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When I placed the squares under my tongue,
I opened up a portal in my head to elsewhere.
I never want it closed.
The mistakes I keep making once again make
a grand display on the center stage.
It's coming to a close.

Snake the internal path to a detached land,
hands and arms thrusting a T like Jesus.
I cannot let it close.
Trace the slipping blades of grass with no demand,
but to find my voice, hidden, wherever it lies.
I cannot let it close.

I'm at a stage, where stepping back reveals
my influences have transcended and become me,
when what I need, is to find myself
and then speak.
I'm brOKen Mar 15
Inside my static dreams
Are acid screams

A sphere of broken glass
On alone a string,

If you pull my cords right,
You'll make me sing
Sarahi Feb 28
Licking paper as if I’ve never done
Taking a walk beneath the calming sun
This stroll to make time pass by
Until we feel the begin of sibylline high

Snickering and trees is all we can do
The bench moved, did you see that too?
No wind, yet dirt is skipping along
This new universe is forever where I belong

Twinkles and jumbles of words catch my eye
Bright colors and auras, so much stimuli
Warning, don't dare look at your reflection
Little paper, so useful for the amazing introspection.
I’m back
datanami Feb 3
An Imaginary Meeting
In the Forest of Forgetting
Another Excuse to Get High
Her Tongue Is Like a Jellyfish

Organical Mechanical
Nocturnal Experimental
Technology out of Control
A Night Like No one else Has Seen


Rebellion in Module Seven
Tabernacle of Illusion
Significant Deviation
The Catacomb Simulation

Psychedelic Liberation
Psychedelic Generation
Human Race Is in Extinction
Neurosynaptic Malfunction
16/64 Psytrance song titles, sorted in mirror alphabetic (ascending by last letter)
datanami Feb 1
Organic Simili Samba
Orchestra Electronica
Writing TV, Watching Music
Reality Distortion Field

It Becomes Like Another World
Giant Gutter from Outer Space
Artificial Intelligence
Intergalactic Existence


Open Gates of Ancient Knowledge
Archetypal Architecture
Low Resolution Universe
Dark Pineapples & Chocolate

New Operative Perspective
Unbreakable Circuits of Love
Dance the Spiral Never Ending
And the Colours Made the Earth Sing
16/64 Psytrance song titles, sorted in mirror alphabetic (ascending by last letter)
yosemite Jan 15
one time i tripped like never before
and the jazz in my eyes could light fire
to the old couple’s balding heads next to us
in the mineral wells mcdonald’s

it was a missed opportunity
the tab was amazing
and at my peak, i felt that in each passing second
that great poetry bubbling in me

i didn’t write any, though
so you’ll have to deal with this ****
thanks, j.b.
epitome staph '17 '18
v Jan 6
Candlepins are only disguised pills
the fall, counted.
One by one, swallow. Repeat. Swallow.

Because spitters are quitters, right?
It’s only good after cinnamon griffins scale your throat -
comfort in knowing it’s over.

If it’s bitter, spit.
If it’s bitter you're too late.
You should have warned me -
the walls did.
They breathe with me,

Because words are only patterns right?
Subtract an “s” from a “t” - keep the “o”
(only for yourself)
Draw up “weak” to steal a “k”
Steal permission.
Breathe with the walls.

Chew, choke, spit.
Choke on the numbers.

Emptiness, breathe.
Bitter, breathe.
Adrasteia Dec 2018
Hazy vision
An open mind
Come on darling
For a trippy ride
Knit Personality Oct 2018
(to Dr. Robert, with Love)

Vitamins A through K are vital:
   They help to keep you well.
But only persons suicidal
   Refuse Vitamin L.

Vitamin L's a must for living:
   Without it you merely exist.
Vitamin L is living-giving:
   I can't and won't resist.

Vitamin L is Life and Love:
   It turns you on full-blast.
Turn on, tune in.  The rainbow dove
   Bears gifts that ever last.

Forever present in the Now
   Lives Vitamin L; and you
Can live with L and take a bow
   Forever in Now too.

For extra health of extra length
   A dose I recommend
Heroic, huge, and extra strength.
   Family, be well.  Ascend.     .  

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