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Neon Robinson Oct 2017
Is burrowing a web
weaving a collection,
accumulating an anthology

For a far gone day
Stash them away
set them aside with a
what, when, why

rather than right
now ambitious zeal


Its the nature of the undertaking.
My minds an unavoidable reciprocal
Gratified by wasting time,
It’s just there filling space

Tucked away for a rainy day
In every nook and cranny

Tickling the fancy.

Affording a kind of intellectual gusto
that's borderline deplorable
accumulatively downright trifling.

even if it's unnecessary
I'll never get my fill
paper to hand typing away
uncovering all of life's mysteries
pa3que Feb 2019
“alice, drink the potion”
they said,
“we all think
you’re a little mad.”

oh, but truly,
can’t you see?
in most cases
madness is the key.

why be fragile?
don’t collapse,
rather take some
of my stash.

hidden goods,
with you i’ll share,
just to show,
i really care.

to Wonderland,
darlin’ now, come,
take my hand.

we’ll tap-dance
from outta here,
“stop resisting!”,
they’re too near.

you’re almost there,
but then you crack,
(“was it too much?”)
they lock you up
like a maniac.
There's a vato in the milky way sporting a fedora and a stash...
I saw him from a mountain .....high somewhere between New Mexico and Arizona .....smashed.

I took a pic to pinch myself
get proof of what I'd seen.  
And sure enough when
I zoomed in there
he was, looking really mean.

I never knew the Aztecs had gone to outer space....but I have proof... I can show could never miss his face.
buying the operator off
is such a bonzer
the whiff of currency
ensuring lofty

money does the talking
at that particular
speaking ever so crudely
was an utter

but a most unfortunate
day would soon
when the wallet ran
out of paying

the avarice shown by
ye collecting
knew no end in its

once he'd extracted
every bit of
he moved onto the
next aspirant's
B May 2018
my eyes were open for two years
fear, I couldn't close them, even when it was so clear

what had I just signed up for,
you swore, why are we in a civil war

waiting for you to just ******* crash
but with your stash, you're having a blast

drifting away from reality,
carefree, giving me the third degree, you lost me

control couldn't save you
and neither could I
I knew we just both had to survive
I felt weak, but now I know I was strong
my eyes were tired for being open for so **** long

you didn't just crash, you ******* burned
you burned all of your bridges with no where left to turn
flight or fight, fright, I can't trust you without a ******* knife,
I closed my eyes, finally, and I suddenly gained all sight

I didn't need a reason to help you
but maybe I wanted to close my eyes again
maybe I wanted peace, a close to an end

because for two years,
I couldn't close my eyes
so thank you
now I am wise
Arjun Raj Apr 2017
Well, I sat down to write a happy one,
But all I can think of is the need to make more money,
As the song “Blue Christmas” played along to the thoughts inside my head,
As if the symphony and melodrama hung around to make me take the leap,
Of faith, grit and courage,
The one that will help me fly like an eagle they say
Or maybe take the free fall like the dead duck
straight from that 90’s video game, duck hunt, I say
Either which way, I will get to fly for a while,
But why fly high for just a while,
when you can cruise at the same height
with the stash kept clean and ready to be lit,
I sat down to write again,
A happy one this time for sure, I said to myself
As I lit, and flew all over again
Alifah Ilyana Jan 2017
What a revelation,
slowly understanding you, that is.
Your humility and silence were a thousand words unspoken and unwritten.
I could only imagine the unspoken love you harbour for the unspoken girl.

Such envy I feel, yet,
I shan’t do anything about this envy.
Not this time.
Not ever again.
But wait,
I never did.

I say that now,
But maybe,
one day, when we’re older,
and wiser.
I’ll take the chance and ask again.
Break the ice, and melt away the strain.

But here I am,
already attracted to another smile.
A little I wrote in the middle of my first semester, I'm in my second.
Julie Grenness Aug 2016
Our daily life and its trash,
Our shadows and secrets in a stash,
One day we'll be ancient lives,
Not strictly business, once did thrive,
All lost in the translation
to trash, our sacred institutions,
The mixed views of the robots,
For humans, they'll have soft spots,
All our shadows in a stash,
Secrets of daily life in trash!
Feedback welcome.

— The End —