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Wayne Wysocki Jul 2020
I'm eating kale to slim my waist
Lord knows it's not because of taste
It took some while to appreciate
The leafy green I love to hate

The fibrous queen of super foods
Can satisfy nutrition prudes,
And comes in leafy shapes galore:
Curly, Tuscan, dinosaur

For variation I can gnaw
This crucifer sautéed or raw,
Just as is, or baked as chips,
A smoothie blend to please my lips

But having said all that, I'll add
Too much of anything is bad,
And I've been craving, as of late,
A change of greens to grace my plate

I now peruse the produce aisle
To find the foods that make me smile
It's time to chose my next big thing
Like watercress or collards green

I'll greet my new nutrition trend
And say goodbye to you, old friend
Kale, we've had a lovely run,
But now my time with you is done.
Copyright © 2020 Wayne Wysocki
River Jan 2020
i try so hard
to be the kinda girl
that people want
but its so tiring
and i cant seem to keep up
with all the fads and trends
why should i chase them all?
just to make fake friends?
So there's this new fad diet
The Diet of Worms.....
Can you tell me bout it doc?
Is it good for your health?

And I don't quite understand.
Is it the worms we eat
or do we eat dirt and sand?  

In any case it sounds expensive.  
10+% of everything I earn?
And you have to commit
your entire life or
according to this pamphlet
"your soul will surely burn"?  Wow...must really work!  

But tell me has the FDA approved, found the claims
to be true?  Any side effects, complications? Could I
possibly turn blue?  

And why were no American researchers and experts on the team that concocted this diet?
OK OK doc I'll let you talk,
I'll be quiet......

"I've taken it on faith that my patients who've tried it swear that its a miracle....I have no personal experience with it ...give it a shot who knows it might work.".

Hmmmm OK.

"But I heard they have a litany of products so beware that your investment doesn't soon quadruple in size."

Thanks for the visit doc, Ill take it under advice.  I think I might....... especially if there's a refund if I don't like it after trying it and don't think it worth the price.
Poking fun at blind faith and especially Catholicism...I'm allowed to ..17 years of nuns, Salesians and Jesuits
Robin Carretti May 2018
How come you
dance so_ good
Don't do a Tina Turner
Table dance on me
Whats love got to do
with fads
Never know what you

Fads Like P-op-Sugar
Lads Like Laptop- sister
Austrian lads
Alice-y Mads

A spoon full
of sugar
helps her
meds go
Jewels 4 Julie in the
most delightful
Dogs named
Andrews those
honey cashews

She pops
crackle Rice
For her Nephews
Over-sugared curfew
Julia Roberts her
business flew
Perk up (Pretty Women)
Not!! first class?
Money VIP Pass
Cafe hot and
His temper bad
habits spoiling

You cannot buy
a girl
off with
The ending
with no
friends so sad

Sugar is your
poison that depends

No, I love you
Valentine cards
No hello and regards
Go Cincinnati
Rock and Roll
Hall of Fane*
Fads **** and Jane
spots her men
Her engraved
hands classical
Vivaldi opera
Pops with Pavarotti
To the love wall
Sweet Sardi
Please  no
Godfather Gotti

The Godmother
tutti fruity

Or Sardinia
Miami Beach
Pop  bikini's
Come together
words Beatles
I want to hold your

Talking heads
Caramelly popcorn
Christmas ghost past
Talking to herself
Will this love
ever last
Like a hard toffee
She could soften
any hallway

Harvard Men
Chewing fad
of spearmint
No etiquette
Men of bourbon
Spicy sweets
Ladies festive
Hotel tons of sweets
At the Marriott
Sweet Brandy doll

Raw or
Angel equal
brown sugar

The finest of crepe
Suzette like a sequel
All fads of sweets and never is it my time to rock my beat Please Pop some sugar my way
Brent Kincaid Nov 2016
Irregardless, years ago
I had double pneumonia,
But, like, you know,
It is what it is, and like
I dunno, kinda like
It takes what it takes
Know what I mean?
It’s prolly a mute point
But I turned three sixty.
You know? I mean
I’m kinda like, I dunno.

It is what it is, like
I mean, whatever.
It’s all good, isn’t it?
You get what you need
And it ain’t no thing.
I mean, go big or go home.
Try to stay in the zone,
You know. I dunno.
No biggie, though.
Keep a cool tool
And don’t be a big fool.
Know what I mean?

It’s like I was saying
Don’t give up praying
Because God does not
Create garbage, you know.
He didn’t bring you
This far to dump you.
I dunno. I’m in for
The whole game.
It’s all the same.
You know, way to go.
Give it a chance.
Get up and dance.

Know what I’m saying?
I ain’t playing with you.
It like, you know,
I’m so sure, dontcha know?
Way to go. I don’t know.
It’s like, I’m so sure.
Whatevs, whatevs!
It’s so dope, sick, cool.
There must be
Some kinda rule.
I dunno, it’s like, you know,
It’s the way to go.
Give is your best shot.
It’s the bomb, the ****,
It’s totally hot.
Maybe I am hot too,
But you know, I dunno.
Sam Hain Sep 2015
Not through your ******, your ear, or your nose,—
Your sphincter's the place where your sphincter ring goes!

Of simple plastic
made with screws and with transfers.
The fads of old youth
banished high upon the shelf
now a plaything for the dust.
Brent Kincaid Jun 2015
Rap is crap
Can be written while napping
By simply slapping words like zapping
Up alongside trapping and wrapping
And suddenly you’re a rap star
Driving an expensive car
And before your coffee is cold
You are draped with gold
Maximum bling
But it doesn’t mean a thing
Other than money because honey
If your ‘song’ lyrics are still known.
When ten years are blown by
And you are no longer a famous guy
Whose words are forgotten
It is because they are misbegotten
And liked by the current batch of airheads
Who think this is music when instead
It’s a beat they can feel in their feet
And if they don’t read the words
Printed in the album, what is heard
Is a lot of screaming and percussion
Not worth discussion in Billboard.

Someone could cut the microphone cord
And all anyone could hear would be drums
And the audience spilling their beer,
And nothing worth humming;
Lyrics for the dumbing down of the race,
A major entertainment disgrace
That destroys the ears and means nothing
That will ever be revered like Sinatra
Elvis or The Beatles have done.
It may be number one today
But when time passes away
It will be nothing but the shouts
Of a bunch of untalented louts
To an audience one has to fear
Was born with a tin ear.

Brent Kincaid

— The End —