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Traveler Dec 2019
I want her too much
I'm just a good dude

I always support her
I'm one of her fool's

I've had enough
I'm up to my neck

As much as I try
I cannot connect

It's time to move on
My heart is a door

I'll love her forever
Just not any more.
Traveler Tim
Brent Kincaid May 2019
Have you never told the truth
Even in your untrustworthy youth?
Did ever make a habit of saying what you mean?
You’re the biggest fake and loser many have ever seen.
When you look into the mirror, what is it you see?
Can you tell how far you’ve fallen from humanity?
You’re always lyin’, lyin’, lyin’!
So shove it where the sun don’t shine.

You make up crap so fast you can’t keep track.
So much sounds like it came out of the other crack.
You cheat and brazenly brag about your cheating.
At the Devil’s table you needn’t worry about seating.
You’ll be right there at Beelzebub’s right hand
And you’ll have friends there, won’t it be grand?
You’re always lyin’, lyin’, lyin’!
So shove it where the sun don’t shine.

The way you look and dress, and your awful voice
Makes me change the channel if I have any choice.
If the gym I go to has you on the cable TV
I switch the gym I go to as quickly as can be.
I never take kindly to liars and to bragging thieves.
I hope your crimes will match the penalty you receive.
You’re always lyin’, lyin’, lyin’!
So shove it where the sun don’t shine.

Brent Kincaid
aL Dec 2018
His life, already pawned
Got nowhere to go
Basically soulless ***
Dedicated his life
To be unthrilled
He is used
On being dead
a vagrant.
a person who devotes a great deal of time to a specified activity.
Mere mention of his name
makes me want to dump...
donald chump
Flush him down and flush again to keep him in the ground.

Ashamed to claim my citizenship be a
laughingstock like him
the tyranny keeps growing
the future's looking grim
won't even wear my Yankee cap and hide under the brim

the problem is it's
not just him but also
those that grant him power  
they smell like shiza
and don't speak for me
so I decree they all need
a NiceAssZIppy shower
Like Manolo says in Scarface..... it's political mang

Bring your words and your feather let's have a duel my pencil will bring you to your knees you fool
Brent Kincaid Jul 2018
You would think
A fool who always lies
Would finally surmise
He is known to be unwise
In most other people’s eyes.

You would think
A snake in the grass
Would not have an ***
But it comes to pass
That some are all ***.

You would think
A pile of dog manure
Would smell himself for sure
And that would insure
To show that he's not pure.

You would think
A **** so full of hate
Would not aspire to be great
And instead would wait
Until humility reached his gate.

You would think
Being socially quite blind
No ability to be quite kind
Would someday soften the rind
Of almost any creep you’d find.

You would think
With so many tramps around
And unfunny political clowns
Someone would knock him down;
Teach him something on the ground.

You would think
Some lesson would be due
To give this reprobate a clue
And help him know what to do,
But that might never come true.
Brent Kincaid Jul 2018
Dear Donald, wait. strike that.
You cattle rustler in a black hat,
You cheated and you lied to us
On just about a daily basis.
You made a list of promises
Of what you would do for us
But you did the exact opposite
Meaning not a single word of it.

Half of us settled on you to be
The man with enough responsibility
To make our country great but yet
There wasn’t much wrong with it.
We can’t say that today, can we?
You and your cabinet detest reality.
You make claims and even worse
Most of what you say is in reverse.

Now you’re off kidnapping kids
With no shame for what you did.
You steal babies and fly them away
And charge voters a thousand a day!
And if that wasn’t far enough off track
You charge parents to get them back.
Then you insist someone else is to blame.
Ugly man, why no sense of shame?

You have taken our country down.
You went from an political clown
To an arch criminal like we’ve never seen.
For decades you smiled in glossy magazines.
Now you’re applauding dictators and
Your cabinet is a robber baron’s band.
You deserve to be put into a prison
If any of our lawmakers had wisdom.

So, this is your Dear Donald letter
Bad motor scooter, and a worse go-getter,
Telling you a ferocious goodbye.
Take it as a fact, and don’t lie.
If there is a bit of integrity remaining,
We’ll **** on you and tell you it’s raining.
Brent Kincaid May 2018
He’s an evil despot, tall and stout.
Call him a liar, watch him pout.
We want an impeachment to throw him out
Then we can line up and punch his snout.

He’s a changing despot, not much brains
He’d look better all trussed in chains
Then we could put Hillary in what remains
As she pulls all of us out of the drain.

Lying despot told us that he would make
Changes to drain the political lake.
Like most of his promises, it was fake
All he does is cheat and lie and take.

Lying pudgy despot claims he’s slim.
Not the last of the lies from him.
Feels he’s entitled to every greedy whim.
Every day in office it gets more grim.

Dizzy dippy teapot, lives for applause,
Just like a fat cat, he licks his paws.
Gobbling McDonalds bloats his jaws.
Millions of his minions support his cause.

Dumping Donnie Teapot a good solution
For a dangerous hater of the Constitution.
Let’s all get make a mid-year resolution
To run him off before there’s revolution.
Brent Kincaid Apr 2018
Stuporstar, he’s a Stuporstar
He counts on how dumb you are;
He says a lot of stupid things
He wears them like diamond rings.
He doesn’t really give a stinking fig
He’ll rob and gut you like a pig.
He just assumes his fans are dim
He is sure it is all about him.

He believes he is so very smart
He drives his fancy golf cart
And decorates his home with gold
Being wealthy just never gets old.
He thinks we’re all fascinated
With the legend he’s created
That he was saved by the sea
By a queen when he was a baby.

He doesn’t really give a stinking fig
He’ll rob and gut you like a pig.
He just assumes his fans are dim
He is sure it is all about him.

He’s sure he can shoot you down
And his ratings won’t go down;
That he says the best you ever heard
Because he has the very best words.
He’s smarter than all the generals.
First in his class, we all know his name
Thinks the world is his computer game.
Thinks all his dupes loves all he’ll do.
The truth is, he don’t care about you.

Stuporstar, he’s a Stuporstar
He counts on how dumb you are;
He says a lot of stupid things,
He wears them like diamond rings.
He doesn’t really give a stinking fig
He will rob and gut you like a pig.
Brent Kincaid Mar 2018
Lily White lives in an apartment castle
Because mansions are a such a hassle.
He doesn’t need a chauffeur or a car
And he likes things the way they are.

But Lily White turns out has ambition
And won’t confine himself to his kitchen
Or the gold faucets of his gaudy john.
No, he has plans he is insisting on.

He wants to be the king of the land
Make everything his and splendidly grand,
Well, at least in his ridiculous opinion
But isn’t that ambition’s definition?

As much as it gripes him to enlist aid
(He knows that means they must be paid),
He gathered around himself a few;
A set of seven J.O.R.F.s that would do.

Do, in this case, means what he may dictate
Whether or not it’s an ethical mandate
Because they are members on a mission
From the American J.O.R.F. coalition.

The name is an acronym, in gold ink;
When spelled out is for ******* Rat Finks
And they set about hiding behind the tails
Of Lily White, thinking they can’t be jailed.

With the disgusting plans made and done
It’s almost like they used a golden gun
To mow down the rights of the many
And fear began that we wouldn’t have any.

But, Lily White is a liar and a greedy ***.
It is our job to see that they all get some
Tar and some feathers and a rail to ride
To a federal prison with them all inside.
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