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AsianTapWater Aug 20
Drones fly through the hivebatch,
Watching those disgusting lowbloods
Go on with their day.

Burgundy, bronze, gold.
Lowblood, lowblood, and yet another lowblood.
How dreadfully boring this place is.

Why don’t we change things up a bit?
Why don’t we hear those little ones scream?

Missile after missile
Is shot from my ship.
Scream after scream
Is let out by the children.

Something fun!

Why don’t we take a picture
To remember this day?

Scarlet flames dance around
Ashes that were once bodies.

I grab my palmhusk
And take a selfie.

Ψish you Ψere here!
I replayed Hiveswap: Act 1 yesterday. Here’s a poem inspired by Trizza Tethis’s selfie at the end of the act.

When is Act 2 coming out???
Maybe the thumbs down
Is there to remind us
That we have the power to hurt
And to allow us to grow enough of a consciousness

To nurture the ability to know that we have freedom of speech
Yet we'd rather use instead of the power to hurt,
The power to heal.
Julia Apr 10
Every three blocks city people are moving
Did you bring the cassettes
There's room for one more desk
Every few cases a discarded chair
An evicted shoe rack
A blue and white stack
The cases crescendo with gems multiplying
And under the bridge a wind fairy is crying
September 2016
Seattle, WA
MJL Feb 23
Diseased turnip
Rooting in the dirt
Rotting fodder
Gnarled and bitter
Lying under your bridge
When you are gone
No-one will miss your rancid rag

© 2019 MJL
An expert in mycology,
Of Norsian biology,
And fjordian psychology,
A troll, I troll the livelong day.
I troll the livelong day away.
Mushrooms for dinner, breakfast, and lunch:
My comrades call me Edvard Munch.  
In lyric peaces I live in league
With Jean Sibelius and Edvard Grieg.

Justin Zheng Dec 2018
so i guess ill just let it out
and shout

and let my words come out
this **** aint so cool
not when subtle asian traits thinks im a fool

like come on i wrote two posts now
and i still have zero clout?

like social media is whacko
im a ****** jacko

master of none
played my cards all; now they’re gone

hella raw, you can feel it; right?
or if not, then tell me please, just don’t be silent, aight?

this **** got me burnin
idk whats happenin

idk why its coming out like this
but it does

and these poems i type
they simply absolve

the feelings i feel inside
lol i guess subtle asian traits aint the right place
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