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Mimi Hachiko Jul 8
I see you, do you see me?
Trying to be the best I can be
Tore down my walls
Started a foundation new
Just to build a life with you
But rebuilding proves the hardest part
Luckily, I have the heart
Strengthened by your love and care
To build a life that we can share
Greg Piegari Jun 26
I fell in love with your foundation like I’ve never done before.
Over time you’ll hold my hand and bring me on that tour.
I’ve seen many doors, windows, and rooms.
And I’ve fallen in love, before I’ve seen the foundation, and that has simply been my doom.
So with you I know the foundation is there.
And I’ll call you my mobile home because together we can go anywhere.
Never budging
Constructed to hold your burdens
Yet here at my core
You’ll only see cracks
Strong and sturdy
Rebar and cement
Movement imminent
Can you feel the vibrations
The trembling
Of me growing weaker
But I am the foundation
Left in ruin rubble
From years of neglect
You so carelessly overlooked
Hit so close to home it inspired a piece while still half asleep

Inspired by Trelon Grant
Elena Mar 14
Values cave when built upon the riches
of a dead man, whose soul was fed by the hands of greed.
Julischka Jan 13
I bought a silicone make-up sponge
To cover all the blemish
Patriarchy doesn’t cherish.
It’s fancy and squishy
The foundation’s quite wishy-washy.
While you’re gone
I’ll teach the birds to sing
When every part of them is hurting
I’ll teach the wolves to howl
When they long for the moon at night
I’ll build buildings for the people
Who have no place to go
I’ll teach the flowers to grow
Sit in cold places with warmth far away
No longer in the back of my car
I’ll look into my room
And want to see you sitting at the edge of my bed
But you won’t be there
Maybe you’re in the colors
In the letters of these poems
The cover of my bed
The threads of the cloth in my car
Every now and then
it hits me that you’re so far
While you’re gone
I’ll teach the trees to grow strong
And the grass green
Build a home for me
On the corner of mind and mentality
Take the bottomless pits of envy and pride

The stubborn waves of wrong and right
The uselessness of hoping someone will change
When all they done is continually hurt the people who once cared deeply
because saying you're a good guy doesn't make you a good guy
I’ll take it and make it nothing but a distant memory
I’ll draw a line and pour gasoline over it
Light a match and watch it burn
Let go of the people who have hurt me
Give myself to someone who deserves it
Even if it takes a month
A year
I’ll tear myself to pieces
Skin to bone
For when you’re here
I can focus on what I truly want
To build a beginning with you
building is creating and creating is precious
Andrea Armstrong Dec 2018
" Sometimes you have to burn it all, Break the foundation and start brand new. To get where you are going is never an
easy task. The only part that will hurt you is
keeping what you can't Salvage. "
Many are scared to start fresh, but most of the time, it's needed.
I built these walls in
The shape of mountains
With rivers on the inside
Settled with gardens, lush
That I dug and watered
Myself - climb, hike it thus
And you'll be surprised
That it's a much better trek
Than wrecking foundation
Destroying battlements,
These walls were not made
To keep out but to see
Who wishes to peek in
And find and know and
Maybe even care for and
Love me, so much more
Of what's within is just a
Town willing to be lived in
A heart just afraid to be
Stepped on but willing still
To be held, beat for and
In time, bloom and build
And climb some more,
It's just here, I'm just here
Waiting for any curious hiker
Waiting for a mountain high thrill
Of a kind of love affair, or -
I'm not picky at all -
A great kind of friendship true
Maybe though see what's within?
Shofi Ahmed Oct 2018
A sprinkle of blue sparkle
off the lapis lazuli sky.
A throw of stars
from the full moon night.
We will take in abundance
while rowing the waves
once in the River Nile.

Hear! The crave of oars
breaching the shore.
Reaching out and close
to the pyramid foundation.
That’s scientia is pure rigid
yet so open loose.
One dozen milky ways
can hover in rhythm
over this stony knot!

That doesn’t mean
the Mintaka stars will give
up their shares at all
They will sit on the top.
Without the pyramid moving
a step from the true north.

Between this relative sublunary
and over the moon mural
if and when one spaces up.
The silent Moon takes a pause
humming the prehistoric lullabies.
With a patch of the blue sky
and a starry sprinkle from the night.  
Maybe then we will take a break in
behind the closed doors of the great pyramid!
A poem from my upcoming book Qun: Love is Above Reason
Art Sep 2018
Foundation of existence
an exponential presence.
Gravity’s graceful hand
glues us together
like wet sand.
Presses us into spheres and
let’s us fall where we may.

Molded from mud and clay
Born of the Earth and falling
along the bend of space,
lulled by the face of the sun
and dizzy by the spin of the Earth,
we fall in love
along its starry string.

The foundation of existence.
we fall and then
fall again. Dropped along
gravity’s bending string
we fall and spin
Faster and faster
Desperately searching for meaning
Some part of that string to holds onto
us and calls us their own.

We fall in love.
Tying ourselves to that fleeting string
so it may stay.
So it won’t fall away.
So caught up
We glue our muddied hands
to disappearing strands.

So caught up
we lose ourselves to gravity
and fall at the speed of life
so fast we forget to slow down
and look around.
So fast that we might miss it.
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