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Every cloud has a silver lining
Behind the cloud the Sun still shining
Precipitation cloud vanishes
Flies away
The Sun shining
Rock bottom
You have solid foundation
Raising your skyscraper
solEmn oaSis Oct 2020
ang kaakit-akit
**** bating-
ang siyang wagas
na nagdala ng madamdaming
mga katanungan
mula sa iyong puso patungo
sa iyong kasintahan,
gamit ang ibabaw ng
mga matikas na alon...
walang pasubali na ipinahayag mo
ang iyong pangmatagalang
paglalarawan sa marami,
bagaman ang mundo
ng magkabilang dako
ay pansamatalang natutulog na
... ang kagandahan niyon
ay mananatiling gising pa rin.
Dahil siya ang natatangi **** daigdig
at ikaw nga ang makulay niyang pag-ibig!
At mula sa iyong napakalambing na pagsisimula
Mayroong "kayo" na magsasalo sa magdamag
habang heto si Ako...mananatili ring tapat
at gaya niya na di nakakalimot sa akin!
Kaya naman sa iyo aking mahal,
Malayo ka man sa akin ngayon,
lagi pa rin namang merong "tayo"
Maulap man ang papawirin
Ating babagtasin
ang araw at sinag nito
hanggang sa isang kabilogan
na lang ng buwan
ang aking pananabikan at bibilangin ko!
Sa pagsapit niyon
matamis na katahimikan
ang siya nating mabubuo!
tanging sa ating pagniniig
nang may buong kasabikan
ang mga himig na maririnig!
mula sa simula hanggang
sa ang wakas ay magsilbing hudyat
na sa langit nating inaasam
ay magigisnan ang malakidlat
na tilamsik ng ating pagsusuyuan
Di-kapara ng naunang magsing-irog
mula sa bukana ng talon ay nahulog
at kapwa bumitaw sa ere sa gitna ng kulog
pero tayo...Hindi tayo sa patibong matutulog!
patutunayan nating Hindi tayo
ang tipong mauuwi sa TaLiwaS
dahil sa katunayan nga mahal ko
sa pamagat pa lang binungad ko na ang SiLaw aT
labo na nananahan sa pagitan ng tukso
at ng bahay na inaakala nilang
panghabang-buhay na tahanan!
Transferring my feelings
of longingness
from formal norm
into a tagalog love-poetry
Simon Aug 2020
Simply wanting (as their very fate is meant to become that of a very HIGHLY sophisticated "veterinarian")! Who's sole purpose is cut into a very simple, but complex...double sided coin. Issuing a non-collapsing development that regulates (very steadily) for how a foundation is essentially formed. A foundation that ignites it's own simulation for "two sides of the same coin"! One that "shows-off" everything in it's entirety. To be that of a situation (where nothing of course ever seems too go right)... Except within one's own mindset (too agree upon). Which is governed by this very ample "opportunist" simulation! The double sided coin isn't measured by it's interests upon the measures it takes too invoke such an option. As it pays both width and length over a long period of time... Until you've come too the most "settlement" rule...imaginable! How do you balance one thing within another that are two completely separable things made too be within the same establishment? You get your most very fortunate master! A master who is (more than "fortunate") when pleading to their very own instrumenting way of looking at things. (Not too mention the "eternal" world around them!) A more than plentiful and abstract point of view for displaying what it is, that they truly wanted too begin with (first and foremost). The veterinarian part had become valid, thou. Constructed too a halt! The idea where dogs, guinea pigs, birds and other household critters (of ALL types)! Could correctly "intermingle" into one justice system! A justice system that is within both the control and guidance of the such very fortunate master that neither screams or cries over a very "dissociation" state that could completely corrupt their animals into not intermingling...correctly! But they do not submit politely! They rise onward with ferocity in their very hearts! They face the world..."head-on"! And doesn't fully expect something else in return.... Well, except their number one fan (who isn't important right now)... While doing what they essentially do best! (Which is bringing in the last side of that very coin. ) Too essentially create the very foundation that would tame (not only the establishments that have yet too occur correctly)... But most importantly the very simulation that was ignited (as if by the mere blessing of a silly little "spark") that ignited the "flame of progress", itself! Especially the ferocity in the very fortunate masters very heart. Guppies, tetras, loaches, cory catfish, nerite snails. Not to mention the most favorable upon the very fortunate masters collection... The "bettas"! Which is a little too much for the other smaller "fishy critters" too handle all at one...single time. So their very fortunate master keeps track of their own internal time clock...wisely. (ONLY...until it's actually time!) In order to find a better housing habitat for it's MOST prized possession! All the while the birds (on the other side of that coin) disrupt their very fortunate masters mere concentration while playing with their very essential jewelry they always wore! (Breaking it in the slow-paced slog that is..."animal daycare"!) While the dogs themselves love laying on their very fortunate masters body (thinking it's the softest device too use as a mere bed)! Especially when the guinea pigs (of that lot) slither in and out of (ANY and ALL) of their very fortunate masters clothing (you NAME it)! Pockets and hoodies! Not ever settling down (as their supposed to essentially be doing) until the very command coming straight from their very fortunate masters "tone of charge"! ALL the animals very fortunate master sometimes isn't always aware of what they "solely" want...(at first). Thou, slowly but surely they come too FULL terms with it. (Making a decision that is of the worthy complex circumstance...of what they essentially want too do with their very lives!) Especially with the (GREATER than most) help from a (once complete stranger who had...up too this point in time)... Had now become their most trusting ally in the fight too secure the line of both (who they are, and what they essentially want to become). Which is both too run a "fish rescue"! And to (sooner rather than later).... Is too also run a..."vet clinic"! PS... Also to have A LOT of dogs and EXTRA fish because of that very interest (when also feeding their "slightly but sad"...ego)!
This is (once again) another poem about a very "special" friend of mine... Kyle! Who is wanting to reveal a little (more than of it's very certainty) full of specifics about themselves. Gratifying that very pleasure over the (possible) consequence of their very will to make good choices...upon their very classified decision-making!
Breethyr Jul 2020
Power of god, tremendous blast.
I hear screams of agony,
Torn by the divinest virtue.

A stand against death.
An exchange of stares.
Succumbement is not an option.

Melting and merging,
Tainting earth with my flesh,
I witness subliminal torture.

I withered until moons of past
Revealed the path towards future,
Gasping for breath i am moving to what
Lies still out of reach yet so soothing.

Far away from the realms of past
I have marked my revival from nightmare.
Departure delayed and i'm not out of strength,
Yet I'm empty within, left with nothing.

My pulse will echo through the lands
And i know that someone will return it.
The reason why i keep on through the death
Is to give strength to those who are forming.

The remnants of the world we kept safe for them
We entrust to their care wholly.
There's a reason to fight
Adrian Apr 2020
The spiders glide in night by night,
Following a trail, light by light.

On top of the webs stand the spiders,
Ready to attack all threats with lighters.

A schism of venom to fill the cracks
Of the pieces that have always fit
And a wall is lifted upon their backs;
A webbed foundation of grit.
I know it means a metalworks, but foundry also sounds like a place where foundations are made.
Dylan McFadden Feb 2020
Weightless, he was
Bound to none –
A wispy, wandering

He danced upon his days
Like waves,
Without a ripple
In the end…

‘Cause times when he
Would come too close,
Feet nearly touching

He’d hide away
Into his dream
And scream
Without a sound


Weightless, he was
Bound to none –
A wispy, wandering

He felt no wonder
‘bout his life;
Nothing felt

‘Cause nothing could
Command his heart
Or pull him down
To stand

So ‘ever he just
Drifted there
In fog and
Foreign land


Weightless, he was
Bound to none –
A wispy, wandering

He settled for a
Fairytale, but
Woke up feeling

‘Cause deep within
The darkest depth –
An abyss of Truth

He knew that there was
More than this:
The “Ever-Expanding


But…weightless, he was
Bound to none –
A wispy, wandering

Nigdaw Dec 2019
you are the stillness
in my life


while all around the world rages

the hardest rock
strongest foundation

I have clung here for safety
warmth and love
immeasurably given
gratefully received
Hunter Green Dec 2019
My mind’s like rock but lava,
Ice but calving,
A mountain in avalanche,
Dreaming of insomnia,
A lion being hunted,
A man in the news.
Quickly removed from vital values,
No longer known for strongest qualities.
Easily swayed by a metaphorical gust of wind.
Reduced but mistaken by foundational niceties.
Kylee Dec 2019
Grow down your roots

So the wind can’t shake you

Know where you came from

Know where you’re going

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