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Sleight of hand
creates illusion
politicians the rich
in collusion.
Good slaves we
buy their Solutions
titrated diluted pollution.

They've got you wrangled
with the carrots they dangle.
I see black holes
You See Stars Spangled.

"Disseminate fear keep them numb and Confused
they'll reward our
egregious abuse"
but fools won't believe
when it's dark
they see day
so now I tell you
what's the use anyway?

They've got you wrangled
with the carrots they dangle...
You see white stripes.....
I see liberty.....***** and strangled

Keep it obscure,
then hand you a cure,  
their best phishing lure
To make you believe
that this country's great
they use a little bitty hook
and a tiny bit of bait

They've got you dangling with the carrots they're wrangling.
I see black holes
you see stars spangling

They've got you wrangled with the bait they dangle...
you  see white stripes,
I see liberty ***** and strangled

They got you dangling
with the **** they're wrangling....
Open your eyes
you'll see there angling.
I was blind but now I see
Jabin Aug 2018
His left hand flourishes
The audience watches intensely
                                                       ­     There
The motions dazzle
                                                          ­          Is
Everyone paying attention
The illusion is shattered

           The magician takes a bow.
Wren Djinn Rain Sep 2015
With just the right
subtle jump
out of body
I descend
It's not the pain that crushes
my chest, it's not the rain
making my face wet, only
the mental sleight
of hand

Bear rejection
Bare deception
Pry the cork from wine
to try time from bottle
Bare the right bane
Bear the wrong boon
Mention this slip to only one

— The End —