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Paul Butters Apr 27
Covid 19 is shockingly lethal,
Killing thousands all over the world.
We are imprisoned in Pandemic Lockdown,
Confined to our homes for seemingly endless days.

Yet these clouds have silver linings.
No more daily social drinking for me.
Complete control of what I eat.
Time, oceans of time, to get my house in order.
Time to reflect and write.
I might even get
Into good shape.

The skies are clearing too.
Much less pollution
From factories and cars.
China can be seen from space
Free from smog.
Animals are returning.
We saw a squirrel in our close the other day
For the first time in twenty odd years.
And the gulls have come inland
For more food.
Chaffinches and robins on my lawns
And foxes even bolder than they were before.

All this is showing us:
There is another way.
We don’t have to ravage Mother Earth
Chop down the trees
Or fill the air with smoke.

Nor do we need to classify us all
As Patricians or Plebs:
Iniquitous inequality.
Or make Money our God
Like modern Midases.

There is indeed a better way.
Which begs the question:
What will it take to make the human race
See sense?

Paul Butters

© PB 27\4\2020. (Slightly amended 28\4).
In these trying times of The Pandemic.
If I pause for too long,
surveying this plot
the perfection is overwhelming
one could become lost
in this sea, of who I always longed to be.

The beauty of this realm is exquisite,
and steals my breath.
There is no one beneath my feet,
for they do not belong.

To no longer feel the need
to feed
on hearts that don't belong to me..
this is true peace.
A parasitic life
of craving, and of strife
is not becoming of a queen.

The epitome of irony
lies in the way
conscious beings always ask
what does it mean to live?

Perhaps if you spared more souls
and did not consume the flesh
you could remember what it's like..
and even recover your own power
to directly compose pure energy.
We were all born as beacons; this is not limited to human existence.
The resources it takes to process dead flesh, which we know to be riddled with disease, is devastating to the environment because of the waste that is produced. Chemicals that are used such as ammonia and dyes to make the meat look appealing are harmful to the body, and billions of people partake of consuming it every day - a massive scale.

Aside from this, there are plenty of personal reasons to partake in a vegetarian lifestyle. Although we are physically capable of dominating other species it is not our right to hunt and herd to depletion, which is where we are going with the planet at this rate. We were blessed with an intelligent consciousness by our creator, therefore we are responsible for using it and taking care of what we were given here. I no longer feel entitlement to another living creature's life.

Lastly, since I cut the meat out my energy has become more calm and subtle. My physical senses have heightened, yet I never feel extreme sensations of dread or panic as I used to with severe anxiety. I believe this is due to the fact that none of the energy I consume comes from the direct vessel of another living being experiencing consciousness, therefore their energy does not process through my own and express itself in an unbalanced way. If you may find yourself struggling emotionally, this is a natural method I recommend trying.

Not everyone understands free energy exchange, but it is very real. I prefer things that come from the earth, naturally given; green vegetables, fruits, nuts, wheat, and legumes. Dairy is also acceptable because it is a secretion designed for the direct purpose of sustaining life, and does not take away.

Simply eat to live.. do not live to eat.
My experience so far. Emotional disorders have practically disappeared after doing this for a year and a half. This is more balancing for the body than regular meditation. Feel free to share your thoughts if you give it a read.
Murakami Jan 23
it's not enough, my waist spits at me in the mirror
I know there's so much more, she spits as I undress
it hurts - Well, there's no time to be hurt. No, not now.
You don't want to upset him, do you? I know you don't.
i don't. - Then close up. It's time to make him want you, Ok?
ok. - Let's start with your face. There are some things I dislike.
Too straight, too narrow, too large, too small. Don't you agree?
yes. help me. - Oh, I will, dear. Now, will you give everything?
everything? -Yes, I need everything. Give your chest and soul.
You're not hungry anymore. Okay? -you're right, i'm not.
Hold your stomach in, get up earlier, ****** him
Find your passion, but don't abuse it. Oh, and
Don't forget: do it all in heels. No one cares
If it hurts. If it looks good, you're set, see.
Learn how to be smart, not too smart
Don't worry that he looks at them
Just look better. -you know it
won't change anything.
I do. but you need it. No one will like you if you don't, especially not him.
i see... is this enough?
No, my dear.
it's not?
Do you want to know how it feels when it breaks?
Julia Jan 16
my friends told me
i've lost too much weight
is the mirror lying
or are they?
Najla Dec 2019
I am on a diet
from sharp knives

I have been fasting
for about two months

Here is my clean
untouched wrists

But what if I got thirsty
for a drop of my blood?

What if I got hungry, and swallowed
all the knives in the kitchen drawer?
I haven’t cut in about two months or maybe a month and a half I can’t remember, but it’s been so long since my hands laid on a knife. I am craving that rush of blood. I am scared of getting hungry.
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2019
गणेशजीले सोधे
अब जोगीन
मैले के गर्नु पर्छ ?

मैले भन्दिए
छाटिनु पर्छ
त्यो हजुरको वाहनलाईचै आराम दिनुहोला
धेरै मुख मिठो नगर्नुस्

ल अब त्यो
लड्डु एक्लै नखानुस्

धन्वंतरीको सत्संगमा बस्नुस्
सदा जय होला
शैली : अवलोकन
विषय: विश्व मधुमेह दिवस
Donna Oct 2019
I’m on a diet
But it poured of rain today
So I ate a cake
A iced donut was yummy x
Mark Sep 2019
Satiety admonishes me that I have reached the ultimate stage of deglutition, consistent with dietetic integrity and any more would be an overwhelming superfluity.
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