa duda de que colombiano lo soy.

823 · Aug 2018
King of Lies
Ode to you oh master
of cunning and disguise.
If I had only half of your years
I might be half as wise.

I did everything as ordered,
even stab them in their eyes.
And now as planned
I stand before you;
come to claim my prize.

The Prince of Darkness laughed out loud..."did you forget you silly fool I'm also king of Lies"
Poem/hymn written for a two book project I'm working on....Hems Heard in Heaven & Haws Heard in Hell.  Obviously this is in the Hell book.
779 · Aug 2018
The Milky Way Vato
There's a vato in the milky way sporting a fedora and a stash...
I saw him from a mountain .....high somewhere between New Mexico and Arizona .....smashed.

I took a pic to pinch myself
get proof of what I'd seen.  
And sure enough when
I zoomed in there
he was, looking really mean.

I never knew the Aztecs had gone to outer space....but I have proof... I can show could never miss his face.
753 · Aug 2018
The sky's guise
The sky's disguised
as a ******* a butterfly
writing rainbows
in everyone's eyes
741 · Aug 2018
El rostro del Nuevo Mundo
El indígena * - los acabados/extintos. Los únicos que existen aún siguen escondidos en la selva huyendo del recuerdo de las lágrimas e imágenes de la salvaje Conquista

El europeo * * - el que llegó solo pa robar, violar y matar al indígena...y por supuesto a los otros de las castas de piel obscura

El mestizo * - mezcla de los dos anteriores que tuvo la gran fortuna de no poder formar parte de ni la cultura de su mamá ni papá simplemente por haber nacido

El criollo * * - El Libertador pero no del pueblo sino de sus propios intereses de acabar lo que comenzaron los europeos

El ***** * - el secuestrado, desterrado, esclavizado, odiado, torturado, violado, y matado por el color de su piel

El mulato * -  sufrió igual o poquito más quel mestizo pero no tanto como el zambo

El zambo * - pobrecito del zambo que es el rostro más bello del nuevo mundo pero como el mestizo y el mulato nunca fue recibido y nunca pudo identificarse con ningún grupo esta mezcla viene las más guapas mujeres del mundo

  *El engañao, esclavizado
  perseguido y matado
* *El zángano, explotador,
  asesino y sinvergüenza
Castas impuestos por el europeo
741 · Aug 2018
Grief is inspiration
pain the catalyst for art.
From loss of Love
Is Born creation;
poems songs
when torn apart.  

Tears become the colors
In the painting of my life, anguish is my partner.......
writing poetry my wife.
Written a long time ago
720 · Aug 2018
Summer of 86 Part 1
My mom was in Guatemala, my dad had left before I had grown. The only one in the house besides me was my grandma who never did peep nor moan.

My big lil brother was living with our father and my younger sister was somewhere I don't know.

So what's one to do at 16 when you know they're all away for at least another 10 days?  Socal in those years especially for me was a 24hr. pharmaceutical what's one to do?  Let's play!
Three part poem
696 · Aug 2018
El hotel de Pereira
Patas de perro con
mi primacho Miguel
en Pereira, buscando
un hotel pa pagar
la estancia de una cuartico
cerca al centro o
a poca distancia
del burdel.  

Nos tomamos un jugo de caña
y como ya tengo la maldita maña, llamamos al Toro porque
sin esa hierbita jamás
cerraría pestaña

Dándole vueltas al centro, esperándolo a él
Vi un lindo edificio
y le dije a Miguel:
"un segundo hermano que me
  gustó ese hotel, voy a entrar a
  ver si hay cupo"
y a cuánto estaba
una noche en aquél.

Me mira bien serio y
me deja pasar
quedándose afuera pa disimular.

"Buenas tardes caballero,
bien pueda...
¿En que le puedo servir?"

"Busco un cuartico que mi primo
  y yo pensamos quedarnos en
  Pereira esta noche, ¿a cuánto

¿Cómo así? me contesta
y como creía que
no me había entendido...
repiti la encuesta.  
Otra vez ....¿Cómo así?

En eso momento,
que pendejo te cuento,
me di cuenta que
no era un hotel.
De un salón a la izquierda
salían los llantos
seguidos por un desfile
en ***** de luto.....
y yo hijueputa ¡"que bruto"!

Volteaba a ver si el primo ya sabía que pasaba cuando
soltó la gran carcajada.  

Huí sin mu decir
buscando la risa de Miguel
que decía uy... ¿que pasó no es hotel?

Pero se la hice también
cuando nos recogió el torito
y comenzamos a fumar y fumar. Tantos baretos estilo Bob Marley que ya no nos podíamos ver.

Cuando se escapó todo el humo Miguel se detuvo
antes de casi caer.  
Con ojos cruzados y labios babeados empecé
a burlarme también.
Story bout my cousin letting me make a fool of myself in Pereira Colombia by asking the front desk at a funeral home if they had rooms for the night.  And how I got him back
694 · Sep 2018
Banana Slug
There's a magical trail up in Marin runs from the coastal mountains down to the sea.  Many moons ago 15 ****** fools embarked on a journey to celebrate the coming union of my Berkeley hippie to his New York queen.

Yes this was his wish ..his bachelor party!  No broads, no **** and *** just 15 fools drinkin beer each with an ounce if was the best party one could have.

I fell behind....mesmerized by something that intrigued me....a Little yellow slug staring up at me.  So ugly it was beautiful...I studied as it slowly trudged across the trail.  The eyes the color the hypnotizing tail.  I wanted to pick it up and put it in my pocket...but this kind of beauty is meant for all to see.  So I spoke to the slug and said farewell...I love you so much I'll set you free.

It's been more than ten years but if I ever return....that banana slug will be looking for me.
John Muir Trail - love all my NorCal boys...peace.  I hecka miss you all!  My hippie...I'm coming up to Seattle to sleep on the floor for a bit...just like old times Dave!
643 · Aug 2018
So is my dog god
as I have ordained
or am I a madman,
absolutely insane?  
       His birth name is Domino
       he picked it himself...
       a black and white pit
       pup he jumped
       on a shelf and
       down came the bones
       that anointed him so.  
Domino Dominus
both names mean
but to me he's
a best friend and
sometimes my dog.
My Bubba.....what would I do without him.
639 · Oct 2018
How do I log out
I forget how to log out.... where's the button to zap it and make it go away....this is where I am weak God....I always hold on way too long past broken.  I know there's no button God but how I wish there was!
626 · Sep 2018
The Norwalk & Artesia Zoo
They're killing each
other outside in
a bullet barrage
as I write this
from my varrio garage...
Stupid turf wars
'tween rival gangs
Shoot em up bang
bang bang....bang,
bang, bang....

Here come the jura
looking for rats...
alleys are full
of stray tomcats
The ghetto bird hoovers
Infrared light....
here come the pigs
looking for a fight....

This is what I
witness every
Single night
**** gangs....drop the guns...put up your dukes
611 · Sep 2018
Italy & Colombia
Share many commonalities.....
1. Love of a finely tailored suit
2. Ferocious brutality at the
    hands of mafiosos.
3. The finest gold, silver and
    gaudy jewelry
4. Love of finely created
    masterpieces for the head...
    i.e. a ****** pelt fedora
5. Control of a worldwide drug  
    trade and global politics
6.  Magical realism as normal life
7.  And my favorite.... phrases
     like..."I make him an offer, he  
     don't refuse" and the
     Colombian equivalent... "Plata
     o plomo"
590 · Aug 2018
Mother Earth
I belong to the Earth
The Earth not to me
It'll swallow me up
when it's time
Or maybe it'll share
with the sea.

We don't cultivate our Mother,
She plants us like seeds
Provides us with a nice clean bed and always pulls the weeds.

Not all the seedlings grow into what she would want them to be
So we're harvested and mother tries again.
Love your mother

Oh yeah!...just woke from my slumber remembering what message to send! Tell Aphrodite that I'm feeling mighty and that her celestial body I'll bend!

Pump them full
of lead in protest...
that's sure to
knock em dead.
Use all your ammunition,
leave em ****** read.

Be the Gatling that
mows em down,
the bullet lodged
inside their head,

Be black powder
burning imagery on
their minds unkind extinguishing the misery
that makes them lost
and blind
Yo Merc my boy,

....what gives.... everyone's telling me they haven't been getting their mail that you haven't been doing your job with speed. You better not be with those 7 sisters.... you see, the Pleiades belong to me.  

I took them from Atlas in a game of Russian roulette and instead of his life I just took his 7 daughters as wives and pets.

So come on son hit me up...I got some juice in a golden cup that might make your quicker .  It may not be nectar but it does taste like liquor.  And I'll throw in the 10 daughters of the youngest vicar.

Get back to your post, I've been a good host and don't want to turn you into a ghost!

ANu Dei
Mythical messeges
559 · Aug 2018
Dewey Decimal System
Ahh...childhood.... The library was solace... It was adventure it was days.

It was being lost in a world of Roman gladiators, pirates andGreek was reading about Jimi Hendrix before my first trip

I could check out reel to reel, eight track, and vinyl if I wished.  

Ahh those days of imagination
I sorely do miss.
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