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bitter blue breezes glide across your skin
in an overflowing orbit that always seems to win
listen to the sound of the voice of the wind
a biting chill claws its clever way in

a regal violet sky engulfs the velvet atmosphere
as the strange trees swing in tandem, you feel honored to be here
listen to the voice
the ones within the forest rejoice

misty and soft is this place
enchantment is cast upon your face

the fae wilde invites your spirit in
the grooves in the wood are carved like a mandolin
your heart will feel the stars glisten
a psychedelic morning storm
Hussein Dekmak Dec 2018
To be touched by love,
is to feel a tsunami of joy running through your arteries,
and to be able to see the light through your wounds and suffering.

To be touched by love,
is to live on the lips of bliss and happiness,
and let your soul orbit around the beauty that is your surroundings

To be touched by love, is to have yourself drawn to befriend your
underprivileged neighbors, be inspired to start a conversation, sooth
their pain, and show them the way to a new dawn of hope and ingenuity.

To be touched by love, is to be able to
merge with every creation of this universe, becoming one, by speaking their languages, listening to their prayers, and sharing their songs.

Hussein Dekmak

Emily Lawson Sep 2018
You are my world, so can I be your moon?

My gravity will pull and push you,
Creating tides in the depths of your oceans and the surface of your atmosphere
I will cause some of your highest highs and will be there for you at your lowest lows.

I am composed of debris from a nameless planet colliding with earth long ago
Which means I am
your other half.

Our orbit began during chaos
I needed someone to cling to
someone to love like I love you.

Now we're locked in this give and take forever
At least until the sun swallows us whole
in forty billion years.
Somehow, that's still not long enough.

I'm not sure if there's an after life for celestial beings
So I pray to every god I can think of that there is
So I will never spend too long in the silent absence of you -
It always crawls at my skin to think of missing you.

For now
I'll sit back and enjoy the view.

Ever wonder why the moon has no atmosphere?
It's because the earth took its breath away.
japheth Sep 2018
you see,

once you
that you
were never part
of someone's orbit,

you'll notice
the right planets,
the heavenly bodies
you once admired,
come and intensely
gravitate towards you:

an extraordinary
celestial body
— unlike the sun —
shines without exhaustion.
Samuel Canerday Aug 2018
A mysterious sign, this errant warning
Weighing heavy now in late evening
The moon is rising over dark horizons
To chase the mourning light of sun
Moon of mine, heaven's reflection above
What lives have led us to this ruin?
I’d rather be in a starship
Visiting the stars
Than be a star.

Stars cannot retreat to remote asteroids
And turn out the lights.

Stars cannot drift loosely
among the constellations.

Stars cannot drink in
the uncertain darkness.

I gave birth to a star once.

He is a beacon
Attracting other celestial bodies
Into his orbit.

He grows brighter
With each ray
of admiration.

His admirers revel
in his cheery glow.

Sometimes he is blinded
By his own light.

He shrinks away
At the mention of shadows
Which must be eradicated
At all cost.

I offer him my hand,
Beckoning him to join me
In my starship.

He shakes his head, wordlessly.

I let go
And promise to meet him
Wherever he may be.
written: May 5, 2017
revised: July 8, 2018
Anne Scintilla Jun 2018
We are our own system:

masses of stardust
which found each other
and called ourselves home
floating, amidst the unknown

  s l o w l y
s u r e l y

being pulled apart
by the same universe
that brought two planets
under the gravity of each other.
the moment something starts, one must already anticipate how it would end because nothing remains permanent.

the stars would always witness the things we do.
thank you for reading!
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