A troll was stalking, he had no pity
Under the bridge he'd wait
and suddenly attack anyone
walking home late, or out on a date.

A troll in denial that was clear,
something to fear, as he lurked near
with always a sneer
wrapped in a tear.

A troll never sharing, or caring
always daring to bring you down
adept at callousness
wanting you for breakfast.

One day the troll felt old
He caught an awful cold
could not be so bold,
needed a hand to hold.

He shouted help!
From beneath the bridge
and I ran to his rescue
put out my hand.

As the troll reached up
I saw his cup of evil
spill, flow down the hill
as more dreams he killed.

I dropped his hand
and ran and ran.
And heard a loud

Bless you, I said
as I carried on home to write this poem.
http://www.napowrimo.net/ Day 15 suggested prompt a villain faces an unfortunate situation and is revealed to be human, but still a villain. Troll
Does the site seem slow too you?
like a troll hacker attack?
someone upset over a row
pissy, trying to get back

Does it take awhile
dots bouncing all around?
the WWW in disrepair
your refresh spinning round

Maybe a DDoS attempt
from a rented China bot-net
everything really slowed down
an anonymous loser threat

Weathering the storm
of angry, simply rotten
unable to do real harm
mentally sub-par

And oh so quick
Hmmm somebody suspended, the site is slow, Hmmmm
Possible connection?
50 Precent Feb 7
I'm so white, my existence is a sin.
Drop me in the snow and you will never find me.
Yes, I'm so white you can see me from a mile away,
so white just standing in a room is offensive.
A hundred fathoms is as close I can get
before my white privilege shines trough.
I'm so white you'd want to crucify me,
I'm a snowflake in a desert, so offensive I melt away.
How about you take a gun, and you shoot me,
so you don't have to deal with my Aryan skin.
TSPoetry Oct 2017
Your cards have all been played
the writing is clearly upon the wall
you partook in those childish games
now it's time for you to fall

I've followed you from the beginning
I thought there'd be no end
but you fell into the popular crowd
so with much ado your bags I send

No more comments
no more love
you've made a statement
so off I shove

I've seen it before with ego
and the many fakes they make
but if you think I'm buying
you've made a terrible mistake

So goodbye you multi reposters
Your cadance broke my back
So sorry if I had to do this
tell you're ego he's a hack
Chris Neilson Oct 2017
Hoaxers and jokers
inhabit the online world
dwelling with trolls
akin to the greying skin
of a deceased creature
no visible redeeming feature

A psychologist's challenge
to unravel the disordered
personality behind the keyboard
whose deranged needs
are satiated by hurting others
fellow humans in name only

No humanity, no empathy
far from a victimless crime
too much time to waste
on their own peculiar behaviour
a symptom of technology abuse
in the wrong hands of the corrupt mind

The fiery ire fanned by winds
of change, envy and self loathing
flames spread through social media
in the early 21st century
this unnecessary evil
is a tragedy of our times
I know many who have been victims of online abuse, even in poetry forums, of course.
an incident took place
just yesterday
one met a troll
at the site's hostile bay
its verbalization was not
of pleasant greeting
some rather pointed
things said at the meeting

firstly it conveyed
the B---- term
on hearing that term
one did squirm
thence it proceeded
to tell one
in no uncertain terms
one should be turned
out to pasture
midst all the slugs
and worms

well its form of address
did of one not overly impress
and may one place on the record
one felt that one's
hot button got a press

trolling maybe amusing
for a troll
yet one didn't delight in its
unnecessary patrol

the trenchant troll
needs a fulltime occupation
which is more useful
to the writing population
Temporal Fugue Oct 2017
I'll apologize to those who are real
but, I think it's a sorta kinda big deal

We've garnered a troll at HP
it's after you, them, and me

Ware comments from people of late
creating accounts that are fake

A few days prior this post
I'd have to say, diagnosed

Arriving no class, the troll(s) cannot last
if Eliot shores up the site, and his code
Yuppers peeps, this is a nasty little infection, so watch out in comments, likes, dislikes, and messages :D

It may have run a brute force and hacked some older accounts with weak passwords too, sigh, :/
Stay wary peeps.
Temporal Fugue Oct 2017
There once was a troll, heartless, no soul
mind and spirit, now resembling coal
picking it's scabs
and out of rehab
trying to fill, it's own holes
Seems we have collected just such a POS here at HP. ;D~

Watchout, it's the season of tools, with no reason
Vile and evil, their goal
Pushing the crap, they've shat in their lap
not all that bright, but droll
The daughter of Indian Immigrants,
Had always felt looked down upon and bullied
Growing up  in the United States
Due to her dark skin tone.
The other kids
At the School in Los Angeles she attended
Used to call her dirty names.
When she had the opportunity to visit Moscow,
She fucked as many Russian Guys as she could.
Saravda didn't really feel like a Slut.
Sex with Russian Guys
Was just a way of releasing all the anger she felt
Towards the United States.
After going wild like This for two weeks straight,
Saravda was summoned to the Commissar's office.
She thought that might  be in trouble.
Maybe, she went a little bit too far in her Indulgence?
However, the Commissar greeted her politely.
"Well, Miss Saravda, how have you enjoyed your travel here in Russia?" he asked.
"Oh, it's been quite wonderful," Sarvada repleid.
"I've met a lot of interesting people here."
The Commissar cleared his throat and said,
"Oh, yes."
"I'm sure you have."
Then he opened up a suitcase containing $100,000.00 in Cash.
"Saravda, let me be honest with you."
"I know that you're impression of the United States,"
"The country you grew up in,"
"Is not entirely favorable."
"Do you know what a 'troll' is?" the Commissar asked her.
Saravda  now knew that her entire Moscow sexcapade
Had probably been videotaped,
But it didn't bother her.
After all, she had really enjoyed herself!
The Russian Authorities were probably just making sure
No one got hurt.
She just responded to the Commissar by saying,
"Um, yeah."
"Very good!" the Commissar said.
Saravda suddenly noticed the loaded pistol sitting on the shelf.
"I want you to take this little token of Appreciation from the Russian People,"
"And I want you to do everything you can"
"To throw the American Political System into Chaos when you return to L.A.."
"Now, does that seem like reasonable request?"
Saravda really wasn't shocked by this sort of infiltration.
After all,
Russian Guys had been infiltrating HER for the past two weeks!
"It's okay with me," is all she said in response.
"Very well then," the Commissar told her.
"You can leave now with this suitcase  resume enjoying all your activities"
"With your Russian friends."
At this Announcement,
Saravda picked up the Suitcase of money
And simply waved goodbye to the Commissar
Without Shaking Hands.
Poetic T Apr 2017
lingering beneath
false faces subtly revealed

mask of deception
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