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Jeremy Betts Jun 4
Forever slipping, sitting at the bottom of the top of the food chain
Trying to stay dialed in, working on removing my latest stain while older ones still remain
Struggling with another rebuild from the ground up, "job well done" but never paid
One crucial thing was forgotten, no foundation laid
I've played and been played, gone when I shoulda stayed
Had my faith destroyed by the faithful though I've recently prayed
My mental health convinced me to refuse medical aid, at least by anyone trained
Stood and faced the death brigade firing squad and I'm the idiot who brought a blade
Witnessing the beginning of the end, acid rain on my parade
No wrongs righted, song and dance quieted, exposing the charade
A tailor-made masquerade, face the price when dues aren't paid
I fell to the fray, had to say, "today's your day Satan" but not to be a renegade
But because I'm pretty sure I make the man upstairs afraid
He hasn't answered any of the calls I've made

Jeremy Betts Feb 7
It's a long shot but I have to hold out hope
That someone, somewhere out there is rooting for the loser 'cause I'm running out of rope
And at the end of that rope is no place to find a future
You'll only ever find the end there
I know I'm not going to win, will never be of note
There's never been anyone at the end cause I'm not worth sticking around for through thick and thin...
...I know
I'm the one making that almost impossible
My minds a riddle, my past is a hurtle
Im the worst one man show showman
I don't choose to be alone
I try to build a home
But I can't afford land that's not sand
So my foundation can never be as strong as I hope I am
As competent as I need to be to be the man I want to be
It's sad to know that man will never be seen...
...fade to black...
...end scene.

Your water's drying
Your life is in the cup
Your trees are dying
Your wildlife's locked up
You're in the zoo man...
When will you wake up?
How do you feel about it?
Do you accept and submit,
Throw in the towel and quit,
Or turn humbly to God and
With a heart of contrition
Ask Him to to be forgiven
Repenting for and turning from
The sin that was our own decision
Through the ultimate sacrifice,
Jesus Christ was crucified
He paid the cost of our sinful life
With His bloodshed He became The Way
That us sinners when we died
With Him, we died to sin
Three days later when He rose again
He defeated death, the wages of our sin.
Trust in Him He's the Solid Rock
On His firm foundation
We have sure salvation.
Through Jesus Christ !
"God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have ever lasting life."
- John 3:16
Pat Villaceran Nov 2023
Everything I BUILD comes from the earth
Every creation's been CRAFTED with my hands
Thus everything I sow is  an ode to the HEAVENS
and I leave nothing but ashes on the GROUND
xavier thomas Jan 2022
Missing you more
than you can imagine ok.
It’s been hard trying
to avoid these feelings
these past few days.
I don’t know if you
feel the same or even moved
on with someone else
but I just want you back,
fight for you.
You matter so much to me.
Im not asking to start
where we left off, just
continue to build this relationship.
You felt hurt & triggered
I honestly had no idea
So I take accountability for that.
I been trying to get this off my chest
for awhile now, because I really like you.
I don’t wanna wait
for another day to go by
without talking & trying.
When she text me-
“Ease my mind & come over to talk”
Edoardo Alaimo Jun 2021
For some reason,
Things with no sense
Are the foundation
For everything else.

Standing on a raft,
Struggling through
waves and winds,
logic and reality.

You create your purpose,
a clear direction.
Maybe, this path,
can be the foundation.
A small thought on the relation between man and science. Which share strengths and weaknesses.
TheWitheredSoul May 2021
Its not love on which the strongest Foundations are built,
Its the decency of Merciful Lies,
That are buried deep in our hearts,
Bound! never to peek or pry through our meek
Withered Hearts.
I wish my heart buried all of the lies and contempt that bespoke our love for each other was it more then mere lust and liveliness was it more than what we thought it was, were we kindered souls that found and lost each other  in the precipice of the END, I guess we will never know.
LC Apr 2021
he glued down a blue, square tile
to the bare, boring floor.
my purple triangle moved in
right next to the square
like it was meant to be there.
our hands kept the tiles in place,
then we took a step back,
and his arms surrounded me.
we did this every day
until the pattern became
our solid foundation.
#escapril day 8!
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