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Sunlight mist
Light a spliff
Lay down
Learn to drift
go enjoy the summer
Strapped to the outside of a rocket ship with nothing in the way.
I took off, and I just kept going. Reaching a height higher than heaven.
Nothing to orient myself. No time. No space. No self. Nothing but darkness stretching out all around me.
A roar of a million voices trying to scream over eachother resonates through my head.
I then came into orbit. Everything begun to crystalize.
No longer was I confounded to the restrictions of flesh. By birth and by death. I was out of my shell. Out of my world.

Complex geometrical patterns formed around me. Beating. Breathing. Moving. Almost like they were alive.
I had no way to process this. It was all so perfoundly alien. This was not my world. "Where the **** am I?" I thought
Terror possesses me. I feel like I am going to **** myself. Then all of a sudden these beings of indescribable features surround me, telling me to relax. "Relax now. Take it in. Settle down."
They told me they were my guides. They were going to show me around.

They gave me the tour of this universe, "Look at this! Look at that!" they said excitedly, showing me worlds that I can not explain, yet they seemed to reflect me.

I suddenly lost them. Where has my tour group gone?!
Suddenly these entites besieged me. Giving off negative energy. Holy ****! Jesters with tight pants and bell hats. Giving me the finger. They were so mischevious. Surrounding. Laughing. Jumping inside of me. ****** my soul. Is this what hell feels like?!

The darkness begins to clear, as a large face of a shimmering blue woman, with flaming white hair blowing in a non-existant wind, comes into view. Her face has so much dimension, with thousands of other faces upon her own. A snake tongue escapes through her lips, wrapping around me, pulling me into her mouth. I am flung into a space that is pure white, and a warm tingling sensation fills me.
This is what heaven feels like. This is my home. I think I found god.
I have never felt so much love. I have never felt so alive.

I then opened my eyes, trying to process my surroundings. I was in my home. On the couch. Sitting in front of the tv. My friend Jason was sitting next to me. He asked me what did I see. I leaped off of the couch, screaming "It is all a simulation!" I pulled my shirt off, swinging it around like Daniel from the bible. I tried to throw myself down the stairs, but was stopped when Jason tackled me. He held me in a chokehold, and while this was happening I exclaimed:

"On earth I am just a monkey,
but out there I am so much more.
I am not just a speck on a spinning ball.
I am more than the skin I wear,
More than the title I bear.
There is so much out there.
This world is not real.
What is real is me."

When I finally calmed down, Jason asked me how I was doing.
I looked up at him and I said "I am a work in process."
Phantom Poet Apr 4
I was sitting with her at the port,
A sunny day,
Some are practising water sport,
And we were chilling away,
We were eating ice cream,
The one with cones with a seam,
And I look at her sway,
I lean in and kiss her cheek,
She looks at me with shock,
I tell her I really like her,
She says I know,
And I say, that you don't share the same feelings,
She says I've been thinking about that,
And I'm like let's find out,
I lean in closer to her,
Press my lips against hers,
And kiss her,
And when we broke away,
I gazed into her eyes,
That looked like pools of honey,
When the sun hits right,
And I whispered,
I'll take that as a yes,



Beep beep beep beep
Beep beep beep beep
Sarah Doughty Mar 15
Something whispers deep inside me
"You are the apocalypse."
So I set my pipe beside me
And think "I'm too high for this."
by candlelight, I'm warmly dressed

my demons finally at rest

the trick, I guess, to get them ******

and they leave me the **** alone

no feeling less, not good enough

or what-ifs am I thinking of

so good to finally be at peace

i'm simply resting in my seat

anxiety and ADD

don't get the chance to **** with me
sometimes I just need to slow things down a bit...

chill the **** out, and then I realize once again that life is beautiful.
Xallan Jan 28
I sit here a future stoner, my
Eyes temporarily clear, my mind temporarily dark,
Permanently limited in its functioning.
Muscles, relaxed. Permanently limited,
With deformed and misshapen lungs-
Still my tremulous heartbeat now
I no longer wish to go on living
While I can hear myself think.

I sit here a future stoner,
Hallucinogenic mysteries yet to unfold
Third eye yet to be awakened.
The pathways my nerves traverse
Are as they are always to be-
Faded, in the distance,
Weak signals to weak muscle,
Broken fragments of neural communication
An inferior being staring skyward.

I sit here a future stoner, with
Pupils dilated and mind blank
Unaroused, faulty, frail human body
Destined, intended not to reproduce
I seek ecstacy in love of myself
In a delirious haze of dreams
Someday I will have enough of a smokescreen,
To hide the truth from myself
To become free to love as I am
Or as I will become.

I sit here a future stoner
And my mind writhes in its chaos
Stilled to a solid worm
By the order of this music
It tames my thoughts
It allows my deformed lungs to breathe
I inhale without command
Upon instinct, and oxygen again
Becomes an old friend bearing me up
Upon gaseous clouds of delucion
I will fly beyond these limits of
My pitiful reasoning, beyond this wayward logic,
Nay, even beyond imagination.
what defines its worth?
because personally, I've seen a lot
of lazy, shiftless excuses for a statement
get the highest honors,
while my precious children
starve alone in the cold
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