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Ashlyn Rimsky Oct 2020
What joy:

To hold
The world
In your arms -

Alive and warm
And soft
And breathing

Chest rising
And falling
Yet rising again

Always rising,
Like the golden
Dawn, consistent,

Always bright.
Always beautiful.

In my arms
Against the odds
I'm holding light.
To my golden retriever, Apollo, who somehow manages to love me unconditionally
Will Aug 2020
Your arrival was magical to me.
You never said much, or listened too well.
Some days you would wander into my room, just to lay near my bed.
Plopping down onto the ground, quietly laying still.
Somehow your silly visits made me smile, every single time.
Everyday, exactly at 5, you would come into my room and whine.
Out of everyone's room you always chose mine, because I was so easily convinced.
You just wagged your tail and I knew, you wanted some **** food.
I think of your puppy dog eyes, guilting me into yet  another treat.
You are my best friend and best dog; you always will be.
I have loved you so much.
You have changed, gotten old, age has finally caught up with us.
Your fur is patchy and grey, your eyes wander and gaze.
I know I don't have much longer, I feel the day drawing near.
This is not fair, I do not want you to go.
I have lost so much already.
Please don't leave me with another empty space.
Dedicated to my best friend, Muddy. I wrote this the night before we took him to the vet. Muddy 2006-2020
nja Jan 2019
It started off with some blues,
coz every panting night’s gotta start somewhere.
She took him by the hand and dragged his lanky limbs past the pub,
in the back alleys she read him poisonous poetry until they were both drooling.
She wrapped him up tightly in her furs,
he stopped breathing.
He was hers.
Colten Sorrells Jan 2019
not a day goes by
shenanigans don't see her
in some kind of trouble
honestly don't know what to do with my pup at times. She's a quick learner, but she's just sooooooooo hyper!

always into something
Meera Oct 2018
Ever got up early in the morning
To stare at the beauty of sunrise

Ever stayed up all night
To gaze at the million shining stars

Ever spent a whole hour in the park
Talking to a complete stranger

Ever planted flowers on a place
You never intend to visit again

Ever fed cookies to the stray pups
And got your hands licked by them

Ever read a book so good
That it changed your entire world

Ever walked on wet grass
As the tiny dew drops tickled your feet

Ever shared your lunch with a hungry child
To see his smile reflected in your eyes

Ever loved someone so much
That it broke you apart when he went away
In the end, everything gets reduced to love
So is my dog god
as I have ordained
or am I a madman,
absolutely insane?  
       His birth name is Domino
       he picked it himself...
       a black and white pit
       pup he jumped
       on a shelf and
       down came the bones
       that anointed him so.  
Domino Dominus
both names mean
but to me he's
a best friend and
sometimes my dog.
My Bubba.....what would I do without him.
K Balachandran Feb 2018
in shade a pup sleeps,
sun's creeping hands disturb;
still in sleep he yelps!
saranade Nov 2017
I sang to you, my son, until I ran out of breath
And sang to you again as I gave you to death.
I've been stuck in house arrest
Because I've given you to death.
I declare my degree in your grief
But I sing to you...
"I-I-I have never lo-o-oved someone,
the wa-ay I love you-u-u"

A lament for your bending brain descent
With energy so pure, unsure and in the moment
With disorient movement on legs bent
Or were they wings?
It was hard to tell on the descent.

Yet, something eternal was created
At your birth and at your death
Your heart was too big for your chest
We wept together over it,
Over your death,
As there was no preparation for the separation
Your rotation of cognation
Gives formation to an ideation if...
You... You ever were
Or I... I ever was?

Disposessed words in the world we'd imagined
Obtained and ingrained love in our intestines
Our black will eventually turn to grey
The grey will one day go away
Just as blood dries and becomes sparks
It parks inside eyes to become stars
And the love we lasted long enough to receive
Becomes songs in energy I sing
From my throat
From my hand to your coat, I bathe you
I soak you with my love... a baptismal
     ... like never before and ...
As you drown under, you wonder
If you... You ever were
Or I... I ever was.
Death. Euthanasia. I had to say goodbye to my wire fix terrier.
Ako Jul 2017
I found him
Amidst of ignorance
And murmur
"Oh my god", one said.

My heart trampled when I saw him
I was broken...
Left behind on a big mess,
Ignorants entangled with their egos,
A creature,
A small creature
And wounded...

He was terrified
I looked in his eyes,
"Could you please help me?"
"I am all alone."
I saw the gleams
The lonely gleams...
The same as mine...

I tucked him on my temple,
Wounded and alone,
We went to the clinic
A white, man made blocks
It was not a mere *******
It was the savior of us.

I lie him on the table,
A silvery, metal table.

Someone tall in white appeared
A kind tone of him said,
"What has happened?"
And there, I put my story
A heartbreaking story masked by my cheery tone.

He is a big boy now
A big yet young golden haired pup
Joyful, kind, and warm creature
As my second self told me
I named him.

Loneliness bound us
To get through this harsh plane
Kindness is what he taught me
Everyday, in every life...

In kindness and loneliness we bound,
I miss you buddy...
I miss my pup a lot. I am in a faraway, away from home. I see his loneliness, as I see mine.
M Norris Jun 2017
I hear your heavy breath as you lie next to me. You struggled not for the first time to get on the bed, which you know is by invitation only. In out, in out. The pattern is soothing yet it troubles me that your golden muzzle is turning silver. Snoring now, I smile as you fall deeper and deeper into puppy dreamland. Where do you go on these journeys? Back to playful puppyhood? Chasing the wind, nipping at wafting dandelion seeds? Am I with you in that moment? Throwing a stick for you, or rolling alongside you in the waving grass? You are a true and loyal friend. Our time is now, in the moment, and for every moment after. Even if I have to lift you onto the bed, which you know is by invitation only.

Come on up old pup.
This prose is dedicated to my aging dog, Oblio. It is very close to my heart.
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