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Tiny, puffy clouds
were once above my head
My feet were there below,
steady and firmly placed.

I can walk a straight path
with no complications
Even in twist and turns
and a loss of directions

Rarely do I trip
or dangle from the branches
The weeds are growing taller
but facile to remove.

I traveled further
in the long, narrow streets
The constant flickering lights,
a very mysterious aura

I headed straight,
but something made me turn
the clouds were on my feet
I suddenly disappeared.
© Cyrille Octaviano, 2014
David Hilburn Jan 19
Letting the ivy roam...
Moonlight serenade, to a begun favor:
Sense in a gentler breeze, the thought to own
A grace, a fastidious space, for a little face...

Pink, the through and due, irony we seldom
Stink and prosper, the alienation we souled?
Together in legend, we tell a tale to a God's question:
Letting the ivy see, is a redress of futures, fools?

Paces and setting a catch, of futures in the light?
A wavering kiss, and the doles of redemption
Have their solemn kin, taken to remembering a night?
My name is a person, order and truth, to another selection...

Of hearts or the ivy...
Spare to fore, we conceive a notion
Made to tailor, a secret, an irony sighed...
Like the bird it was, a concern that lead to devotion...

Ivy sleeps, shadows play...
In the breeds we assume are, the peace of decency...
That has awoken, and seen the sun come, for why...?
Persuade a kind from dread, our fruit is a gift of agony...?

Building halts; continuing salt...
When has a legend presumed finish, of soon's reasons?
The tow of exception, is a wind to defer to a copious fall?
Looking ivy in the eye, asking nix for not, a needs seasons?

The fight is brutal, letting ivy is like a breath between friends
Aching at the completed hour, the duty of they and strange smiles
Set in similar pasts to a redefining must, that only with help, lends
A role no greater than now, a whisper that ended a world's defiled?

Ivy wants your life for a silence...
Ivy has the stomach to turn direction into beauty...
Ivy seemingly aloof, to worth to realize a gift is fast, to the chin...
Ivy knows you, like a taken privilege on the other side of saying we...
Never who'd but been the playing too. Does Rapunzel look better than Rumpelstiltskin in this mirror, Franklin...? Do they talk to themselves?
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2022
If you feel
Just an ordinary

I highly recommend you
To meet
Your own Picasso
Or may be Leonardo
Or someone like them

They all are
Best in their class
To portray
Out of you

There is something
Within you
That needs to shine

Acknowledge that
There: Alchemy
Juliana Mar 2021
I am unfinished.
I am not yet me.
I am not complete.

I am not who I was yesterday.
I am afraid of who I’ll be tomorrow.
I am unrecognizable.

This is not my face.
There are not my hands.
These are not my words.

I am a paradox.
I do not exist.
I am hidden from myself.

I am joy.
I am pain.
I am an enigma.

How do I know who I am
when that fact changes
every day
every hour
every minute

Do I exist as a point
or as a timeline

I am who I will be in twenty years
and as the little girl who held up
three fingers when she said
the word five.

I am a mystery.
I am an open book.
I am myself.
Pretend the formatting saved.
zee Feb 11
Tumbling down,
as scarlet dreams adorn my mind.
In the eerie darkness of the night,
Alone am I with my thoughts,
with no one around,
crimson drops,
diamond tears,
losing myself slowly,
I gaze down at my pillow
and see it...
I don't even know what was going through my mind when I wrote this XD
zee Feb 2021
Love was a feral creature,
Something to be avoided,
Something to be feared...

For I believed it only brought;
Pain, Destruction and Loss...

Long had I stayed away,
Caging myself in,
void of emotions...

But then,
came into my life...
you tamed the beast
and showed me,
it wasn't all that bad...

You came in,
made me believe in,

You enveloped me in your caring arms,
I embraced your heart without a thought...

And now,
when I think of love,
I think of....

This poem was inspired by a Webtoon comic (Freaking Romance by Snailords) I read! Hope y'all will like it ♥
zee Feb 2021
I used to
lay on the lonely bed,

Longing for your warm embraces.
Thinking of how when your arms wrap around me,
My whole body goes into a state of inexplicable euphoria...

About those lustful kisses
Dripping with passion,
Your lips crashing against mine,
As a faint moan escapes my lips...

Played had I continuously in my mind
these memories

And I wish I could say that,
Our time was the best...

But baby,
I have realised...

I love myself more than you!
Rants of sorts I guess XD
Vee Feb 2021
Who'd believe those eyes?
One made from alabaster
Whose mind is gullible?
You are the sun in the solar system,
Somehow pulling everyone into your orbit.
Even passer by asteroids like myself
Get captured and entranced
By the gravitas of your enigma.
Forever stuck in the same trajectory,
Always circling back to you.
How do you do it?
for john. this is based on a joke he made that was weird but funny.
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