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I forget how to log out.... where's the button to zap it and make it go away....this is where I am weak God....I always hold on way too long past broken.  I know there's no button God but how I wish there was!
The only kind I do not have.... strength to fake it for a while til I'm not completely lost in sad.
I can squeeze an ocean from my pillow from just the first night.  If I keep crying like this it will be worse than the biblical flood.
Leads to misunderstandings and broken hearts.  Talk to them directly, be honest from the start.
And realize that words not silence can tear a world apart.
Lord help me on my path back to whole....I didn't think I had tears to shed left...but you've taught me I not too old and cold..just why like this God?  Why like this?  Why did you have to play such a cruel trick for me to realize that you exist? I'm dying Lord..... paralyzed, salty eyed and wishing I was dead.
Into your hands I commend my spirit
love lusts
for only
A wonderful sunrise a crimson sunset
A hero, a friend, a speed demon angel.
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