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JE Osun May 24
Aren’t we tired of writing
About love? How many words
Have gone wasted as we try
To conjure her upon this
Living page?
We have sat perched
Like random  birds
On our cozy,
Sad chairs; our heads
Hung like overripe fruit
Upon a hanging vine;
There is dust thick
As silt on the edges
Of our memories;
The words our ancestors
Spat with the hope
Of summoning  her
now filter to our
Hidden mind like
So many fireflies on
A too dark night.
We search for meaning
And curse our hearts for
Answers that we never find.
We turn to hieroglyphs
On the worn edges of
A papyrus; indecipherable
Cuneiform etched into
The walls of caves with
Primitive stones.
One day, there will be a
Cure for all maladies;
On that day love will
Still not be defined
Dennis Ayzin May 18
Flower gentle, colors flowing,
Purple bleeds from velvet red,
White is pure, it barely holding
Sinless dew, confused and wet.

Petals curvy, gently squeezing
Swollen flesh of yellow stigma,
Scent arousing, tremors pleasing
Form lascivious enigma.
Please look up the Daring nature (full)
Loser Mar 19
I'm sick of these ******* enigmas.
Speaking in tongues and whispers and acting like I'm the nothing.
So I sit. And I stare. And walls never felt so comforting.
And if you focus, really concentrate, your vision closes in, and you can almost turn off the laughs. Until someone shatters the focus with an "are you okay?"

"Am I okay?...Of course I'm ******* okay..."

And it's true.
It took time, but once I got past the fact that all of my friends wear masks around me I decided to wear one too.
Diya Mar 19
I love
How both the universe outside and inside are infinite...
How even after the birth of science
Enigma rules as the queen!
Mystery is everywhere
Annie Mar 17
Between the oceans deep-sea shades
Hides in the abysmal ground
The darkness whom the light craves
Down in the deep-sea fishes cave

A riddle to all brave explorers
Since nothing but shadows appear
But crawling under erratic orders
The invisible deep-sea fish hears

No single movement of alien light
Nor living that sneaks through the dark
Escapes the glooming deep-sea fishes eyes
That see every enlightening spark
Sehar Jan 13
If love were a flower, would she bloom wild from the recesses of my soul?
If love were a jigsaw, would she craft the shards to heal me whole?

If love were a sapling, would she root, in soil and rain to be a mighty tree?
If love were a cloud, would her invigorating elixir breathe new life into me?
If love were fire, would she char my insides and from the ashes birth a phoenix?
If love were a tsunami, would plunging headfirst be worth the risk?

If love were a Volcano, would it erupt violently, then subside into dormancy?
If love were a Desert, would it’s heat drive away travelers, but staying reward sanctuary?

If love were a River, would it harbor my life towards another direction?
If love were the sun, would it pull me closer just to watch me burn?
My second collab with Austin Draper
It was a wonderful experience and im looking forward to more in the future!
There he sat, unfathomable irises in a trance,
Anytime I spared him a glance.
I always did wonder why,
He clutched the book with a strong hold,
And occasionally releases a blissful sigh,
But still manages to be stone cold.

Sometimes though, there were better days,
Which was proven by his frequent stays,
And also the uplifting of his cheeks,
Which gave his grim face just the right tweaks.

When the teasing drizzles of one night turned to showers,
He stiffly sat like he had during the preceding hours.
Although the book was still in his possession,
And it's enigma his obsession,
I saw something that I never thought would be,
Those caged eyes were finally free.
As tear tainted rain ran down his face,
I found myself wishing I was in his place.

I wanted to know how it felt,
To not be held hostage by all with which you've dealt.
But how was I to know that when the die was cast,
That fateful day ended up being his last?
My longest poem so far!
lucav Oct 2018
my lack of words makes up for a small thing you lack for me
i’m oddly enchanted by your world
just as you by my own
for a weird boy that i madly love
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