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ConnectHook Sep 2020
Mosh pit
at the Senior Center:
giving God the finger at 66.
Names no one heard of,
(bands long-dead
on their leather jackets)
still squatting anarchy,
arthritically smashing the State,
babbling Mao,
drooling Bakunin,
shocking the middle-class mores
as their Christian nurse
empties their bedpan
no sellout, etc.
since ******* songs
were used for car commercials
on network T.V.
"We're gonna have a TV party tonite--
Cali George May 2020
Don't wanna need somebody
Who wants to see me fall
Tired of living with nothing
When I know, if I tried, I could have it all
I just need someone to carry me a minute
I'm so tired of climbing this wall
It's so ******* tall
And right now I'm so weak
I just need a cold drink
A moment to think
To catch my breath so I can speak
My world right now is so unforgiving and bleak
I tried turning the other cheek
But he bruised that one too
Turned it black and blue
He is so worthless, and wanted to make sure I was too
Relentless and heartless with no ******* clue
That I may bend and fold
But break? I will not
If there's one thing that I have learned
That I was taught
Is to never show someone all you've got
Only bring to the table what is brought
Because really, this fight has already been fought
Don't let a man get you caught
In the same exact life you worked so hard to leave behind
Keep yourself a piece of mind
Things get rough, but I know in time
I'll start to relax and let myself unwind
The world is ruthless. So unkind
But I gotta keep my eyes open
I'm not blind
I'm in a rut but I will find
A way to stand up and get back on my grind
Gotta pay attention so I don't miss my sign
I may be quiet and a little reserved
I never get anything I'm told I deserve
But one thing I know, that no one can deter
Is that God has given me a gift with words
Maybe they'll save someone who doesn't prefer
To live like this, and in their darkest hour they heard
The pain and sadness in my rhymes
The clarity and hope within those lines
I've never had anything to really call mine
Just weeks and years of wasted time
That apparently I needed to waste so I could find
My inner strength I thought I'd long ago left behind
And I still lose it from time to time
But writing my tragedy and weaknesses
Helps to remind
Me that yeah, life is hard
And my decisions ****
And more times than not
They bring on a series of bad luck
And I tell myself to **** it up
Pretend like I don't give a ****
The positive things in my life, I duck
And dodge and put off and avoid
The dope gets me so **** paranoid
Just trying to get comfortably numb like Pink Floyd
Completely unaware that the devil has been employed
His number one job is to strip me of joy
To treat a human life like a discarded toy
Sticking me to another abusive man, I mean boy
Who makes it his personal mission to destroy
The beauty and integrity I've fought so hard to save
That lives inside me and helps me stay brave
Because I'm too scared to come out of my cave
Take out a red flag, hold it up and wave
And admit to myself that this high that I crave
Is also what almost brought me to an early grave
Because of the chunks of my soul that I gave
Away so carelessly only to become a slave
To a life of despair
No hope. Beyond repair
Living with a man who tried to set fire to my hair
This man is literally half demon, I swear!
There are things that he did that I will never talk about or share
He came so close to stripping me bare
But the demon isn't always there
So when I met him, I was completely unprepared
For the flip of the switch, the momentary glare
That distracted me just long enough
I was totally unaware
Of the intense feelings I would develop
For this man and his demon
Had a heart that cared and had my body screamin
I felt so alive! I had to be dreamin
And I sure the hell was, only now it would seem
He became this spy
Trying to help the wrong team
So cool and casual
Unrelenting, fake, and mean
Somewhere in his DNA
You'll find Satan's gene
He could be the Antichrist for real, I mean
The embodiment of Satan
Whose birth was never intervened
He feeds on chaos and confusion
Plans takeovers of souls through hostile intrusion
The human side gives off a glamorous illusion
But when the smoke and mirrors fade
Living in hell is an untold inclusion
Of the package you must claim
After you sign the contract
Once the ink dries there's no going back
And I fell for it all! The whole ******* act!
Love, life and Loyalty
3L was our pact
Never had the time to react
Couldn't let myself retract
But now, looking back
I know this as fact
Your days of demeaning me are through
I no longer have to lean on you
In my heart I know that we are through
So goodbye, farewell, and ******* TOO.
Cali George May 2020
There's the coffin
Here's the nail
You and your demons
Can go to hell
You need to be grateful
I coulda sent you to jail
Been shiesty and told What I know I should tell
Your *** would be a lifer
They'd never grant you bail
Destroy the key after they locked the cell
But lucky for you
After the months of hell you put me through
And the degrading things
you made me do
I can walk away
With a simple *******.
This is now your game of
Not two
So go ahead *******
Traveler Nov 2019
I don't always mean
These words I say
Nor these things I recklessly do
In the pitch dark of night
I suddenly awake
And frantically reach for you
Somehow you're still here
Then I realize my greatest fear
To be alone in this broken world
A single man without a girl
So I must admit
I need your love
Even though
I abhorred the crutch
Nothing is as it's suppose to be
Thank  god
For cursing me!
Raven May 2019
Take a sip, take a hit, take a drag, take a sniff.
Mix it up, lose yourself in your sins.
Take this lust potion baby, move that slow motion.
Just take another sip, lean, trip.
******* to the floor, playing with my hair, fingers like a web.
Just listen, red eyes in a room full of lies.
I know you bite, I need it, take a sip and feel free.
Just take another sip, and we'l lean.
Oooooh baby, stick down to the ground, I need you on the floor. knees to the ground.
I know you feelin, the same way that I feel and I know this is for real.
He says hes feelin, that feelin, that we're feelin, and he want it bad.
Just take another sip, and we'l lean.
Mushrooms got us trippin, got you rollin on the floor, laughing, passed out, then I **** you.
Papi like it good.
Call me baby while I give it like I should.
Put a spell on you, a lust potion.
Take it, sip it, eat it, **** it.
How did I get like this?
Voodoo lust.
You think this lust we have is normal?
It's passionate, hard, ******, intense, sinful, unapologetic, desirable, sensual.
Pull my neck from the back and choke me harder daddy.
It's my voodoo magic baby.
My lust potion
..      ..   .. . . Me..~~.
             the               )
4:00 am
peel on the
suit...just the
******* are out
and the sharks to boot.
Paddle out in between sets's a bit chilly, ain't ready yet............

gotta warm up, so I **** in the suit...

Here we go ready for flight..
Let the first roller cruise
right on by,.....the next one's breaking perfectly..10 feet high.

Tip the board on 180 and cup my two three strokes.... all the way to the sand....
cuz that's how we roll,
the dawn patrol band.
Surfs up Stu!....My nephew Gage threw the first line...I'm trying to inspire him to write... he's no Barney and Jeff Spicoli is a God.
I've got so much to say but my words fail the capability of causing release
so I turn to smashing my fist against the wall leaving blood spots on your calendar  
Exactly June the 24th so I always remember the day I tried to make the pain go away
The scratches on my legs from everytime I got bruised or bent are never deep enough to leave a permanent reminder
Maybe I need a voice sometimes to drown out my own
Sit there and moan about the bands we love and how generic they've grown
For years I've been a closed book
Stuck on a chapter with all my words thoroughly jumbled up
In fear of being seen as vulnerable and just a little ****** up
Shape me like glass so you can see right through
I've stopped giving my emotions the cold shoulder
Wasting my none to little time Circling my head with heated convosations and evaporation
I've come to realise I'm a gray cloud that needs a release
And a downpour would do us all a favour.
Zero Nine Oct 2017
We've our grievances
here in hand

Blood soaked envelopes
sweat and seal

They use empty truths
to pitch hate
as a promised land

They sell their answers
used, as is
to the fearing masses

And they do so
dirt cheap
dirt cheap

From a throne
of our skulls
and ancient

.our ******* bones.
thrash trash post-*******
Aaron LaLux Oct 2017
It’s all fckt up,
can’t even pretend it’s not,
whatever happened to love Love,
whatever happened to us,

I don’t care how many Instagram likes you get now,
I don’t care about how many repost you receive,
see all those likes aren’t loves and love is all that matters,
so what the fck does any of that really matter to me,

or you,
or us,
or what,
what the fck,

it’s all fckt up,
can’t even pretend it’s not,
whatever happened to love Love,
whatever happened to us,

how have we become just fading memories of each other,
how can we repair what we’ve broken,
my God nothing is forbidden,
I mean I came inside of you when you opened,
my seed entered your belly,
we went way past the point of *******,
and the now you act as casual,
as if we’d only exchanged a conversation,

but we exchanged much more than that,
we exchanged Life and it’s essence,
I gave you my seed you gave me a reason to breathe,
but what did we get in exchange for that,


nothing but a memory,
of a fracture in a heart that’s been broken,
nothing but a bit more inspiration,
to use as fuel to put these words into these poems,

and so what,
so now we have these words to last as emotional memorials,
from I time when we still felt,
from a time when emotions still held a place in our Selves,

oh well,
I guess there’s no turning back now,
we’re on a Death March to the Blackness of Nothingness now,
and we got here somehow but I don’t know how,

what the fck,
show me something of interest,
and when I ask you why tell me just because,


none of this matters,
other than the art we create,
and if you’re an uncompromising artist as well,
then you can relate to my current emotional mental state,

no fck that get going,
this is your life no one is going to live it for you,
so do something that at least seems important,

because there are no rules,
all parameters are gone,
kiss love fck forget,
everything’s your choice,

it’s all fckt up,
can’t even pretend it’s not,
whatever happened to love Love,
whatever happened to us…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆
Aaron LaLux Jul 2016
Warning Shots

Yo boy just chill,
I don’t give a fck I’m a muthafckn gangsta,
don’t be fooled by this smile on my face,
nothing funny around this way boy,

I’m from the streets,
don’t underestimate this cracka,
just because I’m white doesn’t mean ****t,
we’re all strapped and we don’t play either,

I’ve had guns in my face,
looked straight down the barrel,
told those jackers they had the wrong guy,
waited a few weeks to sic the bloodhounds on them,

look man,
everything I am is real,
24 karat gold on my neck,
passport full of stamps,
angel wings on my back,
represents my lil sister that passed,
she’s my Guardian Angel,
she watches over me,
I’m not scared of death,
actually I welcome such things,

in the City of Angels,
where you could become one any moment,
born and raised,
from Mulholland Dr. all the way to Crenshaw in Compton,

come on son,
no need to test,
do you know how many mouths I feed,
do you know how many families depend on me,
do you really think that all of these,
cats I know will let you take the food from their mouths?

Don’t be so naive,


just chill,
I don’t give a fck I’m a muthafckn gangsta,
don’t be fooled by this smile on my face,
nothing funny around this way boy,

I’ve really been there,
crack smoke and 40’s,
crackheads suckin’ *****,
used to call them Five Dollar Shorties,

of course we,
now dress well and don’t be startin’ ****t,
when you’re from the streets and had to eat beef,
once you get out you don’t want any part of it,

I started with,
no money not even a dollar,
and the best part about becoming self made,
is now I don’t have to be bothered,
I don’t have to engage with losers,
I don’t have to waste time with broke fcks,
I don’t have to engage with haters,
I don’t have to quarrel with the hopeless,

I wrote this,
as a warning and as a lesson,
the warning is don’t fck with us,
unless you come offering blessings,

the lesson is you can make it to,
if you just stop hating dude,
and if you want to try and take it dude,
trust me I’ve got gorillas that would just love breaking you,

I know guys with monster hands,
they could lift you up by your face,
then crush you whole skull in,
what part of don’t fckn fck with us do you not understand?

Yo boy just chill,
I don’t give a fck I’m a muthafckn gangsta,
don’t be fooled by this smile on my face,
nothing funny around this way boy…

∆ Aaron La Lux ∆

Volume 1
The H Trilogy
The City of Angels
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