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***** Cat ***** Cat
Want to drink some Milk
Yes Sir, Yes Sir
Three Bowls Full

One for Myself
One for my Kitten
And one for my lazy sister
Who sleep for the day.
I am still a child
my silken
screen take
her skin
bare but
to my
53 lens
she fit
a lure
and maid
engrained lore
and glint
to ail
maple leaf
and bottom-up
field in
Atlanta to
yankee sidelines
Temporal Fugue Dec 2018
My dog drinks toilet water
he didn't used to do this
a lapping drinking monster

No training manual falter
lids are down, all around
no answers and no quarters

What drives the animal mind
I have no understanding
maybe some day I'll find
why it's so appealing

The water in his dish
the same found in the bowl
maybe it's a dog death wish
on a  suicide
Good lord, this is a new twist for me in dog ownership, he's not done this before (that I know of) but what's crazy is that the water in the toilet is basically the same water from the tap that goes into his water bowl, go figure ;\
Lydia Sep 2018
Yesterday I came home mad
I had the house to myself
so I went to my room
and packed a bowl
I decided to clean the bathroom
because for me,
cleaning is therapeutic
I took a hit and then scrubbed the sink
I took a hit then cleaned the toilet
I took a hit and then cleaned the mirrors
I took a hit and scrubbed the bathtub
I took a hit and swept the floors
the bathroom I stood in smelled like bleach
I felt better
burning and bleaching the days gunk away
Shofi Ahmed Mar 2017
Bring me my palette board.
Bring me my paintbrush.
Look wide open, ask me not
if it’s full or a half glass.
The sea is babbling high,
The clouds swimming on the go.
Reach out to the sky!

Be quick, before a raindrop
spills off the rainbow bowl,
stirs the dew on the rosebud
at first sight of the
spring blooming fast.

So what if the sky won't
lend a blue patch away,
catch that close by,
slips through the fingers:
a pair of butterflies.
Does it matter if you say yes or no?
A piece of heaven is on earth!
A dance
in the
flight ingenious
a team
snare at
yip afield
this fraught
license overland
altogether so
nil in
sides of
play but
torturous slide
as mortals
divisive incline
to march
afoot lawn
A coach's lament
Kevin J Taylor Sep 2017
The road is littered
With broken bowls and buddhas
Flung in bits from cliffs
Not all poems survive. I've lost a few and let others go. My current collection of poems is available on Kindle. It is called "3201 e's" (that is approximately how many e's are in the manuscript which is a very unpoetic title but a reflection on the creation of poetry with common things.)
Emily Miller Dec 2017
Sometimes a single apple
Can ruin the whole lot.
and shiny
and ruby-red,
crumbling into bruised wrinkles
and spotty, brown lumps.
Before long,
the bowl is brimming with the sundown of a harvest's life,
and flies begin to swarm.
And even when some are left,
bright and fresh,
newly ripe,
I won't go near them,
for fear of turning them over and finding the ****,
evidence of their flaws.
Just like the others,
almost worse,
because they allow for an optimism,
in your hunger,
you allow the glimmer of hope
and reach for one
But no,
it's just like the others,
only deceptive,
pretending to be something that can satiate your needs,
when in truth,
it's just another piece of rotting fruit.
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