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our body is the hardware
our food is the software
how are you programming
your health?
Met with strange fate
I go to Supershakes,
And order a chill burger
With a tall fry guy and a bake.
Then there you are sitting,
Your hair down to your arms
Golden like honey and blowing
Long in the wind...
But I have other places I eat at
Yet how can I resist this "diet sin?"
I know I'll want to dine everywhere,
So now I am at a loss?
I'll try to find you anyhow,
It's this control over me you've got!
Adellebee Jul 5
Do you ever feel so **** in your own skin?
Where you pinch and grab at your physical reasons to hate yourself
All the taunts and cruel phrases relive in your jiggles
You fad diet yourself into comfort,
Only to be reminded of your deep scars as you catch a glimpse in the reflection
You strive for societal perfection as you let yourself slip into a cracked version of someone you were
The fear that happiness is gone for good
And this is all that's left
been fighting for years
Wyatt Jun 14
She’s feeling inadequate,
insecure about her body.
She spends her allowance on
makeup and name-brand clothes.
She practices poses, specific ways
to flaunt her body for the boys
who are watching her every move.
She begins rigorous diets
to drop a bunch of weight
she doesn't have to lose.
She spends countless time
perfecting a look, a personality,
mastering a life they will accept.
This girl's even talking differently,
telling them what they want to hear.
She looked like she was
right out of a magazine,
and all this work for what exactly?
For the boy that steps in
to toy with her faint heart,
shattering it in the process?
She sacrifices her own wants daily
for people who shouldn't have a say
and I hate to see that happen
because this girl was much more beautiful
in the beginning before she tried to change.
This one is inspired by someone I once knew. I saw her change herself slowly over time, desperately trying to match the expectations that can be wrongfully placed on a lot of young women today. At first it was empowering to see the reactions others had, but eventually she came to the realization that she was never truly making these changes for herself. She was changing for all of the people around her, afraid of rejection or being isolated from the crowd. I feel this is an important message for every single one of us, but I know it hits home for plenty of women out there. Don't alter yourself or change yourself to match the expectations people have forced onto you. Don't feel obligated to put your own feelings aside to cater to anyone else's opinion of you. Do what makes YOU happy inside and most importantly, learn to love yourself for who you really are inside. You are the most beautiful when you are you and I hope you know that. Much love to all of you and thank you for reading.
i shaved off all my hair
i thought it was some feminist statement
i thought it was an outer expression of an inner revolution

but now i avoid mirrors and wish to god i could afford a decent wig

i gained 50 pounds
i thought i was saying f*ck diet culture to the man
i thought i was just allowing my body to self-soothe

but i fantasize about the times i used to think i was fat
at least she had hair

i climb into my bed and wish i hadnt thrown out my cigarettes and wish i had hair and wish i was small again and wish i could just sleep for a few more years.
on that depression kick
Hungry gaze,
Craving respite,
Satisfied seeing you,
Drinking in the sight.
I'm now remembering back to the time when I gave to Helen an
engagement ring
she was so happy we were sat on the settee

All of a sudden she was forcing something Into my hand and closing It
then stormed of upstairs I opened my hand and there was the engagement

but as she was leaving she said I can't marry you I'm to fat believe me she wasn't but I said to her I gave you an engagement ring didn't askyou to go on a diet

but fortunately her daughter was upstairs so she talk some sense Into her mother she came back I put the ring back on her finger not long after that I married her we had twenty year before sadly she passed
I gave Helen an engagement didn't ask her to go diet
mer Jan 16
jeans that are a little bit too tight
numbers on the scale that you have to fight
she wanted it badly, she stayed up all night
to her, the future seemed bright

online articles about low-calorie diets
no-carb, low-carb, high-protein try-its
she thought it was the perfect way
to lose that extra layer, so they say

she noticed it working on tuesday at noon
it was working, working so soon
she was pleased with the results it gave
soon it became less to eat and more to crave

she thought she had it all under control
who cares if she ate less than one bowl?
she never ate until she was full
soon she faded away and her eyes became dull
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