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Man Feb 22
the next time i dream
i want to remember i'm dreaming
so i can soar
so i can fly
and alter its reality to my vision
to terraform the mind
but who says you must take the reigns,
there's lucidity to you now,
but must you wrestle control?
Debbie Lydon Nov 2020
My innermost has been missing me,
I must get back to it,
Lately, I've been a half moon, see,
a half moon and that's it.

There's a clumsiness beneath my cerebral cortex,
A hazy and haphazard thought,
My cranuim is marrying the confused with the complex,
And so my thinking amounts to nought.

Where am I in my deafening debris?
I'm not entirely lost,
Just feeling far away from lucidity and me,
But my innermost will cover the cost.
Feeling like a stranger to yourself can be scary. Back to introspection.
melodies and spirits of the afterglow
dance within and outside my conscious mind
silent beats and haunting echoes
weave and work through me
like ghosts in a mirror
tantalizing notes within the silence
a guide to endless lucidity
I am released into unbounded thought
and impassioned calm
and delivered reborn
into my awakened state
just a little bit of streaming thought while listening to 'afterglow' amazing 2 hour bit of ambient music
Samreena Lodhi Sep 2018
For us, life holds;
countless enigmas,
uncertainty of existence,
certain exceptions,
bulks of expectations,
improbable concoctions,
perfect nothingness,
imperfect pains,
high level dreams.
don't you think!
Brevity of human life,
ephemeral stay in this world,
is more simple and lucid.
Simplicity and Lucidity,
is all that life can give.
i was reading multiple quotes and made the poem out of the main words.
Subconscious vapors of lucidity whisper into the depths of my soul.  Pleading Pleiades, daughters of Atlas, exhale mythical wisps that wander in the constellations of my mind anointing me and by their
decree I am Divine.
More illusions of grandeur
Amanda Jul 2018
My lucidity
fights alcohol like how glass
cuts skin like a knife.
Tanisha Jackland Mar 2018
I forgot who I was
for awhile
numbed my body
with bitter pills
vented this madness
thru my hair
the color of furtive soil
Is it futile
to reminisce
on this
the long and forgotten
distress of my obligations
I am the soul
that moves me
to goose step
with you because
it's nicer and
more polite that way

I wish I was louder
so that you could
feel me coming
from miles away

I felt her coming
but I forgot what she
was coming for...
Dreams be messin with yo head
donia kashkooli Jan 2017
I. '88 dakota

mondays still ****. granted i don't get up at the crack of dawn no more but around noon i always feel the need to leave the rest of the day behind me and take the big red monster out and go to the beach and contemplate my life for hours, so i'll reach into my tattered 35 year old prada bag for a lanyard that says "nirvana" on it (like the band, not the stage of buddhism), but then i remember that gas guzzler and i got 337 miles between us, no more, no less.

II. whidbey

on wednesdays i feel like i've shifted into an alternate universe where there are things other than evergreen trees and dirt roads, where the view when i look out the window is an interstate and dagger-like icicles that are as tall as me. maybe it started when they took down the texaco star in freeland and maybe it started the day i left, but i'm not sure if i can remember what home feels like anymore.

III. you*

i still miss you on thursdays, sometimes saturdays. i know, i thought i woulda found someone better by now too till i realized that i'd been giving myself false hope this entire time. no one will ever be you. no one's teeth will curve the same way. no one will ever love the home teams as much as you. no one will ever smile as hard when i give them my last kit-kat in a strip mall parking lot at sunset. they drink to dak prescott and spit wintergreen griz more than you ever did. i thought i would find someone better until i walked into the coldest part of heaven with some crinkled twenty dollar bills and a carharrt jacket.

*-z. vega
the title of this is written in spanish. translated to english, the title is "lucidity."
Eleanor Rigby Sep 2016
and it is in the very loss of hope
that lucidity comes

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