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I was told today
by a troll
I've been hacked
and compromised

I was told today
by this troll
pay up or there'll
be a surprise

I was told get
me some bitcoins
you're at the mercy
of our wishes and commands

Get a couple dozen
or we'll release
everything to everyone
pay heed to our demands

They're clueless ****** fools
I've no secrets in email
just another trollish tool
used against a woman, or a man

I casually hit delete
emptied all the trash
the hacker with no clue
a troll from somewhere in Sudan
Serious, got an email telling it was gonna release all my secrets and **** to loved ones and friends, they had hacked my puter and had taken control of  my webcam LOL, what a weak pathetic extortion attempt *******.
What can a troll do for you?
Yeah, it's that time again Kiddies!
Please pay the trolls no attention, it's OK to treat them as substandard chipmunks, just do not let them get ya down ;D
Sorrow and sadness reign
for all who were involved
the cast a run-a-way train
no problems new or old, were solved

She left of her own accord
I would have counseled no
no poet's loss afford
silence of doves and crows

No villains and no heroes
when three year olds goto war
for intellect's opposed
as egos bruised
and sore
I know both sides in this, there is no innocence by any, despite the protestations of many of either side! ALL Trolls, are Trolls, not just the select!

D: I am saddened by all of this, the loss of a poetic voice as well as the idiocy of all involved.
Ashwin Kumar Aug 1
I don't know who you are
I don't know what you do
I don't know where you are
But I know that
You have wrecked me
Mentally, psychologically and socially
Rendering me incoherent in speech
And incapable of action
Reduced to a blundering mass
Of bloated bones and sinew
Ready to collapse like a pack of cards
At the slightest hint of a crisis

I don't know who you are
I don't know what you do
I don't know where you are
But I know that
You have wrecked me
And you shall pay dearly for it
Whether it be death by a thousand cuts
Or a pill of cyanide in your cup of tea
Or a bullet right in your temple
Or a mighty fall from the tallest tower
Or a bite from a venomous serpent
Or a decapitation by the mighty guillotine
Or even, having your soul ****** out
From your filthy mouth

I don't know who you are
I don't know what you do
I don't know where you are
But I know that
You have wrecked me
And I shall not rest
Until I finish you, once and for all
And the world is rid, of your menace
A poem which is meant as a message to a troll on Facebook with a fake account

Statutory Warning: contains references to violence, death and ******. Not recommended for children, senior citizens, women in advanced stages of pregnancy; and cancer and heart patients.
Sara Kellie Jul 10
You're a glitch in the system,
a ******' mistake.
But carry on regardless
'cause I know you're fake.

I'm sure that you know,
you were never all that.
A big ******' lie
and then you did that!

So take off your mask
and show me your face.
'Cause to me you're already
a ******' disgrace!

You cast a steel shadow
yet still hide your face.
You shared all my secrets
and told them my name.
Now, step into your spotlight
and reveal your game.

Poetry by Kaydee.
No? I didn't think so.
A troll is a troll is a troll
pain is their guidance their goal
no heart and really no soul

A troll is a troll, is a troll

Trolling for trolls is a sport
they've no ***** or need for a court
sparring with slow sad retorts

A troll is trolling, for sport

A troll is a troll, is a troll
that's just how they slither and roll
mind and heart with large holes

A troll, is a troll, is a troll

No pity that I can surrender
on this simple poetry ******
never I'll be, a defender

A troll, is a troll
is a troll
There are peeps here that have had constant harassment for years, it's deplorable and sick IMO D:
Darren Wall Apr 27
Judgmental eyes
And septic tones
The Illiterate views
Of a mindless clone

Their brain sparks
At headline news
They follow the herd
Missing the clues

Making assumptions
Lacking the facts
Finding their prey
To launch an attack

They stir up hatred
And dish out blame
Keyboard warriors
Resilient to shame

Provoking responses
Encouraging hate
Feeding on trauma
Served on a plate

Selling papers
Creating division
Spreading their lies
To fund their addiction

By Darren Wall
Does the site seem slow too you?
like a troll hacker attack?
someone upset over a row
pissy, trying to get back

Does it take awhile
dots bouncing all around?
the WWW in disrepair
your refresh spinning round

Maybe a DDoS attempt
from a rented China bot-net
everything really slowed down
an anonymous loser threat

Weathering the storm
of angry, simply rotten
unable to do real harm
mentally sub-par

And oh so quick
Hmmm somebody suspended, the site is slow, Hmmmm
Possible connection?
50 Precent Feb 7
I'm so white, my existence is a sin.
Drop me in the snow and you will never find me.
Yes, I'm so white you can see me from a mile away,
so white just standing in a room is offensive.
A hundred fathoms is as close I can get
before my white privilege shines trough.
I'm so white you'd want to crucify me,
I'm a snowflake in a desert, so offensive I melt away.
How about you take a gun, and you shoot me,
so you don't have to deal with my ***** skin.
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