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Poetress2 Apr 21
The hungry Lion,
kneels down as it hunts its' prey,
cunning in its' ways.
Poetress2 Apr 18
A Snake in the grass,
is very sly and cunning,
and ready to bite.
Preening predator

Ambivalently proud

While other prey clamor,

Kaiser beast now sated

Yields to his jungle den.
Birds have their homes.
This bird made this world,
Its own home.

When other birds struggled
To make friends beyond their homes,
This bird made followers and comrades,
Transformed them
The perseverent leaders of a challenging mission

It put its foot on Argentina and
Set its victorious fight in Cuba.
Availed losses in Congo
Voiced and breathed every millisecond
Struggled recklessly for a mission,
Freedom, peace & prosperity of all its fellow birds
Beyond borders.

The most superior of the superior birds
With an infinite and complex strings of cunningness
Put an end to this bird in Bolivia.

At the end, the bird failed
Fell a prey for other selfish birds.
As a root that fell and
Buried itself in the soil with an infinite power.
To give hope and shelter,
To all those who come under it,
For the near future and coming generations

The bird died!
But its mission ignited the phoenix flames
In its bird comrades.
Got them to fight for
Every drop of Injustice, Imperialism and hatred
That came racing towards them
As an inescapable bullet

Their hearts raised in spirit
When every drop of its thought
Hit them more fierce than
The world’s most powerful atomic bomb.

The bird died.
But its ideals for the mission
Rekindled the fires in their heart.

Being born an ordinary bird,
Fighting for the most demanded & toughest mission,
Its thought and principles
Set new leaders to fight the unattainable mission
Now, looking the most possible
Within an attaining distance

The bird lived its life,
An ordinary and the most challenging one.
But transformed a phoenix,
When it left the world.
And created more of
Daring Phoenix warriors;
Attain a world filled with peace and happiness.
This poem is about Che Guevara. The man who set the mission to fight for a world unexploited with petty self-interests and cunning human-killing business deals. In this poem, the birds are humans. The superior birds are the modern imperialist nations. The unique phoenix bird mentioned is Che Guevara. His mission was a happy, peaceful, prosperous and human life throughout the world.
Ryzeofthepoet Sep 2018
You're the most unco and clumsy person I know
It doesnt really matter how many times you label yourself as "ninja"
I miss how you would argue and try convince me that you're actually artful and cunning when it came to being a 'ninja'.
Jeremiah Jul 2017
you told me to take a new approach
and let the hawk tighten it's grip around my throat
we are leftover vultures
and you have stolen our might

asinine beliefs
drug induced apathy
my apartment's scattered with make believe
an old sign of cindered sorrow

you left this place with weakened scars
and inferno tears to inform me of tomorrow
you held in your apology
like you had a stake in your foolish astrology

seldom a fond guide
and instead a heartless wretch
you manifested illusive love
and pulled the strings to tear us apart

common love
hunted us
common love
came for us
Shane Leigh Jul 2017
I saw the life of a poet flash
Before my eyes and singe my
Skin a pale wash of tan.

The pictures flew in this and that
Direction-less, he said he was;
But who am I to deny a poet's
Words so softly lying to my ears?

For what is a poet if not
But words and lies -
No no ... Truths -
And what am I if not a
Jagged soul lending my ear?
© Shane Leigh
Ben Jr Dec 2016
I hope our paths never cross again,
Because I will come at you with all the force that I have,
You have ruined the one thing I hold dear,
And now its time we awake what's driven by fear,

I hope our paths never cross again,
For you have awaken a monster I spent decade laying to rest,
Now he is raging in me like an animal encaged,
Waiting for a chance to inflict pain upon revenge,

I hope our paths never cross again,
For I am now a man with few items to waste,
You took what was most valuable to me,
And so open doors to the devil that breathes,
PaperclipPoems Nov 2016
She was the fighter, the rebel
Hidden behind cherry lips
Pale and slender, a voice that would make you surrender
With eyes like an eclipse

Carefully plotted schemes she carried,
Delicate steps she always took
Armed with an army of mischievous intentions
She played the good girl well, but she was undoubtedly a crook

Ask any man, he'll tell you so
She had a reputation like no other
If you'd met her, you'd surely wish you hadn't
They call her the Heart Hunter.
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